Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 13, 1969 · Page 8
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 8

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1969
Page 8
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VETtNOff, ILLINOIS MONDAY, JTXUARY.13, 1969' Our JHeii In Service CONGRESS HOLDS HEARINGS ON NIXON CHOICES FT. SILL, OKLA. f AHTNC) — i Colll , w3r lat . t j cs Furthermore, Array Private Larry N. Frazier ; man of the instl . uctot . s ave Viet a, whose mother, Mrs. Mildred j nam vetorans themselves and G. Frazier, lives on North Park,, on to s1lIflents thoJr bene . ^^^f ^^ 1 ;L^°^!l t !l 1 ilt! fils fl ' om practical experience. His wife. Sandra, lives in the. Heights Addition, MeLeanshor'o. -o- -a- -o- basic field artillery (cannoneer) course at Ft. Sill, Okla., Dec 19. The eight week course, given st the U. S. Army Training; Center here, is the last phase j of instruction a soldier receives I ehita, Kansas before being assigned as a crewman in a field artillery unit. Training includes the use and care of artillery weapons — from heavy machine guns to howitzers — as well as ammunition handling and communications. Much of the training centers on preparation for combat in Vietnam. Thus trainees learn counterinsurgency and V i et Pvt. Charles McClure Jr., husband of Donna McClure of Wiand son —of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McClure of 1000 Welkins, spent leave with his parents in Wichita. He look his basic training in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.,, and spent some time at Fort Ord, | Calif. He is now stationed near. Stuttgard, Germany. • His address is: Pvt Charles McClure Jr., U. S. . 56594826, Hq. Btry. 3 Bn. 71st Atry., A PO New York 09154 -o- -o- TIIOMAS L. HARMON Thomas L. Harmon enlisted in the lis. .Marine' Corps Ja'n- , ufiry 3, 1969 and will leave for (.recruit training January 22. i Thomas is the^ son of Mr. and I Mrs:. Forrest .E. Harmon of 728 I j Dewey Ave., Ml. Vernon. j 1 Thomas is a 1968 graduate ['of Klston Sr. Sigh School, Mi| chiyah City, Indiana.- Tom at- j {ended Rend Lake Junior Col- 1 lege for one semester, j Thomas applied, for enlistment '•'in Ml. Vernon. Sgt. - - M-arvin | Hui'St', Marine Corps Recruiter, j for this area is at —the Jefferson j Go. Court House each Thursday ! at'1:00 p. m. , -o- -o- -o- • | Let os show you how to pay off those nagging bills— with one loan, one payment, sized to & your income. It's a pleasure to talk over money problems where, you're always No. 1 —never a six- figure computer number. SEE US FOR A DEBT CONSOLIDATION YOU'RE. ALWAYS' NUMBER ONE WITH US Payments In this ad.Jnetode principal Bad changes on loans » paid on schedule but do not include charge* for Credit Life or Accident nod Heattfe Insurance. CASH YOU MONTHIY " J40L" RECEIVE PAYMENT ' MO;: $ 300 $ 77.13 '2'4'' 500 27.22 24 1OO0 42.32 30 1500 63.49 30' 2500 92:35, 3500 104.94 48 5000 129.09 ; 60 •OFAMS'JRICA r MIFT* INC. Ground Floor of Rogers Building 1000 Main Mt. Vernon DARRELL QUICK, Manager Phone 242-0210 BILOXI, Miss. —Airman First Glass Charles E. Hiltibidal, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hiltibidal of R. R. 2, McLeans- bora, 111..' has' heen graduated from a U.- S. Air Force techni­ at Koesler AFB, Miss , He was trained as a radio repairman and ,li ?.s been assigned 1o a'' unit of the Tactical Air Command at Dyess AFB, Tex. • The airman, is a graduate of McLeansboi'o Township High School'-and attended Rend Lake Junior : College, Ml. Vernon, 111. His wife, Mary, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 'Archery R. Fairchild of 1301 S. 12th st., Mt. Vernon. j .. , -o- -o- -a- I .;" " ' • - • ['" 'TJANANG, • : VIETNAM — Ma- f'l'ine''Ccirporal Eddie R. Edi wards;' son of Mr. and Mrs. Frat-R. Edwards of 130Q S. 28th 'St., : Mt.: Vernon, 111., was awarded' 1bfc£orabat Airerewman In- ..signia/^vbjle serving, with Marine Mxjdium Helicopter Squad: ran 265, First Marine Aircraft tying in Vietnam. " The insignia is .awarded for opiT \pleting in excess- of 20 com- bst;, missions under the strike- flight j system in support of friendly forces. TjEie sqiiaclro'n flies' the CH-46 Sea;; Knight' helicopter. The aircraft is used to perform a wide variety of tasks, including troop lifts, movement of supplies, and medical evacuation missions. The squadron is based at the Marble Mountain Air Facility south of- Danang. MARION E. KARRIS ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Technical Sergeant Marion E. Farris, son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Farris, 300 E. Douglas, Fairfield, 111., has been awarded the Alaskan Air Command Educational Achievement Award at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska. Sergeant Farris was selected for the award for his accomplishments in the U. S. Air Force off- duly education program while assigned at Elmendorf. He has accumulated 50 semester hours at the University of Alaska with a grade point average of 3.36. ! The sergeant, who attended j Fairfield Community 1 High i School, is a computer opera! tor at Elmendorf. He is married to the former Marilyn Helton. -o- -o- -o- HOMESTEAD AIR FORCE BASE FLA. — Army Staff Sergeant Benjamin H. Nation, son (Continued From Page 6-A) conservationists w t h bird watchers. Knowing this the conservation-minded were already suspicious of Hickel, who as Interior Secretary would enforce conservation, and he all but. invited their opposition when he came to Washington last December for a "get-acquainted news conference. He said up public lands and preventing development of their resources or putting them aside for no special reason was not good practice. Nor, in some cases, was making water quality standards so strong as to endanger industrial development. And, he added, the domestic oil industry, particularly in Alaska with its new, rich North Slope field, must, be helped. With these comments in mind, along with Hickel's reaction to Secretary of Interior Steward Udall's order freezing all oil leases until native land claims are settled — "What Udall can do by executive order, I can undo" — a bloc of senators began planning thevr attack. Democrats Gaylrod Nelson, Frank Church, George S. Mc- Govem, and Lee Metcalf have said they'll demand that Hickel explain his views on subjects ranging from pollution control to mine safety. Privately they concede there are no grounds for denying him confirmation, and a Senate aide has said, "What these hearings may really turn out to be is a process of education for Mr. Hickel on the need for good con servation attitudes." The New England delegation led by Democrats Edmund S Muskie and Edward M. Kenne dy and Republican Edward W. of "Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Na- j Brooke, are expected to get tion Sr., Route 4, Fairfield, 111 recived the Bronze Star Medal Dec. .9 at Homestead Air Force Base, Fla. Sgt. Nation was presented the award for meritorious service in ground operations against hostile forces during his last assignment in Vietnam. A personnel sergeant in Head quarters Battery, 47th Artillery Brigade (Air Defense), he enter- red the Army in November 1965 more specific, questioning Hickel on his attitude to the proposed free trade zone at Machiasport, Maine. Hickel's attempts- to foster the i Alaska oil industry have led j them to suspect that he is too cozy iwth the major firms, most) of which arevehemently opposed to the Machiasport pro- j ject. At the moment, the project is awaiting approval of the Forand completed basic training at i eign Trade Board, but the next! Ft. Polk, La. He holds the Ar- step is Interior and by the time DOLLENS SHOE STORE JANUARY CLEARANCE SALE CONTINUES FURTHER my Commendation Medal. This unit, part of the nationwide U. S. Army Air Defense Command, piwides air defense .in the Miami area. The sergeant graduated in 1956 from Fairfield Community High School and attended Southern Illinois University, bondale. -o- -o- -o- HONOLULU - - Airman First Class Steven P. Kretzer, son of Mrs. Vernon W. Nance of Kell. 111., has helped the 61st Military Airlift Wing earn the U. S. Air Force Outstanding Unit Award. . Airman Kretzer, an aircraft mechanic at Hickam AFB, Hawaii, with a unit of the 61st it gets there, Hickel probably will be in charge. Oil industry opposition to the project is based on a large oil refinery which Occidental Petroleum Corp. plans to build in the zone and operate on Lybian oil. Before it can sell the refinery's Gar- 1 products in the United States, i (he Interior Department must grant it a share of oil import j quotas. The major firms fear, the plan would cut into their share of the oil quotas and undercut their prices in the New England market. Another Nixon appointment which drew some criticism on Capitol Hill, that of millionaire industrialist David Packard, to be under secretary of defense, will wear a distinctive ribbon i comes before the Armed Servas a permanent decoration. This 1 is the fifth time that the 61st has won the award. The- -wing, with headquarters at Hickam, and its many units located throughout the Pacific and Southeast Asia, are charged with the, Military Airlift Command's airlift responsibilities J Co. from Hawaii west to Pakistan, | the and Japan to Antarctica. To date the wing has amassed . more than 800,000 accident free flying hours, a record dat- ices Committee Tuesday, as | does that of his boss, Defense I Secretai'y - designate Melvin I Laird. Packard will testify in closed session where he is sure to be questioned abotu his plan to put his $300 million worth of stock in the * Hewlett-Packard — which does business with Pentagon — into a trust, with income and capital gains marked for charily. The Senate i in the past has required such \ millionaires as former Defense ing back to June 1956 which is I Secretary Robert S. McNamara unsurpassed by an military or- i to sell their stock holdings, but ganization. The airman is a graduate of Salem (111.) Community High School and attended Mt. Vernon (111.) Junior College. His wife, Janice, is the daughter - of Mr. and Mrs. Byford C. Dale Of Cherry street, Mt. Vernon. On Ladies' - Men's - Children's Shoes PANTY FIRST QUALITY Cannon Hose KNEE SOX Reg. $1.00 g<^£ HOSE 2 Pa 80* KNEE SOX Reg. $1.00 g<^£ $2.50 Value 2 Pa 80* $2.50 Value DANIEL GREEN LADIES HANDBAGS $199 House Shoes Reduced Up To 1 Values To $10 $^J88 ,$g )88 50% Packard has refused, arguing that for him to dump such a large sum on the market would and hurt other stockholders. A budding opposition to confirmation of Packard received what amounts to a killing blow last week when Mansfield said he didn't think appointed offi- -o- -o- -o- j cials should have to sell their AGANA, - Guam - - Mast e r j holdings so long as members of Sergeant Archie V. Green, bro- Congress weren't required to do tiier of Mrs. Edith LaMar, R. so. With Democrat Mansfield's R. 2, Fairfield, 111., has arrived support, Packards' appointment for duty at; Andersen AFB, i probably will encounter little Guam. i opposition. Sergeant Green, a flight en-; The appointment of J. Phil gineer, is a member of the Air; Campbell, Georgia's agricultur- Weather Service. He previously j al commissioner, to be under served at Forebs AFB, Kan. I secretary of agriculture isn't The sergeant, a 1950 graduate j scheduled to be considered by of Edwards County Senior high j the Senate this week. Campbell, school, Albion, 111., served dur- I who testified in opposition to a in -the-'Korean War. j 1967 Senate bill that eventually His wife, Betty, is the daugh- j became a law extending federal Dollens Shoe Store Southern Illinois Leading Shoe Store 1003 Broadway Mt. Vernon Phone 242*1046 ter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Orr, R. R. 3, Albion. -o- -o- -o- PLEIKU. VIETNAM — Army Private First Class Jerry A. Wylie, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dellos L. Wylie, 1125 W. Main St., Fairfield, 111., was assigned as a clerk typist with the 573rd Supply and Service Company near Pleiku, Vietnam, Nov. 26. SCHOOLS OPEN® DRIVE CAREFULLY meat . standards to packing plants doing in-state business, now will be responsible for enforcing the law. Sunday Campbell denied a charge by Rep. Neal Smith, D-Iowa, that his appointment amonuted to a victory for "the dirty meat people," over consumers. Campbell said, "That was a completely false thing spread by the news media. I said at the time that we were not opposed to it (the meat inspection law)." He added that he only opposed making inspection of packing plants a federal responsibility. NEWS BRIEF BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)Thomas P. Dowd, en 18-year-old college student, was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after a disturbance outside a nurses residence. A -judge dismissed the charges after Dowd explained in court that he was not "hollering" outside (tie residence. 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