Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1954
Page 4
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^w?\ r? HOP 6 STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS , Pfefertiayy II, icunced i Students of Hope ol were placed on the esier end 26 on the sec"A" honor rolls, as l,by JOB Amour, principal, for the "A 1 ' honor Uttttfeftt must make "A" in iject and have a minimum 1 points. The students on ss'ter hbnor roll are the fol- eni Charles Tittle, Bill „ sr WeJiver. Ernest eft, Barbara Harless, and alt. fibres: Wayne Johnson, MKkhardson, William Perk- |tfOfa Messer, Janet McKen- i.'..... Lewis, Dale Zinn r Gi^Graves, and Marion Me,_ r _. Patsy Calhoun, Jirftmy f&J'&Ouisc Fagan, Emogene 5 Gentry, John Taylor, y, Billye Williams, and White. Emilie Elder, Paula Lou Cornelius. Dana ham, and Judy Moses. , b',jiihe weeks "A" honor toll ^following: hhtehJ Charles Tittle, '.'Biil f**Delmer Weliver, Er$6st .Inland'Barbara Harless.' IbWores Wayne Johnson, ^•Richardson, William Perk- anpra Messer, Janet McKen" „• Lewis, Dole Zinn,'Billie ijlHicky Forster, and Lriura '•§c^ *' ' rafsi Tatsy Calhoun, Jimmy '-' * oul|e,, Fagan, Erftbgene '" Yt John Taylor,. -,- r ---, Paula .. , >u< Cornelius. jiejj 1 ?? 'students^ '^yho were o^the 'semest'ej,v5Merit Roll .tig' a minimum.,'grade of •atft subject and 1 retaining 80 honor points, the sen- r .i''5^4 had the largest num- ,/the fl weeks Merit Roll 91 l£places, with the juniors and pleading with 24 each, 'ei-it Rolls arfe as follow;;: r — Freshmen; Billy Joe Toni<* Thompson, Emma 'ollett.'Bonnie Tunis, Janelle j,",t.ybnd(^ Worthy, Rowena ;Jonn''Nlx. Jack Moran, Phil"•" - Vi Ann Hart, Myra Grish- e ' Garrett,, Virginia XFernell • Hartsfleld, Jerry Garcia jBowden, Safa Key, ; Ann 'Jones, , i'Alice Anthony,"Mar,_,...;' Don "Bailey, John ,frjda iBetts, Bill Bridgers, rtefj^, p atr j cia • DuPuy, ', Carolyn Hicks, Pat Moore, Irdnn Wright, Carol { Carolyn >Sprague, Ricky A^foe Polk, Marion Me- McRae, and Laura •s':,"i Jpdy May, Patsy Hollis, irnmons, Juanita' Gilbert, iBtshaw/Jack Keck, Shirley '/^Dorothy Whitten, -Jo Anne -Ida Adams, Sylvia Barnes, and Charles .„ (< -Brdwn, ,... 'jjyl&\ Brovyot'^oanne' Ens•^ Martha,' Carroll, Carolyn s 'Richardson 1 , 1 Fran, -jlen,. Jeans, Floye eld, Ke'nrielh Gu'illiam, Fran- 'Tiell, Ruby Sue Cornelius, •Nix Syble Shirley, Bobbie Jary.Lou Weaver, Joe Don Jalen May, , and Franco's i t ^Freshmen:, Billy Joe £y,K,!I0ni' Thompson', jEmmn - "' ^"lennie Tullis/Janelle - Jl> Worthy, 'Rowena x, Jack i Moran, ^ r j,o. Arm Hart, Myra ^9 'Garret, Virginia 1J Hartstield, Jerry * Bowden,.' Charles Ian Light; Wells Nutt, pe Horton, Donna Freeman, ;, and Billy Davis, ipmbres; , Alice Anthony, ";e°t Arjpjier Don Bailey, John OPERATION SHAPE-Parisian dancefr Gaby Bruyere is busy getting Into shape tor her next tour of th« U. S. She says American men "can't resist" her "French Figure"—curve- «otne thighs, high bosom,' and nilm waist. BEATS OWN DRUM-Princess Helen Highwater, a Cherokee Indian from Greenwood, Miss., the man says, is beating the drums for Princess Helen, New York fashion model. Mod-, el-come-lately Helen feels sure; agency photographers will beat i ; . a path to her door. | Davey Goes Against Art Aragon Tonight , LOS ANGELES (/P) — Ex- Calll- giah Chuck Davey, the idol of.the nation's television fans until Welterweight Champion Kid Gavian knocked him .out o£ the picture, iocs''bh without benefit of the TV cameras tonight against Los Angeles' Art Aragon. They meet at 10 rounds or, less, arid with all reserve seats sold out, Promoter Cnl Eaton confidently predicted a turnaway crowd _of more than 10,000 and gala receipts of around $00,000. Davey the 27-year-old degree holder from Michigan State College, is the man Aragon has been dying to meet evor since the self- styled Golden Boy saw Gavilan work Chuck over. Aragon is the 2-1 belting favorite and promised-to duplicate(Gav- jlan's stunt, only much quicker. Aragon has a record of 77 fight?. The list was padded well with setups/ particularly doinghis original rise to prominence and shows he has scored 40 victories by knockoots. lost 13 matihes • and drew in five. Insets survive where other crca- Lurcs cannot. Unlike most othdr forms -of life, insects go through no long periods of helpless infancy and old age, and wear their skeleton on the outside of their bodies, which affords them groat protection. ColoraAVdo became a state of the United States in 187G. Barr, Linda Belts, Bill Bridgers, Velora .Bright, Patricia DuPiiy, Janice Garrett, Carolyn Hicks, Pat Huckabee, Linda Moore, Irene Thornton, Richard Wright, Carol Steward Carolyn Sprague, Evelyn Adams, Ginanne Graves, Kay Ray, Jo Ann-White, and Margie Vickers, Juniors: Judy May, Palsy Hoi- Us, Judy Hammons Juanita Gilbert Diane Latshaw, Jack Keck, Shirley Wilson, Dorothy Whitten, Jo Anne Russell, Mary Ida Adams, Sylvia Arnold, James Barnes, Charles Bright, Sylvia Payne, Lurlehe White, Autry Hatfield, Pansy Ellis, Carolyn Long, Marjorie Whatley, June Willett, Janelle Yocom, Vivian Ross, Danita Rosve, and Melba Sinclair. Seniors: Deloys Rateliff, Gary Rateliff, Millie Brown, Janette Barr, Lyla Brown, Joanne Ensminger, Martha Carroll, Carolyn Coffee, Betty Burroughs, Billie Bakor, Marjorie Richardson, Frances Nash, Helen Jeans, Floye Hartsfield, Kenneth Guilliam, Frances Mitchell, Ruby Sue Cornelius, Wanzell Nix,. Syble Shirley, Dana Cunningham, Don Easterling, and Judy Moses.. CITY MARKET WALNUT DIAL 7-4324 LOGNA and CRACKERS FREE ALL DAY Bones Lb, Lb. Mixed Sausage Lb. Beef Roast Lb. w Meat The Negro Community By Helen Turned Phons 7-5830 Of bring itsms to Miss Turn»f •t Hick* Funeral Home Ml-, and Mrs. Walter Jackson had as dinner guests Sunday, February 14 Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Owens' Mrs. Snow Jones and Mrs. Erie Bell Jones. ;•, : The Harmony Five Gospel,.Singers of Hot Springs will give a musical program at the Harmony CME Church at Saratoga Sunday, February 28, at 3 p,. m. sponsored'by Miss Dartha Fae Walker. All members of the Christian Be- novelent are asked to meet'Satur- day, February 20, at the tegular meeting place. This is the! first meeting this year. Please bo on time at 10:00 a. m. C. G. Carmichael is president. HONORING THE CHIEF- The German Federal Post Office will soon issue a new series of stamps bearing the profile of West Germany's President Theodor Heuss, In commemoration of his 70th birthday. The new issues will replace the present series featuring a postal horn. Boyle Funeral services for John Jamison were held Wednesday, February 17, in tho Chapel with Hicks Funeral Home in charge. The Rev. Velma Louclermilk will, preach at Rising Star Baptist Church Sunday, February 21, at 11 a. m. The public is invited. There will be a "Talent" program at BeeBce Memorial CME Church Sunday night, February 21. Valious quartets will be present. The public is invited. ' Nelson-Hill Post No. 427 of the American Legion met at Hicks Funeral Home Tuesday night, February 9, with Post Commander C. G. armicheal, presiding. The meet ing was well attended. R. J. Hicks reported that schools in this county will select contestants to part- icipole in the oratory Contest that tne Stale organization will sponsor. Plans to buy Post Colors were decided upon as follows: The membership will be divided into groups of three, and each group is asked to raise $10.00 Raymond Williamson suggested, that members cleam up the grounds around the "Hut." Plans to organize and sponsor baseball and softball teams, were discussed. This discussion was ngt completed. The musk ox lo the Arctic is not a real ox, but a member of the sheep family. ; Continued from Page One let whisky within 10 rriinutes. Anybody who wants it can get it. The supply equals the demand." Heymsfeld said that:the distilled spirits industry paid $1,840,850,630 in federal and state taxes in 1953, roughly $13.25 a gallon, but that the government spent less than six-tenths of one per cent of this renveue lo enforce the liquor laws. "Most bootleggers get suspended sentences," he added. "Only a third are sent to jail. The courts simply aren't doing the job.' "Curously teh govenrrient concentrates its campaign against bootlegging in the southern states, but the bootleg industry actually is flourishing in every, section of the country. , "They seize 20,00 stills a year| but the amount of bootlegging isn't going down. We .say it's increasing."' Heymsfeld thinks bootlegging could be cut clown if the taxes on legal liquor were lowered, thus permitting it to be sold more cheaply. But ho doesn't believe there is much real prospect of getting the taxes lowered. "The only way left to meet the moonshine menace is by stricter enforcement," he said. "We are considering setting up a number | of pilot operations in which, in cooperation with government officials, the .liquor industry..can -protect itself agaipst bootleggers, just Carlhage had about a million inhazitants as its peak, about three centuries B. C. BUSH'S WHITE HOMINY HUNT'S TOMATO JUICE GODCHAUX SUGAR PETMILK 5 Large Cans 67c GOOD GRADE OLEO Lbs. LARGE COUNTRY FRESH EGGS Dozen 55c REGULAR 29c RUBBING ALCOHOL Only 19c FRUITS AND VEGETABLES PET MILK SUPPLIES EXTRA VITAMIN D 1 SUNKIST LEMONS RED EMPEROR GRAPES „ OQ r DOZ. Ma* 7 \* Lb IOC NICE YELLOW RIPE BANANAS 2 GREEN HARD HEAD CABBAGE ^ 25c Lb. 3c < AUNT JEMIMA DELICIOUS PANCAKES; IN OUR STORE ALL DAY MARCH 20 Shop our store this Week-end and Save! SPECIALS IN OUR MARKET All Meat Mi*ed Sausage 3 Lts 89c Good .Fresh Calf Liver 39c Lb. Fresh Dressed Fat Hens 39e Lb. Good Brisket or Rib Stew Meat 25c Lb. Chuck Beef Roast 29c Lb. Lb. Fresh Buffalo FISH , 49c BARRY GIQCERY and MARKFT 111 South Main We Deliver Phone 7-4404 Consumption of Cotton Is Up WASHINGtOM (/fl — If world construction oi cotton continues at its present pace, it could lead to an increase in exports of U. S. cotton the internation Cotton Advisory Commcttee said yesterday. The committee said countries of the free world are using about five per cent more cotton than (hey did at this time a year ago and comsumptioh may well ap- French the record volume used dui- ing the 1950-51 season. However consumpltion in this county was said lo be running nearly seven per cent below a year ago. all the worries, while the bootleggers ducks the taxes and reaps the big profits. IN NEW POST-Mrs. Robert P. Patterson, widow of the late Secretary of War, is a new trustee of the International Social Service, a world-wide organization with an American branch in New York City. Founded in 1924, the organization maintains consultative status with the UN's Economic and Social Council, and offers social services to people here and abroad. protect themselves." He wouldn't go into the deatils of his program, but he was hopping made. Ho left no doubt that the legal liquor industry is tired oC as banks hire Pinkerton guards to paying all the taxes and taking Choose the MAYTAG automatic! • Cltnntil tl»lh» • Oyrolcpm w«lh- ing nciicn Built for many extra year* of trouble-free performance. low dtwi paymtnl Liberal IfadfiM Lehman Auto Supply 2158. Mairi, Hope, Phone 7-2731 Call or Write Perry Henley for home demonstration Penney Qu; -'' * - " ' is youir greatest saving! JUST IN TIME FOR THE SEASON AHEAD! A PRACTICAL UTILITY DRESS IN THE NAUTBCAL MANNER White nautical trims on long-wearing denim chambray! Sanforized for perfect fit! Available now in either blue or brown in sizes 10 to 20. 6. A PERFECTLY FLATTERING LITTLE SUNBACK FASHION Available now in fashion right denim chambray! The wide col|o r buttons on to give you two separate fashions! In blue or brown! Sizes 10 to 20! 6.90 Now In Girl's Sizes! PRACTICAL Denim Chambray Exactly like the two styles pictured! Perfect for Mother- Dgughter Ensembles! Blue or brown! Sizes. 7 to 14. .

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