The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 21, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1977
Page 5
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On The Air Today wnJi— - UtiH.v Ar»'H Other MlntimiH — .\VNVH Mill) i. m, \YI,l!V-"lliim>tmU i!cor,,» V. -vl'j; •-rnl'Tjildo Oil 11 ft. in. WllflV— .Vylim Time: Loffi WAIU 1 — Word Krurit Oum' tt'KAK — H'-r.-nuilM ' UTK'— I'ttit. Nrhtnknr \\.IZ -Kthi-1 iiml AIII--I U'CH — On TK<> (VlJ.tjyy WATH— Al . Vcmrn, ,-(:i,jr'» Brill !•. in, tt'.HH «'m:Y--K. fhrlily WAllr.' --I.IHT.V Cuff U'KAF— M»n-n«il"; . ,1 W.I/, ..V., Myat-ry [nt«rlud<t W:I0 it. in, U KAP — HIM.H.'I ni'J.I |», m, « !IHr-WAHC->-Nnwn V. -etv.WKAF- .Lf.wrll Tfinnin, W,t/ <lr",it Nrutt \M>I. - Stun Lmillix W xTII--ri>'iiiiurii nnd front 7:01) p. in, U I flV-WAri(!--J'lLlll IMiiylnn WTII'-WKAI''— HIIPII.T t'lllll, H'ATK.lVo/i - -Alln-r( Wnrnar WJ7, -Ili-iiilllnii Nitwn ( Yll.1 n, m, W till V-WA lie:— flkylino Hivif V r..\K-WTH'--Nfw» VVii), --Aiimvi-r Mil n WATIt-— Ailvtinlilfi* In Uhytbin «.;X— liny muni: Nirlnv 7 I'M u, m, WATH --.Vciv« p. ,n. . . WIll:V---<Hrl MCMIIH in rump \V.L|,I'- Kll"ry QUKITI U KAI- 1 "IMulniii AKiilit 1 f, CHAPEL ELECTRIC COMPANY T«l. 2210 2-J SOUTH MAIN' STUKKT «M,|,,. Niiimutiirk Fill-nil,irn f.'o.) f'ltrlor.v ttft'litr Ni-rvlr* im All Mnk nr Hindu .MfK, I'riiniiit Hi-rvlir » Kinminiiililn rrlrrn, I.UIMI Cxnu'iHiirn tar Kmlln Itccinlr Wurk. Philco Car Radios linmoillnto nnllvor.v Aiitomntlc I'honouriipliH nncl WOll — ilmiio of CommoniMnrn W.vru -I'hono Your Annwvr n ly.— i,dn<. Krtntrf-r \V"I iL'^l'-jro Ti-t-vr-ntlon •:IC ii. in, WL'rtV — To Tiic County Furaw wi lO-i.Muum H:l)ll ii, in. u-ji|. v.WAiir; -ri,, whiminr WTII I-WKAK-— Th<> Ncrlhn V,-.STH-w.JX— :ui,l Abnor \\(;U — Cuti Vou Toy Thin? H:lti [i. ni. \VJX-\VATK — Mntvn 10 UtOunrdln H::iO ii. ni. nc. lluntln* • . u:-\\ K,\K — I WATIt. \VJ'/— K 11:00 n. m, V.'niiV-U'AllC—Mud HiKjk WhAl''-U'TllJ— .McGHrry uml Mo'li'i WOft—Oiiiirli.-! IfiMittur A'J'/. — Mliuilnit llulm A'ATIi—Wiiti.Tbury SinnkH UilS n. in. WATH —L 1 . H. Army (1:3(1 ii, in. Wl'liMVNAK—.Mr. I'lxlrlnl Aunrn-v WA'ril.WJS-. -Fiunklf Oil-In A'lill—Xiivler C'Uiriit WATIl—HiM.rtn 10:00 II. ni. wmiv-WAiir;—Ai:nrt«-my AWUI-M WTIC-WHAI' 1 — Kuy Kyin-r •VATU.WJS!—Sperm Ili'vlmv W"U—lilklnl Hi-port 111,-lfl p. in. WKAK-WTIC— Kndurnuil by Dornry 10:311 ii. m, wiiltV-U'AtlC—irolltlny fin- Mumi \"i IK — Syniphumjltu .Tft-WJX,-Wu, thr (iullty 11:110 p. in, U'imy.\VA1IC—Ni-wn 11 her HtiUlcitin~-.Vi.-wii llllO II. III. .VfiriY—>hn j. Dnii-. city XUM-H 11:1,-, ii. 111, •vimV-WAIU;—vnu unM 'rim Atom WTIi.'-WKAl-'—•llin-kn.-JiH viiltv.WAIii.'-.Iii'vi(iiir»n to nil »ii! U'KAI-'—(.'ii vii J In ni (Jrcti. Wiill—W'.-iitlii r; Ijimbiittlu Or-.-n. ^***^******^*r+f^*^*ff^0**^f^0^, STYLE VENETIAN BLIND SHOPPE \ Su Sprlnc St., Union City } Tol, Nuiijr, fill! — Wilt. 4-951!6 I j I'*KHX NARDTCLLO, Mgr. I • Full murk nf uti-rl null tvnnil lillnUn { IMlMrlM rrinili-l-l). ri<-tu}ii<il. rtd. i OPENING Monday, July 29th I* I ft IJI If J''or the first time MHUgiituck will Iiiivo n re- pulr renter thnt will «olv« nil your minor prob- *j Whittemore Heads Committee To Aid Gaylord Farm In an effort to familiarize Naugatuck residents with, the work of Gaylord Farm Sanatorium at Wallingford In the treatment of tuberculosis, a local educational committee has boon formed with Harris Whittemore, Jr.. of the J. H, Whittomorc Company, as chairman. Announcement -of Mr, Whittc- morc's acceptance was made today ~>y Eartow-L. Hcminway of Water- hury, chnii-man of the Connecticut i-'; committee for Gaylord. fn addition to Mr. Whittemore, t.hc Naugatuck committee includes Mrs. Robert D. Anderson, Mrs. Phil Robinson, William G. Boles, Charles F. Daly, and Paul Buckmiller. "BCCOUEC of increasing costs, nnd the constant theat of tuberculosis against our Connecticut residents, Gaylord faces greater problems in h-ese post-war year.; than it has experienced rlncc its [founding In.l9(M," <lr. Hcmlnw.-iy .said. "Through the "ormnHon of local educational committees, we hope to bring home to he pnople nf Connecticut the continuing cru.sudc of tho sanatorium to restore men and women to health, happiness and useful lives. "In its -12-year fight against tuberculosis, Gaylord has had an outstanding record In returning ap- nroxim.-Ue.'y Cl per cent of Its pa- '.Icnts to normal .productive lives —a record equalled by few sanatoria, in America. It is toIJInc; this •imaging story of Gaylord that our locnl committer> of civlc-m-inded folks arc being organized." About Gfl per cent of the nation's •loetrlcity comes from the use of 'iltuminous coal. **^**s****^ WEEK InniN. H'n ivlll I'AINT iind KICI'AIH Kitchen Sets— 'n furnlturf'—scrfriis, .windows—tlonrs nnd cajilfig.s—e.'iMncti — wliulnvf ffln.s«—storm win- druvn—JUIWN nnd tools .slmrpenfMl nnd condl- | tloni'd, > Whatever tlio Job inny !».• call us ut JJ'Jfii) or vl.sll, our work Hlmp at 3-1 Wnrd St. Kopiilrn (ItiiKi a(. .your homo or In our shop. luy Wore The "FIX IT" SHOP The Copper Room Open Daily For LUNCHEON And DINNER Tel. 2969 DANCING Wednesday — and —' Saturday Evenings Only After !) P. M. CQME .IN Make your vacation trip with a well-serviced car Keep your ear in sound condition—keep it serving dependably—until you get delivery of your new Chevrolet* Com« fo our »orvlc« ifafion for ikillad, dependable, cor-iov/nfl tarvke, today ond at regular intervals. Give your ear the benefit of our four-fold service advantages: (1) expert mechanics, (2) modern tools, (3) flt»nu!ne parts, (4) quality materials. Remember— we're member* of America'* foremost automotive servic* organization. Come in—today! OUR CAR-SERVICE IS YOUR BEST CAR-SAVER LET OUR SKILLED MECHANICS SERVICE YOUR CAR-WOW/ Check steorinfl and whool alignment • Tost baltory and electrical system • "De- sludgo" car engine • Sarvico clutch, brakes, transmission, roar axlo • Lubricate throughout • Tuno motor •SAVE YOU* PttCSfHT CAKI Dospito record demand — >and temporary shortarjes— we'll do everything in our power to spood dolivory of your now Chevrolet. Thank you for waiting—and you'll thank us when you start enjoying Big-Car quality at lowest cost—for here's value never before offered even by Chevrolet' FREE MOTORS, Inc. 492 NORTH MAIN ST., UNION CITY, CONN, TELEPHONE 2211 'lEt? ; US ' "ANNA AND KINO ) OF SIAM'.MS HELD OVER AT STRAND Bringing to full and thrilling screen life one of the most fascinating stories ever to top best-seller lists, Darryl P. Zanuck's eagerly- awaited presentation of "Anna and the King of Siam," starring Irene Dunne, Rex Harrison and Linda Darnell, opens today at the Strand theater. No rlction tale spun out of imagination, Margaret Landon's unusual biography captivated millions of readers with its exciting story of the adventures of an English woman who cume to the exotic Siam of J8S2 to serve as a teacher to the j scorea of \vivea and children of King Mongkut, Even Hefore publication, however, Darryl F. Zanuck, reading the galley proofs, foresaw its unlimited screen possibilities, anti-bid all competitors in securing the film rghts for 20th Century-Fox. Hero was all the intrigue of the royal palace, the lovers and jealousies that rose out of the'passions and furies of the harem, the breathtaking' spectacle, of a people who reveled in pagcntry, and a shocking barbarism that ran parallel in .strange paradox with an age-old culture of wisdom and beauty. And woven in urilliant relief through this exotic background the story of; Anna, herself, who brought her] Western beauty, fiery courage and keen wit to win a triumph no woman ever knew. Lovely Linda Darnell is soon as the voluptoiiK Tuptin, King Mor.g- kut's favorite wlfj. One of Hollywood's most glamorous stars, Linda, who rose to the top by playing bad girls after having started her career In ingenuo parts, brings to her current role all of the intense fire and vivacity of tho Tuptim who defied the King and customcs of that era. The companion feature Is "Strange Triangle" starring Signe Ha.ssc and Preston Foster. Legal Notices NOTICK The Roglsirars of Votci-3 of the Town of Beacon Falls will be h) .•session in the Town Hail, Friday, fuly 27, 10-16, from 12:00 o'clock loon until 0:00 o'clock p. m. for tho purpose of Party enrollment ;md Correcting the Caucus List, Application for enrollment must be m.-u'.p in person to the Registrar | or must bo accompanied by a sworn Affidavit sufficient "to prove :hc Identity, residence and signature of a.pplica.nt. (Chapter 3S2 Public Acts of 1!M3.) Dated at Beacon Falls, Connecticut, this seventeenth day of July 1946. RUTH M. CARROLL, BLANCHE BRENNAN, Registrars of Voters. NOTICE The Selectmen and Town Clerk of the Town of Eoacon Falls. County of Ninv Haven, Stnte of Conn- necUcut, will nc in session in the rown Hall in said Tovv.n from oni: Yclock p. m. until o'clock p. m., Saturday. July 27, ifMfi for the purpose of cxamirtlng the aualill- cations of all who wish to be a.dmit- ted as Eloctors in said Town and ao admit to the Elector's oath all who shall be found qualified. Attest: RALPH E. UPRIGHT, CHRISTIAN HIiISS: CONLETH XIKRNA.N,' Selectmen, FRED C. CURTISS, Town Clerk. Dated at Beacon Fails Connecticut, this seventeenth day of July MB. "EASY TO WED" . CURRENT LEAD AT THE LOEW POLI Starting today at the Locw-Poll are Van Johnson, Esther Williams, Lucille Ball and Keenan Wynn in the technicolor musical, "Easy to Wed." Star-filled, song-filled, one of the most amusing yarns of marital crosses and double-crosses to have reached the screen In years, M-G-M's new "Easy to Wed" is a.n outstanding entertainment smash. Van Johnson, Esther Williams, Lucille Ball and Keenan Wynn are the stellar quartet around whom Imve been evolved ' an uproarious tangle of wedded errors, with each of -the principals forced to marry the wrong party in order to eventually capture the right one. 1 It all starts when Miss Williams, as Connie, lovely daughter of a millionaire, finds herself libeled in a news story by reporter Warren Haggerty (Wynn) in which he has called her a "husband stealer." When Connie's father promptly sues for .$2,000,000, Haggei-ty hires ladies-man Bill Chandler (Van Johnson) to enter in what is to bo purely temporary marriage with his own fiancee, dancer Gladys Benton (Miss Ball). The idea is that Chandler will now get the glamorous Connie w fall for him, whereupon she can be truly ac- •,i'f"^d nr beinc .n husband-stonier and will have to drop her libel suit. As events turn otr.:, Connie Calls for Chandler all right, but unfortunately he .also fall.s for her and from then on the £un begins. To untangle this mess' you will have to come and sec "Easy to Wed." "THE DIARY OF A CHAMBERMAID" IS AT THE SALEM Exciting drama, colorful romance and subtle humor are. skillfully blended in the scintillating film that bowed in at the Salem Playhouse yesterday under the engaging title "The Diary of a Chambermaid." in a 3-day run. It is a Benedict Bogeaus presentation, with Burgess Meredith'acting as co-producer, and his wife, the lovely and effervescent Paulette Goddurd, contributing a brilliant slur performance in the title role. Sharing stcl- lur |-.onors with her are Hurd Hatfield, well remembered for his recent star role in "The Picture of Dorian Grey," Francis Lcdcrer and Meredith himself. In top featured roles ure such reliable players as Judith Anderson and Reginald Owen, Florence Bates, and a new- omcr, Irene Ryan, who will be heard from frequently after thr fans got acquainted with her pert brand of humor. The slory, adapted by Mr. More- di'Ji from Octave Mirbcau's r^- mantic French novel, tells the story of beautiful Cclestinc (Miss .Goddard) .who rebels at the trick of ':il.e that makes her a chamber- NACGATTJCK NEWS (CONN), WEDNESDAY, ,TUT,Y 2*. 19M—FAGK-ff maid, and decides to elevate herself. When she arrives at the sp.i- cious country chateau of M. and Mmc. Lanlairc (Reginald Owen and Judith Anderson) she has plenty of oppoitunity, and plenty of excitement. The period is about 1885, nearly fifteen years after the Third Rcpubic, but the eccentric Madame Lanlairc is still an ardent Royalist- Into this somewhat antiquated household Cclotstinc breezes like a welcome breath of summer wind, b'ut her effect upon the various members is more devastating. Six Hurt In Parkway Crash Stamford. July 21—(UP)--Six pel-sons have been injured in on nutomnbilc accident on Mcrrittt Parkway. Police repented a car blew a tire. ,urncd over three tim^s, hit trees •n the safety lane, landed on its j •oof. and burst into flames. | Most seriously hurt was 35-year- j old Paul Vitti of Woodside, L. J. j The five others, also from Wood- I side, were treated for lesser in- uries at Stamford hospital. Fined $20 For Breach Of Peace In asking the not guilly verdict. Atty. Ch.irlos R, Kumma, of Watnrbury, who defended Boyle, stated that the slate police had not shown their usual thoroughness and ability, when they pre- fcri-ed charges against this youth without tho benefit of a preliminary investigation by the coroner. Espotabs Tablet Form • Sujor Co»l«l •T«ko it Dlrectrt Japan had a pre-war fishing fleet if ai.-jut 3GO.OOO vessels. Garden Hose Lawn Sprinklers Charcoal Grills Pittsburgh. Paint GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Acro»« from City Bakery) HYrn Delivery Telephone (HH4 A Local Lady Spit Up Acid Liquids For Hours After Eating For hours after every mc«l, a. ocal lady used to spit up a strong j acidulous liquid mixed with pieces was awful. At timcs_ she would of half-digested food. She says it nearly strangle. She had stomach bloat, dally headaches and constnnt • irregular bowol notion. Today, this lady cats her meals and enjoys them. And .she says the change Is I due to taking EHB-HELP, No gas,; bloat or slitting up after eating. She is also fr^o of headaches now, and bowels are regular, thanks to this Remarkable New Compound. ERB-HELP contains 12 Great Herbs; they clennso bowels, clear gas from stomach, act. on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different a.ll over. So don't go on suftcrlngf* Get ERB- HELP. Sold by all drug stores her* in Naugatuck.—Adv. NOW! You Can Get An EMERSON 3 WAY PORTABLE Play on AC-DC-or Battery. Plays Anywhere - >'o Outside I Connections, 7 Tubes. i 413 No. Main St Union City TcL M01 ' WILKO STILL GOING ON! We mus:t make room for our incoming- Fall Stocks,.so we have reduced all our Swim Suits and Beach Sportswear for Men, Women and Children. You will find values galore at astonishingly low prices. Quantities are limited, go shop early if you want to ta,ke advantage of the Savings offered in this Store Wide Summer Clearance. Women's Swim Suits 38 One Piece Suits Printed front, knitted lastex buck. Sizes 32 to 36. Reg. JS6.98 62 One Piece Suits Half skirt, solid colors or pattered. Reg. S7.D8 oo 73 Assorted Suits One and two piece styles. Keg. $6.1)8 and $7.08. $4 98 74 2-pc- Jersey Sarongs, ruffles nnd tailored styles Reg. $8.!I8 64 Two Piece Suits Hollywood style with luccd sides, striped cottons. Roc. $S.US SPORTSWEAR 47 Summer SKIRTS $100 and Solid colors and pnt- <P •< OC tern eel. Reg. up to tD I J/C 18 Play Suits (2 piece). Sizes 111 (o 16. Keg-. '$4.98 $300 22 Striped Cotton Pinafores $988 Sires 12 to 1G. RCR. " $4.98, 16 Overall Shorts Solid colors nnd stripes. Koff. $3.98. 28 Play Shorts <g 1 QC All colors. Kefi-. S2.98. -•- Indies' Strljwd Basque Shirts KCR. $1.4!) $100 Summer Sweaters Slipons nnd Cardlcrnns. , S2.D8 and SS.DH Summer Slacks All colors. Rcff. $S.n« $249 LITTLE TOTS SWIM TOGS and ACCESSORIES SATIN LASTEX TRUNKS SI'/.cs 2 to 8. KfK. S2.l.'» • ALL WOOL TRUNKS !Si/.rs '•: to 8. TICK, Jjil.B!) $169 $129 RAYON & COTTON TRUNKS $100 2 toj R. RCR. S1.20 ONE PIECE SUITS Si7.cs 3- to S. Rrp. $2,40 $198 JERSEY POLO SHIRTS Stripes ;in<l solid colors. Hoc. Sftc COTTON COAT SWEATERS $1 39 MEN'S SWIM TRUNKS All Wool Trunks $998 Nav.v, Maroon, Royal Kcp. $">.nR Gabardine Trunks Solid colors or marine p.iUcrns, Gabardine Trunks Solid colors. Krp. S3.!I» $219 SPORTSWEAR PLAY SHORTS «O^O Solid colon* with *lripc» on tP/^Oc? Hide*. -""' POLO SHIRTS «1 JO Striped nnd KOlld colors. Reg. >DI Tci7 SPORT SHIRTS Solid. colors. smaTl si/.cs 01 ;. $2.98 and $3.08 . nl.v. tDj_t7O BOYS' SWLM TRUNKS All Wool Trunks $ J98 Gabardine Trunks $198 Solid Colors. Hejr, S2.-(!> "*" Gabardine Trunks $919 Miirinc patternK. ROR-. .$2.flH *~ Rayon Trunks $ 149 K-K. $1.98 -*SPORTSWEAR JERSK^' POKO SHIRTS. "',i«d or SolidH. Reg. $1.19 REVERSIBLE FINGERTIP COATS (Corrt- iroy nnd Gabardine.) SizcK 1Z df/t QQ to 20. Rog. $9.!)* . JR^t.ifO GABARDINE JACKETS. Plunncl Llnlnff. Reg. .$4.T^i. M.L WOOL SLEEVELESS. O?n fJQ All colors. Rep. $2.98 ti)£»^«/ 79c $3.29 WILKO 73 SOUTH MAIN STREET KNITTING MILLS WATERBURY

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