Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 12, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Rntered at the PostofTice Covina, Cal., as second-clans matter. Published every Saturday hy the Co- tlna. Argna Publishing' Company, Inc. J. L. MATTHEWS EDITOR SHIRLEY BROS MANAGERS 31.50 .75 .50 SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months .... Three Months Sinple Copies .... .o.'j ADVKRTISKMKNT8: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. L,iners 5c per line each insertion. Legal notices SI.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents each subsequent insertion. COVINA. CAT-., Jt'NK 12, COMMISSION IN DISPUTE. Stanton & Harnlsh Make Biggest Sale For Years With Difficulty in Collection. — Sales Brisk. An att.firiJimont. has arisen out of onn of tho larROHt. realty Htilos ovor con- vallf-y In in realty Htilos tho Covina property, UK; dldlfMilty cominf? . the Hal« t.hlH we«k of 137 .•t.croa of Hplundid oranKo property for;- ]on«iriB to tho Han DlmaH HolghtH CitniH AHHoelat.lon, of whlc:h Daniel Dnrkee IB president. Tho big tranw- j'cr was effected through the office of Stfinton & Ilarnlon of Covlmi, which firm Hold the ranch to W. C. ArnoH, ;\. banker In Low Angeles and millionaire biiHlnosH uiiin of the far EaHt. AceordiriK 1." t»« Htatement Klveri the Argun by .1. M. SUinttm, tlie Halo was "ITected through bin linn by a realty man by tho mimo of Crnnor, of Lew AngeloB, who, Hlarlon, waft futhiorl/od by bin firm l.o W.\\T<: ;i buyer with the umlcrstiirullriK that the ranch was Hated by Stanton & llarnlHh. Crarnor. it In alleged, Is attempting to collect full eommlHHion for tho Bale, while St.ant.on Hays that PreBident Durkoe has no knowledge of any realty firm In the trariHaetlon save that of Stanton & Harnlsh. The entire amount of commission amounts to about $2,500, of which $1,700 IH claimed by the local realty firm. Tho attachment IB brought through tho (ldv , ne O f Andrew M. Ponce, attorney at law, retained by Statiton & Har- riish. Pollard & HutehlnBon report tho sale of 10 acres owned by D. M, Sutherland on Clenega avemuj, to Robert N. Union of Hollywood, for a consideration of $15,000. Tho grove in one-third VultsneliiH, the rent being navelH. Residence property at Hollywood valued at $5,000 IB exchanged. The trees are from four to sixteen years of ago, with AV.UHU contnict water stock appurtenant. I. C. Fairly him sold for R. A. 'Welch, ten net-on on Rowland avenue to Thomas Traweok of Pasadena, for $25,000. This grove IB one-half in Valencias and one-half In niivolH. It wan formerly owned by MiHH U/.•/,\H ChrlBtlti, and the grows receipts for Bix yorirw were $0,000 annually. Tho sale Is reported of ton acres of ViiienclaH and navels belonging 1C O. V. Trelut, on Citrus avenuo, north of tho town, to Slate Senator Church of Nevada. Tho coiiHkU-ra- was $ I IS, 500. Senator Church Is now at Pasadena, and intends to make iil» home on the ('ovina property. Tho city property belonging l<> C. H. Crawford on (Minis iivcn v.-hlch the offices of Polhird & Mulch- iiiBon anil the barber shop of ileiisel line It. Lewis are situated, was soM with lot. IhiK we<-k to .1. W. Croover of Irwindale, by the linn of Stanton At llarnish, conslderiilion $li,(H)0. .Mr. (Jroovor exchanges tt x n acres of or- jingetj in Irwindale, vuliu'd at fii.f.OO. ,1. I,. Miitlhews iiinl Ceorge Van Yliot hnve Hold through Stanton & llarnish, five acres of the .ItMinison iiiff i>n tin- Miiil lit'.isi i-iM'ii"''. io I. S .MOM* in' I'ni.iH.i. The ciinsiili-ralion INDEPENDENCE DAY IN COVINA. Plans Fast Maturing for a Day Full of ! Festivities and Patriotic i Exercises. S Merchants, property owners and UK; general public; In Covli'M and vicinity are working In harness for the eele-j« Of Refit, Exchange, Lost, FoUfld l»rat.lon to he held by Covina on Sat, j Miscellaneous. urday, July 3rd, with the result that, i the affair will be a "blow-out," of no small proportions. Maypr K. H. Lahee, who Is chairman of the com mitten on arrangements, this wesk cow, 6-1;* For Sale— A fine Jersey price .$30. Phone )252, Covina. FOR SALE— iO acres of good Valencia land, without water, but water can be had. Price $1,600. belt. See A. Warner. Frostless that already the plans have gone far ahead of what was preliminarily arranged, and the committee Is now ar ranging for the entertainment of a monster crowd on that day. Inquiries are eomlng In to the committee from surrounding town a regarding the time when the program will commence, and (tie transportation facilities fire being planned. The committee on program IH ar- ! I.OHI—Two round Iron hitch weights ranging with Rev. Will A. Knighten of j with ropes attached. Lost somewhere Wo buy accounts, notes or Judgments or collect wages, bills, rents and claims of any description anywhere, on percentage. Wo get your money for you. F. M, Stanley, care Covina Argus. fi-II) at All Un- the are LOB Angeles for the delivery of the Independence Uay oration, which will appear on the program between 11 o'clock and 12 o'clock of Saturday morning. While the reverend gentleman has not yet accepted tho Invitation, It Is confidently stated by the committee that this interesting Bpoak- In town this week. Finder please re- turh to Covina Transfer Co. Tele- phono SO. H Armstrong's Covina Nurseries have procurer] 2500 Valencia aud navel orange trees, first class stook. Anyone wishing to buy same should call 15!0 for further information. er will be a part of the program. In the event that, other matters do not allow of his corning, the committee will secure another orator. Mr. Knighten has won a reputation which IH more than local as a speaker of high merit. The following program of sports j See Mr. Home at Home's haH been arranged by the committee Telephone 4',',. on sports: 9 a.m.- 100 yard dash for boys under fourteen; Hack race, evoryonu competing; bicycle race for contestants In Upper San Gabriel valley; r.O yard open for girls; high jump open to Oovlna youth?!: broad jump; 200 yard straightaway; potato race; shot- put, open to Southern California; relay race between Covina and Aztisa; tug 'o war. Tho pri/cs In the sporting events are to bo valuable ones, and are being listed as fast as the committee can arrange for them. The full list of races arid prizes will bo ready for publication shortly. At four o'clock In the afternoon the chief feature of the day's program will take place n.t the corner of. Citrus avenue and Badillo street. Five companion* of Cantons in full regalia will hold in competition drill and par- tide with 125 plumes In line. Mrs. Gllmore's Recital. Tho small audience which was present Friday night of last week at Mrs. (Jllrnoro's recital enjoyed a special treat, and II is » pity there wen; not more present. As a reader, Mrs. Gihnoro aims, a a she says, to express simple truths In i' simple manner. Bho relies mostly on sh.idos of intonation and facial expression, and employs no grotesque nor bodily contortions. "The Dividing Fence," was a pretty country story of a widow and her two beans. Tho throe voices wive wonderfully differentiated. "King Robert, of Sicily." Longfel low's splendid pahiblo, was splendidly rendered, and the accompaniment, arranged by our talented organist, Mr. Alec Anderson, portrayed every shade of fooling therein, Including the chant- Ing of the (!r"gorlan Magnificat, the songs of augoli-i, and the pride, anger, sorrow and repentance of I he king, The Old ['.. M.," a bright popular ||( j fantasy, formed a pleasing contrast 'and was warmly rorelved. Mrs. (lilmore was ably assisted by I he Lyric orchestra, which, under the leadership of Mr. Robert I'liilleo, gave several selections. Mrs. Maud Stickney of LOH Angeles. who sang several solos, has a well- trained ami sweet soproua voice. Mrs. Ida Hitterihouae, room 6, Firm National Bank 131dg. First olnss dress making at reasonable prices, tf For Sale—Two-seated surrey, canopy top. Has been used very little. grocery. H Indiana and Ohio Live Stock Insurance Co. hifiiires live stock death from nny Rales reasonable. See Austin Warner, agent. tf For Hale—Span of steady work horiies, weighing L'500 pounds. Inquire of Frank Xicols, Covina Dairy. Phone 2038. C-l!) Fnr Sale — Xew potatoes. 2V£ miles southwest of Covina. R. C. Casad. Tel. 1128. 6-12p Alfalfa hay for sale. Philip Cogan, former Cook ranch, Walnut Center. Phone 3167. 6-12p VVm. Summers, tree pruner and 'bud- der, Covina. tf Small Incubator and brooder to trade at Hull's second-hand store. Parties wanting hay hauled call ij'p Willis Myers. Phone 3180, Covina.'642 "Wanted- 1104. -Milk customer. P hone 6-12 Millinery Sale at Miss Reckard's. All luitti and (lowers will be sold during the month of June at a discount of 20 per cent. New assortment of veiling just arrived. The Russian mesh, also mourning veiling by the yard. Auto scarfs and made up veils tho newest ide:>, si ml the kind that will wash. Hrunjes returned Mon- froir. a week's visit in A. I. Ui't-i/ lias sold 111.' K. fn-.v ]'!ar( ill' ten tuTt's near Oak for $ l.'!.."imi. Tl-c- pur> iiii C'lrtis. Tin 1 grn i! • M equally ill- and Y.ilom ias, Bright Girl Receives Appointment. Miss Alice llcpnor, daughter of | M rs. Minerva liopm*!', ;-. "i-ini'isii" I I'! 1 !'!:! (lit 1 I .os \IIKOJ.'ri Stall' Normal, this .summer, bus boon ai'.poiuu-ii ;; leaehor in llio Inglowood city schools. .Mi.-;s Mice is line of (ho very brightest siudentt! that liavo gone forth from the Covina High School. <•<! Notice of Dissolution. di'h. I,. Ii. Cniham, having |iurrlias- iho iH'his ami holdings in tho linn j Mor.iiay Mrs. John day evening Highland. Mr. and Mrs. Jasper IJakcr and family of (Jlendora were guests Wednesday of relatives in Covina. Mrs. Jane Mclnt.iro and daughter, Mrs. L. G. Fechter of Los Angeles, were week end guests at the homo of tho former's Hister-in-law, Mrs. C. 10. 1 lopner." Mi 1 , and Mrs. Frank Ehorsolo, Miss Alice llopnor and Mr. Daniel McVoy spent Sunday in Los Angeles, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. .1. S. Ktins. For Sale —A nlco gontlo driving pony, or pony buggy and harness, cheap. 1!:M East College street, Co- \ina. Itp W. .1. II. Mooro lias boon much relieved by favoriblo nous of the family of his brother, Dr. I 1 . II. Mooro, of Xophyr. Texas. Tho \vliole family has passed unscathed through the re- i out tornado, although thoi; 1 house I was wrecked. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Kc'ii. Shearer and i smis, Arthur anil Ho.v. M!» Ir^iie Hor- ICelli-, .•;;".;. '. (!. l''o. iiier. ,;i; of l.os . An^olos. anil Mr. C. II. .si;;ii;.)!i were j ciitei'tahu-il at llio homo of Mrs. llan- 1 nab (>'• erhoM/er on last Suinh'.y. Mr. Shearer, who was I lie .-ontrai-tor | builder of the I 1 . K. line 1)1 ween (.'o- vina and Los Angi-los, is now running ,t camp "I I't'iir tlmusaiitl men, who are Monday Afternoon Club. milliners, i:i tlu Ali;.'."leS t'l.llllt.N, owned bv Miss M iui'-khnldcrs mooting ol i Al'iornottn (Mill) was hold on aii'Tiiinm. Tho regular liiisi- tho moeiinj; was transaetod lillluuihl; Wel'o eloi'tl'd llll'i- 1 '- jilt work _> 'illlrl. Hcv. a Los Ai.i: Kln--r. M I':! Tu i'Y.u-u i: Owens river il Mrs. M. M. Ksheli-,!.tn of s were jiiU'Sl .1. \V Keefer. (lay e\ening, of Uii'ir ihis we> June s. I in i Mrs. oliol' \\ , M'e Services will be held In Holy Trinity Church tomorrow at 11 a.m. Rev. W. H. Dyer of Los Angeles will conduct the service. The other services \\ill be omitted. b CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Sunday School 9:45. Preaching by H. K. Ward 11. Junior 3. Intermediate arid Senior Endeavor 0:45. ion Baccalaureate service Presbyterian Church 7:45. cordially invited. PRESBYTERIAN'. Sunday-school, 0:4.". Preaching 11 | a.m. by pastor. Junior Endeavor, '•'>. \ Senior and Intermediate Endeavor, j 0:4">. At 7:45 the baccalaureate ser rnon will,ne preached. Prayer-meeting Thursday evening, 1:\~>. Special music morning ?nd evening. Paul G. Stevens, pastor. BAPTIST CHURCH. Sunday School 9:45. Preaching 11 a. m. by Rev. Perry. 7:4o p. m., Baccalaureate sermon in Presbyterian Church. Junior 3 p. rn. B. Y. P. U. 6:45. Subject, "Frances Wlllard." Leader, Miss Clark. Prayermeeting Wednesday evening, 7:45. Topic, "The Welcome and Protection of Children." Strangers and friends are cordially invited to these services. Rev. Gage, pastor. Cook With Gas You 'aro invited to call at our now office, 236 N. Citrus Avonno, and inspect our line of Stoves and Ranges Phone 106 when your gas is not working satisfactorily. Covina Valley Gas Co. 236 N. Citrus Hypnotist Entertainment. Prof. Caruthers gave a very interesting and instructive entertainment in tho Womans Club House last evening. His little talk on hypnotic influence and the perfect control he exer- cjsed over his subjects was ii revelation to the audience. This evening tho professor will devote part of his time to the revelation of various psychic phenomena. SOMETIMES you don't feel like starting a fire for Ihe noon-day or evening meal. Wouldn't dainty salads, coffee or chocolate and wholesome, delectable soups appeal to you instead of broiling yourself over the stove these hot days? Let us serve you with these things, or with ham or tongue sandwiches—all carefully prepared. » ICES ICE CREAMS.. _ M , FRUIT DRINKS . ,. . CANDIES We Have No Competitor in Light Lunch Menu. The Palace of Sweets TOWNSEND, PROPRIETOR Mr. and Mrs. W. P!. Broad well made a business trip to Hemet this week. A missionary tea was given Wednesday evening in the M. E. Church. A fair crowd was present. Mrs. B. L. Miller, president of the Queen Esther Circle of the Womana' Home and Foreign Missionary Society, and Mrs. Holmes, corresponding secretary of the Pasadena district, spoke in a pleasing manner of the work of the society. A cordial social hour followed. Throop Polytechnic Institute Located in Pasadena, the Most Beautiful City of California. Science, Arts, Industry. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ACADEMY—Technical and Literary. SHOP WORK FOR BOYS. HOME ECONOMICS FOR GIRLS. New campus of 20 acres. Send for catalogue. J. A. B. SCHERER, Ph.D., LL.D., President. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••iimnnHiiniRBiBi This Offer is Good Until July 3rd I 85.00 PRIZES S i READ THIS LIST: 1st—Ladies' Diamond Ring 2nd—17-Jewel Adjusted Watch .... (Gentlemen's Waltham, 16 size; will pass any railroad inspection) 3rd—California Turquoise Solid Gold Ring . $7.00 4th—Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen . $3.00 $40.00 $35.00 M m A CHANCE on any of the above premiums with every 10-cent cash purchase or for impairing. We ask you to call in and see these prizes, and if you find they are not as represented or that our prices on all goods and repairs are not right you can brand us as impostors. This offer commences today, Saturday, May 22, arid will run until July 3 at 6 p. m. S • Covina Jewelrv Co.! IS N M Bl M. WRIGHT, Manager Opposite Hotel Vendome Citrus Avenue, Covina BD it

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