Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on March 4, 1945 · Page 8
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 4, 1945
Page 8
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mem ]!M5 Kotary Speaker Due 11 ere Friday Archibald GUchrifil, of Sale, Victoria. Australia, wUI be the third In i .'«nes of Rotary Club forum speak- «fi at Allegany High Friday, H<- was born in Melbourne, edu- ai Sidney University, is a for BIRTHS ANNOUNCED First sgt. and Mrs. William J. Kelly. Jr., announce the birth of a daughter nt the Yuma, Arizona Army Hospital. Mrs. Keily ia the former -'Miss Peggy Daily, daughter of Mrs. Bertha Daily, Allegany and Sgl. Kelly's parents reside Saratoga street. •Miss , Shober Weds Navy Vef Miss Gertrude Shober, daughter lot Mr. and Mrs. Casper C. Shober, A daughter was born to Mr. andiS36 North Mechanic street, and Mrj-. Martin "Wenrtch, 3-16 Davld.son!Egbert ft. StnUUigs, S-2-c, son of mer owner and editor at s uewsp«- ; street, at Allegany Hospital Febni-tthe late .Mr.-and Mrs. George M. ptr. and operated * radio stationary 23. Mrs. Wcnrlch Is the former [SwUings, were married Wednesday xt one time. ;MLxs Mary Bartielt. j at-the SS, Peter and Paul church Gilchrtit served a tensi rus mem-f Mr. and Mrs. Frank LJoyd, Route rectory by the Rev. Frederick Beck- nt the Western Australian par-U. FUdgelejv W. Va.. announce the cr, O.F.M. Cap, t. His subject will b# "Aus-!birth df a daughter yesterday after- '.ralla, New Zealand, and thr Islands .noon at A;le«any Hospital. Casually List ^ (Continued I tout Page }j) .'.' Lt. Long was 'trained al Camp \Vhceler, Ga'/, and received his The son , training center at Camp Hood; Texas, In civilian life he was employed by a Jocal contractor. •' Pfc. . Bennett was wounded through the' right shoulder, 'according to word from the War Department, 'received by his wife. Airs'. Dollie T. Bennett. 527 Columbia ber, A f< he served s. Bennett has since re- 1 from her husband that iviug. • • ', . of Mr/, and Mrs. Txirlle leiry Grove, W. Vs., Pfc, ntercd the service last d went abroa^ in Novem- rmer Celanese employe, with an inifantry group tton's Third Army, : X French llmrptial .-'•'..'•'••• citations for ; . meritorious .action signed by' Gen. Patch. The &on of Mr. awl Mrs. E. F. Cheshire, Kcy- ker. Pfc. Cheshire has been In service four years, three of them In the Panama Canal Zone. He has been In the European theatre since last October. •-•>,' .Pfc. Jones, a son of Mr. and Mrs. William J. Jones, Midland, is R ma- Heart He has since returned to duty. • . -. ••• :•; •. •-•-.•;.:.-•'••' -•' . Inducted Inlb the service in January, 1943, Pfc, Jones went overseas last August. He trained at Camp Haan, Caiif.; Camp Carson, Colo.; Fort Bliss; Tes.; Fort George G. Meade, and Oarnp Tyson, Tenn. He was a former employe of Ort Brothers Bakery, Midland. A sister, Mrs. Richard C. Shaw, resides at 18 Pfc. Luther wrote his par Is a. pr! mcnt. ! celved The Berkey Bee, son of Mr. and Bee, Somerset, R. a. letter : dated D, January 5 his parents, informing them that lie is a prisoner of the German govern, mcnt. No confirmation has been received from the War Department wno sfet; ved with ihclchine gunner with" the 30ti> Division Massachusetts avenue, city! Yank was employed by Coal Company . before called . for active service with the Infantry Division of the Sev- of General Simpson's. Ninth Army. Pfc. Hoffman is the husband.of national Guard in'February entti Army, is now in a French hos-|He was wounded in the hand and Mrs. Beulah Hoffman, Somerset, R. He went overseas more than a pltal. His outfit has received -two[his mother has received his Purple D. 2. .,.,-- -— - of Hie South Paciflc.." A jf;\ti;cal proRr«m will precede. A daughter was born yesterday al - Attendants were Mr. and Mrs..; James H. Boblnette, brother-in- j law and 1 Eister of the bride, Frank I March Warmer . (Continued [ram Pa%c 15) encrs can get off to » good start," he continued. "How about danger of floods?" he "7 can't go'ii-iti> IJiat today. 1 have ((CPU .ux> buiy ir>ini; t> elnioon in; Memorial Hospital tolPoster and PhylUs Shober. Mr. ;ind Mrs: Tlieodore Hare. 410J Seaman StaHinfis Li home after 15 Louisiana avenue. "..; ' . j months in live Pacinc on destroyer Tech JSgt, ajid Mrs. Paul W. Hen- drlckson. Dayton, Ohio, announce the birth of R:daughter >last Tuesday at.Dayton. Mrs. Hcndricfcson Is the former Miss Mary Hardinger, Bedford road. .Mr. and :• Mrs. George Miller. Route 5, city, announce the birth of In service. Col. Golden Al Grace Methodist Tonighl .. Lieut. Col. John C. Golden, re- --i-rted. HO' f "Anywiiy," lif r««l« .nv:. ndd"rt, fln«« -avenue, announce "i Explaining his rraions for a warmer tluirt H.yprage. Marrh, Mr. W«--iithervar<e said that for ;i:o ii;n-i fv.'i years, the ; nn?an has Ix-cn !*c- !'iw narmal'-~38.6 .degrees IIVM year. Kin.! 39.7 in : !IM3.. Tl'.e r.ormti! r 404 The previous yeai 1 him .1 ii^uro of -1U i) wtiild, iii 1341 ii wai ;!5.8 and relate his experiences in! ar.d impressions of the extent of German morale.; j Called ."Blood and Guts II" by mem iin his division -who compare him- jwith Gem Patlon, he is a close: , r,, • i »« • 'friend of the great American mili-i \l I ownsemi juet.'tiiijrjtary leader. : .. ; j —: , ' i Next Sundny at Giace Church the| J. 'A'. Ford, of 'Washington, [evening, sen-ice TV 111'be featured by! the \Vi-,sh-|a 50-minute. movie, ."The Power of! .Mr-.. Ford Will Sponk ..... In 1S40. 37.i. With .four M; Bfiit five >ears under.hntm-< pear.; ni most a. ceriftiiMv tl a-il! be abovr. . : ClircStins tui.o records for ;',0 vr;ir*. Mr. Wfathcrvan ilbiit In the'15 thf in bi-lo-v i:i.irinai iuiir 'tim'-.-. 1hc i;r«",-!OLLi 15 it wns Ix 1 ) fmir "It of the: ! it. ap- • Mrs. D C i representative ot l;^:-;on Town.send 'LegLstallvn Bureau, i God." will be one: of th«' speakers at the 1 ,• t.:ir p»'l B nai B rilh ; IP in oniy |ro<!in. Mrs. Ford, one ;of the tnis- iicf-K of the-'].1'oivnsend 'I .Foundation :and a former Clcvcland/.O., business A miivslrcl show will feature the [woman, .will speak:on "Social Sccur- meeting Tuesday, 3:15 p. m.,: of ;lty. as a Post-war Measure," i Western Maryland Lodge No, 1507 I Tlie rally will be : open to the'B'nnl BYcth in thp vestry room of, ;p\iblic : . . j B'cr Chayim temple. Members tak-1 ! . : . --•-; -~~— i'ns?;part in the performance include' Sacks. Herman Berres. Charles; Robert Friedlane, Mycr! 1 1 ' , . « Olll "»'»« : -fj . » ' The mr\xirniim for all-tinn 1 l< 533; A CumberlEind sailor' home:onl , , . , .,. . .„.,.• i but in-Hi* pii-H four out of f<VP yi-arr; Je'nw ha* lost, his w-allet including! Adolpli Hirsch will deliver a 5-; the figure has bwn under thL«. Tlu-inis week end and other neces-< mflm i lc , ta . lk on' the life and works; .normal minimum mrah temperature Isary papers and anyone finding ° f ^'^ s «P, ren ; c1 . Col '£ lC!J "stice i !.<, S1.1- ar.d this lisure has not'bcfnlthem :ire asked to return them w j ^ U1S D-Brandeis. Julius E. Schlnrf- Vciicheri ^inrc 1038 when it was".13.0.(the police department. The sailor.j lcr wt!1 Preside at the meeting. . • DGins? a hit of braef?ins: Mr. Av-'Jweph E. Giirlilz; Us visiting hfcs] r .,. • ? era?r hotrrl th>.! January 19-t'i n-nsipirenti;. Mr...and Mrs. Frank Gar-; i lircc Arp ArreslCO ,th* elpvfiiili rolficst In 75'yeas.< Conicanvillo. HE is stationed! iv mean of 259 degrees'us'compare?'HL ilic'Naval Air Base at Patuxent' to a normal of "31 j. . '-River, Mri. v ; After Distiiriiiinccs' Tlie February : mc;m was 32..1 rnmpareci : *o a normal of 333. Tlie /•• ' ,• \v-ii figure was the lowest for the month i <-'f"li;rf»allOti « ill "" i Appoint Nrv since 19-5'.' whon .it was 2U.7. So, except for. s couple of "bftd' ' clays now and then. March ihb y«r| The congregation of Trinity Luth-jcharg'e.s O 77iVorderV co^ndu'ct,' is noing to be more of n sprint- ( . r: i u rnoi;;h 'hnn ii^ual. says Mr .'Wrath- niiiht Church will 'meet tomorrow at. 8:30 o'clock in the parish ' Two persons were jailed while' : [another posted $10 bond at police 1 'headquarters last night on charges: p . |Of creating disorders. J. W. Wineow,- t a.-lor, PiFD 4 cky posted SW bond for a| hearing tomorrow in Police Court on i Hcj was arresNfd by OrTicer John W. ; Snyder. : liu!l -lor the purpose- : .nf appointing Two other persons; Mason Lease. ;a iifw pastor. ,. . icresaptown. and Lawrence Iser, 300-} : Trie present pastor, the Rev. I block. BnHimore avenue, were com' William von Srvrk^lsen. who has mittnd to jail in default of bords (Continued from PT- A) ' h " r " Kla!toiv ' c ' "ere'for five years, oiv charges of bein? drunk and dis-• si«T«a» nnri hpinort i^V- ,ii h "* a . c =opt«l « "11 to Emmanuel orderly. Oflicer Snyder mnde both! aoi.tan nnd helped; li(iui«;iie .the • Lutheran Church. Haltirnore. arrests I German Sevr-nlh Armv ;rnppcd In < •_ _ _—!r-r=^r=7 . Area Vauks Lhc Fixlftise Gap. •'.The Blii'c Ridarrs next moved; 'iotith of Paris anti spcnrhpfided thf; Allied drive across Franco. The| .Seine. Aube. Manie and Meu.-e riv-| >rs weri> crossed and hundreds ofj tnwn.';. Including Chaloru sur Marne. P': Mihlci and Coniiuercy, were Ireed. in the triumphal pursuit of the fleelngr Nazis. On SeptEmbrr 4, the-dlvfMon es- *«blkhcd the ftrst bridgehead across the Moselle river nt Toiil. Contlnii- ini? the push, the 80th pacel th« Al— : lied advance f.hrouRh the Imtk>rtant! S;iar Basin and sciwri St. Avoid, nj kpv mining nnd communication center. . - j When Oen. von Rundstedt crashed ' Uiroueh the Luxembourg defenses. 801 h troorw. within 36 hows. made i » 150-mile niotnrizpd dash, formed! R drfp'nse line arid .<avrd the rit.y r,!\ Luxembourg. Going over to an offensive, Hie; SOtli continued, north ami caught •. thf surprised German convoys rjour- . ing west to reinforce the German; salient. The resulting slaughter of; Nazis seriously di.smpted the cnrmy- plans. . Next a farce of the 8Qth joined thft! <th Armored Division in re.sculnir' thf AmerlCRii forcn at Bastogr.e. Havin? cRptured ., almost 12,000;. prisoners nnrj dnstroyed over 12S'< tBnhs since arrival In France a few months ngo, the 80th Blue Ridge j Infantrymen lias a record of never i having failed to take an object!v.\; nnver retrcatlnp from a position. once taken and of havincr become' ;i : . nlle-drlvinc spearhead for Ger. Putton's Third Army i q^^-Q—0—Q—O-Q-fl—fl— REMEMBER WHEN —you went to th« depot to see th« "Limited" com* in? If was usually the highlight of a quiet day. And on Sundays it grew into a social event of major proportions. No one aimed to miss it. Remember? - LOANS I •FI«M« Insured Loons G l •I* Guaranty Loans . 100% Loons K63I tStdlC Mortgage Loans urtder our ••:-.FIRST NATIONAL PREFERRED PLAN. It will pay you to finance under this plan. Business Loans to Legitimate Enterprises ImprOVement and Repair Loans Personal Loans ro s^ned w 0 * cf >- for Poymenf of Hospitaliration, Doctor Bills, Taxes and other needs. FIRST NATIONAL BANK CUMBERLAND, MD. 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