The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 21, 1977 · Page 4
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 4

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1977
Page 4
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PAO K 4-XAVGATCCK MEWS (CONN). WEDNESDAY. JULY !M. 194« Wgt Bail? Jtettu! gu^o^^^^^^^^L^S^ ^^Wms JSJdW-AU Department, Entered M Hccond ctans'nuUUr at tho P o»t office In . Naugntuck, Co_nn. ' = ~' SUBSCRIPTION KATES Pnynblo In Advunco I month *1-00 * Y °"l------ $12 '- ; The Nowiipapor Publisher Newspaper No Vitamin B I, 1( .|.rinlfH cionfinud to Xuw Haven ( , ()UIlty jail „,,, not, niloMie County <,«nr m iH,ioH,rs, to havolVoi- ...... cream to, P thorn to health (.liirinK HM- pL-nocl ol lliui incarceration. . . If tiu'ir deficiency »i vilamm h i* to J,ccorn.(:U-il in Mils .imniicr, llii! iiu^rinti-s must jmv for the in- ''ream themselves. Thus Hie comm.isston spoke, rejecting the recumrnondalioi. o!' Dr. Timothy I-. U,!,„,„. which was passed nlon-to them l.y MherilT.J. K'lwnr.l Slnvin. _ IVrhaps the comuiisHion ti-lt, in tliese (la vs of six and seven cents ice cream ( . n ,;,.s, that men u'ho have fallen aloul ol Merlons drinkin.^ hal.its and hecorne puh- lic charges as a rc-sult, are not deserving of such delicacies. And in that same tlu-m. if ice rrenm is needed to supply vitamin K. why slop short of providm^ nil Hie various specialties that «•«> to as- nuro UK.- remainder of the aphabelie listing. , , M Asking the pnhlie to supply them with H deep lish of ie.e cream on those summer flays wus too latter a pill for the (,'onntv" (Commissioners to swallow, Roll Call Tin- Census Bun-mi lias been counting heads n^ain. It announces that the national family is .U'eltinM' l>ijwr all the The 1,'JO,000,(>(>() figure used so long for tin.- routnl-iuimlii-r population of the Vniied Stales is obsolete, (.'all it 140,000,000 t'lom now on, please. Since 1040 tin- country has gained about S.700,000 pc-r- sous, the bureau estimates, which nearly equals the jriiin for the whole ten years h'etween 1 MO and I!I-M). 1.1 is encouraging '" l<no\v that Americans are on the increase and far from a living race, Tlif>si.- new eiti/.ens have- a lot of woi'k to do to help st lai.U'hten olit tin- current problems here and abroad, and this wide and wealthy country has plenty of £<iod land I'Ar thi-m to live 1 on and develop. September Draft Purler Hi' 1 in'\v nilcs Fur the which will In- resumed in Ki-ptemlier, oe- ciipHtifinal dei'errnejil will he almost nonexistent. Acennlin.^ to M.'ij. (UMI. .l,ewis 1-5, llershey, the dererment.s will In- limited to "those 1 t'esv registrants who are determined liy the local lioards to he inclispeiisjihle and irreplaceahk" to- tin; nulional existence." Persons who can meet that stainlanl are ran 1 , indeed. During (lie win', deeisions hud to IK- made ahont the relative value of a man's services in or old of the armed I'orei'S, In niiinv cnses it was more important to keep a particular man making wnns than to scud'liiin to the front to fire them. Manpower was scarce, and the crises of production were as ijrent as the crises of Xow that the men who I'on.u'lit are hack in civilian lil'o there is neither the same shortage <'!' manpower at home nor tin- same erneri,'ency ahont production ol' key materials. So it seems fair and democratic that 1he. draft should lie made more general .nnd the special deferments fewer. Re' sponsihility for maintiiiiiiii.u' pt^ice 1'csts with all the people, nnd»the active share of sei'vin.n' in the armed forces will apparently he spread as widely as possible. Human deteriorlion is spreading to the animals. A picture in the paper the other clny sliowoil pet crows so lay.y that ihoy would starve 'to death with food right Lefore. their eyes, if lender-hearted people didn't push the food down their throats. Sweet are. the uses ol' lonj; words, and n piano tuner is now a "technician.' 1 And still nobody does anything 1 about the mercury in midsummer, Government is im everlasting rescue -u,.i. J Do You Remember? From the Files of the Naugatuck NeWi 20 Years Ago WALTER WINCHELL Coast-To-Goast (CopyrlGht, 1M6, by v Th« Hearst Corporation) J o so p h Ruynoldy of Cherry street vacationed in Vermont. o—O—o Miss Marie Gulvln of Cherry street visited friends in Trenton, New Jersey. o—O—o 30 Years Ago Miss Corrlno Dunn of Oak street visited Miss Lulu Draper of Madison. o—O—o Miss Sophie Killer of Locust street visited in Wa- tcrtown. Around The Clock HOW DOES THE POET KNOW? You U!ik me how I came to know the secret of the stars, And piilnt the br-nuty of the dawn and filowlnf; sunset, burs? And aolvc tho silent riddle of the wondrous heart' of man, . ' Who«o life is mingled joy and grict throughout his enrthly Mpan. I learned the secret of the slurs from my lady's lovo lit eye.i, The blue and golil of my palette I caught from the .summer sides; But to roiid the subtle heart of man? that Is a thhifr apart— 'Twns woven from the sighs n.nd tears of the poet's wounded heart. FLORA B. WALKER 'Busy sessions up in Borough Court these days with the current drive against, speedsters, and non-stoppers continuing. Tn a recent session, seven stop-sign violators forfeited the five dollar bonds which they put up. Keep it up fellows. Who knows, enough of tho five dollar contributors, and maybe we can reduce the tax rate. H mill. That's a joke, son. From all appearances, the wrestling card which Brownie Karaban and Ed Walker have announced for this week, seems to be of the highest calibre, The local promoters open their summer season Friday, at the Municipal Stadium. People have been asking us who the Mayor of Millville is. Seems that they had an election out (here recently, in which they used secret ballots. The ballots were so secret, that even we have not: been able to- find out who the Mayor is. Confidentially though, it is narrowed down to two men, Al Brewer or Art Slanffer; lake your choice. Speaking of Millville, they won their first Amateur league game the other day* From the looks of the weight Wally Armonaitis is sporting, the summer vacation must be getting the best of him. l']d Ponst, whose garden is the apple of his eye, and it's a plenty big apple, is happy because of the recent rainstorms, "U'e sure needed the rain, says Kfl. And all local gardeners agree. . . . The, sun did a terrific job on a lot of lawns. Mr. and Mrs. John T. Carroll, Jr., were weekend guests of relatives in Cheshire. . . , , Phyl Mariano is enjoying her annual vacation. . . . Localites are greatly', interested in the meeting of the planning commission scheduled for Thursday night. . , . What with the heaving and hauling between the proposed auditorium and talk of an armory here, it looks like we'll soon be a lot better off, one way or the other. Frank Johnson's "Blue Goose," has become the "Black Dragon." . . . All it took was another coat of paint, . . . Rain failed to discourage some of the boys from dancing at. Lake Qnassapang Sunday night. . . . Dan Shea, us Hoppc, Bill .Dunn, Carl Miele and Bill Lynn were among those present. ... A big meeting of the A.ll American Veterans is scheduled Thursday night. ... A big mystery may he solved. . , . Reports will be heard on the success of the recent dance. . . . Thursday will be a big night what with the Marine Corps League and the Planning Commission also scheduled to meet. Fred Burke has been here for the last two hours taking refuge from the heavy rain. If your wife wonders where you were for this length, of time Fred, just show her this Add summer visitors. Jane Healy from South Norwalk who is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Hubbell, on Highland avenue. The American * -tabor Pnrty (which is neither American, Labor nor a Party, but a Red-dominated .political conglomeration Invented by Vito MarcantonJo to keep himself In Congress and in power) is stubbornly nffuinst former. Gov. Herbert Lehman to run for U. ,b. Senator. It wants Fiorello LaGuar- dia .LaGuardia supported Marcantonio In his last race, saying "Vlto and I went to the samo school." They seem to have learned the 'same sort of lessons, too.... The Democrats »rc nfruid to cross up the ALP bunch. They pushed Sen. MRfld to the forefront for the gubernatorial nomination at behest of Marcantonlo's mui^wumps Gov. Dewey will beat Mead a mile Lehman might have some chance and would surely run ahead of the ticket ...LauGardla would be raaasocrod upstate and downtime, and the first to let go the machine-fTun would be the regular Democrats, who have to behave in "conference" these days, but who still have tlie Australian ballot privilege on Election day. On to plcn««nter subjects: Mnr- ffiirrltc Chupmun iind L(>« Anfjclos lawyer Bcntley Ryan, dosrrlhed liy hcr'afrr.nt as "nali-condlHonnil" Herbert Marshall, Boot* Mallory. mid hl.t ex, Kdna Bnst, a tee-hen- some threesome Joanne Melnlc- kor, mnK ed, and Miko Mindlln of Wnrnors' will wed Sept, IS....VII- mn Kurer, Viennese refuROC actress who hrcamc well known here, mar- rk-d Richard Barron n Chicago; they'll try n .'Lunt-Fontanne. In "Blithe Spirit" around the summer spots, opening In llcmpstead n<!Xt wrek Collctte J-yons of "Show Boat," at turn FOUB'K with iidnnvn Loulu Dwinne' Nancy Graham, of the Wlvel. with Pave Harbin, the slns«r... .And Stubby Knye, aOO-lh. USO ccmeillan 'they want mn tr. tell yon, Is playing a fat part, with Sonja Baldwin, the Wave, who weighed 89 after she got Making wet In ycst'day's <lc- d how vulnerable it Is If cheaters 1 want to chisel. Tim turnover.. In tips <not Including waiters, captalnu nnd thoBC connected, with, cafe* otlicr than through ucccssory rfonu- tlons)'ls cf.tin:«tc(l at !)i20,00() a day! i The averujjo honest nightclub draws about $20,000 a year on lt.s I concessions, usually half their gross I intake... .This Is frequently paid ! In advance, otten two or more i years' quota at the start, to finance the vunurc. .. Banks lend money to concession contractors on prospects, trusting their keen judgment, based on intensive experience. . .One typical club let us see its books. .. . It profaes "$21,000 a week, countinR all sources. :. .The original investment was .$105,000, of which the concessioners put up $30,000.... Shows nnd two bands fplus relief bands on nights off) cost .$5,000 a week; costumes, dance 01 rectors, etc., amortized, 500; advertising, ,$1000; payroll kitchen, waiters, press agent manager, .$2,500; linen, electricity incidentals, .$1,000 .. . Tho enterprise breaks even on $10,- 000-a-wcek gross intake, figuring food and liquor purchases at about one-third the total receipts ...On $20,000 ,the prolit is 5-1,000; on $25,000, .$7,500. Hearts Entwined—Frank Tjitl- moro, young movie uctnr.tcIIInR tin: world It's Virginia Houston, starlet Dave Brooks, who played a lead In "Bloomer Girl," now at C;if<: Society, Bernicc Parks, whoso I mii owns Ruby l r oo's, efcowlng tog-other David Street, Il'wood singer who v,as tho hilHhand of Lois Andrews, likes Sharon Mae- Npll, showgirl, and -lean Staff too ..'..Now thny h»ve Peti'r Lawford hooking tip with Billy Rose's horseshoe pitcher, Daureen Andrews (Gets nroimd that Li\\vford!).... JKthcl ("Deep Are the, Tloots") Atwater and Peter (20th-Fox) Witt •are at the Kth-and-Pete Kfcvge.... Buddy Boylan, crooner, and Muriel King, oriole, trilling. Legion To Name Convention Slate Commander George Lewis announced today-, t.hat dclcgatCB t.o the annual utate contention • in Hartford will be elected .tonight at an adjourned meeting of Naugatuck Post No. 17, American Lc- Weatherman's Shoe On Other Foot on. The state convention IH to be held August 15, 16 and 17. Five delegates and five alternates will be elected. FOUR DEATHS Manchester, N. H., July 21-'UP) —Four deaths have been reported in Manchester as result of infantile paralysis. Eleven •a'chcr persons have been hospitalized due to the disease. Board of health officials ordered four public bathing places and three wading pools closed. And a resolution was passed advising paicnts to keep children under 36 years from all public gatherings. The first special mall train made the journey from New York to Chicago in )8ir> and the time was 30 hours and 40 minutes. Natc Splngold, vice-president of Columbia Pictures isn't retiring, resigning or going with anotlicr outfit. His contract carries him into '•IS. This is published after a careful check ot reports from hnlt-a- I dnxcn sources that he's making a I clianfre ...Nate wouldn't hoodwink mo . .1 put him in the newspaper business—met him on a story In which he was the principal. Hrt wanted to be a. reporter....! fixed it . . I want to ho a millionaire. .. . Wish he'd fix it. Unofficial, hut factual—the day* of number!) of the, mm who worked on the atomic bomb projects are numbered. They're radlo-actlvity- 1 n fee t.i'd. .. .James 15. Branifmn. known to us nil NO Ions; and well i when he wns in chnrfffl of th-j i Broadway Squall of cofis nnd dirks I during- the Prohibition picnic, sits I behind a dignified 'Madison Avr. now, an executve of tho Holun , Detective Agency, headed hy ex-1 Police Commissioner Jiinu'.s S. Bo- Inn.... Jim Branlgan and I did some reminiscing yesterday at the Manhattan Club What stopped our merriment was the realization of how many of the boys and hnbes wo knew then arc gone... .We could still hear Hieir laughter, 'see the hlghllnghts In their eyes, feel their warm hands! Love in Bloom—Joan Gentry, S. Billlngsloy's Stork Club lark, has Harry Crushing IV, the banker's boy, humming in tune.,..Mac Dieson trans-seas plane stewardess (first fcmmc on Guadalcanal as an Army and Jim .Winchester, flight flack, up In tho air together ....Jerry Wayne (at Loew's State') and Dolores Gray (the "It" in "Are Yo;i Wilh It?") Buhla.zing. . .John Sutton, British thespian, and Bobbe (ex-Mrs. Jimmy) Fiddler, a Julytcm . . .Anna Wiman, socialite daughter of producer Dwight Deere W., and Dick Sinclair, just turned loose by Joan La Roche twoing the town ....Lawrence Tibbctt Jr., at Armando's with cover-gnl Connie Ford who's prone dramatic in the stocks in the sticks. When. Joan Crawford ™ocs to Enpland, next Fall, to do.A Warner picture, she'll take her adopted children nlonp. They're honeys too. I met thorn at Joan's home in Bev Hills. (Yep, I grct places) ...Kate Smith is broadcasting from an island in Lake placid. The CBS ensrl- noc!' assigned to her has a bip-, swell cottage tluiro, with his family, having wonderful time, working one hour a day, He toolc the job on one condition — that, after it's over, 'lie' gets a. two-week vacation! WALTER WINCHT'.-LL'S column will IK? resumed on his return, Sept. 1. During; his iibscnce, ,J:ick Lnlt'.i column will appear In this spn<tt rvory day except .Saturday. FEED'S HI-WAV GRILLE 501 South Main St. Regular Daily Dlitnor COc up A Ln Carte Menu Spaghetti To Take Out Banquet Koom, Cocktail Lounge Full Liquor License Business is good, but don't rock the boom. ^_ Commander LuMarr, onetime aide to Nimlt/., now hi£ hnisH on tho USS Appnliicliiun, which took Home of the newsmen, to. Bikini,, corresponds with the hoys. With one ticcord, they salute him—"Dear H«l.v!"... .Thr Treasury men arc up to .their MK smMlors In the fabulous cafe-concessions business. Tho tnx-lnv.-islon testimony show- Plastic Life Belts for Children to 14 Yrs. $1.98 Plastic Rings $2.79 BEACON KIDDIE CENTER 11 GRAND STREET Watcrbury IT'S TOO HOT To Do Your Own Laundry—. Memorize or Write Down This Number CALL WAT. 4-4106 A MERICAKI /. 1 1 \ nit t * ~ WEDDING GIFT SPECIAL ELECTRIC PERCOLATORS — with chrome fray, siiRar and creamer, complete M. WOLFF S3 CHANB ST., WTBRY VISIT OUR 2ND FI-OOR [Featuring Waterluiry's I,arcenl Selection of Kiddy Furniture • FULL SIZE CRIBS • YOUTH BEDS • SAND BOXKS • SWING ON METAL STAND • HIGH CHAIRS • METAL BABY CARRIAGES BENSON'S 'ISO SOUTH MAIN ST. '' Waterbury SBK US 1'OR YOUR VACATION LUGGRGE Rrrnvrrrd. FISHERS 111 S. SfAIN ST. I5-1B71 STRATTON'S RESTAURANT •. 18-20 Park Place Open Dally Until 1 A. M. • DAILY LUNCHEONS • AND DINNERS • A LA CARTE MENU Dining Room, Food Bar and Booth Service • Full Liquor License For $400 you can get a FURNACE and OIL BURNER 36 Months To Pay The WA-TERBURY HEATING Co. . Leaders In Home Heating 84-36 SPRING ST. 4-6*78 ••^^••MV^^MHH^^^B^^-^w Dayton Rubber Mfg. Co. V-BELTS Every Size of 1MO •- 2MO - OMO Series in Stock! C O H P O. R/A MILL SUPPLIES' ER TOOLS 7 2 SAVINGS ST. TEl. S-2241 FOR PORTRAITS OF DISTINCTION Phono 4726 LYLE & EARL PORTRAIT STUDIO 11 No, Main St. Naugatuck WEDDING CAKES And Other Special Baking; A Specialty CITY BAKERY B. P. STOPPANI, Prop. Maple Street Telephone 3C78 TOTE GRILI-S Tho Complete Outdoor Fireplaces ALL TYPES OF RADIO REPAIR WORK Order Your Hot Point Electric Appliances HAWLEY HARDWARE 102 CHDRCH ST. Telephone 4088 ELECTRIC BROILERS Electric Appliance Co. 1-J14 Ilnldwtn !•>'• Wnt. — Trl. 4-JM: over, farmer* arc bc K lnn n* to fcur that too much rnln will fal . Dr Paul J. Anderson of I he Windsor experiment station said, and we quote: "Tuesdays rain rail was perfectly adequate, and a M~ .Uc too much, if anything If wo- have more rain, fertilizer will wash away and tobacco, plan In may topple over in the loose earth." £•3 that'H why farmers arc tele- phonlnK the weather bureau and radio stations and asking, "Where s the sun?" _ WHITE FISH MARKET JOSEPH CABBAL, Prop. 8 South Wtiln St. Choicest selection of K«lt anil frnsh water fifth at lowest ' prices. VENETIAN BLINDS <n Stork. Tbrr* Hny DellTrry. LEBON'B VKJfETIAXf BLIND CO. 170 No. M«IB •« Tel. J1-722I BOUGHT SOLD Rent a. Trailer : md Do That Job Yourself! ORANGE TRAILER RENTAL SERVICE TELEPHONE Nniicilllirk 306* Ofllro In Dpton CUT Hnrdwnrn Bldr. Easy Flip ELECTRIC TOASTER Reg. $6.50 Now $5.98 ECONOMY AUTO SUPPLY STORE 30 SOUTH MAIN ST. TEL. 6162 Naugatuck, Conn. THE EYEGLASS SHOP C.H.Tomlinson Near? Building Naugatuck. Conn- KCN M1NO Chlni*M«vA rttprlrAn RKSTAIJRANT ' . J44 KASr VAIN MTRrrr CHOW MBIN Anrl Olhw ell.— Food To link* llom. Open dully II «. m. to |'. .• SiililMl»y (o 2 ». ra . ' *• Htmdiix 12 Noon (t 1 n, m LSTRISIK'S ' 10 Center St. Watnrbury . "CARNIVAL" CIRCUS SET ',', By Libbey Glass, Set of 8— JJ.oo I JIKING U!S VACATION CIXJTlfKS FOR DRY CLKAMNG fcMBRusKi mtim^^HBQM^^^BB^gg >I N«. Muln Kt. Trt. 2K07 Unloi ~WoifGir ,-iALKs — SERVICE Hotchkiss St. Garage 47 HOTCHKISS STREET Tel. 5727 J. I- MAZILAUSKAS, Prop. R&P METAL WORKS 99 SO. MAIN STREET (R«r) Expert Welding of All Typei Forging, Sheet Metal nnd Ornamental Steel Work ' Telephone 6377 RADIOS AT SWAN'S Tel. 2574 15 Church St, — Est, 1»25 — FOR FURS!! — BUY NOW AND SAVE — na N. MAIN STREET Waterbury Tel. 3-2727 CLEARANCE MERCHANDISE SUMMER BUY HKRU and'SAVE! ! NAT'S 410 North Main St. Union City TEL. 6)36 Fall Term Opens Sept. 3 THE PERRY SCHOOL Arrrcrtlccil ft Apnrovr* fnr Vrlcrnn* Triilnlnr ill-own Hide. WatirlmiT •The 1'rrr.v. Wnjr M«in» Hrllrr TAS'"- ^ G Waterbun/sU Dependable I I Store CLOSED MONDAYS DURING JULY AND AUGUST Jergens Combination Jot-gen's Lolion and Drynd' Dcodoriint Crcitin. Reg. 75c . Now 39c plus t«x Silver Plated Compacts Choice of flornl or colored dfsigtis in center. Sqnnre or round. Reg. $1.98 Now.$1.00 Bathshweet Foam Bath Choice of Forest Pino or Garden Bouquet fra- grnncv. Reg. 69c Now 49c Roger & Gallet Combination Sachet nud Talcum—Flcurs D'Amour only. Now $1.25 plud tar Pinaud's Apple Blossom Dusting Powder •• -i ; •;• Now 49c plus tax Reg. $1.00 -^ ; ••'••' Close-out Leg Lotion Reg. 59c Now lOc plus tax Tweezers (close-out)' Reg. 59c ' Now 15c Summer Cologne •'Reg. $1.00 Now" 50c * . plus tax

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