Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 11
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 11
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 1945 ELEVEN .egislature Far Advanced Says Governor [O'Conor Rep or It; 258 Bills Signed; Import ant Measures Moying ' •• . . /-Along •••Vr^ 1 ;-. : Bethany :Jlfc .^ /* Burned . Md.. March I Governor O'Conor who ilgned' 238 •pg^lative -bills last week, announced "today that the General Assembly Jcai much further advanced In its work than in any "previous session a-lthln recent memory." m a statement, .the governor noted that a total of 1,119 bill* had tsen Introduced up to today, of which 628 were In the House Hid 49! In the Senate. Best In Three Se«ion» : The governor said In view of the ni-jsent legislative pace, it was cer- iain that the number of bills left be-. hind for signature after the wsskm ended would b« very much fewer than In the last thre« sessions of his administration. • v His statement said, "of even more importance, however, than the num- \fr of bills already ; Introduced, pa«od or signed, is the progress [ha:, has be*n made on many measi lircs of major Importance. ; •• He said hearings' were virtually complete on the budget and the leg- h-ature was ready to move ahead on iis and related tax measures. "Trie way is paved for speedy action on the entire education pro: pram x x x ." Yets* Profrant Advanced The governor noted that ths vet- trans' legislative program was well advanced, with half th« measures I »!ready signed and the others due for final action soon. Like progress Vas marked in the unemployment compensation program, workmen's compensation, penal reform and aviation bills. He said that prompt action on the bill for the chronic diseasa hospital In the Baltimore area was likely In the near future. He added passage of this bill would complete ths most Important phases of the administration health program for the session. He commended the legislators on fteir progress and this spirit in vnirii they had "addressed themselves to the important work before them xxx". - McGeady at Keesler Field R. Cullen McGeady, 303 Decatur street, son of Mr. and Mis. P. R. McGeady, recently inducted, isun- tie.-eoing training with the Air Force Basic Training Unit at Xewler Field, son Charles Carvey formerly oi • here, saying they were stilled In their new homo ui Texas. Plctured above la' burning:ceremony which toolc plaice last Sunday. *t the Bethany United Brethren church, .336, Race, street, with'; two -ministers, church trustees and members of the church choir interested spectators. Walter Clark, president'.of the -trustees,holds the mortgage «s flames start to burn away the paper denoting the finish of the indepte'dness. • Shown In front (from left to right) are J. K. Moreland,. George O. Thrush,:Clark, Frederick Goss, J.." C. Spring,, ,uid Jess« Weaver, all Fort' Ailiby .' ; ~.' Audrey Grim Weds Roger Starliper Fort Ashby, W. Va., March 3— Miss Audrey Lavlnla Crlm, Bakerton, W. Va., and Roger Franklin Starliper, son of Mr. and-Mrs. Fred Starlipcr, Patterson's Orcek, to. Va.. were married Wednesday afternoon at Grace Methodist church, Virginia avenue, 'Cumberland, by the Rev. Charles Ambrose. Jr., pastor of the Fort Ashby charge. • ; . The bride wore c. powder blue suit with black accessories' and corsage of orchids completed the outfit. The.couplt returned to the homej of. the bride's parent? after spending j several days with the bridegroom '&> parents in Patterson's Creek. : Attends M.Y.F. Session * The following attended Sub-District -M.YJ". Intermediate Institute held at Keyser First Methodist Church, Keyser> W. Va., Saturday. Virginia Llchllter, Anna Bell Niuer, Jimmy Davis, Francis Anderson, Janet Starliper. Snllle Hershberger,-Richard Long, Nellie Vp.nraeter, Grace Shefller, Billy Brelsford, Victor Long, Joe Ambrose, Billy Frase and Donald Larson, Mrs. Anna Long, sub-district councilor and the Rev. Charles Ambrose, Youth Director. Wesley .Chanel Meets ' The W.S.CS. Wesley Ohapel Methodist Church, Short Gap, held a call meeting .at the church Friday night. The Rev. Charles Ambrose was in charge of the program, which consisted of a candle light service at Worship center with three Greek— 11 a. in.; m., and Trinity Rev, C. Ccjiiiiiiavy— 2;30 i>. Wire mesh strainers should b« 7:30 y, in , with the cleaned with a small toothbrush. _ W, AinblOEei In •-— i — ,' "•.,•" . — t-s Charlw Carvey received, a letter i from Mr. and Mrs, Don Gordon and' Af FIRST SIOH OF A Aberdeen, chief seapori in north-. ern 'Scotland, has' been important'; since the Twelfth century. CoJd members of the board of trustees. Standing directly behind them are the Rev. Dr. David Gregory, executive secrtary.of .the United-Brethren denommaflon, Dayton, O., and th* Rev. C. K. Welch, pastor of the local church. The Rev. Dr. Gregory was th« main speaker nt the'event. Weslpyan Bible Class To Elect The Wesleyan • Men's Bible Class will "elect. officers at the March 30 meeting, following th* report of a nominating committee composed of Harry B. Simpson, A. M. Hfanon and Howard W. Boor. ••••*• ' The present officers ar» W. A. Strother, president; Sylvester Schilling, vice president; D. R. Dillinger, secretary; R- R. Parker, assistant secretary; Harry B. Simpson, treasurer; Murvel Kauffman, librarian; Dr. E. S. McColley, teachar, and Charles E. Shaw, assistant teacher. The Wesleyan Bible Class has been one of , the leading church groups of the -city for 25 years. When organized and for many years thereafter it was taught by the late Alexander Adams and numbered many well known citizens among its attendant*. Until last yt«r tta« ela« h»d for it* nam« Mizpah/but a large majority of the members felt the "ftame of Returns Start Doming In From 10,089 Sheets of Easter Seals Work of Allegany County League for Crippled Children Will Be Aided By Support of Present Campaign Which Will-Continue Until Easter ' Week—-Dr. Ben nett Praises Work A plastic suitable for insulating and wallboard material Is produced J r om potato pulp. the founder of Methodism more appropriate and adopted the present name. QUALITY, SKILL, ACCURACY A knowf«dg« of Latin will •nabl« you to trarulat* the physican't Initrucrioni, but onK/ familariry with tfi» high ttandard* of the profession of pharmacy gives you*th« understanding of ALL that goes into a prescription. QUALITY ... SKILL . ." .ACCURACY — unquestionable commands from the doctor — are there for us Returns began coming In yester-i day from the 10,000 letters of.Sas-i t«r seals sent t« AUeenny County citizen! Thursday and Friday, according to Mrs. Hume O. Annan, executive secretary of the Allegany County League for Crippled^Children, whose work with over 600 afflicted youngsters "is one o£ the outstanding examples of charitable and welfare work in the whole United States;" according to Dr. George O. Bennett, Baltimore, nationally known orthopedic surgeon and president of the Maryland League for Crippled .Children. ^ • Allegany and Fort Hill High school students addressed and folded the envelopes and enclosures, a splendid contribution to the cause, according to Tasker G. Lowndes, chairman of th« Bastar Bale committee, i • Tht Mai aa}t win b« continued through Eactw* Sunday, April 1. In the entire naUon. 800 million seal* Witt b« mailed, according to information reetvred by Mr. Lownd«s ted out that th« Mai «ato is of, «aWnff funds • • • • !• th« ftrsl ln'th« atinnal Miohail Dowling memorial • award content, The design wa« mad* by Barbara Bageman, of South Pasadena, Calif., and wag selected aa the winner of thi contest by Walter Dieney. BecaUM of tht attractive Easte: egg colors of magenta, purple anc blue, the »eals will make a pleasing addition to all stationery sent, ou during the Easter season," Mr Lowndes said. "Not only will the be an attractive decoration for Eas ter mall, but they also will be evi dence of having supported a com plete program to give handicappe> hlldren a chance to lead a normal ife." Members oi the conimitte* -head- d by Lowndes Include congressman Glenn Beall, William A. Gunter, Dr. Winter R. Frantz, P. J. O'Brien, ohn Schwarznnbach, J. William Hunt, Miss Anne Sloan, Mrs. W. O icLane and Schwaraenbach. iVilsbn Is treasurer of the Easter Seal Bale. - . :.- n plain words, guiding u« in the compounding of every prescription entrusted to our experienced hands. :'V : •;•'... ,. To Serve You Quickly M X. Centr* «t. « Balttaere M. 2M Baltimore AT«. . •'.-.• >* t, I*« «. • tut Mate St., Frostbnrr, Md. Westeriiport Brothers '. Reunited In England Alter not seeing each other for three years, Cpl. Grdver T. Bostey and his brother, William B.Bosley, recently met in the European Thea- tr« of Operations, according to Information contained in a letter from the latter to his mother, Mrs. Viola Bosley, Westernport. ; . . William wrote that they spent three hours together. There are three other brothers in uniform— Pvt. James F. Bosley,* stationed at New Cumberland, Pa.;'Pfc.-Lester Bosley, somewhere in Germany, and Carl Bosiey, located in the 'Pacific area. William has been overseas 27 months. Miss Dr. Henrietta Frank M. The curtain in Radio City Music Hall with its fireproof backing and Eteel control cables weights almost three tons. • Steps. The first, was a globe signifying the world; second, ' an open bible signifying "the word of God shall be for all men" and the third step,'a portrait of Christ signifying "Christ abova all." This was lightec by : candles and spot light. A playlet entitled "Finding a Way" was given by Mary Bell J#les, ' Mrs. Louise Wagoner, Mrs.- Lois. Long and Mrs Charles Ambrose. Mrs. Curtis Yolcum, president took charge of the business meeting 'revealed-that "over 175 wa spent for missions and approxi mately $125 for local work. Tin next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs. James Vanmeter the last Friday of this month. Personal and General : Rev. O. W. Ambrose, Melvin Mar Uni Gerald Adams, Carl Adam \Valdo Speetman, Jaraes Alkire, Pau Klein, Edgar Twigg and Ralph Welch were dinner guests and at tended the regular meeting ot th Lions Club of Keyser Thursday eve ning. tJ. B. WOJMENiTO ELECT The Women's Missionary Society of Bethany U. B. Church will meet Tuesday 7:30'p. m. to elect officers and also five delegates to the U. B ionfcrence in' May at. the Second IT. B. Church, Martinsburg, W. VR. The iervice* of churches Sunday the ire m.; Methodls aa follows Patterson ARC WV ""'GREAT OUTDOORS ? It costs money to melt the snow off your roof. And with the need to conserve fuel as never before, you should not tolerate this waste. ; An uninsulated house—besides wast- '; ing fuel—is hard 10 heat, cold in spots, over-heated in others — draft)- and " unhealthy. '.Barrett Rock Wool Insulation, installed by our expert workmen, can . make your house more comfortable, ; winter and summer . . . pay for itself '-. .in a few years in fuel savings. ; Years to Pay WM. HISER SUPPLY CO. S PIONEER PLACE Phone 2570 Motorists Now Get Extra Gas Mileage Thousands. of motorists, twcicab, truck and-tractor onn»r» arc now getting up to 90%' extra gns'mlleage, mot* poww and pick-up, ymoother running and qulek*r starting with a Yaeu-tnattb on tfteir can. Th* new, improrid, Vaou-matie operate* on the SuperchargB -•principle, "Breathes" automatically and can be Installed by.anyone in a few mfaiut««. Pit* all car*. Nothing: to regulate, or adjust. Tk« manufacturers, the Vacu-matic Carburetor ' Co., 7617-974-M, State St., Wauwatosa, "Wis., are offering a Vacu-matic to anyone who will install it on his car and help Introduce it to others. They will gladly send full free particulars If you write them or just send your name and address on a penny post card today.—Advertisement. BQX-pRMGand FELT MATTRESS Consolidate Your Debts With a Flowers • Weddings : • Birthdays • Anniversaries : ; . for all occasions * Sympathy • * Shut-ins : * Birth* ; ; To Better Express Your Sympathy Order FUNERAL FLOWERS PEOPLES BUDGET LOAN LMU BM*d M t 12 Month Ptrlod $100.00 200.00 300.00 400.00 500.00 . Payment $8.85 17.70 26.50 35.35 44.20 $106.00 212.00 318.00 424.00 530.00 Extra Resilience ;; and SUPERB Comfort Choice of Full or Twin Sizes Com* hi . . . w« arc eager to work with you in any way wa can to safeguard your interest and that of our deeoctton. Mak» Th« Pcop/as Bank Your Bank Buy War Bonds Regularly IVoplrs I)cink of rmnlMirliinr CHECK THESE FINE MATTRESS VALUES ENGLANDER FELT MATTRESS . Famous make mattress. Available J n both full and twin sizes. $24-50 Box Spring . $24,50 SPRING AIR NO, 400 MATTRESS Famous make mattress. Available 1 n both full and twin sizes. $3950 Box Spring . $39.50 LOGAN FELT MATTRESS . Famous make mntt- reiit. Available 1 n both full *nd twin 5l7.CS. : Coil Spring . $10.00 Combination HAIR and FELT MATTRESS *29 50

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