Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 8, 1944 · Page 23
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 23

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 8, 1944
Page 23
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, SUNDAY OCTOBER 8 »»^ f_ .... __ _ ... ..^ ,• ' , ' THE EASIEST WAY To Budttt Funeral Oo*t !!£«'_ the, Kight Funeral Horn* •elation n&n Ph/X* 14M Card •* Tlnwikr We wUh to thank' the mitty frllndi tod be grate/ui in cur hcartJ Thn >tralt». In Memoriam In lovine memory of bur dear nelorei son and brother, John Edward Wllhelm, who died one year ago, October 8, ISO. . Every day I look at your picture ~ AnarTn«'morieB-Ulljny heart;, Of the hours we zpenT"tog*tber, Not knowing we joori »'ould part. ant tab** how much Wmlie dim, Never than hu mimofr lads •••• loving taoughti shall always wander To the spot where he Is laid, v Sadly ralased by his parents snd brother, Mr. and Mrs. •William Wllhelm BarrelTlUe, Md. ' - .'. • •• . , 10-8-lt tut CAM Gulick's Auto Exchang* m«.0>0tr«> Bt, 4* 14 DONT FAIL To Contact The 6«for* Vou'Sell Your" Used Car._- -..-';> '.,; ••- -..'• W» /f o^;; Doiidr For All Makes and Models. . * : ' '. ' ' J ; . • '. r . ' ' - ;BiL6R ; CHkyROLEt Inc. .W» «. U'eftnanle StVpbone its JOHNSON'S AUTO EXCHANGE Top Cash t fleet fold fet Your '-Cat ANY MAK* OR MODEL - . K)7 N. Mechanic St. Phone SH7 Thompson Buick S*rtic« OR All Make* At frt-Wor Me* Mtotn i«o , : fet Uod«l Caw . , ••• Spoerl's . Garage as H. Oeors* Bt. Phon* Wl TON. Ifl31 Ford truck, one pan- scales, one Ice refrigerator. Phone 4007-F-21. .•..:,'. , 10-6-3t-N USED. TRUOKB yon SALE . International, Mack, Diamond T dump'truck*, 1U tea ton'qapaclty. MechanlcalSj' good, tires jbod. 215 Tliomas St; IO-7-lwk-T TRUCKS, late .-models, -.two-speed axils,.fiat beds, good «hape,' Allen Compton, SaUsbury, Pa ; - • - •- IO'3-lwk-T 1938-61 OVERHEAD Barley Davidson motorcycle, excellent condition. 25 Mullen St,' Mapleslde. -.....". 10-8-3t-T TAYLOR MOTOR CO WILL 1 PAY you CASH FOR YOUR USED CAR Top OPA Ceiling /Prices P«|d Sell Your Used CatuN(gw -~ And Help Us Keep War Workers Ih': Transportation To And From Wbrk: Casfi For Your Gar All Models Taylor Motor Co. W N. ld«oh»nlc Bt. . Pnbn* tte Used Cars Bought and Sold .: - STORAGE* SERVICE THE M-G-K MOTOR CO 221 Glen* St 'hone 2300 PAWN BROKERS Qitkfc C^iUtmtitl LMM M Aft .... ArtkUi •« V«to» . fOK j. VVATCWS ' _ K» OU> _ Open Wee*>d*y* to « p. U. ; Saturday until 9 P. U. 33 Soltimeri'St. :• : : :• •:MONEY TO LOAN /nferesf ^% per Y»ar MckAIG'S 101 WUlIama St. Pbon* 9*2 J7—For Re*f THREE -LAROE office rooms, heat furnished, 1 N,; Liberty St. Phone 433. .,-.-:• .._,/.;. KM-tf-N ELEOTRIO sewing machines by the month, Phone 394, Singer Sewing Machine Co., 77 K. Centre St. ' ' 19—furniih«d Apartmcnta MODERN TWO, ihwe and ; four room apartments, also single rooms. by the week or month. Boulevard Apartments,' Phone 2737. , : ' 8-9-tf-T TWO ROOMS, frigldalre, phone. Adults. 219 Carroll St. 10-7-tf-N TWO ROOMS,.adults; -Phone 1800-W. . . • IO-7-3t-N THREE ROOMS, private bath, 126 Grand Ave. 10-7-3 t-T 4 •• Kepatft, Service Stettoiw BUD AUTO SERVIC« 317 Hendewori Ave. Phone 37M 4-U-tf-T FIVE RQOM, , adults, $37.60. , Phone 2524.- 9—toby Chicks r 4 months old, Barred Book*, Barred Crosses, N. H. Reds, "Beautifully developed. Bloodfc*»t«d. |1.60 each. 5 Month old, beglnnlng-to-lay $1.75 each; 13 or mow. Safe arrival guaranteed, • tt deposit with order—Balance O.OJD, Qlsn Oak Poultry Farms,- Box I38B-R, Trenton, N. J. 10-8-lt 817 N. Mechanic Phon* 39S CAPONB — KlOKLY flTAHTBD JJ- TO WEEK OLD CAPONS, PAST ALL DAN OERS. MORE SASttY HAlBfcD AN BETTER THAN TURKEYS. THE OKL SOnKCS. Iff Ait AM2RICA OF TH TRUE CAPON DK PAHAWAV. HECOG NIZED BY CHBFB EV«J^Y^VaERB A THE FINEST Of ALL TABL* FOWL WRITE JTOB PKICES. TARAWA FARMS. siijV*K LAKE. DTD. IO-B-I 20—UnfumhihW Ayvrtmmta BOWLING .GREEN, three foorni, modern, garay*. Adult*. $32. olen Watson. 10-6-tf-T *ulti le for two 820 Columbia AT«, 10-6-tf'T : prlvaU apartment, gas, electric, heat furnished, semiprivate bath and entrance. $30. Creaaptown. Phon* 4027-F-H. L .. ..." '- 10-8-lwk-T 22—Furnith«d Rooms Vvattry. Pfaotu Mt Sayagt, M16 or Cumberland 2170- J, : ;0-1-3U-T fty, atari Xoad. • BmoUM IO-MW*-T TWENTY-THREE IJ-4UU Hotp W«*t*4 TROPIOAL n*h. . 15J3-W. 10-S-lwk-K OIX36ING .OUT afl i»nUqu«s.: Harrl»oc at, 1 LMter : Bowwd. • '' NEW «nd used furniture/ 1M K. - '' RADIO6, bought, ioJdr repaired. Pboo« 1800, 114 Henry flt, • -' "., . •;.-.*. •'•:•' 10-3-3H-T SMART FORM'foundations, e*l belti, ; |6s5. Phone 3026 after- noow, 2-5. . 3-U-U-T POULTRY EQUIPMENT CLEARANCE! Reduced! Quantitin limited. Buy Now! 8-ft, Feeder, .waa 3 36 ',; , . , now 1.95 MO-Ohlck Brooder; wai 1.10 now .78 6-Gal. Wateier, wai 1.83 now l.« Buy- Now- Por. : K«t 8<uon. Use Ward's -convenient 'riionthly payment plan, , MONTGOMERY WA^D & CO, Baltimore St. at George, FRESH GUERNSEY QOW, Phone Oorrltffcnvllle 181-J-'4, 10-4-lwk-N APPLE PICKERS Wcnt«d 10,000 Bu, .l*tft Applt* to b« htr- mt4>d. Com*' on your day* off. Ma*« from M to tUy. OootJ.ctmp, «ac4>lknt food for r«tu ' ' .. Phone 4011-JrV-tt frotu I to 10 a, m. or from' r. to '!.>;:«, .;.':,- .• CONSOLIDATED ORCHARD COMPANY ' ' WANTED: -;Man ,»nd wife with wsUurant experience to : manage mt*ur*nt..; ; Salary, room. *nd board, : Good opportunity. for right .people-.-.with old established company. Write for./Interview, giving experience, age, axMresi, and phone .number. Box 830-B, 10-5-3t-T WANTED—Assistant Dietitian. Apply Director Churoh Honie and /Hospital," Broadway and Fairmount Av«., Baltimore—31, Maryland. ,. i 10-8-lw-T WANTID man or boy tor anlpplng d«pt. Apply Community Baking ;Oo. ,. r , 10-I-3UN BO? to carry mornln* Mw«pap*r rout* on Fayette and Washington «t. to AU*»any at. Apply .71ra«. N«wi Olroulatkm Dept. Phon* -:.:;. r , . • carry mornlhf newspaper rout* .to Baltimore and O»ntral AY«. •wtton. Apply Ttm«i-K«w* OlwulaUotj .Department., Phone ' BOY to carry Morning Newip«p« Rout«: In Hilltop Drive faction Apply> TtaM*frews Circulation Dept.' Phone 4800. ' 10-4-tf- WELDING AU type*. Aoetyko* and Aw Aaythlni * AnyUa* « Aoypket H. & S. Plumblna & Hexrtlng Co. Authority} Dttltn 8EWINQ »<AOHDn»-Will pay M» to *S5 for Singer Drophead machine* and up to $100 (or Sinter • Electric*. Singer Sewing Center. .77 N. Centre 8t. Opposite City Ball Phone »*. t-l-tf-N , — 1M Polk »tr»*t . Phone 9MO BLOCK LATINO, eement work, W. A,- Moldaney. !«• Bedford St Phone 3013-W, M8S. 1-38-U-T JANITOR. Room »n bath furnished. Writ* Box 237-B Tlmw-New*.. 10-S-tf- WANTED 72 Mechanic, fixture*, selling out. 10-5-SH-N The Hub Victory cenUr 1* ttady now Vlth Chrlstma* outs tor U«ae''you lorn iu the military nrvlcc. Army and Navy all wool Ittrtlia •w«»t<r«, 19 It to »J.»S, Military In «Se to. ll.po, Army «Mk«, 3Sc, Mo. «Bc. R««u!atioB military drm exfordi, to S.6S. Fountain pen*, »U». Batraok slln- iers, «J.95. Regulation military Eblrta, $3.56 o J9.95. Fur JIned gloves, $5.95. Men's eather glovu, wool lined. 12.95 to *4,95. Vool mufHers. $1.8S. Metal cover Bibles 3.95. cigarette lighten, fl.oo to J5 8s' Mgarette cases, »1.6fl. Shoe shins kitj 1.00. Pitted toilet kit catea, 52.95. KhaU ixndkerehlefi, 36c. Dozens of other uaelul terns lor the service man. THE HUB Army and Noyy Goodi ' » Sf. Centre St. Open ETeninn •KDBDSON tractor plows and spring tooth harrow. Write Box 332-B, % Times-News. 10-6-3t-N APPLEPICKERS • I5c per bushel miles West of Paw Paw GOLDEN ROSELL CORP, 10-8-lwk-T 32—H«lp Wanted—F«ma!s WANTED girl for general housework, small family, good wages Call 2858-J or apply 812 Camcien Ave. 9-29-tf-N Wanter—Housekeeper, 3 in family, comfortable room provider.: Good wages. Call 662. 10-1-tf-T K LENGTH fox fur coat, size 11. Phone 4015-F-31. 10-6-St-N NICE ROOM In private home, m«al optional. 214 apilngdal* St., near B. and O. . 9'2B-2w-h 13—Cool For £•!• J. RILUT bt*t big rein eo*l Phon 4167. 8-5-tf- 1 WAKEMAN COAL, big vein i stoker. Phone 4024-F-14. • ' -. : 7-8-tf-b IIGVEIN ROBINETTE COAL CO PHONE 3205 Soutli Ub«rty St. GOOD LUMPY coal. Phone 2108. SOMERSET COAL. . Phone' 266S-J. Campbell 7-17-3mo-» BIQ VEIN .WETZEL COAL CO 818 YES!, WE'LL BUY YOUR CAR We Need All Makes and Models ; • THE CASH IS . HERE FOR YOU AT ONCE GET TOP CEILING PRICE AT ELCAR SAUfS Headquarter*, For ^Trailing' Open Day and Wight Opp. Post Offic*, Phone 3« Car Owners We Will Pay You the FULL CEILING PRICE That Is ollovved-on your automobile ' No One Con fcrf Yoq-'Mor* So wHy wain t'mt and gas. Bring ysur ear er cdlfui and got Coih On The .Spot All djtailt attlfided fo f»r you Allen SchlosbtTg's . Used Car. Lot 838 N. Mechanic St.. Phone 41M-J CALORIC coal for heat circulators . Phone 3220. 3-17-31t-T RUN .OP-MINE Phone 3220. coal and stoker 8-l7-31t-T DOMESTIO stoker coal, Shanholtz, 2249-R. 9-24-31t-T WOOD-COAL 160I-R. delivered. Phone 9-24-3lt-T WASHED stoker coal and big vein coal. Oreehpolnt Coal Yard, Phone 38B8-R. . 9-26-ait-N BIG VEIN coal. Phone 8B3-R 9-28-31t-T MEYER9DALE big vein. Peterbrinlc 18I5-J., '-. 10-4-tf-N 15—Electric Work, Fixturn Factory Service Bendix Kelvlnator General Electric Cumberland Electric Co. 137 Virginia Ay*., Fhnne 619 . ELECTRICAL WORK MOTOR repairing, wiring and fixtures. Queen City Electric Oo, 158 Frederick St. Phone 117. . • 6-6-tt-N 16-:—Money To Loon Slace sour classified Ad btittw ^ — ~ *-r'*«K>UlVU «Mt WV*WW Aft *• m. and 10 p. m. for publloUlon Yil "*** * v **• ***• *"»> K the rortheomlnsr Issue; , our office Is open from 8:30 a. m. •Jo 10 P. m.-daily and 4 p. m «> 10 p. m. Sunday*. ON ARTICLES OP VALUE MerchandUi Bargalni Cumberland Loan Co. 41 R. Mtthaolo St. DO YOU NEED MONEY? HAROLD'S will loan you more than you can . te:ura (luwhert on any arllcle of ralu*. Quick, confidenlial loam mad* o« Wateh<i rTrtfi, dicmondi, gum, luf- |aa«, camtroi arid radfw. It will pay you to rlilf HAMLtyS btfort you plae* your TaluabI* property 01 ncurlty for e loon. Large stock of vnri4*«m«d mtrckaii* din for ial« it Hi odfinal cott, "HAROLD'S" Jtwiltn f, Ctntr Baltiawr* MODERN bedroom, ludy. 204 ton. 9-14-tf-N BEDROOM, near court House, a N. SmallWocd .St. 9-27-tf TWO ROOMS, 301 P»fia Bt. IO-6-tf-T LIGHT houaekeeplat room*. Phon 3225-J. 10-7-tf-T . ROOM, gentlemen. 8t N. Liberty, Apt. B-3. 10-S-31t-T MODERK bedroom, gentlemen Phon* 1223-M. io-8-tf-T 23—Unfumiihtd Rooms THREE unfurnished rooms. Phone 4337-W. 10-7-2t-K TWO ROOMS,. 1711 Bedford Bt. 10-t-lt-T 25—Room arid Board ROOM and board, modern coh veniences, ladies preferred. Bowl ing Oreen. Box 335-B, % Tlmei News. 10-r-lt-T ROOM, board; and lAUndry, gir 717% Frederick St. lQ-7-2t-T 26—For Sole MiiceRoneou* Men's all-t8lth«r dltin oifordi. ward and d new at abaci Ir*« ' M ! Sou nwtv* uuvt K MCT* |J01A Ufc £XlHJt» H WW 11 J Ml find paper in the hlell. colta Mr toun'.lr. of a pair ol Star Brand «hoei. Buy your next pair of shoes here. Most ?4.95. and up to $7.95. Men's wolverine shell horiehid* -work f.bats, 13.B5 to 46.95. Boys' tchool OX- ford», »3.S3 to ti.BS. That will stand thl wear, m«g«ured to fit jour feet. Boys' -atncosti, hat to mutch, $5.99, ailes < to 18. Gym. iho«« tot th* »«hool boyi, THE HUB Army and Navy Goodi 9 N. Centre SI. Open DRESSED RABBITS, d«liTer«d P'hone I212-W. e-l-tf-N Maytag Parts & Service Wringer Rolls, All Makes MILES APPIiIANCE & SKRV1OB II N. Meehania St. Phone 841 DO 5TOU KNOW that We htadte everything in the notion UneT Singer Sewing Machine Co. e-28-tf-t ASPHALT ROOKNQ, I pi? .... a ply, »UB; a ply, $ us. Libert? Hardwire, Phone 550. 0-lS-tf-' HARM EQUIPMENT Cletrao agricultural tractors Are available. Let ua help you make application before quota Is tat* bausted. STEINLA MOTOR COMPANY 218 S. Mechanic Phone 2540 3OCKEE and Springer apanUU puppies, Champion . blopdlinw, Harold Meek, Vale Summit, Phon* .FTOJitljurg 807-P-23. fl-22-tf-T USED heatrola, good condition. IDS Offutt St 8-21-tf-N HAGER'S Closed this week * ' 832 N. Mechonic St. • Dependable Quality ;EADY THIS WEEK, good appl«* butter apples. Bring container! .if possible. Iron's Mountain Orchard, B miles out William* road. Tiicns. 4eO*=OF-2!i Osnsalidatsd Orchard Co.. D-21-tf-X IPENCER SUPPORTS, Individually designed. Phon* 3823-M Alltta Allamon»,Luclu, t-l-ti-N NOTTOB. J»oultrym«n «nd Raisers. We can furnish- you fitmotm KfljM feed« Jn beautiful prcaprlrit b»i»,. oi v « th*tn, • ulftl. Alleghfiny reed and Ortln Co., Knox Bt, aiding, PhonraiM. •' • . ' 0-30-2wk»-T KOKEN beauty *hop facial chair. Phone 2028, •-»-«.T "RB3H COW, rtrat c»lf. 8teph«n Cesnick, Klondike, MS, 10-1-Iwk-T one man, one row corn picket 1 and husber. Phone 822-J. 25 HOGS, shoats, and plgt. 835 N. Centre St. . 10-8-3t-N 80 GALLON lard barrels. 50o -each. Apply Community Baking Co., Kno* st.,'City. IO-t?-Jt-N APPLES, 7Sc and up par bushel. Loius Weber Farm, 4 mll« out Williams Road. 10-6-at-T HORSE, 6 y«ar» old, Wj, »ound, " plow or wood*. Mil ch«*p. Luak, WiUlams Ro«d at old Twl«toim School. 10-8-St-T OAs STOVE, In good condition. Samuel Border, R. p. D. 8, ntar the Winchester Brldgg. 10-fl-3t-T APPLSS, 50o and up. Bringr containers, uz Harrison St. IO-8-3t-T . PEARS, Phone *(M3-F-5. reasonable. WHITE WOMAN, light houseworki plain cooking for small family, private room •with all conveniences; salary $80 a month. Write Mrs. John Sells, 1201 Glen Back Ave., Pikesvllle 8, Md. 10-2-lwk-T WANTED: Woman for housework, no cooking, light laundry, hours 8'.30 to 3, $12.60 week, LaVale. Call 3947. , 10-6-2t-T WANTED: Girls to work in laundry. Apply Mr, Newberrey, Memorial Hoapltftl. 10-8-St-T WOMAN to care for throe children, mother woris night*, sleep in. Six mllej out, Route 3, Box 3, Hazen Ro»d. 10-7-3fc-N HOUSEKEEPER, settled woman preferred. Stay night*. Two - adult* In family. Apply 16 Valley St. 10-7-lt-T WOMAN for Phone 383-J, by day, 10-7-3t-T WOMAN for part time, 686-R-~X. homework, ^ull or good wage*. , 0(01 10-B-3t-T MIDDLE-AGED woman to care for child white mother work*. Good wages, stay nights. Apply 542 N. RIVER CORN In shock. Call 1079. 10-7-lwk-N STOKER for sale. 103 Pennsylvania Avenue. '- 10-7-3t-N LARGE novel fcy beer 2181-J.Keller's Tavern. box. Call 10-7-3t-N RABBIT DOGS. Lester Hasselrode, Hyndman Road. 10-7-2t-N COMPLETE front and back bar, Also display case. Bargain for quick sale, $100. Apply 24 Bedford St. Phon* I367-W. 10-7-lt-T Mechanic St. i. 10-8-at-T 55^Y«ar Old Shipyard Offer* GOOD JOBS GOOD PAY interesting work BETHLEHEM- SPARROWS POINT SHIPYARD, INC NEEDS ' Sheet Metal Workers SHIPFITTERS Welders Trainees Skilled & Unskilled Transportation Free Rooms Assured For Full Details See: Bethlehem Representative United States Employment Service War Manpower Commission Public Safety Building Cumberland, Maryland October 9th to October } ' 14th inc. War Manpower Regulation! Will ,Be Observed 34-—Soleimen Wanted DISHWASHER and waitresses wanted. Maryland Hotel. 10-8-at-T RELIABLE housekeeper, one who •would prefer home to high wage*, Write Box 338-B, % Times- Newt. ' 10-8-lt-T Wanted—Beautician, good salary. Virginia Larry Beauty Salon, 135 ._a.JCJlMrty st. io-8-tr-sun-T 33—H«Jp Wanted, Molt PEARS for sale, 923 Bedford St. 10-7-8t-T LARGE WHITE swii* Mondalne pigeons. Phone 2334. 10-1-lt-T aO-GALLON copper kettli t tripod, like new, »10. Shoensdle Grocery, Narrows Park, 10-7-lt-T NEW STEEL truok b*d,.41 Grant St., Frostburg. LOT HOUSEHOLD furniture, girl's sled, boy's bicycle, roller skfttes. 951 Bedford St. . 10-8-lt SLIGHTLY USED warm morning heater design stove, $40. Phone 3I43-M. 10-8-lt TABLE 'RADIOS, Monarch ihort- long wave; JPhllco long. Both B tubes. 419 Dunbar Drive. 10-8-lt JERSEY COW, Jersey bull, good for breeding. Phone Lonaconlng 153-M. Phillip Vinci, Nikep, Md, . 10-6-2t-Pri, Sun 28-A—Florist* Funeral Flowers RenRoy Gardens ' ' Funeral ( Flowers ( BOPP'S 75 laltlmor* St. 29—Furniture, Storti rOAL COOKING stove, bedi, t*bkj!, Write Box 321-B, % TlmM-WeW. 10-1-lwK-T SALESMAN—-Permanent establish, ed territory. Includes local territory. Mall orders credited. Car necessary, salary at start with commissions. Write The C. B, Dolge Company, \Vestport, Conn 10-6-lw-T MAN FOR FOOD Route permanent Kutt «ubj*e» to priority BMmM kr UK n. & Employment APPLS PZOKHRS. Picking by bushel. Mftk« $S to $12 per day. Apples large »nd trees very full. Gamp lor these who wish beard. Free moving pictures at camp each-week. Part time workers and men with days off may make good money &nd help save crop on our 236-acre orchard near Pinto. O&U 40M-F-33, Appalachian Orchards, Ino, io-3-tf-N MEN WANTED for timber work, »00d W*gM ,*nd board. Write BOX J38-B, % Times-News. IO-7-lwk-T PRODUCTS— — , if you are a hustler. Earnings based on Sales in Cumberland Mineral and North Hampshire Counties, West Virginia. Write Rawleigh's, Dept MDJ-33-733, Chester, Perm. 10-8-lt MEN Tor Digging Water Line Trench GOOD WAGES Apply 549 N. Centra St. 10-5-W-T Needed By Cumberland War Industry Manufacturing truck tires Tk» *»rf trltieol war matirlal In thlt irtt USED FURNITURE. 317 V\rglni*. 1-4-U-T 30—Bufldlng SvppHoi ODD -WINDOW FRAMES One half price Here for your inspection BUCHANAN LUMBER CO. K. CKNTRK ST. PHONE 1270 •ftt-Of-AH ROLL ROOFING VV« Have a Type For Every Roof Tc to 2Hc Per Sqaar* re*i Storm Sash from $3.18 up Sears Roebuck & Co 71 BUUmor* it. - POOM 9432 • Cumberland, Md, A TERE BUILDERS MILL OPERATORS HEATER MEN TIRE REPAIRMEN UNSKILLED LABOR Salesman for either farm or indus , trial trade by established out standing manufacturer of roof coating'. Maintenance product— no priority needed. A staple with all best selling features of a specialty. A money-saving product. No cash investment. Pull time men placing over 10,000 gallons annually. .Material guaranteed and sold on 60 days terms direct to building owners. Our customers include many best known firms in America. This offer for local and nearby district. Requirements—Sales experience and good reference. The American Oil & Paint Co., 9915 Harvard Ave., Cleveland 5, Ohio. 10-8-lt SALESMAN WANTED Old established manufacturer offers opportunity to establish yourself in immediate postwar position Advertising and gift specialtie* Weekly advance against earned commission. Air-mail reply to Kemper- Thomas Co., Cincinnati 12, Ohio. . 10-I-2t-Suri Sewing Machines REPAIRED 131 W»rir W* Also liiy, S«l| of Tradt GRAY & COMPANY USED FURNITURE N. Ctnrr* St. Cumbtrtand 1U5-J LET ONE CALL SELL (TALL We pay cash for used furniture and appliance* Let u* fiv* you an a*U* nuu. Price* FurnUur* Exchange TB N. Centre St. Phont HIGHEST eath price* paid for go~i used furniture Home Furntin- ing Corp.. 128 Bedford 8t. Phon* S941-R. l-8-tf-T REFRIGERATION. wMher. repair*. General Repair Shop, U Hender- »oo Ave. Pnon* 3978-R. 4-1-U-N Scrap Iron, Metal« WANTED HIGHEST PRICES B««rman Auto Wr«ck«r» 163 Wintow Bt 8770 LOCAL HAULING, fall plowing with tractor. Phone 4S03-M. 10-5-3t-T CARPENTER WORK, Phon* 2043-W. repairs. 8-22-31t-N 39-A—Watch, Clack • "Nnteomtr I, Jewelry - Watch Repair* Gifts and Loans J. NEWCOMER 315 Virginia Av*. 4O—M«fol "W* DEFY TH£ CLfMENTS" DEFIANCE WEATHERSTRIP OO Frederick C. Haas. Phon* 30*3. 41—Movin§, Storage WANTED-Rabtlt*. 4 pound* up. Shober** Restaurant. Phone 825. FIVE foot bath tub. in rood condition. Phone 3621-J. 10-7-31-N SUTTOA6B or traveling ba«, in good condition. Phone 3673-J or 166-M. 10-8--t ANTIQUB furniture, deign bells, china. Write Box 340-B % Timc.s- _ 52— Wanted MiiceHantoiii WANTED — Celanese shifts. Call 4636-W. riders, nil 3 10-6-3 t-N JOHN APPEL transfer, local and kmt dirtanee moving. AgenU tor Gr«rr»n Un**, Inc. Phone 16z3 4-18-tf-T MOVING TO and from Baltimore Phone 8gfl. C-18-tf-T 42— Painting, Fao«rheiigittg •APERHANGING, Phone 621-J. «Jo« Bamnll), 4-n-tl-N INSIDE AND outside painting, floor sanding and refinUhine. Phone WANTED: Your hobbv for Hobby Show. War Bond Prize given at show. Quilts, Bric-a-brac, Antiques, Clocks, Bells, Glass, China, Miniatures, Indian Lore, Handcraft and Art Collections.. Write at once, MorrU Hammel), 320-B, % Times-News, 10-B-3UT PASSENGER to Spartanburg, S. C. ^References exchanged. 3073-J or 168-M. Phone 10-8-lt 53—Wanted To Rent WANTED: Small unfurnished apart- 24BO-M. 3-14-tf-N SVANTED 2329-R. Paperhangtng. Phone 10-7-3t-N VEED OUT the applicants for the position you are offering from letters of application containing information about experience, references, and background. It's eaty If you u*e a Times-News help wanted «d with a box number for replies 43—Personal* ment. smnll quiet family. 1001-K. IO Phono FURNISHED apartment or one to two furnished rooms for business woman, West Side. Box S25-B, % Times-News. 10-3-5t-N&Sun WANTED—Three or four-room unfurnished apartment, private bath and garage. In good residential section, Adults. Write Box 303-B. V« Tlme§-News. 9-27-tt-N IDENTmOATION STAMP, Excellent for Serric« Men's Cloth- Ing. Home Marking, Pocket slie, metal cue, waihproof Ink. Pad and Stamp complete $1.25. Ideal Xmiw Qlft. Send M.O. or Check R. E. Co., P. o. Box 3481, Phila- delphU. 22, Pa. 10-8-lt 46—-Radios, S«rrk« RADIO TUBES For most model radios. Expert radio repairing. CAPITOL ELECTRONIC Co. !05 Baltimore Ave. Phone 1225 10-8-3 It-T 7—RM! t**t* tot Sat* •PIE ANNAN, Real Estate, 117 S Liberty fit. S«7. 8-6-3U-T TVO-ACRE lot In country. Ople Annan, 117 a. Liberty St, 8457. 10-2-31t-T MODERN HOUSE, in or out of city. Phone 181-J-3 . 10-6-St-N OELANESE Cliemist and wife Want three or four room unfurnished apartment. Permanent residents. Can furnish references. Write Box 334-B, % Times-Newi. 10-3-Bt-T 8IX-ROOAI house. $25 offered for information if rented. Box 3S9-B, % Times-News. 10-8-8t-T 54—SituoHom Wanted PRACTICAL nur*e* Phone 1B61-M 3-17'tf-N CUMBERLAND, MARYLAND R»!-orl Kiltrt With <he CnlUd S4»l*t Oorfrnment, Oet 6, 1044 Statement of the Ovnerrtlp, Mantetmiat, ClrculUloa, Etc., Required By thfe Acts ol Congreti of August at, 1S13. and Marcti 3, 1833. Ot Cumberland Erenlnj Ttmci «nd SunSijr T!mSi, rUblllhed 01117 und Sund»» at Cumberland, MarylMid. (or October 1, 18*4. State ol County ol ELL, trade, for city property, 200- acre farm on Town Creek. Write Box 322-B, % Timea-New*. 10-2-lwk-T ESIRABLE lots. Easy terms. Popp Realty Exchange. 10-5-3H-N CHOICE LOTS, Johnson Heights, Avondale, Brentwood, Haddon, Kent, Warwick, $350 each, 14 Market St, 10-7-lt-T tJNOALOW and four lots, McMullen Highway at Cresaptown. Lot*, Wlnch«tor Road. Apply Franklin fit. Lewis Has*, 422 Phone 4243-J. 10-7-lt-T I3C-ROOM semi-bungalow, gas, electric, garden, chicken house. Phone ASBO-J for partlaulars. 10-8-lwfc-T 36—Instructions TEACHER, of piano. Mary Louis* Snyder, 36 Greene St. Phone 4522 8-I3-31t-N FOR BALLROOM dancing, call Lee Winter Studios. II78-J. 6-19-3U-N 37—Musical InstmnMHits No trolning undtt competent C5ood Pay — 48 Hour Work Week Earn $33 to $42 Per Week While you'Leam Write or Apply to KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRE COMPANY or U, S. Employment Service Cumberland, Md. Join the School Band and Orchestra with Instruments from Th« Music Shop 5-7 fl, LlMrty 8t v , Phone 3230 THB VIOLIN 0HOP—repair*, bow ill Bedford at. _. 11-14-U-aUTidaya 38—Lott snd Fouiirf LOST: One brown billfold In or nea_r Ford's, containing valuables and money. Return Times. 10-5-3t-T LOST: Lady's brown pocketbook containing key*, ration boolc, money. Return Times Office. 10-6-3t-N LOST-On* month Ho, valutbt* lodff* ring in buslneu seotlon. Reward. Return TlmM Office. LOST—"A" ga» boolc containing 18 coupon*. Q. K. coltman. 108 Bowery St., Prostburg. 10-7'-3t-8a,9u LOST: Small black pocketbook with ration cards and fountain pen. MM. L, «)iu, Memoruj Hodpiui, 10-7-it-T LOT <oxieo for buiid- or investment, along National Highway, LftVal*. Bargiiln quick buyer, phone 3394-M. to . 10-8-2t-Sun.Mon WESTS FALL CATALOGUE New Biff Catalogue of Hundreds of FARM BAROAIN8 « Btftten. l\ir your copy, absolutely free, write to WEST'S FARM AOENOY, Dept. B5\ PSttsbUrgH 16, Pfi. 10-8-lt FARM CATALOG. 100 Pages bargains—many States. FREE. STRODT REALTY, 1427-AJ Land Tltie Bldg.. Phlia. 10, Pa. 10-8-lt 48—Roofing, Spouting NEW ROOFING, wpfclrlng, painting roofs. Phone J063-W, fi.ll.gU-N ROOFINQ, spouUnt, »h«4t metal work, warm air heating, *lr conditioning. Call Twigg 3382-R. 1-11-tf-N 51— Wonted ro Ivy FURNITURE, stove*, household appliances. Highest ciuh pricea. Phone 4187.' Allegany Furniture Store, 628 Virginia Ave. 8-1-tf-N WILL BUY Ciimbcrland Pair Association stock. Write Box 298-B, % Tlmef-N«w«. B-SS-tf-T Before ma, a Notary Public In and. for the State and oouuty aforesaid/ pertonally anpeartd John J, McMullen, who, having been duly ivorn according to lav, dtpoies and «ays that he i> the Business Manager at th* Cumbciand Evening Tlmci and Sunday Times and that the fol!o>,-mji us. to the best of lil> knowledge and belief, a true etatement of tin ownership, man- aeimtnt, (to.,, of the alorciald publication for the dale Bhown In the above caption, required by the Act of Auciot 1\. 1B15, «• amended by tht Act of Mnrch I, 113], embodied In section 637, Postal Lawi and Regulation!. 1. That the name* and addresses of the publKhtr, editor, managing editor, and businesi manafteri are: Publisher, The Ttmei and Alleftnlan Company, Cumberland, Maryland; Ano* olala Kdllor, Paul R. ^Urtln-DIIlon, Cumberland, Maryland; Business ManiS'r. John J. McMullen, Cumberland, Maryland. 3. That the owner u: The Tlmel aart Allcganlan Company, Cumberland. Miry- land; JoMph B. Ttnan Kctata, Cumberland, Maryland; Wm. S. McDonald, Curabirland, Uarylandi Thoi, B. Fin in and Iiabel N. Flnan, Cumberland, Marylund; r. Da- Balei Mudd rnd Louise P. Mudd, La Plata, Maryland; D. r. McMullen and J. J. Uc- Mullisn, TnltUw for the children ol Hujb A. McXlullen, and Daniel K McMulltn, Cumberland, Maryland; Dorothy M. Pren- dfriait, Tmatft for the Ealito of John p. McMullen, Cumberland, Maryland. * That the known bondholdcrn, -,..«. and other lecurlty holders ,wn,,, E OT holding t p»r cent or more of total amount of bondi, mortgagee, or other iieurltlea are: None. The eomblnid average numbir c( .opiea of each lime of th* Cumbirland Evening Times and Eundtiy Tlmel fnld or dlitrfDAUed, through the mails or otherwise, to paid tubicrlberi duilng th* Iwilr* monthi preceding th* date ihotrn abor* li ll.oes, The tvirati Dumber of cop'.ei ai »»ch Hsu* of the Cumberland Evening Tfmri •old or dlitrlbulfd. through the malll or Otherwlll, to Plld lubscriben durlnl th« twelve raonthi preceding the date Ihfiwn ibov* U 23,538. The tvefaf* number of cop If • ol tacb IUU* ol the Cumberland Sunday Tlmta lold or distributed, through the maJU at otherwise, to paid subscriber! during th* twelve montha preceding th* data ihowa above Is 21,BSD. JOHN J. McMTTLLtM, Builntn Uantfer. Bwom to and gubtcrlbed before me thtf 6th. day of October, 1144. SARAH A. BKRKENBAtJOH. comrnlMlnn uplrei M»y 7. Evening nnd Sunday Times WKBE.1.V 8UB8CRTI>TTON RATE* »T CARRIER One week Ere. only lie; tte. Time* par copy OSe; One, week Era. A Bus. 3iCI tun. Time* per copr lOe. MAH, aUBSCBIPTION RATB8 All Subicrlptloni Payable In Aaranee—AD Remlttanwi Should Be Sent by Uoney Order, ChtcJr or Reflitertd Mall. r-.r;t, Thlrj ir.J ~<JU<M Poital Zonei On* month ttve. only Me; Sli ran*. Era, only IS.40; One year Ere. only 110.80! Ooa rsontb Sun. only 40c; One mo. Ctt, ii San. 11.55; Six mo. Ere. * Sun. |1.EO| One jrr. BT*. A 600. MS.OO; Sli mo, tun. only 13.40. nflh. SliO. seventh ud tlrtlk Psinl Zonei One mo, tv*. only 11.40; SU ne, Ifra. only I7.M; On* year Eve. only Ili.Mi Oca mo. Sun. only <5«; On* mi. *>«, 4% Bun. tl.M; 8II mo Eva. A Son M.S6; On* feu Ere. A Bun. tlt.K; 811 ma. Bun, only li.1t. THC FBW CENT* more wnloh you may spond for deMriptton la your Advertisement will make your prospects » few dollars worth more tixy to deal with. Write a ... fUlly dMOrlptlVI ad. Word your rh* Cvinliij Time* and Sunday T1M4* ic- ad Just tbe way you would like TOm< no " n » noJ »J reipomibmty for »rp». to read It If you'w'r. lo«*ta» for !^^%£ J'SrttSS&fli the «*me thing. A fully descrtp-j "hlcli th. typoaraphlca).. a»ro» 'tMor*. earrie* V!«n - § rate any plac* la Uil wtruL dally, exx mo. dally and Sunday *IJ» KM. WANTED TO BUY, five to eight- ;'•! room singlo hotu» or duplex In 2. Cumberl»nd. Write, giving details, to 326-B, % Times-New*. 10-3-lwk-T

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