Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 10
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 10
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TEN SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 1945 \ MATTER IT SET! IAIITS JULUerRATKHNS BY CRARJLES McCURDt., Paula was a perfectionist in i all things—particularly love Tak« It easy. Bill told himself, this is happening to guys all over the country.; He'd been coaching "Not with me," he retorted. 'T>t got lo see- you. Now."..: "I'm really very busy. Some other hlnn&elf like that since he left camp.! time . «11 ih« way up on the long train He wss aghast and the recetvry ride. , : :•.. ! irembled against his ear. "I'm But It *iisn't iw; he'd planned. right up to the office." he He thought Paul* would be wail-[heatedly. "I'll see you if I hr/f£ to Ins for htm. Greetinu him with • break ciown every door to the open arms as a flsncfe should, and; place," . as.ii Ud murntd: frum the warsj Against the tragedy of the mo- wouid expect. •-.-' : . i merit he heard the "far/it burr of He'd wired Ir»m camp tluet? days (sound racing across Hie wires HSO. She must have gouim the mes-j "I'll see you at my 'house " she ^ai;<^ ami the dozen letters he'd •, was saying, "After fi'«." siie added tout IKT In the past three-months)"It mother's not harne the key is from Pantellerin. But none had bcon^under the mat.", ; .,. • answered. A thousand (ears crtpt| Even .that sounded begrudged into his mint). He'd try the of flee,; But It would huve to be that way he deckled. He hurried to 'a phone : apparently. ..-•.•: : - ,' booth and dialed number.: in his mind** eye he saw her now Hi- heard a familiar, yet coldly'as he had a thousand and one efficient acknowledgment. '• times. Her tfark hair long and bil- -Pauln." he cried. "It's me, Bill, ilowy, ca-v^.dmg down upon smooth I'm home. I've : b«en waiting f or | shoulder A. And her eyes, hazel wells you. Dldn'i you get . my letters?!in a cv-nmy face, smiling into his The wlegram I sent you .•: . ." jown. £ 0 she had recurred to him "Yos. I did. But, ! couldn't gel. i cony^ntlv. endowing him with «.w»y. We're so busy." -:;. 'coinage. "Busy!" dismay' hollowed' his res-!. And each letter, "written in her pocue. "What goes on here? I've yji^iougjy. nt , al n -. UKi nad been beta through hell and back' . . . ({l ii,ik to the past and promise of *nd you're too busy U> come to this {future. He usually received them In station and meet me—" i monthly batches'of ten or-twenty. "I'm sorry, Bill." she said eve\0y.l When they'd stopped coming he at- He became angrier, trlbuled it to communication dlfft- '•Thc Icttcri I sent you—" voice choked. • : "I didn't answer them.'' His culties. A perfectionist, he used to tease her, ultra smart und so proud of -Why? Paula, why?" .In/^edibility the figure they made. Her wllloughy " sllmness against his own. He remembered the last batch of letters. After they'd entered Bizerte was weeks after he'd inured the question, thing gone wrong?" "No. But thlnfts fejrent." Over One Hundred On Birthday List Junior Association 132nd Release Contains Names For Week of Mar. 11 THE DOOR opened and there she was, tall and slim and the reality of her set the blood pounding through his veins. "PAULA!" he cried, "it's me, Bill I'm home!" had his picture taken by the Arab with the ancient contraption. He remembered he didn't have time to wait Jor the picture to be developed. Luckily, there'd been the Bed Cross aide whom he'd met at camp, also on line to be photographed. He'd- given her Paula's "dclre.55. asd the girl pro—.ised to forward the snapshot. : He was early arriving at Paula's house. He rang the bell and when there was no answer reached under the met for the key and entered. On the living room table he discovered Paula's picture. The one they had taken before his departure. His. which had hung on the wall, ha.d been taken down. Bill scanned the desk against the window where Paula would keep his letters. It was bare. He might never have existed. . -. . - ;l Footsteps sounded outside the door. : •-. He was moving forward when the door opened. The fading sun was directly in hi* eyes, but thera she was, tall and slim and the reality of ker set the blood pounding thitmgh hla veins riotously. He realized she was staring at him. Regarding him strangely as though she were seeing him for the rirst time. He'd never meant it this way, but he could feel a tongue of ice touch his heart as rte extended his hand. "What's the matter, Paula," the words tumbled hoarsely from his lips. "\ has happened? Is there someone else?" She came closer to him. An elusive wisp of perfume dazzled his senses. He fought down a violent urge to crush her to him. "Not for me—" she began. "Then . . . then . . . what is It?" he stammered. : Fascinated, he watched her turn and go to the desk. She opened a drawer and took, out a small picture and brought it to him. The picture in his hand revealed a girl; tall and shapely, with windblown hair beneath her Red Cross cap, And on It, in a flowing hand, he read, "To my darling Bill—with all my love." . :: - .. : For a moment he was stunned. Then memory pricked him and the shock gave way to relief. He looked down at Paula, -words bubbling to his lips, ''It's the girl I told to mail you my picture," he said at last. "I couldn't wait for It to One, hundred »nd twelve persons serving in .the armed forces have birthday anniversaries the week: of March 11, according to the • one hundred = and thirty-second release of th* Junior Association of. Commerce. • The list follows: "'.-r ' : ' '• •'-• ;; ':".'-.. March 11 ''• - ! ' -- : " Robert E. D*nner. R. F. D..NO. 3; Raymond E. Dunlap, 46 Gleason street; Clifton L. Hanlin, R. P. D. No. 4, Box 55; Harry V. Long. 319 Springdale street;' Ola R. Nazelrod, R. y. D. No. 5. Box 267; Clifford O. Nevibragh, 418 North Mechanic street; Walter G. Norrls, Jr., ,20 VsUey street; Emory Robertson, R. P. D. No. 3, Valley road; Robert J. Snyder, .135 N. Mechanic street; William W. Stott, R. F. D. No. 3, Williams road; Robert A. Washington, 331 "Frederick street; Paul Z. Winters, Cresaptown; Elzie G Michael, 101 Poplar gtret, Westernport; Robert Winner. Midland; ami John M. McMillan, Beechwood street, Lonaconlng. • •. - '• • March 1Z Harry C. Blubaugh, Cresaptown; Joseph C. Christopher, 705 Glenmore street; James J. Hovatter, 721 Hill Top drive; Robert C.' Kinser 326 Baltimore avenue; Walter W Reed, 822 Shades lane; Richard W Trevaskls, Jr., 220 Baltimore avenue; Clayton H. Van Meter, Cresaptown; Harry R. Yeager,' 866 Sperry terrace; Charles D. Houck, Mt Savage; Joseph W. Vance, 239 Main street, Westernport; Frank Robbins Jr.. Ridgeley; and Edgar J. Fixnnon Mt. Savage. ' • ; " March 13 George T. Aldom, 746 Fayett street; Paul E. Kuhlman, R. F. D No. 1; Gilbert a Lease, Corrigan vllle; James H. Long, 69 street; Clarence W. Owens, , 112 Pennsylvania avenue; Clifton D Spence. Boulevard Hotel; Floyd L Valentine. R. F. D. No. 1; Marshal White, Cresaptown; Francis rl Wood,-214 Avirett avenue: Dale N Broad water. Cresaptown: Martin Wilhelm, 11 Greene street. Frost be developed we had orders to go on. I asked her to send it to you He stepped closer to her and instinctively his hands went to her shoulders. "Don't you see," he added earnestly. "It was a mistake." • . "I don't doubt it. You didn't mean for me to see this." He detected coldness in her answer. "Sure—sure," he overrode her reproach. "I know the girl. She worked In our camp. Her husband's name is BUI, loo—and," he chuckled, "he's probably got my picture." He hesitated, then said softly, "No wonder you didn't want to see me. Listen ..." But there was nothing more to say. Beneath his gaze her eyes became radiant, their, glow touching off a happy song within him. She fitted Into his arms like a pearl In an oyster. . : - .... Stamps In The News Russia continues to honor its men and women fighters with new postal Issues. Latest arrivals from Moscow are two 90-kopeck values picturing winners of the Hero of the Cumberland Area Casualties Kingtvood Flier Decorated In China KTLLED Cp|; Robert Junior Wt?:v. 3ow- rrmn's Addition, in Gennr.ny February 1. - .• Pic. Chnrl-is "Pete" Jones. Christie n.nul. In Gfarnany February 10. Pvt. Haoold Burns,: Parsons, W. V:i.,! iri Bilglum January 15. PVL. Noah J. Beeman, Frostburg. lu Belgium February 53. Pvt. Raymond R. Morgan. Great CacaixAi. W. Vs., in Belgium January VO. Pv',. Charles R. Whlteman. Pur- KUsvclMc. W Va., in Belgium Janu- arv 4. ' :; . .Pic, Lloyd Bcckner, Philippi, W V'a.. In Luxembourg January 18. WilllBm F. Shnnk, Bellalrc. Ohio, formerly of Keyser, W. Va.. In European theatre January 17. WOUNDED Slnft Sgt. Irvin W. Johr_son. 22a Cecelia street, in Germany February 10. ..... T-5 Roy L. Castieman. .in Arch street, in [taly February 12. Pfc John E. Darn. 5H Shriver avenue. In Germany February 15. Pvt. Herbert B. Hlgson, RFD 2. city. in Germany early In October. Pic. John Brady Lee, Arlington. V;t... formerly ; of Cumberland, In Fmnrc January 10. : Copt. William Hansel. Vak Summit. In Germany February 9. Start %t. James C. Clemens. McCoole, In .Philippines January 24. Pvt. Charles E. Davis, Krysrr. W. Va., February'5 In Italy. Pfc-. George Malcolm. Key*er. W. In Luxembourg February 8 Soviet Union medal and scenes depicting their feats of bravery. Two women soldiers, M. C. Poliwanovn and N. V. Kovchowa, appear on one stamp, illustrated here. The accompanying scene shows them blasting approaching German troops with hand grenades. B. Safonov, twice winner of ths medal for feats as an airplane pilot, appears on a dark gray stamp which also pictures his plane above a sinking German ship. Another Russian issue expected soon are 30 and 60-k stamps marking the 150th anniversary of the July 1 and is required of all migratory waterfowl hunters over 18 years of age. Funds from the sale of the stamps are used to maintain federal game refuges. '..... ••:"•'.* * » • . Twenty-five stamps of India were overprinted "Al Bu'Said 1363" for sale from Nov. 20 .to Dec. 31 last year to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Al-Busald dynasty. Sold exclusively at Muskat, capital of the Sultanate of Oman, the overprinted set consisted of 14 postage, ten official and one airmail. J. and H. Stolow of New York report that the set already has been sold out. • * * ••....'• A new stamp from Guatemala is a one centavo red which pictures a birth of the Griboyedov. poet Alexander S burg; Carl R. Sell, 40 Knoblc street, Ridgeley; and James F Rodeheaver, Bayard, W. Va. March 1* William E. Crane, 10 Virglni avenue; Roy E. Frame, General De livery; John R. Groves, 457 Hort Centre street; Leo R. K&rniiiond 620 Baltimore avenue; James Logsdon, 323 Greene street; Charle D. Mathews, 421 Walnut street Merle S. Mazer, R. F. D. No. 1 Joseph E. Mullen, 532 Cumberlan street; Donald S. Parker, 9 Eutav, place; Melvin M. Robertson, 51 Pine avenue; Richard C. Sacchetta 1 Front street; Richard W. Smith 633 Maryland avenue; Royal E. Wil liams, R. F. D. No. 1; Cleo W. Wol ford, 119 Virginia avenue; Warre O. Norris, 113 Decatur street Thomas D. Flynn, R. F. D. No. Keyser; Marshall L. Clark, Box 5 Westernport; .Samuel R. Johnson 285 Railroad street. Westernpor John C. Sullivan, 28 Loo stree Frostburg; Forrest A. Davis, Keyser George M. Eisentrout, Midland; an James E. Ravenscroft, Beechwoo street, Lonaconlng. ' . ,. • Mmrct 15 Robert P. Areford, 817 Fayett street; Harold Fraley, 212 Gran avenue; Thomas J. Head, 856 Sperr terrace; Peter 'Holshey, 42 Rober street; Eiisha. C. Huff, R. F. D. No. 5; Floyd J. Johnson, R. F. D. No. 4; Raymond J. McCabe, Little Orleans; Sloan B. Miller, 7 Cresap street; Charles A. Ramhoff, R. F. D. No. 5; William M. Richards, 807 Gephart drive; Benjamin F. Sarver, 202 Lalng avenue; Harold A. Sills, R. FD. No. 3; James A. Shlmer, Green street. Westernport: Andrew C. Twigg, Oldtown; Ralph L. Wilson, AUNT HET dU ROBER7 QUILLBN. Every 'time a pretty girl steps ahead o' Pa .in a ticket line, he says women have no respect for rules. Maybe they do ignore some rules, the same as men do, but they respect the rules they think important.' Every widow under fifty set her cap for that good-lookin' teacher when he came to'town, but the minute, they found out he was married, .they all lost interest. Women respect the rules that protect marriage, and they show no mercy to a hussy , that betrays her sex by bveakin* 'em. street; Roy MV Hinkle, 30 Ridge way terrace; Raymond J. Lodgsdon, Long; Willard R. Miller, 308 Waverly terrace; Charles C. Miltenberger, R. F. D. No. 1; Andrew F. Santore, 1003 Harding avenue; William W. Scott, R. P. D. No. 2, Winifred road; rtalph M. Simpson, Cresaptown; Lloyd R. StalHngs, 431 Grand avenue; Boyd D. Wade, 215 South Centre street; Thomas P. Wright, 21 North Lee street, and William H. Green, Detmold street, Tjonacori- Ing. ....-•' . - - ... Mareh 17 • Ralph H. Brant, Long; Ralph S. Brown, 146 Wineow street; Curtis O. Gilpln, R. P. D. No. 3; James W. Grant, Cresaptown; Luther. W. Hamilton. 115 Saratoga street; Robert D. Hart. R. P. D. No. 3; George R. Henderson. 64 Pershlng street; Henry G. KiiCner; 625 Columbia avenue; Louis R. Krlglein, 313 Doni avenue; DeSales P. McNally, 113 South Allegany street; Lester H. Mull. 209 Pear street-; William R. Page, 343 Central, avenue; Fred J. Rosenbaum, Jr., Y. M. C. A.; Howard M. Spiker, 126 North Centre street; Gerald^!*, Twigg, R. P. D. No. 1; Bernard'L.. Valentine; 451 Walnut street; Patrick E.Zern- bower, 316 Payettb street; John'P. Brady, Box 448, ShaUmar, and William K. Randells, Luke. going to hurt or how well uppers are going to fit—bat officials at the University of ML| .and. .;,••. . .Consequently, included in University's revised and expac:| jrogram to go into effect this! 222 Frederick street; Charles R. r, Westernport, and Calvin A. home for the aged . The Post Office Department's Philatelic Agency business totalled $2,028,467 in 1944, the best since 1935. —George A. Scott Untangles Mix-Up In Soldiers' Names March 16 Francis D. Birmingham, 420 Beall street: Vincent H. Fleegle, Corriganvllle: Francis E. Gray, 49 Furnace Sets Up Course Dental Etlucation University of Maryland Introduces Something New Into-Curriculum College P.irk. Md., March 3 W>)— You might think educational psychology has nothing to do with how much that tooth extraction i; will be cation program in denial . the first swch pro :o be established In anj unlves in the .country. Dr. H. C. president, said today. Necessity was the simple rsis jiven by Dr. J. Ben Robinson, i of tlie University's School of listry. in Baltimore, for creiuir.j 'J course which will lead to a'cti of Bachelor of Science in Education. "There is a need in the te schools in tlie country for qualified as dentists who are i qualified as instructors," he .."The dental education courtesi give professional teacher tr«c to dental graduates who then a^ be better equipped to give In tion in clini cal cours es." Dr.. Robinson said that dental schools had postgncJ course* in dental subjects, twf University of Maryland will btj only one giving the opportunitr become; a professional teacher bj profession of dentistry. So along with his dental sx X-rays, fillings, etc., the student who intends to tea stead of practice dentistry will; teaching methods, secondary cation, teaching vocational . educational measurements andj chology. What will all this mearu u| little man with a swollen jaw i ing in the outer office? Dr. i Inson's answer: "Better teachers mean dentists." It is harder than ever to which side one's bread is bu Captain John ' W. Bolyard is shown in the picture above, (right) receiving the Air Medal and Distinguished Flying Cross In China where he is a member of the 14th Air Force commanded by General Claire L. Chenault. The son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bolyard, Kingwood, W. Vn., Cnpt. Boylard files a \P-5l Mustang fighter plane for the ] 7th Squadron of Flying Tigers. Re Fllchard MulUgnn, son of Mr. and Lieut, Conrad; Hohlng,' Jr., Lonn- M ". O. A. Meek, 218 Paca street, a tt, in plnrie crn.'h In European j veteran " f six : years of Army ser- tre if Operations. . vice, was recently promoted from Cpl. Alfred Drew, Midlothian, in'-^cond to first. lieutenant with a conmtc, Theatre France February '.'B. ^transportation unit in France. Lieut. Pfc. Arnold H. Stroup, 1,13 North Mulligan served two years In Pan- Centre street, In France. lama, two years In New York ami First. Ll. Frank Snmuel Reid. 31 another two years'In the European . Mnry strcft. In France February 15. t Pfc. Mnurlse Patil, Reels Comer, Bedford county, Pa., in Germany -January 28. Thentre of Operations. He celebrated the sixth anniversary of his enlistment in the Army yesterday. .Mrs. Mary (Johnson) DIehl. 23~2 T-S«t. Hnrry. R. Beeman, Lona-|North Centre street, received word conlni?. In Belgium January 9. j that .her husband, Cpl. Paul DIehl, Pvt. Notvh J. Beeman. Freiburg,'" 1 " promoted w sergeant In Eng- In Germany February'11. land. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Pfr. Irroy. ShallLi, Kcytcr, W. Va..iEarl DIehl, Wiley Ford. W. Va. In the Philippines. Sgt. John V. Berkard, husband of Pvt. Wnrrcn C, MncDonald, Bur- Mrs. Dorothy Berkard,,58 Greene ton. in Belgium January 31. street, has been promoted to staff SRt; Daniel Rose. Bedford, Pa., ih!scnte»nt In Southern England. Staff Bcl«lum January 2B.' SUff Sift. I<o Onrllck, Everett, Pn.. In Luxembourg.' Pvt. Max lying. Bedford. Pa., In Belgium January 23. : ' i Staff Sgt. Walter E. Weaver, Hix Mile Run, Pa.. In Belgium January 25. .-:' Pfc. Francis TT. Dlfhl, Everett, Pa.. In France. . ... ; Pfc. Robert E. Groft, Berlin, Pa., In the. European Theatre of Oper- Sgt. Berkard has been; overseas 18 months and U company cterk with an ordnance unit Mrs. Gerakline E. Fuller, 508 Woodside avenue, received word thai her hiubftnd, Cpl. Le« R. Fuller, has been nwardfd the Good • tlons. WOONnKD Pfc. James Hahn, Meyersdale, Pa., In Franc* January 10. Pfc. Eugene laRue, Meyersrtfile, ;Pn., !n the Pacific wnr zone Pvt. Michael Bnburchnk. Berlin, Pvt. Jnmes E. Hostcttler, Jr.. Con- Pn,. on nn unrilsclrw*-!! boitle front, iluence, Pn., In the European Thc- Staff . Wllllrtm E. DB ven port., nt re of Operntinns . ., Nt>w Pnrls. Pa. on an undisclosed! . Pvt. Edward p. Fnzcnbrvkor Con- has completed 90 missions and Is credited with the destruction of five Jap Zero planes in the air and five on the ground. Captain Bolyard entered the Air Corps In October, 1942, and has been overseas since October, 1943. He is a graduate of Kingwood High School, and attended Potomac State School Keyser. W. Va., and Glen- villc College, Glenvllle, W. Va. Conduct medal and two campaign: stars In France. He has been over-; sens J6 months. A former Celanesc: employe he Is the son of Mr. andj Mrs. Clifton E. Fuller, 824 Elm street. M«"5!ico rr!!l mark tlie important Inter-American conference which opened Feb. 21 at Mexico City with nine stamps which will bear the figure of two hands clasping each other fraternally and supporting the world, on which the western hemisphere is prominent. Word from Mexico City is that only 4,000 sets will be Issued and that steps have been taken to prevent speculators from cornering the Issue. The stamps will include 12 centavos, 1, 5 and 10-peso regular postage and 25-c, 1, 5, 10 and 20-p airmail. - t • • » - , . Chile belatedly has Issued two stamps to commemorate the 100th anniversary in 1942 of the death of Bernardo O'Hig- glns, who liberated the South American country from the Span- lards. O'Higgins, son of an Irish adventurer who Hugh Albert Dean, husband of Mrs. Louise Dean, 330 Cumberland street, ha-i been promoted to chief storekeeper with Hie Navy. He ls| serving in the South Pacific. • Pvt. Thomas 3nmuel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Samuel, 615 Elm street, Is on duty with an Infantry outfit in Germany. He went overseas the first week In January. Robert C. Lnfferty, son- of Mrs. Effie Lofferty, 972 Maryland avenue, has been promoted to private first class in Germany where he is a member of the First Army. He holds the Silver Star decoration for gal- Inntry In action. LaSalle Captures star collecting 25 tallies in a 67-24 cor^uest of Beall. Port Hill closed its season Tuesday night by dropping a 32-28 decision to theDnvis (W.Va.) Wildcats on the Intters' court. Th« Sentinels' record /or the campaign Is 10 vic- tori«R snd 14 reverses, .. . . . Allcgnny ends its season with a two-dny roatl trip to Pennsylvania over the weekend, meeting' West- became Viceroy iof Peru In 1796, was born In 1778 and became general of Chile's patriot army In 1813. Defeated'by the Spaniards In 1814 In the battle of Rancagva, O'HIgsins returned to Chile three years later and succeeded in ousting the Spanish troops from the country. As dictator, he reduced the public debt, established Chile's credit .and completed many public works, but distrust of his liberal policy led to his removal from office In 1823 and h« retired to Peru where he was given an estate by the Peruvian government. O'Higgins Is portrayed on a 30-centavos red and black. Illustrated here, while a 1.80 peso blue and black pictures a scene of the battle of Rancagua. • * • Thret shoveller ducks In flight will appear on the 1945-46 U. S migratory bird hunting stamps, better known as "duck stamps." The design is from nn original black and white watcrcolor by Owen J, Gromme, curator of birds and mammnls Milwaukee Public Museum,' Mil- Had Resulted in Mother oX One Getting Erroneous Death Report : : Washington, March 3 (£")—The Army has untangled a mlx-up in Ue names of two soldiers which resulted in the mother of one receiv- ng information indicating his death although he was alive. .:•• Mrs. Vera Deem of Vincennes, !nd.,'had received from Washington documents and communications indicating her son, Cpl. Jess A. Sanders, had been killed. She received, lowever, no formal notification of ils death In the usual next-of-kin ;elegram. Subsequent to receipt of the documents and letters, she talked by telephone with her 'son at Ft. George G. Meade, Md. . War Department officials said today that letters had been sent cx- lnins the confusion. They said :h\s is what happened: : Jess Sanders, a coast artilleryman, was wounded In action last June, brought back to this country, recovered and returned to duty at Ft. hullte front. ifliiehce, Pn.. on nn undisclosed (ront. Bedford on Saturday, input at. Johnstown on Friday and waukce, Wise. The $1.00 stump, I2th ' "—>lth Bcrlford's Bisons fit I of M Us kind, will go on s.ilc at nl ''•..',.; 'first'and second office.' Meade. Jesse A. Sanders. Jr., an Air Forces mnn, whose father Is Jesse A. Sanders, Sr., of NIcholsvllle, Ky., was killed in action in the China- Burma theater on December 26, 1944. His father was notified of the death Apparently, in handling the records of th« Air Force man, the file on the coast artilleryman with the almost Identical name, was Included. On the basis of this, the death of the Vincennes man WHS reported to the Adjutant General's Office and the Veterans Administration. On this Information, a card of condolence was sent to Mrs. Deem by the White House and insurance papers by the Veterans Bureau. The mistake was discovered a few days ago and letters written to both Mrs. Deem, and to the father of Sgt. Sanders, the air man, at NIch- olsvllle. U. S. Supjlk* Burned Home, March 3 (fp) —More than $1,000,000 worth of uniforms' nnd other post exchange supplies was destroyed by a fire which swept t United States Quartermaster warehouse In Italy recently, Allied hrnd- riiiiirters announced today. U. S. Air Corp* S-Sgt. Jamet E. Dennison* THIS WEEK IS "JIM DENNISON WEEK Buy War Bond* in Hi* Honor This wctk of Murch <tn to 10th hAi bren ' by . the Peoples Bknlc »s'"Jtm Dennlr.on Week" for fhe folki here il home to bur War Bondj In your honor to ipfed jrour return. Jim Ir fttlRcned tn the EEgnth Air Fore* operating from Englind >< ball turret gunner nbourd i B-n for th* put \V, yeirs. H> his participated In orer M million*, blaatlnf Iha enemy OTer Germany for the knock-out Mow. He was forced to ball out over J*ranct on on* occasion. Our brave nojri know that the Red Cro» will itantl by them and help when they are In [rouble wherever U may be which means so much. Prom'ui, they cipepl our very b«st which, after all, la ao llrtl«. Maki your contribution to the Red Cron feneroui. MORE WAR BONDS AND HOLD THOSE YOU NOW OWN Dtnnlinn u (he ion a/ Mr. Jnirph S. Dcnniinn

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