Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 9
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 9
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MILITARY Second Swtio* ; ; i •.< BOOKS SUNDAY, MARCH 4y 1945 Second Section—Pap* • IdStttte Graduate One Touch Of Xmas and Smiles, Smiles, Smiles First Lieut. William P. Cumiskey i assistant intelligence officer at an Eiifctli Air Force reconnaissance cation in England where Mosquitoes »r,d Flying Fortresses fly weather ijc photographic missions : over oil-many and the North Atlantic. [r. c'uiniskcy helps in the briefing [I' pilots and crews before, the take I t!!. then questions them after their urn to gather further data that. I aid future operational flighs.! Is the husband of Mrs. Leona I (ir,Er'on Cumiskey, 328 Maryland ii;nue, and the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Cumiskey, 310 Franklin iiirtt. He is a. LaSalle graduate. Ridgeley Peers lit Sunny Italy "Don't Fence Me In!" When Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Long, 426 Arch slreet, sent their son, Cpl. Paul Long, a Christmas tree, little did they suspect that he would find such a novel way for displaying it as that shown in the picture' above.. For those unfamiliar with the culinary gadgets of-Army life, the tree Is the center piece of what is called a rotary sink. Capping the sink's spigot, the tree affords a "Christmasy" distraction to Cpl. Long (second from the left) and his buddies of the 26th Infantry Division as they perform the desultory chore of peeling spuds. The picture .was taken near Metz where Cpl. Long's outfit was stationed at the Yuletide. In New Guinea The Peer brothers 'intl from h lose ley, W. IVi. the sons of I Mr. and' Mrs. H. Io Pf E r. Pfc. Ixcbcrt S v Peer, [til above, is I vi;ii General I F:"ct!'s Third y. Pvt.- Gillore I. Peer, \r.fK above, on .y with the iaKrs at Fort Leonard Wood, I Mo.,- is the husband of Mrs. Betty I j. Peer, and the fother of two sons, r: and Curtis.. Virtu H. Peer, IE. 1-r. to the side, on duty in New |Yc-:i. Is die husband of Mrs. Jo- |M:-ir.c Peer, and the father of They Back 'Em Up With Airfields -^••fi'-^^m^^ In the Mediterranean Theatre of i Operations Cpl. James H. Roby Is j a member of the 8Gth Fighter Group which has been cited by the Presi- | dent twice for outstanding perform-1 ance against, lhc enemy. .He wears I three overseas strips, a Good Con- • duct medal and an Atrium cam-: paign ribbon. He Is the .son of Mrs. j Upton L. Rummer, Wiley Ford,! W. .Va. -" , . | Johnsons "iiiidren, Jr. A former Western Maryland Rail- On a Submarine ; In the NHVV : since September. j 1812. Kenneth V, Kcflei, SO., 1-c, j lias Ix'rcn on -subrnurinc duty for I two years.- 'He'was recently on a ! 30-dny leiive at thr ; home of hi.s "mother. Mrs. R, L'. Kocini. 93R Gay street, He iT|X)!tcd (or'duty ai ! New London. Conn. ; . Cousins-Uncle William "Butch" Prills, Jr., : is the son of Cpl. and Mrs. William A. i Prills, 207 Hammond street. Ho was buni.down'-iii Alabama ln,-vt June 5, jone month after his daddy set-sail for overseas : duty. C|>1. Prltls .is at the fighting: front in Europe with General Pntton's Third Army, IHutcli's mother Is the former Miss Jeanetlc Murtell, of Burlington, wS Va. I ;?^ : j Mother and son reside in Wo.Mernport. Lonaconing Smith Brothers Pvt. James E. Johnson, left above, was killed in action at the fighting front in Belgium Jan. 1. ; His brothers are.' Pfc. Vernon L.! Johnson, r 1 > h r above, at Lin- i coin, Neb., witlv an anti-aircraft n d of ] Violet Johnson, who resides with him: and to the side. Cpl. Edgnr JohnsonS, with the Marine Corps at Cherry of Mrs outfit the hus-j. Tlle Smlth brothers: nbovc are .sons of Mr. and Mrs. Judd Smith,' PfC; William E. Linnenbro R R e r, 'Inn above, is a piUlcnt at WR!- 'tcr need Hospital. Washington. S p. C. lor wounds i received in the campaign in 81- |clly. He. is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W i! 11 a in Linneiibro g s c '". oi' Ecfchart. • Hi* .cousiti. Ensign Althnu Ijnnenbnif!- KKI. right above, iv.on duty at Smith, Rebecca. Bonlta Kolbergs „•"-1 way employe, Pfc. Francis Schurg has be«n in uniform since February The group of soldiers above helped to build the first Allied airfield h street. Lonaconing. They are. left to right, Pfc. William v! : ^'gredS' 1 ol-'lhe^Allt^any 1 HoT- , a former Celanese plant employe, now hospitalized In England School of Nursing in 1943, t.h« ounds sustained in notion November 23: Pvt. Gordon K. Smith, is the daughter cif Mivrtiid Mrs-! Ai- erry Point, N. C., the husband a recent overseas arrival with an infantry outfit: John James Smith, |thur Llnncnbrbgger. of Eckhnrtj To •s. Mnry Johnson, Wiley Ford.;CM.. 3-c.. a former employe, on duty with the Scabees in the | tnc side is T-5 Owen LlimcbiotH'.<;r, W. Va. The Johnson brothers are j Pacific war zone for two years: and Pvt. Burton Smith, with nn enpinec'r- '?" unclc of lhc kiiiiieiibroKgor CDUS-- ; •' °' going into tlis Army Pvt. Burton Snutli worked at the barberlni; trade j with the \ncdicnl corps in pVanee. Pyles and Abe 15, 1942, and down New Guinea way sine* September, 19-53, with an outfit of engineers. He is the husband of Mrs. Eleanor Schurg. 1207 Lexington avenue, and the *on of Mr. and set up on the shores of Southern France. They landed on D-Day,! August 15, and set about their work right off the bat .... but not far' off the beach. One of'them Is » Hyndman, Pa., soldier. . He la Pfc. j Thomas S. Emerick, squatting in the center o£ the jroup. H« li now Four From Frostburg The Kolberg |bro:hers are of Mr. and Mrs. William berg, 423 ''land ave- . \Vestern- Staff Sgt. Jm V. Kol- .ieft above. • uniform since D:iober, 1S42, Is h at i o n e d at Pap Wheeler, £•= Cpl. Paul Mn. George Schurg, of Midland, on duty in th« Italian war zone. His parent*, Mr. ind Mrs. Thomas : • — '.;• •••• Emerick, reside in Hyndman. A brother, Cpl. Earl Emerick, 1* stationed After taking six months basic in Texas. training in -California. Max L. Thompson shipped for England. That was seventeen months ago. He is now at the fighting front in Belgium. His name is on the mailing list of i the A 11 e g a n y i County . Letter I League. He is the son of Mrs. Eva Thompson. 941 Maryland avenue, and of the late Harlcy Thompson. . . ; with his father at the same Lonaconing stand where his grandfather i had barbered for over 50 years. A former Celanese employe, Cpl. Lawrence T. Pyles, left above, has been overseas since last July with the 15th Air Force in Italy. He is the husband of Mrs. Frances Pvlcs. Keyser, W. Va., Rt. 1. His brother-in law. Pvt. Charles J. Abe, right. R i former Kelly-Springfield Tire Com-| pony employe, is stationed at Sar. Antonio, Texas. He is the husband of Mrs. Margerie Abe. Keyser, W. ! Va., Route 1. and the father oil NO • three children. Both servicemen air ! 1 In Belgium Pfc. Russell M o r (r an fights with the 335th Infantry outfit. A former Celanese worker, he entered the Army in February. 1D43, and sailed for overseas duty . last November. He ts the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morgan, of Bnr- rellville. .. : A former em- ploye in the twisting department at the Celanese plant, Pvl. Ralph A. ivilter entered the Army last October 3. and is now in training Rt Fort Knox. Ky.. w i t h R tank corps. ; He Is a son o f . M r s.- Edith Baker, of MoranUnvn, twixt I From England Cpl. Fay W. t'.inn -I recently wrote of taking a j-lchr- secuip tour under auspices of the American JRcd Croai to Nsuc h f am o u E I and m ark« as B u c k. t n R h mn PS^nce, London Bridge and the "I Ml. Savage and 'Frostburg. don. Since then he hfu moved to Holland. Hn is Hie sou of Mrs. Jnnics McElfresh, 856 Maryi land avenue.- OVERSEAS EDITION UltUU'B THn rit-r-f *«•« «,«— j« , ir *- . LI nut: LiiuuiLii, mm! hei vicTrTicii su c i The first two men m uniform above are brothers, sons of Mrs. SO ns-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. E. G. i SUNDAY, MARCH 4, 1945 NO. 4P has been overseas eight ii? and took part in the PhU- £;>.'"•<• invcsion. Staff Sgt. Edgar H. r a ' Sf ' r B- to the side, has been on p-tjr 30 months in the Pacific war since climbing Into khaki in •h of 1941. He belongs to what I' tr.o*r, as the "Jolly Rogers" out- F ! -a She air corps. : [fit. IMuI F. Hyde is back on " duty again after recovering from wounds | sustained last August in the | battle for France. Before climbing into khaki in | April of 1943, he WHS employed in the shipping department at the Celanese plant. He went over- I s e a s in May,! „ 1944. His wlfe.1 f ['_• | Helen Hyde, resides at 509 j r'^tond avenue. . - - 1 •!'• pitalized in England until last October. Before j going into the Kolberg, right armed forces he j j i »..,,-„ . i •—- "-"-j, »»v,m... 2 Frosblurg. . They are Pvt. Albert L Ralev and was" "£ * " Q> ' a forraer spin " cr at the Ce!ilne! * P"»«". *h° recently arrived overseas;' """* ~ ~ and Pvt - Johr i E. Raley, in the Pacific war zone with R medical detach- ! ment, the husband of Mrs. Rita McKenzie Raley and the father of « i4-months-old daughter, Patricia, whom he has never seen. The other! itwo servicemen are brothers-in-law of the Raley brothers. They are- JFvt. Anthony J. McKenzie, Cnmp Croft, S. C.. the husband of Mrs. | Verna Raley McKenzie, 172 Mechanic street, Frostburg: and Pvt. Charles '• L. Arnold. In France, the husband of Mrs. Dorothy Rsley Arnold, I Ormond street, Frostburg. and the son of Mr. and Mrs. George Arnold!' Burkhart, of Ridgeley. Coney Cousins iHoiiie Front News In Capsule Form was employed at the Celanese plant in the warp knitting department.. He is the son of Mr. 1$ and Mrs. Ellis ~gf Shifflett, and the husband of Mrs. Dorothy Shif- i flett, 23 Offutt, street. Westernporters ! McCollisters In the Italian war zone Earnest E. Roach was recently promoted toj corporal. He has' ] been overseas I two years. His ' brother, Pfc. Robert Roach, wa,s wounded In ! Belgium January- 5. while fighting with n "Driftwood" jLaSallc Captures A : ; -City Championship Pvt. Eugene R. Stowell, left above, paratroop serving with an ordnance outfit The Roachjin Italy. He has never had a fur- of Mrs. Enoch ! Roach. 1009 Michigan brothers nrejiough home since going Into the collister left is Knn<: or Mr onrf „-„,,„* f~™,,,. „„ A*.,,- is iOAI in, ... • ' ' s nephews of J. H. Darling. 22 Waverly Terrace. Lt. (jgi John A. Mc- A 65 year old man,, Peter Smith. WHS found dead In his log house on Dan's Mountain Thursday. He had! bern partially eaten by rats. His| stan-ing dog had been unable to get out of the shack for an estimated ID days between the man's death and the discovery of the body by a neighbor. : ". y .; '.; •••''.-..• Lieut. Dclos Roblyer and Staff Sgt. Thomas J. Dclibnugh ore two Cumberland soldiers returned from the European wnr zone to be members of a team of combat veterans to i tour wnr plants in the interest of in- i creased production. ; I The National Housing Agency is giving consideration to R plan for Overseas since last June. Ihe two r ' cw construction here, soldiers above recently met in Eng-| Wc*tern*Marylnnd Railway trains land for the first time since the j I and 4. between; Cumberland and Elkins, nuidc their last runs February 28 as the result of nn ODT order. : . .-•.••:'• day they were inducted, February 19. 1944. Pvl. Charles E. Maws ts The McCollfster : brothers areUhe husband of Mrs. Esther Moses. Railroad street, Lonaconing. and the) An unauthorized one tiny strike at father of two rons. Hi.s 'father is j the Kelly-Springfield Tiro' Co. plant ! The l^HSalle High Explorer* ;-«p- ;|lur<ri thr cily 'chnnipfoh.iMp for ths fourth slrslght season Fridny niKhL 'on the SS: Peter An Paul court when' naval Charles H. Moses, 446 Gorthr street, Halibut, Octopus and Skate f nrniPn T orpf»t rin nnt* V R 1Q4" Hie It • • — ( »*«...».fc,u.«. ^•iu>j^ui ..u ^,.... >••* *i^. «. -^ v, . on.-j i wnvji^ t\.i u\ niti.>tiiL-i \»n> a i*jr«i | «>wn n- siVt,., Pvt OPiioviPVA ArnnW ro trammtf course at the University (Cumberland. Pvt. Marvin. H. Gow-: of production "when an air-coin-! drift ccmy received a me^lwl dtocharlc v'T? 1161118 '".'/^-, Charles W> ««•!•«« «« the son of Mr. and . Mrs. I prcs*or broke down WedncsdRy. bunk ICCIHIJ recei\cn a rnenicai oucnargc. C olhster. nght, belongs to the U. S.iGcorge Gowans 102 Jnck.vm stroot «,„„. K ^ H i,i»i, ^.,-^ '™.,I,.-H'.I .'the Ifrom service with the Women s Army. Marinc Corn ., Bnd u on dllt , n t i- e | LoilaKcnninp -V , -- ' s!ept ancl '''S' 1 ^ lncl - s mflrkcd tllfi April 29, 1943.'" •" : ! :md her last post of duty was j March Field. Cal. They are chil-; Idrcn of Mr. and Mrs. William Stow- jpll. of Wc.sternport. I , — — —~-— - -^-..i Former Spinners Down in "Fiissy-Wiizzv" Land I Before going into the Army the i two soldiers sbove were employed' ;in the spinning department at the ' Celanese plnnt. Edward "Bill" Jor........ i dtl "' '?"• '' s * rccen '' drrlvRi In | bnrren terrnin of Altu among tlw Aleulinn islands .Uncle I France,i according to .word received j f '* F« K •'t<i\ . , brouRht linmc with him. The "catch" on the dny | avenue. David E. Renn\e, Jr., AMM,. P ^? to conswted of R halibut, nn octopiw and R skate, cnstlyJ3-c.. rlftht, is with the Pacific find. | n t nc p| C t ure . . ; .: ( jf you ( cnow y ou r halibuts, octopl and! He Is lhc husband of Mrs. Hilda , ''/• Captain Morgnn is shown kneeling Rt the right In Ihe picture, i Rfnnl(1 - 716 NorUl Centre street, ;"'wnt irave home 1* Capt. MorRnn'jt first In ovrr three nnd a Iwllf?'" 1 J hre / p " th «, 9r ^S, rhi n rp }!; - Kt lt with parcnl ,, Mr . Somewhere on the bl K island of New Gulnen. where Ihe nutives nre ; .•A.-JJ Ilicy handed the Allpgany Ctxmpi'n a 41-33 setback in a thrilling hnttln. ! 71ic, undefeated Explorrrs In i rhRlkinf! up their iwenty-foirrt h |5trniRht victory wrrc pressed all j through the panif by the surprising ;Alco quint and \vrrr rvr.n on :'EIP ;fhort end of the M:orc for thr lirM J13 minutes of p!»y. AllfKany Ircl ill 110-7 Rt th« end of thr first fpiartrr i but ijiSalle WRS on top 20-IB nt | intermission and 33-23 at Ihp c"nd I of the third stanza. | Although., the : champs, carried R llO-iHiini lend into the final framr. ! A US whittled the Rdvnnlnge to two i points midway hi the session mid jLixSnllc had to .travel nt top spcrtl in thr lust several minutes of play Now at.'the fighting front In Gor-| in order to sew up the.decision, many with the llth Armored bivl-j. Tommy "T-Bflne" Gcntz and R»v sion, Cpl. Richard ' W. Foote : : at; ghnfftr \\rre the Explorers' top followed by anolhe.r day's loss j some time or another had time tojoomlx-r? w i L h 15 anrl 12 points, rc- down to the .sen shorf : . and j spcctivrly. while Gone "Wilbui" on a piece of driftwood forishaw sncl Johnny Diamond high winds marked the' lne "^^ pHotogrnph A formrr! cd for ls of . tnp Ioscrfl , irom last day of February here; but ; cm l' lo - vc of lilc wnr P knitting dr-j • : March came in "like a lamb." 1 Dr. Rnlph C: Bqvpcn, GO, died last' Wednesday... ..." ''•':••.••; •.'!' : j • A feud continued between 'thei .Mayor and : City Council and the j of Ke>- E er. Cpl. ajiii .•«:;-. r^n^ n- i( or ,. pd , n play w j lh • JAIlesany county delation to thei e , RnU >' annotmced the birth of ti| rJRhl ttnn because, of'a'brid sprnin. .'Maryland General Assembly •wiienj tlnuBmfr - HpUy Jpn "' '.": I Only iwo morV games'stand -in ! the City Fathers called off B sclied-i ... : jllic way of an (imlrifnlcct reason for ulcd .conference In Annapolis.: jfrom'tlin Santo Tomus' IntermntMit ;ijis n |j c ."on Tuesday, the Explorers Robert L. SLsson nrrived from AS-i camp, Mnniln. nrrivetl homo Tlims- i journey to Keyser, W, Vs.. to nlcft ibury Park, N. J.. inst week to as- Iday night. She became n prisonerof • pr«-d "Tflck" Clnrk's Keyser High • Mime his duties ns (icneral secretary j the Japs on the fnll of Corrcgidor In Tomndo pns.«=crs in *hRt promises |of Centra! Y. ^ C. A..:sticccedlngj 1042. .; , :„. «> br one of Uif feature Vtlrnctiori.-i • Everett R. Johnson, who went to! A Cumberland grocer wrts flhcrl.; of Hip rnnVpaliriv.iM the • dwtricl. j New BritHin, Conn.: ' - | $50 for violating OPA regulations, on jTlic .chnmivt ring down Ihe curtuln Howard B. Forcback. 44. was man-1 cpillnR prloct. . 'OU thr rct-uliir ramvitlen l>y mmlne | Rind to'death .in B bleanhinp tank; 'Hip Wtaiern Mptvlmid nnilwsy' nomnpy on WrrincJ-riay Bt the laucr I Wednesday, ai the Luke plant, of the : coal tipple at Mdrylnnrl Junftlott jplRcr bin srvrriil. : firM-iRtr r>- i\V. .V«; Pulp.and > j apcr Co. | (RidcrlC.V wps dritroycd hy flrr hlblticins srr on Int) before thev ! Karl W. Rndcilftc has resigned Hft'ilnsi Monday mornuiR. Loss is e«tl-:irnvcl to Ncwixin, R. I.. .Io defrnri i chief clerk of the ration board tO|matcd at 54S.OOO. 'the E«st<:nr States Catholic InvltA- i resume his past . us head of thcj . A minister, a priest and.R rnbbi lilnnal title they won'last year. .Cessna Lumber Co. Mrs. Maryjspokr on brotherhood and tolerance i t«Sn!lr, inrldcnuilly, rKwlcd som» !Sliaff,;r Jones sucrceds him. jbeforc n nnon mretlnR of lunoheon jsort of a hlgli-seoririR record lart j r nic Cumberland Public Library i clubs nt Central "V" ThursdRy. Monriwy when they swamperf Bnrlon •was 21 year* old March 1. 1 : Work was started on a 127 to 33. In thnl Kmne, GCR(Z fell : Tlie 115th Infantry, of which ;ne.w. dormitory at Allegany H«w- just six point,' short ol tying the I^JT . Cumbcrlnnd's Co. G is a part, took pltal to accommodate rndft'tiiirjiCB. | nil-time Indlviduul ; liinh tally for ';:'. ': purl in the capture nf Muencli.en-i Approximately 13,000 Rnlloiis of Ion'? uume by rrti'lering 48 mnrkei>. In the ndvnncr to .the!apple brandy is-i'Trown" at the;Joiinny '»ng oi All<>gnny hold* tlir Golden Russell dSMlllecy between!rcoorr). R2 eflunlcrs HKtiinsl Brure nhlne. "Fii7.zy-Wuz7.lM" In Gl lingo, Cpl. Donnld M. Close Is on duly with the.iohn A W olforrt fnthcr of Capt. 'Red) • VVulforrt, killed here 11 nd Paw Paw. r» . due In I In 1024. Army's signal corps. He arrived over there Inst May. Before KO|II(C ItUo.In n rombnt flight off the Sicilian (flp'pfilntmcril of a receiver. ' ' the armed Torre!! on October 6, 1943. Cpl, wns art' employe of Tlie'const, retired March 1 as aufelanlj Mrs, Times and AlleRanlari Compnny. He Rrftdiiatcri from Fort IHli m B h; s >'PP"'lniendcni nf mnils st the Post- idled ; f ' lltigniton in circuit court rc(?ordinf5| Howevrr. Geatr broke tn 11-yrnr 'mark in the Barton «amn ,w)ien Mi |strrct. School In 1942. His parents, Mr. and Mrs, James A. Clow.-reside nt. 308 J Harrison street. A brother, SRI. Wilbeit W. Cfosc, Is serving with the Air iTrnnsport. Command al MiRinl, Fla. ' - ; . TlioniBS r. Hnnnon succeed- jvotiml in the hp«rt Sundsj' i Tli* Mfiyor nnd City released Fehi nary 3'CrostjcampniKn. ; Nun Mosclcy. Ml. Ra\-nRf.. : rnrloHd of (fllUe* bowl rrt Ills tot*l ; from a *elf-lnf!Ictcri (;viiu,hot for thr xciuion to .100, Jour pointu ' v'otrr)' mr.rc 'than Mel Henry nmrte for . (Continued on B>c^)

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