Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 24, 1974 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1974
Page 9
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* September 24, int4 HOPE (ARK.) STAR Page Nine LEGAL NOTICE serving in the Arkansas House of Representatives and Arkansas" Senate as provided by the Constitution of the State of Arkansas; (b> the term "Executive Officers" LEGAL NOTICE , ';\s used herein shairbe defined as oanPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL "iose officers of the Executive De- AMENDMENt # 55 paHmeht ol this State as defined by mefcrred'to it* People by A* General toeConstltntlon of the State of At- A f-rnbly to be voted upon at the General Election on November 5, 1974) (Populaf Name) t EGiSLAtlVE ANt> EXECUTIVE COMPENSATION COMMISSION (Ballot Title) SECTION 8. It is unlawful for any member of the Commission created herein to use or attempt to use his position on the Commission to exert aiiy influence ott any member or members of the General Assembly or any Executive Of- fieer, ami any member of the Commission violating the provisions ol'this Section shall be guilty FOR A PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT ES- . , . „ TABLlSHlNG A LEGISLATIVE '» a misdemeanor and upon con- IQlJ EXECUTIVE OFFICERS' vk-tion shall be imprisoned lor not rnVIPENSATION COMMIS- uiore than six (6) months or lined «ii>N AND PRESCRIBING THE "<>! umre than ten thousand dollars AUTHORITY AND RESPONSl- (S10 ()()()) or both, nil ITYOFTHE COMMISSION. Hied in the Office of Secretary BE IT RESOLVED by the House "' State on April 10 1973 of Representatives of the State KELLY BRYANT of'Arkansas, and by the Senate, a majority of all members elected to eiich house agreeing thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution ol'the State of Arkansas and upon being submitted to tin- electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for representatives Secretary of Stale State of Arkansas LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL „ . AMENDMENT # 54 and senators, if a majority ol the (Referred to the People by the electors voting thereon at such an General Assembly to be voted election, adopt such amendment, upon a , the General Election on the same shall become a part o the November 5, 1974) Constitution <>' the State of Arkansas to wit': (Popular Name) SECTION 1. There is hereby created the Legislative and Executive O Ulcers' Compensation Commission which shall be com- STATE PRINTING CONTRACTS (Ballot Title) niVsed'oi' seven (7) members, four PROPOSING AN AMENDMENT J) () f whom shall be appointed by TO THE CONSTITUTION RE- h- Chief Justice of the Arkansas QUIRING COMPETITIVE BID-• • ' •' "" " DING IN THE PURCHASE OF PRINTING, STATIONERY, AND SUPPLIES. BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Arkansas, and by the House of Representatives, a majority of all the members elected to each house agreeing thereto: \~i <-,„. . ., • r That the following is hereby years, two (2) serving for terms of proposet i as 1U1 amendment to the six (fi) years and one (1) serving lor Constitution of the State of Arkan- aterm (il seven (7) years. No person an(] „ heinK su | )nl j t ted to slmll be.appointed to the Commis- the e | ectors O f t ] le state for ap- Siiprt'inc Court and three (3) of whom shall be appointed by the Governor. Members of the Commission shall he appointed for terms ol'seven (7) years except that tin. 1 members first appointed shall draw lots for their respective terms with two (2) of such members serv- inj! for terms of two (2) years, two (2) serving for terms of four (4) sion unless such person is a mial- ified elector of the State of Arkansas. Nn person shall be appointed to or continue- to serve on the Commission who is related to any member of tin- Arkansas General Assemhly or any Executive Officer of tin- State within the second degree nl'consanguinity or affinity, or who is an official or cmpjoyee of the State ul Arkansas or of any department or agcnev of the State or of any political subdivision of the State or of any school district in the State. Membership of the Commission shall be broadly representative ol'the citi/ons of this State and no more than two (2) members of the Commission shall be residents of tin- same congressional district, SECTION 2. The Commission shall be appointed ami shall hold its first meeting within thirty (30) days after the effective date ofthis amendment. The Commission shall, at the first meeting, select a chairman ol 'the Commission who shiill 'serve' fur a term of two (2) years. The Commission may meet at such times and for such periods of lime as it shall deem necessary to properly curry out its (unctions anil duties but in uneven) shall the Commission meet more than thirlx (.')()) days during au> biennial period, l-'our (-4) members nl the Commission shall constitute a iiminun for conducting busiue.ss of tne'Coiiimission and no action shall be taken by the Commission except upon concurrence of a majority of the members ol the Commission. SECTION 3. The members of the Commission shall receive such per diem as may be prescribed by law for each day actually engaged in carrying out the business of the Commission and in addition thereto shall be entitled to receive their actual and necessary; expenses incurred in the performance of their duties, including mileage at the rate provided for public employees. SECTION 4. The Commission shall review the laws and the constitutional provisions regarding compensation and expense allowances for members of the General .Assembly and Executive Officers- prior to the 1975 Regular Session of the General Assembly and each four (4) years thereafter and shall, within twenty (20) days after the beginning of the Regular Session of the General Assembly in 1975 and within twenty (20) days after the beginning of the Regular Ses- .sion in each fourth year thereafter, submit its recommendations to the General Assembly regarding the compensation and other allowances of the General Assembly and the Executive Officers. The General Assembly may by law either accept the recommendations of the Commission or may reject or re- dace the compensation and allowances recommended by the Commission but the General Assembly shall have no authority to increase the compensation and allowances recommended by the Commission. The compensation and allowances enacted by the General Assembly pursuant to the recommendations of the Commission as to Legislative Officers shall take effect on January 31 next following the first biennial General Election after flu- law' establishing such compensation and allowances becomes ef- proval or rejection at the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon at such election, adopt such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. The printing, stationery, and supplies purchased by the General Assembly and other departments of government shall be under contracts given to the lowest responsible bidder, below such maximum price and under such regulations as shall be prescribed 7>y law. No member or officer of any department of government shall in any way be interested in such contracts. SECTION 2. Section 15 of Article 19 ol'the Constitution of the State of Arkansas is hereby repealed. Filed in the Office of the Secretary of State on April 5, 1973. ! KELLY BRYANT Secretary of State State of Arkansas News Briefs BOSTON (AP) — Michael Tilson Thomas, the main guest conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, has resigned his post. Thomas, 29, served as assistant conductor of the orchestra and as music director of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra's young people's concerts and as music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. A Boston Symphony spokesman, who announced Thomas' resignation on Monday, said Thomas would continue to conduct some concerts for the orchestra. But the spokesman said Thomas wanted more time for his other activities. NEW YORK (AP) — Cher Bono, whose "Sonny and Cher" television show and her marriage ended almost in the same stroke, will star in her own weekly variety series next fall. A CBS spokesman announced Monday that Cher has been signed to a contract for a one- hour special in February and a regular variety show starting in the fall of 1975. Contract details weren't made public. CBS canceled the "Sonny and Cher" show last spring after Cher's marriage to Sonny Bono broke up. Her former husband variety already has his own an.dastuEwcutiye()nicers. sn ow, which premiered last shall take effect on such date as is g^^day O n ABC. specified by law. The provisions of such law with respect to the compensation and allowances of mem- Mpw YORK (AP) — Pollster hers of the General Assembly and lxlj " v Amm-ir-an* Executive Officers shall continue Louis Harris says. Americans in force until a revision thereof is approve of the House of Repre- recomiHended by the Commis.sion genitives' handling of inland enacted by the General Assembly. SECTION 6. In no event shall the compensation and allowances of members of the General Assem- hly or Executive Officers be less than the compensation and allowances provided the members of the General Assembly prior to ratification of this constitutional amendment. SECTION 7. (a) The terms "Legislative Officers" and "Members of the General Assembly as used herein shall be defined as those persons duly elected and ^•••••••••^—11 30th Annual Third District LSvesteek Shaw and Redee HdPfi,.ARKANSAS September 23*29 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS TUESDAY 9:00 a.m. 11:00 a.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 9:00 p.m. F.F.At Day Sonny Meyers' Show F.F.A. Jamboree Mel Tillis Concert Mel Tillis Concert WEDNESDAY 9:30 a.m. Women's Day 6:00 p.m. Sonny Meyers* Show 8:00 p.m. Little Britches Bull Riding THURSDAY 9:00 a.m. Swine judging 1:30 p.m. School Day Sheep Judging Rodeo 2:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. FRIDAY 9:00 a.m. 1:30 p.m. 8:00 p.'tn. Open Beef Judging Steer Judging Rodeo • Junior Beef SATURDAY 10:00 a.m. Barrow, Lamb & Fat Calf Sale 10:00 a.m. Sonny Meyers' Show 1 -.00 p.m. Talent Show — Junior and Senior Talent— Square Dancing (FREE) Rodeo 8:00 p.m. SUNDAY 9:00 a.m. Quarter Horse Show JNixpn reported tired and depressed I , ftieoAknttrf*. slihMftrl into the would undefgo psychiaifi Hurricane refugees seek food, clothing TOCOA, Honduras (AP) — The floodwaters from Hurricane Fifi are subsiding and countless hundreds have left their refuges in trees and on rooftops in the Aguan valley of northeast Honduras. Now they are flocking to refugee centers looking for food and clothing. Several hundred are sleeping on the classroom floors of a school in this smalltown in the heart of the valley. They have powdered milk for their babies and a few local grapefruit that survived the storm. But food and clothing have not arrived, and there are no blankets for the sleepers. "We are all dying of hun- ' ger," said Ophelia Perez, who escaped from Fifi's neck-high water with only the mud-splattered, ragged dress on her back. "When is help coming? Look at my son, he has no clothes. We have lost everything." Though the banana plantations in the Aguan Valley and the neighboring Ulua Valley were extensively damaged, officials said casualties around Tocoa were very light. But the government late Monday night raised the official estimate of the total dead in northeast Honduras to between 7,500 and 8,000. Military officials in the dev- astated San Pedro Sula-Choloma area in the heart of the Ulua Valley estimate between 5,000 and 6,000 bodies have been burned or buried. John Taylor of Boston, an executive of United Brands, one of the country's two major banana producers, said the crop was almost completely destroyed. Others put the loss at about $500 million and said it would take at least two years to rebuild the plantations. Finance Minister Manuel Acosta Bonilla told a news conference in Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital, the official estimate of the damage done by Fifi's rampage last Thursday night was $900 million, half the estimate given Sunday by Col. Ruben Villanueva, the chief relief officer in the San Pedro Sula-Choloma area. The colonel said later that while he used the term dollars, he was actually speaking of Honduran lempiras, each worth 50 cents. President Oswaldo Lopez Arellano announced that an emergency committee was being set up to study the problem of rehabilitation. Foreign Minister Cesa A. Batres said all hemispheric foreign ministers in New York for the United Nations General Assembly would meet today to discuss the Honduran disaster. Crop-killing frost moving eastward peachment by a 59-37 per cent margin. But when Harris' organization earlier this month polled 1,527 households across the nation on three economic issues — keeping the economy healthy, controlling inflation and handling taxes and spending — at least 80 per cent of the respondents voiced disapproval of Congress. By The Associated Press The crop-killing frost that hit the Midwest moved eastward today, and more rain fell on the already soaked southern Plains. Frost and freeze warnings were out overnight from western Virginia to Maine. Cold, clear air extended into the Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi Valleys. Agriculture officials in the Midwest estimated the early freeze there Sunday and Monday may have cut up to 200 million bushels off a corn crop estimated recently at 5 billion bushels. And the losses to projected soybean production could run twice as high, they said. Extensive flash flooding still plagued Southwest Texas and Southeast New Mexico, where rain has fallen for days. Showers were scattered from the southern Plains to Florida. Summer lingered west of the Rockies. Sacramento, Calif., had its 1st day of above-90-degree weather Monday, setting a record for the month. Temperatures before dawn ranged from 26 at Bradford, Pa., to 85 at Needles, Calif. Some other reports: Anchorage 46 light rain, Atlanta 56 clear, Boston 42 clear, Buffalo 39 clear, Chicago 51 partly cloudy, Cincinnati 40 clear, Cleveland 38 clear, Dallas 58 cloudy, Denver 55 clear, Dallas 58 cloudy, Denver 55 clear, Detroit 39 clear, Honolulu 73 clear, Indianapolis 41 clear, Kansas City 53 clear, Los Angeles 64 clear, Louisville 46 clear, Miami 77 clear, Minneapolis-St. Paul 60 cloudy, Nashville 45 clear, Philadelphia 43 clear, Phoenix 77 clear, Pittsburgh 37 clear, St. Louis 46 clear, San Francisco 53 clear, Seattle 66 clear, Washington 48 clear. , LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP)- Fofrrtef President Richard M. Nixon, reportedly feeling de- press'ed and fatigued, will be hospitalized at least a week for "extensive tests and treatment" of phlebitis. His face described as pale, Nixon checked into Memorial Hospital Medical Center of Long Beach through a rear entrance on Monday. The former president's physician, Dr. John C, Lungrefl, said Nixon would be there for at least seven Cemetery thieves go offer vases MILWAUKEE (AP) - Cemeteries, long the playground of juvenile vandals, have become the latest target for professional thieves. The FBI and cemetery operators say thieves are after the bronze vases which hold flowers over thousands of graves in cemeteries across the nation. The vases, which weigh about three pounds each, are sold to scrap meial dealers for the cur- reni Koing rale for bronze, up LO $1 a pound. Robert Toson of suburban Milwaukee's Pinelawn Memorial Park said thieves recently made off with 802 grave vases. He said the vases, probably sold for about $2,400 by the thieves, would cost about $21,000 to replace, at wholesale prices. Spokesmen for two of the nation's largest bronze vase manufacturers, Matthews Bronze Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa., and Gorham Bronze Co. of Providence, R. I., say, however, that they are making replacements for stolen vases free of charge. Toson said the loss of the vases, which carry retail price lags of $50 to $75, is causing concern among relatives who bought vases. He said the cemetery thieves generally find the profits high and the risks relatively low in stealing the vases late at night in quiet, unpatrolled cemeteries. A spokesman for the FBI office here said the agency is investigating interstate shipment of stolen vases. He said cemeteries around the country have been hit, with the most robberies in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Richard Kauppinen of Beloit, president of the Wisconsin Cemetery Association, said police in some areas are being asked to give more attention to cemeteries on their night patrols, but most cemetery managers fear publicity will only spark more thefts and vandalism. However, the American Cemetery magazine, an industry publication in New York, says only 69 arrests resulting in 35 convictions were recorded nationwide for 3,500 cemetery thefts reported in the last five years. The highest price ever paid for an orchid is $6,000 paid by Baron Schroder to Sanders of St. Albans for an Odontoglos- sum crispum at an auction by Protheroe & Morris of Bow Lane, London, England, on March 22, 1906. The English language contains about 490,000 words, plus another 300,000 technical terms, which is the most in any language. days. Lungren refused, however, to provide specifics on the treatment Nixoft will receive for the painful ailment which has afflicted his left leg. General plans call for Nixon to receive anticoagulant drugs in an effort to dissolve two blood clots now resting in the area of his left thigh. Such treatment also is designed to prevent the clots from breaking loose and moving through the blood stream to the lungs or heart, whf-re they could cause death. Lungren did set down tight ground rules for public information on Nixon's hospitalization: Written reports will be issued at noon each day, and every word will be cleared in advance by the former president. Lungren told newsmen after Nixon, his wife, Pat, and his youngest daughter, Julie Nixon Pentagon seeks new mobilization power WASHINGTON (AP) - The Pentagon is preparing to ask Congress for new power to mobilize up to 50,000 National Guardsmen and reservists without a declaration of national emergency. Officials said the aim is to enable the government to call up reserve forces for help in such situations as last fall's urgent supply airlift to Israel. A handful of Air Force reservists took part in that airlift as volunteers. Under present law, the President cannot muster guardsmen or reservists for any military purpose unless either he or the Congress has declared a national emergency. New legislation, now being drafted, would authorize the President or the secretary of defense to mobilize guard-reserve units totaling up to 50,000 Eisenhower, slipped into hospital that he had examined the former pf esident and found "evidence of physical fatigue." Luhgrefij an expert in heart trouble and internal medicine who has lo«g been Nixon's personal doctor, offered no prognosis. The doctor said he had ordered "exhaustive studies to find the causative agent of the illness." A further nonmedical report on Nixon came from Ronald A. Ziegler, who served as Nixon's press secretary at the White House and is now the ex-president's chief aide. "The phlebitis and the events of the last 45 days have caused him to not be in good spirits, to at times be low in his frame of mind," Ziegler told newsmen. "His mind, though, is very acute." Ziegler responded with a flat "No" when asked if Nixon undergo psychiatric cafe. "He feels as anyone would feel after experiencing a great and severe loss," Ziegler said when pressed about Nixon's mental health, "His discussions with me have sometimes been reflective and sometimes directed toward the future." Ziegler also denied Nixon had entered into the hospital as a means of avoiding both defense and prosecution subpoenas to testify at the Watergate cover- up trial of six former administration and re-election campaign aides. The trial is scheduled to open in Washington on Tuesday. . Ziegler said a report by Dr. Walter Tkach, Nixon's former White House physician, that Nixon feared that if he were hospitalized he would "never come out alive" came during "a period during which the former president was in a lull." men at any one time for a maximum of 90 days without formal proclamation of emergency. William K. Brehm, the Pentagon's manpower chief, told a National Guard association meeting in Puerto Rico on Monday that defense officials would prefer to use volunteers "for smaller emergencies whenever and wherever possible." But, Brehm said, "there can be instances when we will need selected units of the guard and reserve quickly to protect the national interest." The new legislation is one more step in a growing Pentagon effort to mesh the more than 900,000 men in the Selected Reserve with the regular forces so they will be ready for early deployment and combat -in a crisis. 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