Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 8, 1944 · Page 19
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 8, 1944
Page 19
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MBSUNDAY OCTOBER 8, 1944 commits -the unfor- - '' ' Salic** 1 jweerchlefs were od|i- Slltl6s »ivabl« faux 'pas- ' "Blbonffir; Hailed 4 <Hit" Best Slage Offering of Its Kind, Say»;Griticf Singe Smash 'Hit of "Oklahoma" By . : Associated- Press Drama Editor New York, Oct.- 7 C/P) — "Blciome'r Girl," John O.-'-Wllson's'Thursday night addition 'to , the .Broadway musical scene, wound up. this critic's week' In wonderfully satisfying fashion. Earlier 'there had been -& brace .of theatrical thuds. Then followed a pleasantly attractive comedy by Rose Pranken, at- i ter which—well, ."Bloomer Qirl" I had the first night customers ar- I gulng whether or not it could bo as good as its other 44th Street neighbor, "OklahomaI" ' There. Is fiimilarity.' between the I two. Each -touches approximately the same period in. American his• tory, although., iri different parts of the country; Several • .featured players ' of "Bloomer' Girl" first i pranced through ."Oklahoma!" "The I same fellows fashioned the scenery i and costumes in both productions and Agnes DeMllle designed some i splendid choreography for both. Background : of • Hoop- Skirt* Celeste Holm and Joan McCrack- initlal'suc provea_yiR^j.QBir imuai r 'suc- . In "Oklahoma i;> was no l sud- j den pan-flash. Both are excellent, I but Miss McOraoken appears 'to. be [the single smash hit of the show. j The - music by Harold Arlen and I lyrics by E. Y. Harburg are un- I questionably good. I The book-- is the 1 ' weakest point, I but not so bothersome as to mud- Idle things to any length. It coh- jccrns Dolly Bloomer and feminine I emancipation from. the. distaff hor- jror of the times: hoop skirts. Dolly Bloomer's brother Is Llnda, Darnell in a costume she wears in a'new film based an the life an* times of John L, Sullivan. {manufacturer of bothersome circlets. He is trying. to combine he marriage of his youngest daugh- er—Miss. Holm—with acquisition of v salesman for the southern territory. There is much .good-natured concern with manners of the time and resentment both for and against bloomers. When the book remains on such a frothy plane everything bounces along nicely. When socia consciousness blunders In with overly-much to-do about the' Olvi A GRACE M. FISHER THEATRE Wed, Oct. 11 w Stor of th* CBS Gay Nmtfi.s Program 20 AftmTS ALL. IN PERSON H*or Jo* Howard do his great hits ALL IN PERSON Cumberland Concert Association T 944-45 SEASON MONA BRADFORD, Contralto : Tussdey, November 14 Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra " FABJEN SEVITZKY, Conducting Thursday, De«emb«r 7 BALLET RUSSE de MONTE CARLO Gre»<«it Stars — Complefe Company — Symj/iony Orchestra Thursday, February 75 EGON PETRI, Pianist Oreit't Dutch Master Monday, March 19 FORT HILL HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM, 8:30 P. M, Adult 9«u«n Ticket fS.M ' Stt«lint HeMan Ticket J2.00 PttttU T«. |.M F.der.l T»» ]. M If <ftt koust tttli out to season ticket holdeis, thert *itl be no indiridual seat sate. Snton Tickeff On Salt Oc«ofc*r 2 Through October 14 «Mrf<»«ff»r« \_ J» laliim^t St. (fjtemac W)io» Co.) PHOWI 446S — Mall Orders Prompfly Filled " . Mok« Check! r>y<rbl« fo Cumb«rlond Concert Association NINETEEN:, , *parklityr?f«6a i :• .'•'••:' Go** 'tor Y«*r' 'tit -.. Players : • include -i-Dooley '' ; Wiison. pianist ' or;- the = film. ^'Casablanca';" David ; Brook«; -Margaret Douglass, ; M»tt Mabel Tmlialerro. ' . Tlie bw* ,wii".bM«d .pa' ih« : play, by Luith and Don Jamet. Ru9«tU Bennett Ha«. added •tp : hl8-*lr«*dy ' Idtfcy muMcal stature with brlehtly' <Us- tlnctlye .orchftrtratlons. E. Y; Harburg's ' staging is deft and imaginative, particularly the "Sunday : in Cicero-Palls" scene.' '- -'••;'All in. all, 1 it ; Is -a; welcome addition ,to :. Broadway. It ^ihould be around a year, 'at least. ; : - : . -The, first : ' breather : ;afiorded ' critics during the by a gay, tender, heartenlngly superior comedy, "Soldier's Wife," which opened Wednesday at the John. Golden theater^ It was written by Rose FranVten, absent from the Broadway .play shops since 1941 when her-"Claudia" "started out to become a national theatrical en- thuslasfao. Two Pranken flops between "Claudia" and "Soldier's Wife" indicated the authoress had been trying too intensely to. write socially conscious drama. Certainly " "Soldier's .Wife", which , is. cut from the same brightly witty and warm dramaturgical plaid as "Olaudia" seta more neatly on Miss Franken's shoulders.. , "Soldier's Wife" is not the wartime play tne - title might imply. It is concerned primarily with the continuing relationship of a young couple after the husband returns from war to find that his once-re- sourceless wife has taken on all the household problems, has had a baby and has, through necessity and considerable heartbreak, made herself into a nearly. self-sufficient human. Added complications creep in when-the wife discovers she inadvertently has .written *, best seller In the letters to her husband while he is in the South Pacific. Not for a second does anyone believe things won't come out all right for the youngsters Involved. The major complaint -. might be that the p)ay as a whole contains the slick-paper patness of M'ss Prank- en's magazine stories. others nay carp about its failure to probe Into general problems . of returned soldier: husbands; Just the same Miss Pranken has taken a bright ^n to a particular problem and has njected good humor, sparkling dla- ogue which only Infrequently sags, workmanlike cast all by herself. Out Of The Fashion Pan .By EadklNE JOHNSON ; NBA- Stiff : Correspondent • Hollywood's : No;:, 1 wolf (Ah-o-o d^o-o-o). bared his twth today an bristled m'do/ense of vbat he callet the 'rao«t- malign.- ed --. character modern lady. Jean Neffiile*c« "He ts definitely'not a heel.". Having cornered fllckervill wolf, we figured we might as we let him have his say. After all adles who speak 'derisively of th Hollywood wolves continue to ac cept their invitations. By the way of Introduction^Jea (Ah-o-o-o-o-o-o-) Neguiesco.. cm quite »T swath .in the nooturna scene of Hollywood and in the glar of day as well. By day he la Warner Bros.' to director at the moment. He'meg phoned '."Hie Mask of-Dimitrios Just completed 'The 'Conspirators with Hedy Lamarr and Paul Hen reid, and now he's working on th fllm "Nobody lives Forever," ii which actor John Garfleld stars. When the light go on along th night club strip, Neguiesco is bon New York, October 1 — Current 'vents la the fashion field reach nto many activities of interest to women. New York fashion and the subject of creative .style now faces he crucial test of competition with Jie old maestro—the Paris influ- nce. Reporter*, therefore, flocked to the showing; of the Malnbocher ollectlon of fail and winter clothes with eager anticipation of »eelng n extravagant and dramatic pre- ivar expression of the mode. Main- boeher proved--to be in complete sympathy with the immediate needs of American women and played down extravagance to emphasize simplicity and beauty of line. Infantry Blue It ' was a touching gesture of thought on the part of this designer of Parisian fame to include a new color in deference to the United Statea Infantry. "Ladles, I give you Infantry Blue," he said,'Introducing * subtle shade of gray blue that will doubtless set & color preference this coming season. While the present dress. collections are full of blue, there 'is a definite feeling that infantry Blue will gftm ni Rny mends for sentimental reasons alone. General wear street and sports clothes featuring Infantry Blue are already in the making Infantry Blue Celanese Jersey blouses and sports dresses will be amonb the first to 1 reach the stores for fall and southern wear. Fashion In Pastels One of th* nicest exhibitions to appear here in a long time Is devoted .to pastel portraits of children Executed by th« talented portrait artist, Zoe Shippen, these young 'aces, many of them from famous famtlles, have a depth of expression that almost talks, and a lum- nous quality that leaves you breathless, Zoe Shlppen works with some three hundred IVench. pastels n a graduation of tones hardly perceptible to the untrained eye. Miss Shippeu's next exhibition will be held In the Mayflower Hotel Washington, D. o., November 1, a and 3. It will present children of ilplomatlc families of foreign na;ions, including Chinese, Belgium, Iceland, Thailand, and others. Fan to Make a H*t Helene. Darnell, top ranking designer of exclusive millinery, has lust written a book called "It's Pun « Make a Hat" with illustrations by lerself. The new book is creating quite a sensation, not only because t is probably the most complete and explicit book of its kind, but because It's straight" forward advice to the beginner, Its generous reveal- ment of professional tricks, and Its ascinaUng sketches, make it fun to read even If you don't make hats. Tricks of trimming', how to make * bow, how to sew on e. bird, and even patterns for basic hats are included In this book with directions or cutting. Am«Irc»n Wardrobe David Nomerov, executive vice •resident of Russeks, in his annual address to the prexs on fashion rends w_arned agalrist the tendency p over emphasize skirts, sleeves, tc., with exces* yardage of material us soon as war-time restrictions an material are lifted. Now, as never before, he said, talent must b« dl- eoted toward furthering today's denl—the use of beautiful fabrics, subtlety and vision In the use of olor, and a clean-cut, feminine ne. Naming the Important parts of he American wardrobe,' he includd: Ths.Anwrtcsr, Salt; the Clxs- teraeU po«t; the Classic Drcxs, varied In detail, but undated; the Short Evening Drese; the Tunic Coat; the Short Topper; and Slacks, which he believes are firmly en* trenched In American fav6r both for smarines* and comfort. Radio Today aUNDAY, OCTOBER 3 K*»Urn War'TlM* P.M.— Subtract On Hour for CWT., 2 Hr». for MWT7 Change*. <n program* oa )C*f«d due it corrections iy' networks made tea lot* to incorporate. ', 12.30^-The Paul JUwftlla Concert— nbe Trans-Atlantic Call, 'Exchance— cb Andrlnl and HU ConUnemalea— blu •Lutheran Hair-How Services — rabi 12'*&— Joiephino Houston, Soprano— blu 'IJO— Voice of th» Dairy Farmer— nbc Tbo Church of ths Air Sormons-cbB i, n i B ' Kennedy in Comment— blu Stanloy Dbcon In Commentary— mba «1S—An NBC 15-mln«. Recital— nbo Hicks From Overseas— blu Ch , ol ^.? nd Glrls ' Trio — mba °f Chicago Roundtable— nbo Time tor 16 minutes — cb» Sammy Kayo's Serenade; News — bli i?k? •%!> J iJ molulc " 1 (3 ° rains.)— inbs 2'S~ sj Wurrow'a Commentary — cb5 a 00— Those "Wa Love, Drama— nbc .UanBerously roun, 1 Dramatic— cbs gWjaln Jim, U.S.A., Dramas-blu » S ,» y 9 ldsr ?: Servicemen's Quia— mbs 2:30— John Chaj. Thomas &. Sons— nbo News of the World: Bong" Spot — cbs Sunday Vespers via the Radio— blu Half-Hour for Danclnj Music— tabs - — a Parade, Upton Close— nbc JN. T. Philharmonic Symphony — cbs Usten tho Women, Discussion — blu Roosly;of the A.A.F., Comedy— mba 3:30— Official Hour hy .the Army— nbc .Etliel Barrymore's Hiss Hattfe— lilu •Nick Carter Detective Drama— inbs -»:->^QuU onow via- Microphone — blu . I IS; lf - Hour for Dancing: MiiBlc— mbs 4 = 3 .°— ^"slc America Loves Best— nbo The. Andre ICostelanetz Concert— cbs The World of Song with Guests— blu . v0 lat 'V Name of tne Son E Quiz— robs 5:00— NBC Symohony, Dr. Black— nbc Family Time & Patrice Hansel— cbs Mary Small in a Music Revue— blu - ke U Wth You - Pl»y— mbs Copy, Newsp'r Drama— blu ^"' M"tery Drama— mbs — Shirer In Commentary— cbs «!«>— The Catholic H«dio Service— nbc Ozile and' Harriet In Variety— cbs Hall ot Fatae. Paul 'vVnlteniaii— blu Quick as a. Flash, Quiz Show— mbs «:30— Great Glldersleeve Comedy— nbc Fanny Brie* & Comedy Show— cbs jUpton Clos« and His Comment— mbs '•"H?Ic£ grown with His Son ? — mbs 7100 — Jack Benny Comedy Var'fy— nbc Kat« Smith Hour for Variety— cbs Drew Pearson and Commentary— blu An Hour by Two Dance Bands— mbs 2 : JiJ~^ w ^ Suimnar y for J 5 min.— blu ':*°r-The Bandwat-on Orchestra— nbc Out* Kids anfl Joe Kelly M. C.— blu •^P-J? 1 "- McCarthy, B. Berffcn-nbo Blondie-Darwood Comedy Skit— cbs Th» Greenfield Chapel Service— blu Alexander A Mediation Board— mbs *:1G — Dorothy Thompson Cora'nt— blu 8:30— One Han't Family. Drama— nbo Crime Doctor, Dramatic Series — cb« To Be Announced CO niius.)— blu l : Jf~Si lbriel , Heatter Comments— mbs JsSS— Five. Minutes News Period— cbs 9 ;2»~Sunday's Merry Go Round— nbc Magazine Dramn, Conrad Nagel — cbs Walter Winch*!! Broadcasting — blu 9:1S— Basin Street and Its Music— blu Horizons; Sunday Cone. Show— mbs 9:30— Album of Familiar Music— nbc James Melton, Alec. Temploton — obs _Cedric Foster's War Comment— mbs • :45 — Jimmi« Fldler's Hollywood — bl« ,^° Columbus Boys' Choir — mbs t°;pOr-Phll Spltalny &tQlrl Orch.— nbc Phil Baker Take It or I^-avo It— «bs Life of Riley and Wm. .Bendix— blu ..Anthony's Good Will Advice— mbs 10:30— I^s Tremayne, .T. Qleaion— nbc W« the People, a, Ouest Show— cbs lni? Foster Dramatic Series— blu To Be Announced (IS m.)— mbs iOO— Variety and News to 2 a,m.— nbc £f",??' ,y a ," 6 . ty '' Danes » hr.— cbs-hlu _ Clallf. Melodies; Orches. (3 h.)— mbs vfysnt, master of the continental , pharnv gourraefc evtraordinalre, arv companion of such tlamor ladie* a Veronica Lake and Anita Oolby. TH« FORMULA . (So let's let the wolf howl In de fense of Hollywood wolv««, » howles: ;•• •.,.. ; . . , . . . - ."^Sometimes I get very disturbed aboqt this matter— not for raytelf you understand— because ^eonwthln that Really requires a great' de«l 6: Drains • Bui , tatent la turn*d and twisted; into' a very unfortunate misunderstanding. •'•••,.-. - *3 suppose the principal explanation of it la that there are a lot of fellows ' around Hollywood ; • w h o would Jove to b« wolves but simplj cannot seem to make the grade. ."Now, for . -example, there are a certain group ,of brothers in Hollywood : who are' I rather perslsten with the young ladles.Vbut they per-- slst in . the old continental hand- kissing routine, which became old hat about the' time of the bustle That's the sort of thing that gives wolves a bad name, . "First 'of all, understand one thing. The -real wolf never is so 8:00 8:00 9:15 9:30 »:0010:30 11:00 13:30 1!I9 .1:30 WTBO HIGHLIGHTS Old Fashioned Revival Sour, World N««« Round-Up (NBQ). Commando- Mary (NBO). NBO String quartet (NBC). National Radio Pulpit (NBC), Wordi and Music (NBC). Church Service from First Presbyterian. Church. 3:00 7:00 7:30 B-.OO 8:30 9:00 9:30 . Report from the Pieifto (NBC). University of Chicago Round Table (NBC) . The Ave Marl* Hour. 3:30 Kewi. 3:00 Veiper Service. 3:30 The Army Hour (NBC). 4:)» Muilc America Loves Best (NBC). 5:00 General Motors Symphony (NBC). 6:00 The Cnholle Hour (NBC). 8:30 Nt»j, Milt Berth Trio. Jack Benny (NBC). Fitch Bandwagon (NBC). Fire Prevention T«1V. Wake Up America! Minpittan Merry-CJo-Round INBC). American Album of FamllUr • Mutlc (NBC). 10:00 The Hour of Charm (NBC). 10:30 Newt. 10:35 Mood i ]Q Poetry. 11:00 Ntm (NBCJ. 11:15 Story Behind th* Headline! (NBC). 11:10 The Pacific story (NBC). 15:00 News (NBC). (TOMORROW) Musical Chatterbox. Newe. Reveille Round-tip (NBC) World News Bountl-Op (NBC). Do You Remember? (NBC). .Newt. ..... Mirth and M*dne» (NBC). 9:30 Fire Prevention Prccram 9:45 Pee Coulehan. IO:2S News. 11;30 Flnderi Keeperi (NBC). 11:00 Ro«d of Life (NBC). 11:30 News. 12:00 Words and Muilc (NBC) 12:30 NSS-E. 1»MB United SlitM Nary Band (NBC) 1:00 Sketches iu Melody (NBC). 1:30 Echoes of the Tr=p'.c; (KBC 1 ,. 1:« Morgan Beatty (NBC). J:OQ The Guiding Light (NBC). 2:15 Today's children <NBC). 3:30 Wom»n in White (NBC). 2:15 Know Your America. 3:15 M* Perkins (NBC). 3:30 News. 3:45 Right to H«pplneM (NBC). 1:00 7:30 7;« 8:00 8:15 5:45 9:00 v ~. r*—.^ ...w-v r*~*f . ^* A******^**^ *u what l» so einudely referred to as 'making the pass,' That Is ciumsy. ./These"are -a;lew. of his accomplishments : and virtues: He dresses well, but peyej obviously. Intact, h«;.is never;; obvious, about anything h« does.' He iM a gourmet, H* kno«rs where to go for food, for dining, for:, atmospher*//He .knows' .what foods and which w|ne« to ordw. He is • ah' • excellent dancer, particularly In the rhumbft-and the tango, but he/never.dances In a manlier to attract: noUoe - on th« floor. H» Is completely devoted to his 1 partner. . "He-observes all the little niceties thit much to'a woman, He finds out which are her favojite flowers and sends them, WOKS TEN BEST" "Moat of all, he must have * good sense, of humor, particularly about ilmself. If his' engagement does not materialize as Interestingly as he hoped, he.must accent the lowf In good grace and make sure that the evening Is a complete success to his companion,: if: not to himself." Jean Neguiesco picked ,the JO best wolves in Hollywood. Here they —e: Van Johnson—charming and Interesting in a quiet, friendly way; Bill Qirard—the 30th Century-Pox producer; Fell* Ferry—an agent associated with the'Leland Bayward agency; Helmut Dantlne; Errol Plynn; Arthur Hornblow, Jr. ex- lusband of Myrna Loy; Jose Iturbl; Don Loper, the dancer; Prank Or- satU, the agent, and Brian Aherne. . TITLE CHANGED "Dormant" Account", second of Co- umbia'a features based upon "The Vhlstler" 'stories of radio fame, will be released under the title "The Mark of the Whistler," Rita Hayworth has received a 26- 'ear-old book on how to rear in- anta. It was presented to her by Bill BIsset, painter on Columbia's Technicolor "Tonight and. Every Night," and on several of Rita's previous pictures. Why b« a Wallflower? When it'i so easy to LEARN DANCE Only ?1.00 per lesson Clones in Dancing Art Now Undirway But there li Still Time To Enroll. Come ie« us Saturday between 11 and 4 and watch aur clones. , Our Studio is conveniently locatid ovir tht Darling Shop (cntraiict en South Ctntre St.) For intormmion Phont any day afttr 4p.m.~ H7S-J Lee Winfer Studio for; battle injuries, the sky. rEA*'S MOST WARKUNG COMCDY. rACJUGE, . MKXT TH* XNCKXASINO OKMANO rOft LATJGHT«*1 A SURJt OURJt FOR WAR.TOBN NKVESI MARSHAL HUNT-JOSLYN BUCHANAN EXTRA TECHNICOLOR SPECIAL OF THK n "DEVIL BOATS" COLOR CARTOON—MIGHTY MOUSE ™ ™^ U. S, LANDING ON PALAU NEWS ATTACK ON GERMAN WEST WALU FOOT- NOTRE DAME BEATS PITTSBURGH 68-8 PENNSYLVANIA TRIUMPHS OVER DUKE 11-7 NORTH CAROLINA UPSETS NAVY 21-14 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^i^MBBBB^BMI IGARDEN!NOW This Is The Picture You'll Talk About IO Years From Now! A GRACE M. FISHER THEATRE ROUGH! ROMANTIC! RIOTOUS He guns his way out of the tough spots but he can't con his way out of th* dutches of a lady that's known as Lit! Beery's at hk best-in this battle of the gold fields! "HCRIC COMK TMK WAVES" The WAVES arc considering adoption of: Johnny M«rc«r's and Harold Arlen's theme tone, "Here Come-lh«. WAVES," M their anthem. It-will be Introduced In Mark Sandrich'ji Paramount musical which ^trI-*tarA Sing Crosby. Betty Mutton itnd Sonny Tyfu. ' LATEST NEWS: War in Pacific! Clark's Army Captures Pita Notre Dame Swamps Pitt P«te Smith Specialty Sports Quiz miSIE GOES TO RENff NOW .Here's the tweet few.. **" on tfie boy. In the bind art the (Hi k> *t toe „<* **• hearty — IN THE NEWS YANKS ENTER GERMANY THE CRIME MASTERS AT THEIR GREATEST! THE SCREEN'S STARTS AVEIRDEST TERROR SHOW WEDNESDAY BASIL RATHBONE NIGEL BRUCE ci SHtrlock Helm 01 Dr. Wcmon i. A GRACE M. FISHEK THEATRE TWO BIG • j : i = LVffJ HITS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HBBBHBp WITH A SONG ON HIS LIPS! (OWAJTC I. AU*tMON Hra DUNNE A CLARENCE BROWN PRODUCTION A« MARSHAL RODDY McDOWALL FRANK MORGAN VAN JOHNSON C. AUBREY SMITH DAME MAY WHfTTY GLADYS COOPER CH-xt<4 by ClAtENCE MOWN PrMiMKi kr MONEY ftAMOm titn Mar kj CJ»Wh» W^l, Jan Unlg WMH CMfi" kr >!<•• Ou*r WXHr I NATIMN.

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