Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on October 7, 1949 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, October 7, 1949
Page 14
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Oct. 6, 1949 M»»on City Globe-Gnett*, Mnon City, Is. CHAPTER 1 DOOR of the ^^^ _____ _.. —_ closed with soundless speed. The sandy-haired operator in dark blue with an abundance of gold trim mings glanced inquiringly at the ..... ' " slim girl in a matching beret. Grimes & Phillips." She answered his unspoken question. He LOPING %Copyrighf, 1941. by Emillt loilng - Ditltibuted by Kfng F«oH/f»»SynJl<ol touched a button and looked at the tall, dark-haired man in gray, the other occupant of the car. "You said—" "The roof," the man answered quickly. "I thought you wanted—" The operator muttered the rest of the sentence and punched anothei button. "Decided suddenly on the roof. Grand view of the city from there, I understand." Nice voice, deep, rich and, boy, I'll bet he's used to getting what he wants, the girl thought. She stole a glance at him but the broad brim of his gray hat covered the upper part of his face as he looked down at the memoranda book he held. He had the just-out- of -uniform look. "Seeing Boston," she decided and watched the floor Try and Stop Me By BENNETT CERF R ING PETER of Jugoslavia made a personal appearance on a "We the People" radio and television program recently Aubrey Williams, the director, was rehearsing him at the old Maxine Elliot Theatre when Hi's Majesty suddenly noticed the time and pleaded, "Please let me go for a while. If I'm any later, my wife will kill me." * » • Jack Benny explains his shift from NBC to the Columbia Broadcasting- network as "a matter of capital gain" He adds, "and as usual, the Capitol will get all the gains." Benny says he'll make a perfunctory fight to keep 75 per cent of the take, but is not really concerned about the outcome. "If I get it. all right. I get it If 1 don't—I can always kill myself." * * * * Mitzi Greene has a brand new capsule summary of Hollywood. "It's a place," she explains, "where you're virtually an unknown one day— and the very next day you're waiting on tables " Copyright. 1919. by Bennett Ccrf Distributed by Kins Features Syndicate. d numbers as blacked out. they lighted and PLEASE LET ME GO FOR. . "Seven." The door opened without benefit of human touch. As she stepped to the corridor she heard the operator say: "Thought this was the floor you wanted, Mister." She opened a door which proclaimed in conservative black letters that Grimes & Phillips pursued the practice of law within. The young woman with tightly curled brick-red hair at the switchboard in the office looked up and grinned. "No. Gene told Myles Jaffray to look up Ken at the Officers' Training Camp. He did and they became friends." "Something about the Matilde angle strikes me as phony. Your friend Gene doesn't happen to have green eyes?" "No, they are almost black and very beautiful. What do green eyes have to do with my detestation of Myles Jaffray?" He tapped on the desk with the tips of his fingers. "Might have a lot to do with it, Franny," he said thoughtfully, with his eyes on the steel skeleton of a building rising against the sky beyond the window. "But that isn't what you are here to talk about. Read the letter. Stop giving me extracts." She picked up the 2 sheets. , "He writes that Myles is returning to this country, to New York, then goes on, 'No use fighting me about this, kiddo. You resented the fact that Aunt Becky tied up the estate she left you until you are 25.' " She dropped the pages to the shining mahogany desk. "Why did she, Judge? My home was with her from the time I was 11, when Mother died. Father went a few years later. Because she was a partial invalid I wouldn't leave her while we were at war though I fairly ached to enlist. I selected "The judge is waiting for you, Miss Phillips." She spoke into an inter-office phone. "Yes, sir, I'll send her in." Fran paused at an open door. She had known the man with a mane of white hair seated behind the flat desk since she was a small girl. His hair hadn't been white then, his shoulders hadn't sagged as they sagged now as if tired from carrying a load of responsibility. Not surprising when one remembered that the son who had planned to come into the office was now a white cross' in a Belgium field and that her brother Ken, who 1 had inherited the Phillips half of the partnership, was still in Germany. • "Come in, come in, Franny, what you waiting for?" The judge rose and glared over his spectacles. "You're late, then you stand staring at me as you were ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN HUZZAM, HU7.ZAH, DEAR. BROTHER. PINKY AND COOK. WITHOUT A PEER/ dOVE.'--A MOST HEARTY WELCOME BACK'TO PLJFFLE TOWERS / ANOTHER, DAY WITHOUT YOU, AND WED ALL PERISH FROM OUR. OWN COOKING/ WELL—YOU MIGHT FIND SOME NOURISHMENT IN YOUR FINGERNAILS AND CHEW ON 'EM FORTH' DAY WHILE I CRAWL (NTO TH'- COCOON FOR. SOME SLEEP/ — I SAT UP ALL NIGHT IN A CHAIR COACH TO GET HERE/ scared to death. Shut the door. Now sit down." As she perched on the edge of the chair across the desk from his, he asked: "Did you bring the letter?" She nodded assent. "Read it to me again. I've had several communications from Ken and a long distance phone about how set you are against the change in trustee." She drew two closely typewritten pages from her green 'shoulder bag. a college near our home so that I could live with her. I doubled as her secretary, kept her accounts, knew to a dot what she was spending. I loved her. I'm 23. It hurts to know that she didn't trust me to take care of the estate she willed to me." "It wasn't that she didn't trust you, Franny. Your mother was her young sister whom she adored and spoiled. When that same sister eloped with a stinker, in spite of the damning evidence Rebecca had dug up about his escapades, she was furiously angry. It didn't help that a few months later she could say, 'I told you so,' when the heel deserted his wife. Your mother divorced him and later married a fine man, your father. Rebecca liked him but she was haunted always with the fear that you might lose your head and heart over a no-good as your mother did, especially if you had money to tempt one." "Even so, how could you, an U p_to_the-minute person if ever I saw one, draw a will crazy clause that if DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS r l. On fire 6. Girl's name <10. Salted flesh of hog I'll. Prickly i' envelopes of fruits Jl2. Diminishes, as the moon [13. Hebrew prophet 14. High (mus.) Ill5. Vie with i!7. Larva of eye- threadworm 15. Salt (chem.) 19. Half an em 20. City (Okla.) 22. Harvest 25. Word of unknown i' meaning in Psalms ' 27. The music sign: S: 1 ' (pi.) 30. Pin for meat ' 32. Mutilate 33. Bone . (anat.) 85. Marshy • meadow 37. Cebine monkey 38. Slopped . over . 41. Scandina- , ' vian terrl- , torial j . division 42. Cash 43. People of Denmark , 4^ Related 46. Bands worn at x " the waist n. Tidy 18. Ascend DOWN 13. Mint- 1. A gastropod flavored moHusk 2. Fancy goldfish 3. Frozen water 4. Flowers 5. Printer's measure 6. Ancient Greek coin 7. Goddess of the moon 8. Rasp 9. Color of ashes 12. Skin marks alcoholic drink 16. Disfigure 21. Dip slightly into water 23. Fortify 24. In Europe, small farmers 26. Abounding in hills 28. People of Siam 29. Sends forth 31. Cone of earth (golf) 33. Founder of Ottoman empire 34. Talked Yesterday'* Aniwer 36. Viper 39. Freshwater porpoise . 40. Penitential season 44. Fourth caliph 46. Barium (sym.) 20 25 45 47 w 21 40 26 22 27 m 2ft "Remember, judge, that this letter is dated one month before I received it." Her eyes followed the lines: "Ken writes that he intends to remain in Germany during this critical period as long as he is needed, which at present means indefinitely, that he has transferred the trusteeship of the property Aunt Rebecca left me to Myles Jaffray. "Why, why did he pick on him?" "What's the matter with Jaffray? Ever seen him?" "No, and I never want to. Matilde, Gene Sargent's sister-in- law, went off her head about him —her husband Ben and he were training at the same airfield, they had grown up in the same summer resort. She was preparing to leave her husband and little girl—" "For Jaffray?" "It was the consensus of the woman's friends." "That doesn't establish it as a fact. Who told you the gossip?" "Gene Sargent, at the time we were in college together. She was so terribly upset that I suspected she was that way herself about him. The day he was coming to see her— he was home on a short leave—she told me the story, so 1 could keep out of the way and avoid meeting him. I hadn't been mild in expressing my views about a home-smasher." "Did the wife run away?" "No. Ben crashed soon after the talk began and Matilde left the station wi*h the child." "So-o, she told you that you might keep out of the wolf's way? I don't see that the Sargent girl's yarn proves anything, except that the home-smasher—that's your word, not mine—may not have reciprocated her affection. Ken has I lived and fought beside Jaffray for five years; since the end of the . war they have been working together as administrators in the | American Zone. Do you think he would have made him trustee oi your property if he believed the I Matilde story? How did your brother and he get together? Coincidental, as they say in the movies?" with • the I married without'the consent of the trustee I lost the property? That belongs back in the days when fathers turned erring daughters out into a snowstorm. You have known me all my life. Do you think I have no common sense?" "Sometimes when love comes ir at the door common sense flies ou' of the window, Franny. I agree with you that what you call the crazy clause is early 19th century stuff. I did my best to convince Rebecca that it might precipitate the very situation she dreaded. No use. It was her fortune, she had a right to dispose of it as she wished I drew the will, heaving a sigh o relief when she made your broth er Ken trustee, free to name hi successor if it became necessary Cheerio, in 2 years you can wav good-by to Jaffray." (To Be Continued) lowan Convicted in Murder Trial NEVEt? MIND, DEAf? 1 FOUND IT—, I HAD PLACED >• IT ON THE WRONG FINGER C&GWOOD, WILL, YOU RUN UPSTAIRS AND GET MY „< THIMBLE FOR ME?) i LOOKING FOf? THIMBLE IS LIKE LOOKING FOR A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK IT'S NO use—I'VE LOOKED EVERV PLACE — I'VE COMBED THE WHOLE UPSTAIRS ... VOU SHALL HAVE IT... AKD AS I SAID " AHt> PERHAPS,THEREWITH, A BETTER KNOWLEDGE OF EVES-WATCHFUL HOST INFORMATION OF MAUNDI VOU ARE AIL SO NEW HERE.,. AND SO HELPLESS ... MEANING SHE'D HAVE ANOTHER . PHONY HEART ATTACK?- -OKAY MAYBE WE CAN GET THE. STUFF WITHOUT PAIN ORPAYIN'---! HOW LONG CAN THE. 5WEETUGHT COMPANY 5IT BACK AND WATCH THE wot!I D Bt D |S- GLACIERS WHIZ PA5T, MARTY? /PLEASED IF I FOOT WHY DONT YOU HIRE A MODERN UUCH A PER-RR50N VERSE WRITER AND PUMP SOME O N THE. PAYROLL'. PLASMA INTOOLJR.UNE? Anwnort ALLVOU. SwtETVIGHr BARPS/ —" Y6S, OK. <SO AHEAD! HEY. MR WEST VtXl'fet BUSY .CAW I AN ICE-CREAW CONE FOR MVSELF ? MIGHTY OM VAHIUA.5 [MAYBE SOMEONE'_ , GST THESE BURS OUT\ OF "tOJR HA1R,8UT ~ WHAT HAVE YOU BOYS DOKJE TO ME?,MY HAIR IS RUINED,'RUIMED.' NOW SEE *—{ WHO MADE WHAT YOU'VE MB? YOU'GE AHOTON DONE. 1 YOU'VE BLAMING IT ON ME.' MADE HER Belleville, HI., (ff) — A young lowan has been convicted by a general court martial of the stove- grate slaying of a fellow airman. Pvt. Donald E. Sandquist, 19, of Gowrie, Iowa, was sentenced Tuesday to 50 years at hard labor. A 2nd defendant, Pvt. Gordon A. Laatsch, 18, of Casper, Wyo., was acquitted. Sandquist was accused of beating to death Cpl. Charles L. Johns, 19, Fort Meyers, Fla.,, Sept. 30, 1948, while Johns was asleep in his barracks at Scott air base near here. The prosecution said Laatsch remained outside in an automobile while Sandquist entered the building the night of the slaying. Quickly Fined New York, (fP)— John Quickly, 35, appeared Tuesday before Magistrate Eugene R. Canudo to answer a charge of driving quickly. "You should driye more slowly, Mr. Quickly," the judge remarked after the defendant pleaded guilty. The judge quickly fined Quickly $5, which Quickly paid, leaving the court hastily. Four fifths of the world's cloves come from Zazibar and Pemba, islands off the East Africa -coast. On Page 2 "Etta Kett," the comic missing from this page, will be found on page 2. SUPER'N RICH I X 3 O E H ,y O E Q X M A Cryptogram Quotation N A MUV VXB NA EMV QNAB IO-* Q N A B A V O V O R R VJiTH A LINE OF TALK USUALLY FISRW<S C.JOHNSON putrlbuled by Klnf F**tur« Synd1c«Uj THE BEST IHIf^fi FOR ' STEH-.L-A KUE-BU-C ALL-EAITOWM-FA' MUM MOTION'S- CAKE- OF DMrfWtw IT nlot rmtmnt •JII«IH«,>». HAL E CRUSH WALK IT LOOKTH LIKE A BIRDS' NETHT. 1 CAN'T, IT'S A MESS, Copr. 1940. King ponitn Spijitne. Inc., WorlJ tighl AH, A BEAUTIFUL POEM... BEAUTIFUL AND USEFUL- AND IN HER OWN ^HANDWRITING / I CAN'T IMAGINE WHA1 GOT INTO JERRY.... RUNNING AWAY AS HE ONE WAY ONLY/ NEVER WANT SEE OR HEAR BLISS HAVEN AGAIN/ DID YOU WANT A ROUND TRIP TICKET, SIR ? 3JUDV FEELING, . CHILD WRECK.' I'VE NEVER SEEN DESPONDENT I NEVER LIKED TH' OL' FARM, EITHER-AM' I'M HEADIM' )^ BACK I'LL SAY YO' YORE JAW TRIPPED ONVORFUL ROUGH- COUSIN OAKY'S I MUSTA TRIPPED/ CIT OUT, I I DIDW'T POP/ i / PLAN WU2 IM1TO COME,)' HERE <\ SOW/ FIRST/ i.g.u.t r.i.o*. — A* Nawifoolurtl SMITH,! PARCEHAS LONG-ENOUGH: I'LL SWITCH ON LIGHTS ' I HEAR SOME^OOV MOVING BV THAT VERY WELL.' WE'LL SWITCH OFF THE LIGHTS.' BUT KEEP AW FeO/ft THAT LAMP MINE.' IT'S STILL IF I AM TO SHOW HOWA\ MAN MIGHT BE MURPB?EP \ AT LONG RANGE, I'LL NEEP J COMPLETE PARKNESS., BEAR POOR, SCORCHV/ • BESIDES, HOLSUM TASTES VSOfJPERFUL IfJ SAMDMCHES WELL.THO&B BXTRA \/lTAMIN5 MIHERALS COME IU A SPECIAL MIXTURB WHICH t'P LIKE TO you PUT THOSE VITAMINS /A/TO IT! TOAST OR. JUST PLAIN MORSTHM POU6H RIGHT AND APPETITE •A 6PSC1AL FORMULA CAN USB - RI6HT? TO YOUR MCMS RI6HTNOVJ! GOOD FOOD FOR Tti£ &JRICHMZNT, EH? I YOU THE MM / RESPONSIBLE FOR I SUPER-EWK/CHED \ -HOLSUM

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