The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 21, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 21, 1977
Page 2
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PAGE g—XAUCATTJCK NEWS (CONN). WEDNESDAY, JULY 2-». 19-18 DREW PEARSON _ ON "The WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drow Pearson Says: Talmadge Victory In Georgia Has Hitlerian Earmarks; Big Business Generally Backed "Cracker Dictator" But Now Is Worried; Talmadge's Plan For Abolishing- State Primaries Is Threat To Free Elections Atlanta Tho most Hllloreiique Kovernor since Hii.iy Lonft U back [n 'orrc^ni/TalmadKe, Tor three terms virtual dictator of Georgia, 1; , now In the saddl- ujjflln. looKInK a little thinner, a 1 ttlo older, but Htlll snapping his red Calluses, ..till able to {fr«n(Inland his wny Into the hearts of tho rural voters. ^ I In has eornu back to power with all Iho earmarlirt of u TtlUe.rlun It wan the vlotoiy. In fact, the GiiorKl". elnc- tloal victory. (Ion, carufiilly oxainlnod i-lnc- looloi like tho iilurmlnK political «lf* vi<l(>iini(<nt In the nation. fn the fli-Mt place, TiilrnudKii, like Hltliir, wax elected by a ml- nfirltv ->f tho votei-H, HIM oppon- mit, ,'lai<ii'!if,'iirmU:hiuil, rolled up iv rlmr majority, but under Gnor-Klii'ii peculiar unit rule, TalnmdKe won. I,lk« Hitler nine. TnlniftclKo him n (.rreat radio technique. Ciirrnl- e.haul hull nonr>. A total of 123 rirurffl'i newspapers were af,'almit TnlrnadK' 1 . while only sovun win-o ror him. Kut hlH rudlo appeal won <iut In th» end. ISIir IttiHlnoHH llackod Tiilnuultfo And Junt lid bl|,' hu.'ilnosM In Gui 1 - «iiiny put ur> tho money to I'lnanco Hitler, BO tho O. W) Win Power com- puny find bl>; hu:ilnes« j.;onorally hue l< Hd Tftlirmeljfp. Worried ovor tri" C!fC) drive to urtfu.nI/.u the Month, thi-y knew Talrrmdce would rim untl-hibor, keep down taxes, piny hull wKh l)l;r bii»lniian. AM governor before, hu lind put textile Htrlldu-s In-hind a barbed-wlru concentration camp and II' necessary I hey expect him to do It a«aln. Now that they have eluded tholr "rraelter dictator," however, wjrno rm."lnonunion are already worrloil for four tlioy have a hour by tho tall, fofhiipM they remember how (he 'riiy.HsnriH tind tho Von Hchrood- rrn and other Gorman Industrlnl- IV-IH were kicked out by Hitler t,hr>i-lly urter thuy had flruincwd hln way lf> power. Jt'lnnlly - and II!HO llkn flitler-- TnlinuclKi' won on the racn iHtiuo with the help (jf tho nivlved Kil Klux Klan. Klnn's blKgost poli- $02.50 TO S3500 ! v*»ly I' I— PIERPONT'S riculMi- ..... I .li-Hi'li-ci. Aiiii-rli'tiii flpin Nucli-ly I At) II,\NI< S-l'Hf'.l'.T Tul mad Kv'» bluest brenk camo whun thu .Supremo Court luindod clown It* ruling afr-ilnst the Jim Crow law In Interstate, bus triitllc. Thin played Hffht Into the hnnda or tho rootln'-lootln' Bontlemnn from SUKHI- Creek. Vrom that pcilnl on he j ran hlK" cfiinpnlKn on the theme- of white nupremacy. I "A nlKKOr's ploco In to como In I the back door, hold his hat in his hand, und nay Vee' and 'hasv' to n. horse," proclaimed Rcd-Gallusod Gene. He flayed the Nctn'oe.i us Hlt- lor flayed the Jews. And It WH.H the l-uco Isuoc that really elected him. TiilniudKC Morry-Co-Ilouiid Tulinncltfti boasts of having' rond "Mf.'ln Knmpf" seven t'juo.s. He mixkiiH no HRCr<!t of helnK a. HUident of Hitlerian methods. Dur- Inxr hlM ;jvnvloii» "reigns" UK ^over- tier, TfilmnclKc called out the mil tin 17 different times, l-'or n while one could frot into tlie highway department without fi military piiHH, Tftlrniidire'M chief use of tho militia was to oust elected official:!. ft made no difference that the Ktntu tre:isurer hud been duly Hvctvd by the pi.-oplc of Georgia, Tal- rriudKe called out the military and forcibly evicted him J'rom ofllcc, When the treasurer lockud the vuult whnre MUito money \vas kept, Marine Corps League Meets Thursday A meeting of Naupratuck Valley Detachment, Marine Corps. Leufjuu, will bo held tomorrow night • at 8 O'clock at American Lej-'ion Homo, Cedar, street. Reports will be civnn bv the dance committee. The detachment will sponsor a dance at Llride.n Park August 3. Delegates will be named U> -the stato -convention in New Haven Augus* 10 and 11. • Kaceys To Seat Francis Caulfield . Grand Knight Francis Caulfield and other officers of OJeda Council, Knitfh-ta of Columluu, .will be Installed at cerenwn'."S A 1-1 at thn council rooms, 1L innounccd today. was Funerals >rr». iVTiu-y nird Funornl services for Mrs. Mary Bird, S3, former NauRiitucIc resident, who died Sundny at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Walter Mn- ble In Lynn, Mass., wore held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Al- durson Funeral Home, 201 Meadow street, with the Rev. Edward R. Hanco, pastor of 'the ConErcs'i- tionnl church. oCTIclutlmf. Interment was In Grove cemetery.. Beai'ei-w -re: Thomas Plumb, Frank Plumb, Jr.. Berkeley Cooper, .Tuck Bird, Raymond Stencck, Bird and Henry Mrs. Burtlui I'. Dtiretto Funeral services for Mrs. Bertha (Pooler) Dui-otto, 70, who died yesterday morninff at her home oti Cundce rond, will be held tomorrow morning at 8:SO o'clock from the Buckmlllor Funeral Home, 22 Park place, to St. Francis' church, where n. requiem high Mass will be celebrated at 0 o'clock. Friends may cull at the funeral home 'this afternoon and evening from 2 to 10 o'clock, Burial will be in St. Jumea' cemetery. start rntnlititlni: nfjalnst his cnemlo.". ..,. ., TulmadKi. blew the duor olf tho I "Child-l':\pert" Mi:Kc(l:u- vault Kor a while- Tnlmadtre \ Seventy llve-j-jar-okl biichelor Sen- Bpent tho state's funds on n. cash ! ator Ki-nneth McKellnr of Tcnnns- liiifll.-i. with no record of expend!-1 sc , c | s H versatile man. In addition Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fittzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C.H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME G2 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS VUT All tines, He employed an ex-racketeer tn Inspect tho books of the universities and If hi: didn't like thorn, they wen- burned .Tulnmdtfo has promised to run Geui-Klu Just tho way he did before. Those who know him s'iy hu Is ruthless enough to do It. ri'-orgliL I'nsclHin Gron.toit Hitlerian threat to Georgia's futui-r.ii political system In TalmfidKe's new plan (or iihollsih- IIIK slate primaries., Most people haven't examined this.scheme carefully. On tho surface, many nro inThf: ;,'ovelTHir-elect':i '[ilan Is to ellned U' welcome It as n move to take tin. 1 vot" away from the Ne-Ki'O. iret around the Supreme Court edict I thut Ni'Kroest have a rljfht to vote in democratic primaries. To do Ihl.'i he proposes ahallshlnf; the stato lirimary. Instead of ;i primiiry vote 'iiipervlxrd and policed bv the state, prlmaiy policed by his own political In ;jther words, I hi; Democratic party would become n. private club • In this case, the TnlmndCR Club. Me would name his own state Democratic executive committee. It would make till the ruli" (,'overninf,' tilix-.llons, would specify who was (|imll(led to vote, could abolish all criminal laws KoviirninK elections, do uwiy,- with all rul'-a iiKainst fraud. Thi-re would be no control over the ballot boxes, over the counting of the votei, or anythlnjr cine—ex- cnpt th" control laid down by Crime Tiilmndtfp. Under such ap Ian the new Kovernor of Geot'Kla plans to hnvn "frue" eluctlons. In other svoi'd.'f, like .IIHIer, once Tiiiiiiiuhro (;i:ts Into power no opposition party could ever stop him. No better pattern for Fascism over was devised In the USA. Already Harman Tnlmndfrn, the coveriior's son, Is preparing to run either fur the U. S. Senate or to succeed his father, And yet TalmadK'e is elected to ti[hre, by a minority vote! No wonder a Ic-L of people around Atlanta are wearing' loin; facos. wondering when the new fcovernor to presiding over the Senate, lie an expert on babies When Senator Clyde Hocy of North Ciironnn .isked, for S3'H,000 to continue child-care nurseries for working mothers in the District of Columbia, it was -dd-Tofiteil inside the Senate appi-opi-iutior.H comnilt- tuc, with Chairman McKelkir lend- IhK the battle airnlns't 1 It. Lalcr Seiuvtoi- Hocy had the temerity to brinp' his nursery .'lj;ht to thu Sona.ti; floor; • whereupon McKulIar—almost sinf?lchani-|ud .— ch.<illcoj,'f.'d this tin-cut to tho supremacy of his appropriations com- miltee. This would be "trovornmcnt | rearing" of children, hn argued. ' Government aid, pi-oclnimetl thu tienator froni Tennossoc. "is an Injury to the mother and an Injury i to the child." This W.T.M too much for Florida's alert Senator Claude Pepper. "Mr, President." ho interrupted, "all my Hie. t have hoard Uuit if you want to find out just exactly how to raise children, ask un old bachelor how to do it." McKellar then asked the married but childless Popper repardlnp; his experience in raising children. Pepper replied thnt he had raised no more than has the bachelor senator from Tennessee. "So the Senator from Florida and I arc on an equality," McKellar came back. "I feel very proud of the fact that in one matter at least I am on n. basis of equality wi-th the senator from Florida," "Howovcr, 1 am 30 years under 75." replied Popper, who entered the Senate n.a one of the youn members In hl;;tory. "When the senator from Florida KI-OWH older he will como to the conclusion, I think, that the r.ntioruil Kovcrnmont is not a mother to rear clilldi'on," acild Mc- Kollur. "It Is bettor than u bachelor," shot back Pepper. It does no:, often happen that the appropriations committee Is overridden by tho full Senate, but in •this case, government nurseries triumphed ovor bachelor opposition by tho overwhelming vote of 47 to 15. Where Yank Was Killed In Trieste inr.owF.ri.s TKI-TCGUAVIIKD !; KVKKYWllKUK MELBOURNE'S SLOWER SHOP 130 JiUliniCIi AVKNITK Telephone C225 An ,\morlcun isoldler, UU-ntUled ns^l'fc. Waltar L.- Kujuwa ot'Novp Jprxoy, IH Hhown lyln;; near hln jeep after, ho wn» killed by, an unknown iiHB:>llunt In tho Dnbordo arou near Trlesto. Two other GI» In the jeiep woro lnjiiruil. Kiijiuvn drovo Uio vehicle. (Iiitcrnutlonal Kudlophoto) Dyed "Cloud Mist" Northern Muskrat Hollander Blended Northern Buck Muiknit I-askln Dyed Moil ton I.amb BUY NOW! Terms Arranged To -Suit Your Convenience What a comfort to know tliat yonr coat will I>P almost paid for by thy time you.sirc ready to- -wear it. Ask our Credit Of flee, about - the, etuiy payment, plans PHONE 4-4191 MUSLER-LIEBESKIND — 33 35 EAST M AIN ST., WATERBU-RY a j'_a

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