Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 30, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1943
Page 2
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Hope Star MOM STAR, HO-M, '-ARKANSAS Friday, April 30, 1943 Aim. ____ at Mcond class matter a( the _____ .'fK« «t HOM, Arkonsoi, under th* Art of Morch 3/Tl»7. _ .± ,(AP>— M«ons Associated Press tNEAr-'MMIiia ;NlTn1>Qt*t ErUtfprisa Ass'n. S«k*tttpif*n \MM (Always Payable In AthrtMM): By iffy earfter, f*t week tSc; HempsfWd, NeVOdO, Howard, Miller ana tofoy*tt« cBwftftw, 13.50 p*' year; else. wher» la.Sft ^ • _ ^^ " Membei if Th« AuottaUd Pratt j The Associated PteisJs exclusively entitled to th* use for fipufcllcotten of all news dls- patch* credited to R or not otherwise credited Ift.tMs (xipef and also the local \HcrtMiMl Atkdfttii .D«ifl«j, the.; Memphis, Tenh.. S«rtek Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich- laoh Ayeriue; New 'York City, 292 Madison DtfroH?. Mich., 2»42 W. Grand Blvd.; --•-• - • terrrtlhoi Ifldq.; New Avt.; Dtfroif. Mfch., 214 OklohSrnO City, 4t4 T«i Orleoni. 722 IMioft SI.. Hold Everything Guadalcanal Diary ,Based on«he Book-of-the-Monfh BY RICHARD TRIGASKIS ILLUSTRATIONS IV I. B. HAZELTON "Don't be alarmed, sir—we're just trying to flnd a dime the cook lost in the soup today!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith ecM&««i FY tii*:8inivict..i>K!. T. M. mo. v>. s. PAT. OFF. <—"•• V-> Ti. V^ '•",• • •-. *--.,..•" V V~ **.^"**-. 4-30 r aiiniversary, dear! Don't tell me you don't know what it is—why, it's a churn!" ? &*%•>* • • I t. "A single Jap . . . with a svhite flag." F RIDAY, AUGUST 21, Cont.-Col. Gates hung up the field phone into which he luul been talking. "A single Jap is coming over with ;\ white flag," he said. He called Capt. Wolf, the interpreter, and instructed the captain to go up to the Tcnaru front and talk to the Jap, who was wounded. 1 started our for the front with Wolf. In a cocoanut grove we came to an advanced command post. "Better get down," warned a Marine. We squatted on the dirt. One of the officers was talking on the phone. "All right," he said. "We'll check it." "The Marines found the break in the line . . ." "Our line to Col. Pollock is out," he announced. "Proh- ahly mortar fire clipped it. Who'll go?" Two Marines, looking scared but resolute, volunteered. Then they turned to me. "We'll show you where Col. Pollock is, if you'll follow us," they said. So we started out, moving fast, keeping low. The Marines found the break in the line and lixcd. it. We pushed ahead, then, moving between bursts of firing, until we could see the river, the long curving spit of gray sand which closed the outlet into the sea, and the shadowy cocoanut grove across the river where the Japs were, "In the hole, was the Jap prisoner." We were crouching behind a tree when Col. Pollock came tip. "The prisoner's over there," he said, pointing to a group of men lying prone iround a nearby foxhole. Wo made a dash for the foxhole and flopped beside it, In the hole, on his back, with one arm su allied in a red- stained bandage, was the Jap prisoner, dipt. Wolf immediately began to question him, but the answers were slow and apparently not very satisfactory. Snipers began to range on us from across the river. A pink-checked captain and 1 headed for cover behind a cocoanut tree. He told me, while we watched the shail- "Wo lost some men-but we stopped tho Japs." owv woods across the river, that it was his unit which hail been doing the fighting in this particular sector. When the firing let up a little, the captain waved a hand at a point of land on the. Tenant's west bank. "That's Hell's Point over there," he said. "That's where the jap* tried their crossing. Some of our tlien moved'up on the point to get a better field of fire, and the |nps put up flares that were as bright as day. We lost soine people in there. "Hut," he added tersely, "we stopped the Japs." (Continued tomorrow) Drawings copyriBht. 1943. by King Features Syndicate. Inc. TeSl copyrlnht. 1043. by Random House, Inc. Wslrluuted by Klne Features Syndicate In co-o|K-r,.t!on w.th the nook-of-tho-Month Club, Inc. FUNNY BUSINESS ^^^'''^^'^^^^— '' / B£^ £ fe^ 30 ..; ^^-^ .N*-~>:;tjS&fafd iere you are, gents! Ten days qf experience for 50 cents—I wrote it myself!" ~3- —•—I—'— \ WcuK Tubbi Too Late? By Roy Crane OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams "","/' JU^'T ONE ~" \,7 IT'LL SOON BE A, • r — OF THE6E, U NOVELTV TO WATCH 15 ALL TH' . . JOB CAL.L6 L4_ FOB... IT'6 A ePE:CIAU A GOOD MACHINIST NVPBK...L\KE. TH" OLD HAND- TOCSIN' BLACK- 6MITH5... NOWADAYS IF THEY BUIL.O TWO THINGS A.LIKE THEV BUILD AN AUTOMATIC * J ilNE TO TURN TH NV3CE B5AIN6 PEOPLE GET. TH' YCt . LESS THEYCt GOiN' TO NEED -EM/ VVHV, THtV BU\LO AUTOMATIC MACHINE6 WITH AUTOMATIC MACHINE <=,r £* U- c-- ?—^--,^& *&& ^\ /?* * &% wS£Jv ^ ^ ^€1 ms^^^^ii fex-Site^ = \i^|^ ^yt OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople ® VJELL HOOPLE- FfMvMLN ODT OF THE PLOSW y( ALL RIGHT/ 'f MA3OR \M1LL FU9E WHEN VOETELL. HIIW HlS PWHER. UT |M TOVOM FLVlNJG HIS HEUCOPTER./ OH, X'\JE BEEM AROOMD FORNErXRS, CIAUAAS! THEM CrXLL N\B THE " BrXLO . SLH/"-^- MEW 3OB, THP>0" CRPCTE-**-! COLiLTD SHT 1^ /\ PHOME BOOTH ! MM BABM TO THE AIRPORT, GDS/ Red Ryder A Score to Settle By Fred Harmon VED "RYDER HAS HE WEST BOUWD TRAIN IN A PESPERATE ATTEMPT TO " 6TOP MAIL CftS. 13OB8EI?!' AND CAPTURE ThE INPIAM OUfUAWS,' s'HM'lLV JUST frt' ONLf nHir^G EVER SHOT IN EIGHT ^^ORE T£Al-\ INJ THIS THEM FOUR UNTIL VJE REACH TH'DIVIDE.' PLANE FROM A SANK OFCLOUPS TRMM— VOE-'RE. NOT PREPARED Its STOP OR.-DEFEND AN ATTACK E>Y OUTLAWS SOT A PERSONAL FEELIlV ABOUT THOSE LEA6T ! 50ME OF THE TU86 ARE 6ETTIW6 AWAY 0-BOA.T BASE,SWAPS PICTURES. AWD I660WE, LEAVIW6tNBrv\V PURSUIT PLANES FAR BEHIND Not In The Act." Thrmble Thearer Fair and Warmer! Donald Duck By Walt Disney 5gTT£R-l?AT 6US HATH ME IM HIS POlOER, MUST 5CReArvVFORjr OOKlT . D o IT, I KIM - 1L6AV6 WU, MOMMA -AKe CARE OF THIS HOW v' CLIMB UP SO HIGH THAT'S EASY. BOYS I JUST < NEVER . LOOK < DOWN! J W(THOUT erriN 1 5CZY? By Chic Young Flight Command! By V. T. Hamlin OF COUC.6E NOT// I.... MY 6TAGLS, LOOK. THEBE/ THAT'S YHE ODDEST ACTING BON\B I EVE 12 HEA.K.D OF/ BC.v.8 OK NO / VCXJBE BEING \ IF THM" THING EXPLODES THAT / VERY FOOLISH, \ WE'D HAVE A HARD ,'" «.;• , OOP... ONE CAN TIME FINDING EVEN r & I , .. S..HANCE \ ALVS'AVS PLANT / A 6fAALL PAET " - " / TO GO OFF... \ POTATOES, SO NOW V BUT... I'M ' HAUL IT OUTA OF YOU TO PLANT/ lA.w^^^BBfiS ; j . CCieU H.41 BY hE< ttjUlCt. INC. r M BjO. U- & f*T. at f. jj Seoti end Her Buddie* I*!"! Hiya, Folks Sv»TS" ^vv "'st By Edgar Martin Freckles and His Friends Publicity From the Press By Merrill Blosser WHEN YOU CALL ON THE A We CANT FIND ANV BOOKS SCORE TARY OP THE TBEASUP/, ) ON THI-. SUBJECT.' IS HE DO YOU ADDRESS HINT? y CALLED "YOUR MAJES1Y" '->"l OR. "YOURl HONOR. "Ot ...^ -^ WHAT ? . _. xV : '')'/' "•^•"rTi pill ^ ( ( ;.^H -• • > |ll! -" POP. DON'f . YOU KNOW J YES. 1 AFTER HOW TO /PAYINJ& MY IN- ADDRESS j COI^ETAV 1 THIMK YOU >,—\ SHOULD ADDRESS ( V HIM ''YOUR HIGHNESS./" I DOM'T KNOW WHAT fAR.MORGENTHAU WAMTS WITH THOSE- Kios---Bur WHATEVER IT IS. SET PICTURES A~"-^^ S X^'*\-- _l J*' g^CrVA*'" _"7 . ..- „ ... ~ -IU.1 S»H. i^^^^iSMR^ 5 ^ .^^g3j T. M RtC. U S PAT Off li ~ $ V~l° & #l#s

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