Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 12, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1909
Page 7
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f BISHOPS HAVE NO CHANGS, Errors Prevent Locals from Gelling Shutout. t>OC Fairly'* Great Batting Streak. The Bishop's of Los Angeles proved easy for COvlna lasl Sunday afternoon, by tfi* lopsided score of 15 to 3. It was light going for the locals at all times, and should have been a shtitmrt. LfeottaTd did ncft appear to be a bad pllclieT, but hfe must have left what he liad at home, for the boys slammed him hand in every inning. If anybody thinks that t)oc Fairly has not got a Wffing eye, they must have another gifess coming. Out of six times to bat "he laced out five good singles, and In the remaining frame got to first and 'scored o'n a sizzler that short could not handle. Stewart registered four out of five, one of them being his cus toman' triple. To tell how it all happened would be very much like the kflliirg scene of. an ordinary melodrama. The whole team was working in a hard hitting mood, except LU/by. Hughes and Tracy, and after seventeen swats were gathered, and everyone was tired of circling the "bases; the fans trudged fromeward praying ,fOr the time -when the locals would have to got In and play respectable baseball to -win. Little -was the only man that could dp anything -with Russet's delivery, getting two of 'Che three hits they made. In the third two berths at first on balls, imd errors by Fairly, Stewart end Tracy, neted the biscuit boys two runs. A Hit and an error by Stewart, 'in the fifth, accounted for the otter tally. Forney 'was switched to short, and played an errorless game. He dirt not show trp with the Stick so strong as in former games, but the hit he did get wa& 'for two 'bases. King was in the Ijatikfe'top 'position, but did not have h'is throwing arm working as usual", sieven men stealing bases. The iscore: 'C0>VTNA AI3 R H SB PO A E Montague, c£ 631200 Fairly, ,r.f 6 13 o 3 1 0 1 Stewart, :2b. 5 0 '4 0 5 32 Forney., ss 6 2 1 2 2 1 0 Tracy, :3b. 5001111 Libby, >lb .. 5100801 Russell, p 4231071 Hughe*, If .o 000000 Xing, e_ 4120 '0 "2 ' 0 Kenda3i -c.. 1 11 000 0 Totals 47 15 17 '8 '27 '14 : 6 BISHOP'S AB tt H "SB PO A. E Angnello, rf 300000 .0 Little, *B 3 1 2 2 4 3 1 B. Butter, If 4 0 00 3 D "0 gabcock, 2b.... 3 '0 0 1 0 11 Pursly, Ib 5 '0 0 '0 6 1 1 B. Leonard, cf.. 3 » 1 2 0 ,0 1 Teasoo, -c..- 4 '* 0 '0 '9 0 <0 J. Butler, 3b 4 0 0 0 2 0 :3 O. Leonard, p... 2 2 0 2 0 4 ! 1 Totals 31 33 7 24 0 '* SUMMARY Three-hase hit—Stewart. Two-base hit—Forney. Sacrifice liits—Stp!wa.rt, base on errors—Covina, 8; Bishop's. 5. Left, on tm&es—Covina, 10; Bishop's, 6. Bases on balls—Russell, 3. Struck out—By Russell, fS; Leonard, 8. Double plays—Russell, Stewart to Libby. Hit by pitched ball—B. L ard. Umpire, Church. Suggestive Questions on the Sunday School Lesson by Rev. Dr, Unscott for the International Newspaper Bible Study Club. June 13, 1909. Heroes of Faith. Hob. xl:l-40. Golden Text—Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Heb. xl:l. Verses 1-3—In what respects are faith and hope similar? If a desirable thing is possessed by faith, does that give as much, or similar, satisfaction as the possession of thing itself? What is the ground of our faith, that "the words were framed by the word of God?" Why do we admire the men of faith of past years? Verses 4-5—Abel had a truly religious nature; now was this nature the result of his faith, or was his faith the result of his nature? Does this record mean that Enoch's transaction was directlj caused by a specific act of faith, or that his general life of faith made him such a good man that God translated htm without death? Verse 6—Faith is sometimes based upon outward evidence; sometimes upon personal revelation; sometimes upon intuition, and sometimes upon composite grounds; what moral or spiritual qualities, therefore, are necessary for becoming a man of faith? Why is faith necessary in order to please God? Verse 7—What was Noah's faith based upon, and wherein was his faith meritorious? Verses 8-12—-What was the differ- COMPTON DEFEATS MONROVIA. 'Suburban High School Championship Decided by Fast Game. Compion High School defeated Monrovia last Saturday afternoon on the Occidental College diamond in Los Angeles, by the score of fi to 5. This game decided the championship of the suburban high school league, and after the close race Covina made for the finals, many of the local fans attended. Priddy did the pitching for Comp- I ton, arid performed steadily. Hisj choicest shoots wore no terror to Har- i vey, Monrovia's crack first-Backer, j however, for he connected for a homo j run, a triple, and a single, rnakinK | more than half of the swats collected i by the foothill boys, all told, (.'ran- j dall's work in the heaving lino war, \ not very strong, but he was backed up by good support, the twelve hits ! h« allowed did not count KO much ! in the run column. The Compton ; boys stole basts at will, which figured largely in the scoring. Libby of Covina umpiied the contest. ! PASO iiOm.KS lie ft' .-TRIX'GS C)n the (V'.-ist Line. '1 li-': cqnril of nny i:i tlu: worM and -rt in t!:'- i:ii'i-.t t,i .^urii cliiiKitic C'.nii'.ii .n:j as c> •n-t'Mit'y!- tr> tl'.e "f' ! 'ti a;r. A <l(.-!:i'Ltlul ;il:i-:e f'-r rest,!iKT;.n»n. fOii-ii'i;i;'.ii;il tri',| liK-il! T a;: 1 n.---r--riU')ii. ! :..- ;. :•; l,,- : t!i lifjt^.-.-, :-. iih ii - -':;•• : ') i-..::; ••:,. .,[. ;.. :;;; I'ViL-d I;. a!.>'i:i:^ ::: \\-.\-. •.••,<•••.:<.. i . dr.,[,;,:;,;.• t. •. a'... :',:..:! '.,- ,\ ;•., Sit'.n,s I. '.': , 'i i:: I : . I, ' r i. -. i';, .••; i; j . • al -.S' )(. i i i r. .< .'-, 1 'A' 'i i li.' i M i I; i S ence, if any, between Abraham's'faith and that of the Pilgrim fathers, when thoy left the old cottntH~or~trfr'""Ain- ericnn land of promise: I take it that Abraham, and the Pilgrim fathers, while In communfrm with God, felt a drawing to go to the rich country in the distance about which they had heard; that they totik this drawing to be the voice of God; and in this faith they started out'; what evidence Is there that their faith was true, and that such faith is always dependable? . i A' 13-10—Why is it that all nn-' (tons and peoples, in all time-, so far as we have any record, believe in, ami "desire a better country, that is an heavenly?" Versus 17-10—Give from memory the account of Abraham offering up his son Isaa<\ : What is the particular virtue, in Abraham obeying God in 'the matter of offering up Isaac? Would it be a virtue or a vice in j these days, if any man should do the sarno thing as Abraham did? I Verses 20-31—Suppose the persons ' mentioned in these wonderful verses, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses and Raj hab, had been lacking faith in God, in these critical moments of their lives, what would have been the difference In the results? Does faith in God always make the present happy, and picture in glowing colors the future? Verses 32-10—Have- men distin , guished for their faith always been NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE. In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the C6unty of Los Angeles. In the matter of the estate of Almira Lyon. deceased.o Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of an order of said Superior Court made on the 17th day of May, 1900, in the above entitled matter the undersigned, E. P. Warner, esvocntor of the estate of Almiin Lyon, docoas ed, will sell at private sale to tiie hhrh est bidder for gold coin oi the United States, (subject to confirmation of said Superior Court) on or after the '8th day of June, 1900, at the law office of A. M, Pence, rooms 7 and 8, Reed Building, in the City of Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California. (At which place offers or bids will bo received). All the rights, title and interests -of said Almira Lyon, deceased, at the time of her death and all the fight, title and interest which the said estate rras since accmired by operation 'of law -or 'otherwise,, rn and lo the following real eslate, described as follows, to-wit: The north-wfeBt quarter tVi), of the sonth-ieast quarter O/i), of the northwest, quarter •(%), of Section eight T8), Township -one ('.',) S, range 9 west S. T3. HI. 'in the 'County of l^os Angeles, of California. x>f sard sale are as follows: Ten '(TO) PCT cent of 'the purchase •price, •payalfle tft time of sale, and forty (46; per cent payable af. confirmation of sa'ie by above entitled court, "balance payjible on or beTare one year from Q-ste of cc*/vfirniat.k>Ti wi'th in'H'.r- <s*t and semrefl by mort'F, on snid •propertr. E. P. WAR.VI'lll. RrfH'irior of the i-'sUUe of Ahrira Lynn. fleco;is?'<'. A. M. PENCK, -attorney 'for administrator. First publication, May 22, l!JOfJ. 6-, r > notvd few their goodness? This *s a thrilling account of the exploit'* of the man of faith; give me an ncdount of the achievements of men tKAed for their lack of faith? for Sunday, June 20th, IP M POT Sale—Spnn of five year old maw mules, weight 2670; also wagon and harness. Can be seen on fast Center, near Citrus avenue. Phone aoiu tf CHEAP-RATE EXCUR- SIGNS TO THE EAST, Summer 1909 ! TICKETS WILL BE SOLD TO THE FOLLOWING POINTS AT RATES AND ON DATES MADE (SUBJECT TO CHANGE). ASSESSMENT NOTICE. •Columbia Land and Water Com- Winy, principal place of business, <Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Notice is hereby given thnt'nt. a meeting of the directors, held on the eleventh day of May, 1000, an assessment of r.OO cents per slmro was levied upon the capital stock of t.hc>abovo j named corporation, payable immediately to the secretary, at the oillce of the company at Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the Mth day of June,* 1909, will bo delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment IB made before, will be sold on the 7th day of July, 1909. at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, at the office of the company In Covina, County of Los Angeles, State of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with the cost, of advertising and expense of sale. ,T. II. MATTHEWS. Secretary. Covina, Cal., May 11, 1909. NT. 1!.—This assessment is levied to pay part of expense of new 20-Inch well rmd deep well pump. LEGAL ADVICE BY MAIL. Fifty Cents. A:: association of reputable, experienced and relirthle attorneys will render written opinions by mall—full, authoritative sum" promptly on all legal questions and matters. Mortgages, foreclosures, deeds of trust, conveyances, and titles generally. Notes, 'bonds, assignments, bills of sale, corporation and partnership rights and liabilities, bankruptcy and insolvency, 'liens of laborers, contractor, a mid material men, suits for damages. Wills, estates, probate matters, for. eign Inheritances, guardianship, rights of those 'under age, iiatents, inven. tions. ATI brano'lcas of mining law, water and irrigati'ffitt rigtets, homesteads, timber locations, the 'taking up of public land. IJivorce, separation, '.community and separate "property irtgbvta, and rights of marrie'd 'women. All bTHr/ches cff'crlrninal law. Sen'd your 'question with Fifty Cents. Tinmedi'ate answers. SOI/WO LE'GAL "ADVICE CO. 'Dfcjrt. B. C. P. • O. Box |3 San (Francisco, Cal. T.YRON I LOT 'SPRINGS Yut'rm easy roach <. f S;m l"r;un'i«co. "Wrv.vkTful cvirativd properties of the inwl Tiiid mineral h .liis ami waters Reached frnm Los Af.gdes through the Sun Joaqtiin Valley Information al SOUTin-lK'N PACniC OI'TICF.S. A f$ / Christopher's Cream Of Quality THE GREATEST SELLER OF ANY AMERICAN ICE CREAM No other cream Is so satisfying!, so smooth, so delicious. No other cream is so unfCer- saily popular. No other "just as good" cream can be sold at our prices. Try it. C, F, CLAP? SOLE AGENT Atchlson, Kan ............................... . ............... $ fiO. Baltimore, Md ............................................... 107. Boston, Mass ................................................ 1 10. Chicago, 111 ...... ........................................... 72. Colorado Springs, Colo ....................................... 5,">. lipnvor,- Colo ................................................ 55. ntilutli, Minn ................................................ 70. 1 lonston, Texas .............................................. (50. Kansas City, Mo ............................................. fiO. I. <Mvomvorl.Ii, Kan ......................................... liO. Momphts, Tenn .............................................. fi7. MInpola, Texas .............................................. (iO. Minneapolis, Minn ............................................ 73. Montreal, Quobpc ............................................ 108. Omaha, \ob ................................................. 00. I'lilladplpliin, I'a ............................................. 108 NPW Orleans, l.n ............................................. 07. Y .OO 50 .50 .. r .0 .00 .00 .50 .00 .OO .OO .50 .OO .50 .50 .00 .50 .50 .50 .00 .OO .no 50 70 .50 Now York, N. Y 108 Psioblo, Colo r>5 St. Joseph, Mo 60 St.. Louis, Mo f»7 St. Paul, Minn 73 Toronto, Ontario 05 \VaHhingt on, D. C 107 DATES OF SALES. To Colorado points—.Mint- 27 to .luly tith, inclusive; AUI?UK( 0 to M in elusive. To all olhor roints--May 212, HI; Juno I lo -1 im'liwlvr. 14 to in In elusive, LT>, ill!, anil 27; .Ittlyl lo 7 InchiHlvc; Soptomhor 7 to 10 Inchi- rilvo, I!!, I •!, 15. Return Ibidt—For May, .Mine and July miles, tbroo mouthn uftor date of aale; for Aw;iIM. and Ki-ptombor walcfl, Oc.tobor III, 100!). FOR VARIOUS NATIONAL CONVENTIONS TICKETS WILL BE SOLD AS FOLLOWS: Atlantic City. N. J. American Medical Asuoelnl.lon. Sidl May III to Juno 4. Hate, ?100.00. Louisville, Ky.—Mystic Shrine Imperial Council. Soli May III. to Juno <!. Unto, $7(1.05. Cincinnati, O.—North American ClymniiHtlc Union. Soil Juno 14 and 15. Rate, $70.50. Denver, Colo.- Niitlonnl lOducatlonal Association. Sell Juno 27 to July 6. Rate, $55.00. St. Paul, Minn.—Christian Kndoavor. Sell Juno 24 to 27, 20 and July 1 to 7. Rale, ?7.'i.fiO. Minneapolis, Minn.—Y.P.C.U. ITnlvormillBt. Soil July I to 7. Rate, $73.50. Alaska-YnkoH-PacWc Exposition, Seattle, Wash.—Juno 1 to October 10, 1900, Dates of sale—May 25 to Sept. HO, inclusive. Ratos, going via Southern Pacific and Portland and roturnlng same route, $40.20. Alsa other rates via other routes. Stop-ovora allowed at Intermediate points going or returning. For further information' call on, write or phono to D. B. 8CHENCK, AGENT, COVINA Home Phone 14*i G. L. TRAVIS, COMMERCIAL AGENT, POMONA. 1 SOUTHERN PACIFIC! A ty »>«j>*X»«t"^X«<"t"X"X t <"X > 4"»< >< 'X > <"t > ^ > < >> X < ' YOUR VACATION NOW at our expense A CHOICK OK KOI IK FREE T JS OKKKKKI) YOU YOti CAN WASI "THEiMATTRESS i BEARING THIS L? . BEI Soap, water and a brush are all that ia needed to keep the outside of an OM crnioor Mattress sweet and clean. Thc.inMc V never needs attention. Costa nothing ft , r repair!). An occasional "outing" in the bun kt'«f , B jt fresh arul irieiv, l-ecaust; it is> built (not bluffed) of • elahtic. fihroua Ost::r;noor sheets. H cannot sag, ti Jm p nor patlc like li.iir. Main; sure you jjet the genuine On tsrmoor Note the label put there to protect .you »j ;,-iiiist worthlcfca imitations, \Ve bell at faclory j>ri, _ ei} all ,j ji, v it o COVINA S'LRMTLttf: CC , rz- —-^ 'J! 1 . : ,0 to t'-b 00 I ("-, < jjf ;TO? AI.ASKA- YUKON-liXI'OSITION YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK YOSEMITE VALLEY LAKE TAHOE ALL YOUF^ EXPENSES PAID F YOi; HAVK KKIKNDS IN THK KAS'J' WJIO WANT To VfSIT TIIK 1'ACIKIC COAST WK, CAN AKUAN(il'l IT. This is your Opportunity SUNSET TRAVEL CLUB !ii.r I

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