Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 12, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1909
Page 8
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! Social IHcws; * * #######*#**#####** The fholr of the Christian Church enjoyed a delightful social evening Thursday, as guests of the Misses Effie and Vernic Houser. The spacious rooms WTO «ccoiat''d with quantities of roses, the pride of Mrs. Houser. Refreshment? were served. The affair was n farewell to Miss Maud Doughty, who leaves soon for Berkeley. The Young Ladles' Needle Club was pleasantly entertained last. Friday afternoon at. the home of the Misses Ethel and Mabel Houser, Refreshments were served. Among those present, were the Misses Byrd and Vie Reynolds, Ethel and Lola Keefer, Hsv.el Booth, Flazel Holmes, Maud Edwards, Vyvyenne Kaulder, Agusta Sanders, Tola Houser and Mrs. F. II. Wright. Mr. A. M. 1'ence'n class of the Baptist Sunday School and a few Invited friends, twenty-five In all, enjoyed a pleasant social evening at the home of Miss *.,',;\.c. Casey. A "potato bake" was enjoyed, a huge bonfire being made In the yard, and the swarthy but toothsome spuds were served with tea and sandwiches (James were enjoyed outdoors and later all adjourned to the house to have more fun with punch and candy. On Monday evening the young peoples' 'jhiHH of the Haptlst, Church met at, the home of Miss Mamie Moore, for their monthly business and social meeting. After the meet- Ing the evening was spent with games and music. Dainty refreshments were nerved by the hostess. Those present were the Misses Hent.on, Ross, Honifeldt, Devalue, Kendall, Hohanan, Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Huff; Messrs. Bolmnan, LaBatt, Holman, Welch, Moore, Mitchell, Huff and Kendall. House guests who have been vlsil.- irig with Mra. .(. .F. Brulmker and family, wore her brother, .7. A. Brubaker of Kansas City, Mo., l>. D. Brubaker of Anglola, Cal., Mrs. Meadow and daughter of Whlttler, arid If. S. Urn- baker of Uplands. On Monday they spent the day dvlvlng in the valley and on Tuesday they enjoyed the pleasures of Long Beach and sea •bathing. Fpft BETTER V^AGES. Covlna Orange Pickera Strike for Twenty-five Cents Increase Without Success. Covlin'n threatened strike of tho or.mgo pickers In the employ of the associations of the Fruit Exchange, seems to luive simmered down to ;i few disgruntled pickers, who have no lollowlug. A number of I lie old pickers are still Idle and refuse to work, but their places have been taken by l.lckor.i brought here from ether In- calitles, and no demonstration has been made against them, or formal prote.-il reglsiered to the iisHoj-latlous. Maniigers At wood and Crawford of the two houses nay Unit there lire more pickers procurable than are needed. About a do/en of the old, experienced men in ench bonne registered ;i demand for $'J.-T« per day of nine hours Instead of $~.<W per day for nine hours. The demand was not met with iind the strike, which was merely a refiiK'il to work, lesulted. Foreman Yarnell of the Covlna Cilrus Association naid yesterday that the association had Illli'd tile plan's of (lie strikers xviih Americans. Mexicans and Japanese, and thai the association had more men than were needed at Hie present time. Manager Crawford staled that he had plenty of hi'lp which hud been sent him from the Los Angeles employment houses. Mr. Crawford said that the Japanese SUV being paid $1.75 per day for nine hours, and thai they were conscientious, ellirient workmen, although not picking as many boxes per day as the American help, but in a general s-c-nse. doing an much labor us the average while orange picker. Another phase of the ir.aiter bear- inn Oh the strike of the pickers, is that of tlie picking of fruit by the dux. Manager Crawford staled that MIIIIC of the Independent houses'. o|>• raliiiic outside of Ibe two ;,ssoci,i lions sw'iv picking fruit ami paying for I lie work at I lie rate of four cents per box. The oi'iinge picker, lie said, will pit k as high as luu boxes per day. making I'mir dollars, when paiu by the box. but the fruit is clipped with long stems, bruised by rough handling, a:id in many instances pull eil Iio'll the tree uithout being clipped. The same men, \\heii set to work by ili.- dny, pick but ulmut lil'ty boxes p.-t 1 il'iy. he staled. The associations :M'e convinced thai day vst>rk under careful inspection is the only method of &<•! liny tile trim from i hi- lives. Commencement Week (Continued from flr«t, pas;*;.) SUNDAY, 8 K M. Map'h for fjnt.ramin of graduating clnss (Groom), hlKh srhool orc.hoKtra. Hymn, "ThU Night., O Lord, We M|OHH Theo"( Woslny). Hfrlplim: rofulliif?. Voluntary, "A Tonn Pnom" (Rol>- ortH), high school or<:h«8tra. Prayor. Hymn, "Savior, Again to Thy Hoar iN'amo" (HopklnBt. f!lasH Hf.-rmon, Flov. Paul (!. HtovoriB. Hymn, "Anrif-rlfa." PROOKAM FOR ORAW-ATFON FOX- KRCIHFCS. SMwrUonH from "Martha" (Flotow), ilgh He.hool ornhfiHtra. Invocation, Hav. H. VV. fJage. Trornbono solo, "Sfir«nade" (Holiu- bort), Mr. AHclifsnbrcnner arid orchestra. AddrfiHH, Dr. Hiigh K. Walker. Fnt.«nnnx/o, "Morning Star" (Mor- ot), high Hchool ProHentatlon of chiHH, Prln. A. Harvey Collins. Conferring of tiiplomaK, Rev. S. VV. Funk, prenl(.!ent of board of triiHl:eea. iJlHtrlhntlon of rorn«mF)rancc8. "America," audience. F'ROfiRAM FOIi. RKIOD ORATORF- CAF, CONTKST, THURSDAY, 8 I'. M. Hong, "When FJay F'ades" (Parks), ladleH* rjiiartot, "A F'lea for a More Cnntral!/ed Oovernment," VV. ,T. AHchenbrenner. "OiH!n«HH of Alrn," Walter Hepner. Duet, "Herenade" (Tile), MI.HH Ver- nle HoiiHcr, flute; Mr. Chan. Walter*), horn. "Silent KorcoH," Art.hur .1. Hlxby. Hong, "Carmena," Mlsn Gertrude A. fFulce. "Rooneveit the Man," F.eolle Shipway. "Father Junlpero Sierra and the Mission**," Alhlne I'nwc.r, Saxophone duet, "Traurn dor Sen- nerln" (Fuibit/.ky), Mr. Wallace A. Reed, Mr. Walter Hepner. GRAMMAR GRADIOS. Prof. Leehrlck announces that the Grammar grades will be dismissed Thursday afternoon and Friday morn- Ing of next week. At one o'clock on Friday afternoon the children of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth grndcH will report in their various rooms, receive their cards and promotion certificates and hold their closing exercises, to which the parenta of all the children are invited. At 2:30, en the same afternoon, the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades will hold their commencement exercises In the lU'.dltorium of the grammar school and In this alsu the friends and parents ol the children are invited. Whit i Dillereoce With That fl«trk fan Klstler Wilson. A wedding which brings pleasure :ii!(! happiness to more than the im- medlate contracting parties Is that of Mr. Herbert Klstler and Miss Josephine Wilson, both of C'ovina, which look place Thursday evening, June I'l, at. the home of Rev. and Mrs. R. W. Clelland In Dmirte. Mr. Klstler has been employed for the past two years by the Warner, Whltsel Company in Covin.i, and during that time him proved himself to lie u young man of Integrity and merit. Mr. Kistler's home was formerly In Topeka, Kan HUH. Mbis Wilson, the bride, is a beautiful, accomplished young lady, both adjectives bHng employed In her praise with sincerity. She lias hreomi known among her friends in Covlmi us possessing a musical education of iuste and ability. The ceremony was performed with the single ring service by Rev. Mr. Clelland. at (i o'clock. Only intimate friends anil relatives were present A wedding feast was served after th< nuptials were celebrated, and the con pie wore driven to Monrovia, where they took the car for I.os Angeles. Mr. and Mrs. Klstler will .M>ond their honeymoon ut Catalina, after which they will be at home to their friends on West College Drixo ill Coviua after July I.'.. The bride wore a pah' blue travel- hit! suit with white ha!, trimmed with j ;i pale blue osirieh plume, and was j attended by Miss Anna Summers, an I ml iiuute friend. i I First Catholic Mass. The lir*i service of the new Catholic uaiisli which is in process of i formation in Coxiua. will probably be 'held a week from tomorrow in the Wonuins Club House Re.-. Father Gary of A/usa is instrumental in ar' ranging mailers, and will conduct I he liist mass. Many Catholics ill tins \iitnity ha\e signi'.'cd tliir \\illinguess to suppoil (he projei'l. Spei'ial music is liein.n ai'iatigi'd in c ur.nei (ion \\illi (in- m.iss. For tiraduaUou git'ls. sec M. WiiiUil. He lias a li::-- lihe. NcM i-i ';'ii-. U;-'.'-• Come and price these house fans? They are not a luxury — they are a necessity during- this Imt weather. Attachable to any electric light wire. Motors for Washing Machines (also easily attached) Electrical Wiring, Fixtures, Heating Apparatus, Irons' All kinds of Kcpairs. Estimates Furnished. Agent for LHAVITT-BARTHOLOMEW FIXTURE CO., fi20 S. Spring Street. Los Angeles. Cal. R. B. WINDER, Electrical Contractor II5N Citrus Avenue CO VINA, CAL. Home Phone 1008 The Church of Christ, Scientist of Pomona cordially invites yourself and friends to attend a free lecture by Clarence C, Eaton, C. L. B. of Tacoma, Washington, Member of thr Christian Science Board of Lettership of the .First C.hurcb of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts Subject: "Christian Science" to be delivered in Fraternal Aid Opera House Monday Evening, June 14 nineteen hundred and nine at eight o'clock. • No tickets required \ fURBKE Automatic Valvelcss and Wicklcss OIL STOVE at Fabrick's Hardware Store vvwvv W -g ft A olfart OLD AND RELIABLE Jewelry Establishment We carry a complete line of suitable presents for every occasion. Commencement WATCHES RINGS CHARMS LOCKETS CHAINS The Finest Grades at Reasonable Prices. | Weddings—Cut Glass FRUIT BOWLS BERRY DISHES CRUET SETS OANDZLABRAS i: i •;• i For Your Wife Artistic and unique MANTLE CLOCKS, the latest designs, ranging in price from $7.50 to $10.00. Oneida Community Plate Sold under an absolute 25-year guarantee, THE CHARACTER OF OUR REPAIR WORK IS WELL ESTABLISHED. CITRUS AVENUE The stand we have occupied for twelve years. ••x~x- --x* v**-x-x«<-x«:"X"> •x^~XK-*~X"X^<~x«M~x-x~x« Bankrupt Stock OF SHOES of tho Pomona Department Store on sale at reduced price. We purchased 'WO pairs of good shoes made for the above firm arid offer them at reductions of 10 to 25 per cent. Splendid Shoe Values We feel sure the customer who buys good shoes, properly fitted, will secure more real comfort and wear than those who buy haphazard. The good things in life are those we pay a fair price for. So many inferior shoes are now being made and sold that the last meeting of the Boot and Shoe Manufacturers Association have asked Congress for laws compelling shoddy manufacturers to stamp their product. But the real remedy lies with the buying public. Shoddy shoes will often wear fairly well. But the embalming process used in pressing the leather leaves it full of injurious acids, which ruin the feet and oftentimes the health of the wearer. Tanning leather requires nearly a year. Embalming takes from twenty-four to forty- eight hours. J. J. G rover's soft shoos for tender feet are every pair hand made. We also have them in the old fashioned English Serge. Men's Elk and tan bellows tongue work shoes. Oak, also Chrome Elk soles, regular $4.00, at .................... $3.50 Men's plain toe, Congress, box calf shoes ............ $1.85 Men's Velour calf, all sizes, new lasts ................ $3.10 Boys' $2.50 tan shoes ............................. -.$1.85 Domestics New ginghams Best 36-inch percales Good UG-inc'h percales Prints at .... 9-4 brown sheeting M i 10c 5c 22c Lace One fourth off on all laces. None reserved. Silis- shoe laeos free with all ladies' $3.50 oxfords. Btitterick patterns 5c each when goods purchased hero. $1.25 Pongees Silk Bargains 39c 95c $1.25 Taffeta '. $1.00 11','a.vy 50c hair rjiibon on sale Friday and Saturday only at 25c No. 200. Children's wash dresses underprieed. Sample hand bags one-third, off. i 47V-J Sut'.sinc g $1.25 Pongee •• • i Men's Neckwear 250 new four-in-hands; every one pure silk, well worth at. • • • i I AVe save yon $5.00 to $8.00 on every suit. AVho pays big g rents? Not we! • Our $12.50 and $15.00 pure worsteds at'" what others ask g von more for.Try the experiment of buying here. • The BROADWELL Stores [ 50c And as low as 25c Hosiery Hosiery that is hole proof. No need of sending away. "We sell Cadet hosiery 2f><'. per pair, men's, woniens, children's. Stop wasting, money; buy good hosiery. Merode I'nderwear. Onyx Hosiery for women. Men's Clothing Do You Hear That Noise ? It is People calling for BRADFORD'S BREAD At Home's Grocery , _ _ , ; Once Tried Always Used. If You Are Satisfied Tell Others, If Not Tell US. All Loaves Full Weight and Thoroughly Baked. A Good Stock of Bradford's Cakes, Cooki2s and Pies. PHONE 43. Camp Rincon (•KM (>F TilK SAX (lABUlEL CANYON l[e;;il<|ii;ii'!ei's fur n.-.hiiiti' in tin- West Fork. North Fork. Bear and Devil's Canyons. An ideal place for an outing, either imardii.g at die 1ml d or camping. The best uf every tiling in season. Stiii>:<- leaves A/.usii ut !*:4t) •-> ni. Other rigs or saddle, htirses ciin be ciiiratfod by telephoning ~-\'l, Azusa, or address H. D. BRIGGS, Manager AZUSA, CAL.

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