Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 12, 1909 · Page 1
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 1

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1909
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Fsufder, Mri. H, If, - H. FABRICK PLUMBING F. H.FABRICK-HARDWARE LEADING NEWSPAPE VOL 3T COVINA, CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 19.9 PROFESSIONAL CARDS [)R. STEVENS . OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Phone 298—Argus Block Dr. Olinda K. Stevens Tuesdays and Fridays £)R. J. C. GOODELL, OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Office, First National Bank Bldg-. Hours 9 to 4. Phones: Res. 250. Office 175. & JENNINGS, PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS G. D. JENNINGS 10-12 m T, D. REED 8-10 a m 2-4 p m, 7-8 p m 4-6 p m Offices in Reed blk., Phone 40. Residence of Dr. Reed E. Badillo st. Phone 48; Residence of Dr. Jennings on Reynolds addition, E. Badillo St. Phone 299. COVINA, CAL. p. J. CUNE, —DENTIST— Office hours: 8:30 to 12, 1 to 4. •* Home Phone 47 Office: Bank Blk., - Covina, Cal. . W. W. SCHIFFMAN DENTIST Over Argus Office Covina, Cal. Phoue 184 ANDREW M. PENCE ATTORNEY-AT-LAW COMMENCEMENT WEEK. The Closing Days of School are Filled With Many Events For Scholars and Friends. The Commencement program of the Covina Union High School indicates a week full of entertainment. Following are the events: *Class Sermon, First Presbyterian Church, Sunday, June 13, 8 p. m. Sermon by Rev. Paul G. Stevens. Faculty Reception to Class of 1909, Monday, June 14, 8 p. in. Annual Meeting of Student Body, High School Auditorium, Tuesday, June 15, 2:30 p. m. Class Day Exercises, High School Auditorium, Wednesday, June 16, 8 p. m. *Annual Musicale, High School Auditorium, Thursday, June 17, 2 p. m. *Reed Oratorical Contest, High School Auditorium, Thursday, June 17, 8 p. m. "•Commencement, First Presbyterian Church, June 18, 8:15 p. m. Address by Dr. Hugh H. Walker, Los Angeles. Alumni Reunion, Tuesday evening, June 22. "•Starred events above are open to the public. Admission to Commencement will be by ticket. Requests for tickets will be honored according to precedent of application. Holders of tickets will present them before 8 o'clock. At 8:15 o'clock the doors will be thrown open and seats then unoccupied may be taken by anyone. For ttfe class sermon on Sunday evening the Sophomore class Reed Block Covina, Cal. QEO. L. SANDERS, ATTORNEY AT LAW Offices 325-333-335 Wilcox Building, Telephone, Home 425 LOS ANGELES, CAL. LLOYD W. WELLS QSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIAN Covina, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Office, over Warner, Whltsel & Co.'s store. Hours, 12 to 5. S. Spring St., Los Angeles, Cal. JAMES CORBETT The Horsc-Shoer » GLADSTONE AVENUE CHARTER OAK has built a neat shop and put in a complete outfit of tools, and is now prepared to do all kinds of smithing work. Note the address — One-half mile north of Charter Oak Schoolhouse. tf Jshnssri & INigg BLACKSMITHS Blocksmithing sf all Kinds Our Specialty Shop on Citrus Ave Plumber Better Located. E. L. Jackson, who has maintained a business on Eiadillo street, has opened up a new store on Citrus avenue in the building formerly occupied by Kistler, the painter. Mr. Jackson has fitted up the interior of the shop in frn up-to-date manner, and has placed in a full line of plumbing apparatus, bat.h tubs, foot baths, and gt-nera.1 lit- t-,r,gs. The new store la a big improvement over the old one. Wanted- To buy or trade old watch cases. M. Wright, the jeweier. A Successful Raid. A "blind pig," operating in the conj crete block owned by G. H. White on West Badillo street, was raided this week by City Marshal Mehnert and a posse of citizens, and a wash tub filled with bottled beer on ice was seized and confiscated. Hundreds of empty bottles filled the dingy room, and at the time of the raid several men were In the place drinking beer. The men in the room were Wilson, Connor, Macay and Thomas. All were arrested and taken before Recorder Douglas who fixed their fines, which were paid promptly by all parties. The joint in this old building has long been a nuisance, and White, the owner, was told several times of the nature of business being conducted there, hut said that he had no knowledge of it and asked to accompany the officers and be "shown." When the nature of the business was disclosed, City Marshal Mehnert arrested him for renting a building for illicit purposes. White was violently incensed at his arrest. He is a man of considerable means and some prominence In the town, having been at one time a candidate on the Democratic ticket for Justice of the Peace of Rowland Township. Milo Wilson, the man who conducted the joint as the ostensible proprietor, paid his fine without a murmur. Wilson is the same man who was operating a similar place of business In the "old red shack" in the rear of the Covina House the night that this famous dwelling was gutted by fire. The Argus wiote him up at th,e, . .« * £.^.,, -_'ti **»'i*.^ri_rf^ •• • '' occupy of the t; will march in a body and seats In the middle section church. Admission to the Class Day exercises, Wednesday evening will be by ticket. The distribution of the tickets will be by the Seniors to their friends. This is made necessary on account of the limited capacity of the auditorium. The second annual Reed Oratorical Contest promises to be an entertainment of unusual merit. Five speakers will content for the honors. Special zest has been added to the contest this year through *he further interest of Dr. J. D. Reed, the original donor of the prizes. Dr. Reed has added ten dollars to the fund for this year, making the fund $20. On account of the limited capacity of the auditorium adult friends and patrons only are cordially invited to attend this contest. Instead of the annual concert, to which an admission has been charged, the musical organizations of tho high school will give a froe musical on Thursday afternoon at \>. o'clock Adult friends and patrons are cordially Invited to this entertainment. Tickets for the graduation exercises on Friday evening will be distributed as widely as possible. As heretofore, it will be necessary to deny tickets to school pupil.') below the eighth grades. MUSICALE, TIM'KSDAV, L' V. M. Song "Come to the Woodbind," (Crumi; "Flag of the Free"! Wagner •), high school chorus. Song, "The Night Hells" (Vinieiiti; "Let the Hills Resound" ( Richurda), high ucliool ciioruH. Song, "Anvil Chorus from "II Tro- \aton-" (Verdi), high school chorus. Overture, "Berlin In Joy and Sor- low" (Conradi), high school orchestra. Mexican dance, "bark Kyes" (.Moret), high school orchestra. Inle/ine/zo from "Cavalleria Husti- cana" (Mascagriii, .Mr. Chilloo and orchestra. Lento, "Innocence" (. \Ioref), high school orchestra. Selection, ".Southern Songs" iCout- ernoi, high school hand. Intermezzo, "After nuriset" (I'ryon, high school band. Mar.-ii, "Maryland, My Maryland" if'unHiai, high .school hand. ( Conlifi'.u-d to last, pjige.i known gambler, who is the financial backer of the now defunct blind pig, it is alleged. As usual, the real offender does not figure in the trouble. This man gets off Scot froe, and ser;ms to be immune from arrest in .this town, although he has done no work for years, and could be arrested at any time as a common vagrant. PAUL DE LONGPRE, THE "KING OF FLOWER PAINTERS." Masterpieces of this Great Artist Can Be Secured by Every Customer at Cummings' Confectionery Today. Perhaps the only artist to dovote his whole life-work to the painting of flowers Is Paul do Longpre, the "King of Flower Painters," as ho is known from Paris to Pekln. Ho evinces a love for all flowers that amounts almost to a passion, and this poetical, botanical painter hair' dies ills subjects with unrivalled skill and a technical knowledge of botany attalti'id by few. From his earliest childhood he was passionately fond of Nature, and the woods, the streams, the flowers, the j cool retreats of the fern, all were Ills by j right of affection and Investigating spirit. Flowers wore his particular delight, and 1m tells of appropriating ( the paj'or In school, which should have bf-eri used in solv'lng some mathematical problem, and sketching upon i it son.e flower or leaves I hat appealed , to his artistic eye. Finally he began to work In colors, ,«!<(! with his little box of cheap water cvjlora arid hits of paper painted (lie ! tilings of the woods so realistically that they could fairly hear the hum! inlng of the bees, smell the perfume | of the flowers and see the little birds ! throats fairly bursting with melodies. : lias created some of the most ex] prce:iing their feathers, their little i Now, for several years in his beautiful home in Hollywood, California, ho ! duisite paintings of his life, reproduction fif which can be secured today (Saturday) only with every : SJ.voeiif. purchase at. CummiriKs' Coni feet, inery. adjoining Nash'H drug sto: ••. .Sir. d<- Lougpre !:•> indeed conceded to !,.,- the greatest living painter of flowers, ijnd nuch an offer a:-> this 'occurs i.i.r often In a iift.-iime. Ite- member Cumrfiingri' today. FRAIL CORD SEVERED Beautiful Life of Mrs. 'Alfred Fletcher Relinquishes Pain For Perfect Peace. Mrs. Charlotte (Dundns) Fletcher, wife of Rov. Alfred Fletcher, pastor of the Church of the Holy Trinity (Episcopal), died yesterday afternoon, Friday, June llth, at about I! o'clock, after an Illness of nearly two years. She was in her forty-ninth year. Surrounding her bedside at the tlmo of passing, were her husband, her slutur, the two sons, Alfred and John, and the daughter, Miss Evelyn. All tin; members of the immediate family had been summoned home some days ago, as the end had been momentar •' expected for clays. Tho cause of death was duo to plettrlo effusion, a lingering, painful disease, which first gave signs of its presence two years ago at Christmas time. The funeral will take place at 10:30 o'clock at the Church of the Holy Trinity on Monday morning, Blnhop J. M. Johnson, D.D., and Dr. A. G. True. D.D., ot Los Angeles, officiating. Mrs. Alfred Fletcher wna born In Alllston, Canada, In 185'). She bo- longed to the family of Mr. and Mm. James Dundas, connected devoutly with the Church of England, and on September 25th, 1883, wag .married to Mr. Fletcher while he was stationed at Alllston as its rector. Three years afterward, ^Rev. and Mrs. Fletcher came to California, taking up the work, of the rt ________ ier was . ,« clever-minded woman bif God. k'fndiy and filled with a knowledge and compassion for tho frailties of human nature, a woman of rare worth In the difficult position accorded her In pro- Hiding over the household of tho pastor of the parish. She came first with her husband to Pasadena, thonce to Rodlunds, Corona, San Diego, and finally to Covina, where she became enshrined In tho he-arts of tho people of tho parish, even as sho had boon lovod l;v all who had coma In contact with her beautiful, quiet nature, throughout her i service in various places In California. Hor work during Hie seven years In Covina Is remembered by young and i old aa that of an understanding wo- I man consecrated to tho cause of Christ. During tho long illness only tho most. Intimate frlendn wcro allowed to see her, as Mrs. Fletcher's condition, especially toward tho last, wan one of extreme Hiifferlng. ThoHo near out her sneak of her SIM put lent In tho trial placod u|,:m her. Tim oiil.lro 1'iiriHh Is filled with the most Konulnt! mourning at hor passing, though also rejoicing because of hor ciii.niiioo Into I he reward she so richly deserved. her husband, nho leaves two Alfred C. H. and John I). Flotrh- ! or, om- daughter, Evr-lyn C. Fletcher, lone sister of hor own household and t!;c one nearest her throughout h"t long hours of suffering, .Miss Ismona ! iJundas, find four brothers, Rov, Cluu. • I',. Dimd.'ts of Kngland, and James, Arthur and Henry in Caniida. i ' Managers of Telephone Companies | Meet in Covina. The managers and Mup'Tln'^idents r»f the various Home Telephone com- I panios throughout HouUicrn Callfor- inla will hold their quarterly niceiing j in Covina today. Over thirty five j ropi. -si •nlitlivoH expect to bo present. | on this i. 'caHlon. At thoso riii-etlngH the g'-ni-ial welfare and matloiH In | cidorit to tho Improvements of tho ' Korvif: of tho various companies arc Following tho biisinoHs meeting the visitors wiil b" taken charge of by Ib'^ Htockhold'-ra of the local company and tfivcn an auto lide through th'< I valley, visiting (llondor'a, Hiiont'/t I 'ark. A/.c.s<i, .And other points of in II-I-CHI. In :hc (•vc/iii.g rni' •. i.iiti,! ,4 unl I/'- »-:it<-rtai!icd v.jrh a banqu'-t at llol<-l 1 Vendome We shall be more than glad to see you next Thursday, between 3:00 and 8:30 P. M. at our New Store Come and see the best equipped Grocery in this section. No goods offered for sale. Refreshments will be served. «. K. AndorHun C. P. Clupp J. It. Klllolt W. H. llolllilay MID-CO If. IMJinnn W. H. HOU.IDAY, 11. M. Houiiur MAIiCO II. HKU.MAM, Vlc« I'rcii. J. (). lIoiiHur J. H. lOM.IOTT. Vlcci I'nsii. C!. M.mnfcju W. M. (iUIHWO/.D, Ciinlilor A. 1'. Kurcldiiiir M. UOONDIIAUUT, Amit. Capital and Surplus $98,000. oo Covina Valley Savings ffianh Covina, Cal. DIKKCTOKS UKKICEKS Oo. K. Anilui-Hon W. H. llnllliliiy A. I'. KKKCKIIOFK, I'roiiiilunl J. K. Klllult H. M. lloumir II. M. IIOUHKIt. Vl.:<. I'nmMont Murru H. Hitllmuti A. I'. K«ri:l<ln;lT W. M. CKIHWOUJ. Cu«hl«r Capital and Surplus $-14,000.oo I I i •X"X«XK» > X'*<"X»<^x«*<»<"X»*<^*x^*< M X > 'fr < x* < Last Week f Before Graduation | This store furnished graduation pins for the graduating class $ of the grammar school this year. They were well pleased, y Many people have bought jewelry here for their graduating v friends. Those people are well pleased. Why not got your f jewelry here and also be well pleased? X FINCH'S j JEWELRY STORE a N. Citrus Avenue (Gumming.! 1 Confectionery) Phone 42 I ! "D No i hanc", t.'ik'-M ;it tlii . '.lore. You ;t|yv;iv-/ •*•*• money'', worth. ' FINCH FIXES WATCHES THAT STAY FIXED. >HK"XK"H«^X"X* *^X~X"X«X»- your & I

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