The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 19, 1977 · Page 7
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 7

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1977
Page 7
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On The Air Today IIHHl t>. HI, 4g iiiin )i. ni. WlifiV- -N'ylnn Tlm«;. r.n^i H'JX • KOi'-l iin'l AU'"rt WATIt-AI Vi-nrro. S|>,irln WdH---"fi "i" i''-ntury ' u'Tf-OI'- l ' 11 ' 1 ' \VMAl 1 ' -AnMTIfj'ri N/'crnjuU 0:20 IP, in. -VVATI1- <',,,kt,ill^ M»r..mi,l u WllltV K Chrl.ny Hl'k. New* \VAHC- l.iirry Curl- WTIi:- Stl'li-lly Mluirln «'AT^--^''" 1J4 - Inl,,|-hi(l« , Wt>lt--N»w» «: ll> ii, m. VVTK'- W^iiih'T fl;IA p. n>, v/iiuv-\v,un'- ^N^wit 'nil NVIW \vnr-WKAI''- •r.owr-l! Thnrium WJX—(lr,-iil Si-ntl WATU -1'1,'itiuiru nnd I'pnni 1:00 IP, in. U'llflV- I.IK'lifli'M Ttn-iifof WAHC -t'.illl I'luyli.n \V,I/- l|,',i'llit|,- l-Mid'in Wf'H'IV'ATIl li.iy llnnl" \VKAK-Wfli '• - Su[T>T I 'lith WJX- Klrn-r ln.vln WAHf. 1 - Skvllli,- It'iof VVf'fl An»Mi','j- .Mull WA'I'It ••llhl'lhlll Ailvxillilri-ij WKAF-Wnc .(r.hll Vi,fi,|,,,-,.r«k i: r ::, ii. m. U'ATK N,nvi WlinV-WAIH 1 --'Mp,|iip|y lU.lir WKAK-U.Tir..Mmi KM W('lt -Arthur Hjil" WA'I K l-'ljihlflPT. Illlntllilf 7sl! I'. Ml. WC'lt Inil'lr i.f H|,i,r'.,i WKAI'' Kiillxnbijrn H;un p. in, W/lllV-VVAII' 1 . -HlK T.IM'II WI-:,M''-WT|i:- Mnriinrot U'liUInK Wnit ,Vli-k C.irli-r WJ/.-U'ATIl -l.uiii iiml Alinur 1VJX -Til.) D'Nulll. Daytime Frock \VATIl-I Wnnl A .Toh H:30 n. m. 'VDllV.WAHO— Kmnnnrn Thmlur WKM.-.WTIC— l>utn With Juily HJ'f,. WAT/1 -Hiirnmy Ku)-, wot;— Thn Kiilcon H:r,,1 ii. 111, VVHtiy. VVAHO— Ni.wn »:00 |i. 111. Wllf( V-U'A lie;— Twlnnt Hi-ouU WHAK-Wl'U: -Clnin,! MiiniUfii Wiill--llut,rii,| nc.inni- U'JX. -WATIC— '1'inl .'>l»!r,n« Olin Ii. III. WClfl — ftr-nl .S'[.,r|.-n WA'I'll— l.liiti.,1 to Ann Grrnkr \V.IX • -llrnwn rifitii 0:,'IO v, in. . ATK — Uooloi-n Tulk -U'TIc:— li'rocl WurlnK \VOU — Amurlciin Forum IIM* n. in. WATIl-WJ/,— Hpinvuc Repot-In !>:r,.': „. ni. WJ'/.-WATfl — Wliirni-r'u Hpnrl'i Ul:OU i>. in. WAIIC— An Olhnrn Nw U» WJX- •MiinliMl I'VHtlviLl WATK — rcrliin .Md.Mlilinn \Vi:.\|,'.WTn:— .Man Culli-il X 10:10 p. in, nt'A. Nlnnky rrut. WOH— Tiiku Thcso Ncili'ii IO:M(i ii, m. WKAI-'-WTIC- -KoniliiMB Mimic WATK— rtlirnrl Orth. Will! — Xyinphrini-ItPi W.IK -mil' froBrinn lll.'l.- (I. III. U'l;HV-c:it.S I'roKriini 11:0(1 n. in. wrmv-WAiir: — Wuriii '.Vi-wn fltlirr StlltlnllH- -.S/C'Wll II.'KI l>. III. WIIP.Y— -John J. li.ily. flt.v NVwn 11:15 ii, in. VVIlHV-U-AriC — VtPil Mlifl tin- Atom W.r/.—HiHiriH U'TH'-IVOII — NPIWII WA'I'll — llnrklp-y flli'h. 11:110 p. m. M'llliy.WAili;— Thiiriidlll Orrh, U'KAI' 1 — Iliirrnri Oi'i-h. WI'IC— fipllih .Mimic w.r/.svATIi— ilocnn; Tuckc-r Oruh. \V(jlt — Wcu t her ; (irclu'iitrii ih:iu ii. 111. WJX.— Tucker Ori-h. . li:il» .ulilnlrin A I, I. SIlitlniiH — NnWli NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONKO, TUESDAY, .TtTtY 23, 194fr-J>AGE 7 Need ? Use A Wanted Ad. Announcements Business Service Help Wanted—Male WANTED—Ca.b driver -to work nights. Apply Independent Cub Co. 100 So Main St. Help Wjintcd—Female WANTED OPERATORS KXPERIENCED OR INEXPERIENCED APPLY MR, YARVIN POND ST. ENTRANCE WATERTOWN UNDERGARMENT CORP. 198 MILL, ST., WATERBURY Situation* Wanted Legal Notices The registrars oC Voters of tht> Borough of Naugntuck will meet In 'tho Court Room, Town Hall Rdllcllnf,', on Ifrlday, July 20th nnrl Aiifru.'t «nd from 12:00 noon until 0:00 p. m, DST for the purpose •.if receiving party applications for party enrollment nnd to maJte eor- rpntlonn In oa.sp of removal, etc. All applications to be rcKlatered must 1)« made on or before each of .said mccUnK'i. CYRIL TUOHY HENRY ZVVICK Th/vip hoi jillrky duy:< c;»ill for an ntlriu'tlvi'. rofil frock that tnkcH » tnlnlr-rium f»f rnrc. Thl.M cn[>-nlrnviul wtylii flll.'i tho hill tu.'.o the iin- uniifil /icnllofKKl .side clo.tlnK, thn •viift fcrnlnlni' K^'hi'm on thii Mhoul- tll'I'M. Mfirhiiru Mrll I'nttrrn N'M. MOG Id doiilfrnccl fnr 3(1, 3S, -ID, -12, 'l-l, 'Hi, tH, Ml nnd T>2. Sl/.c ,'(8 ru- c|iilri'M 'I 1--I yurthi of ,1,"i or 30-1 nch fiihrlr. (''or this paUrrtt, .inntl 2,1 ccnln, HEARING A MrarlnK' upon the application of .lumen P. rnumcr to conrlucL a Kiidfjllnt! Stiitlon nt Op 307 Rubber Avo., within tho RorouKh of Naii- tvntuck, will ho hclrl In the Boroug-h Clnrk's Office. Town Hull, on Thuradny, Aufiunt 1st, at 11:00 11. m. I^EO J. BROPHY, Wnrclcn, Diitf.'d nt Nfiuk'ntuck', July 17, 19-1G. In coin:*, your nnmc, address, pat- U'l'n nliiuhtM 1 nnd Mlzo wrtntRd to Rfirhfnvi Boll, care of NiuiRdtuck 13n',ly NPWH, P. O. Rox 09. Station G. Now York 10, N, Y. Tho SUMMER iHMiin Of FASH- I [OiV in hrlniful of ldcn.i for every woman who HOWS — school Rlrl to horric-niakor. Special patterns by top-fllf,'ht American dcalftnora.. ,. L'ontOHt cle-Mlgna by America's 1 tal- cntnt Jiinlor.'i. . .. free shoulder pad jmttnrn printed In the book, Prlcn 20 cents, (I'iolr.-i.Hot! hy Tho Bell Syndicate, Inc.) WANTED— Position (is housekoop or In widower's home or smal family, adults preferred. Wouk live in. Tel. 3346 Nnug,, 4-7 p. m. For Sale Hpii*<M For Sale FOR SALIJ—2-famiIy bouse. City Hill, corner John St. "Call or sec JOSEPH V. nOSKO, 3 Urlon St Tel. -mss-or 2D52; FOR SALE—3 Jftunlly, 12 room house. One -car jftn-ajfe. East aide of town, $7,000. Can be purchased for $1,000 Down Payment. TONY FARRAK. 24 George St. Dial 4233. FOR SALE—Nino room, 1 family house In 'A-l condition, Could h'e enslly converted into 2 family. A. Sheple.v, telephone 2433. S HOUHM For Sale FOR SAJ/K— I 'family. j.O room house, extra large lot. C.'.ty Hill street. 2 family house, Forest St, Call 5031. John Hcaly, 118 Church St. FOR 8AT,K —. J<l room. 4 family house. All improvements. In good condition. Centrally located. Price ' JO,.TOO. A Shcpley. Phone 2433, To Buy ATTENTION G, I.'S ONE Mile f.iwii Uinlon City, Groom house, .5 acres of land; -3 large chicken coopa with running water; electrically equipped, Ac- 3,000 chickens. Farm truck. Immediate ocupancy. Owner Icavlntr . state. $3,000. TONY FARRAR, 24 George St., Dial 4233, Real Estate Wanted Wanted To Rent WE. HAVE MONET TO LOAN on second mc-rlga/res. $500-up Kramer's Agency, 193 Grand St. Waterbury 5-129ii. ' NOW OPEN FOR BUSINESS PLUMBING AND HARDWARE LICENSED PLUMBER, A. L HOTCHKISS, MAIN ST. BEA CON FALLS. DIAL 4344. Automotive 13 Sale*—-Service .1. HENRY KRUUKO94U REALTOR 64 City H11U St. Fh. «178 WANTED—BY YOXJNG CplJFLE (VET), 3-4 ROOM RENT. REFERENCES GIVEN. Phone 6333. REWARD. Rooms To Hem TO RENT—Furnished room.. Private family. Box K, c-o. NEWS TO R72NT—Furn.ished .front room', larire closet. Garatrc • aval-table. FRED'S MOTOR SALES Used Cars—Bought-—Sold 878 W. Main St., Waterbury Dial Wtby. 4-4510. ISu Truck IJealers-Servlco . NKW FEDKHAL TKUCKS Now Available All Sizes from (1 1-2} Tons & Up ' MODERN GARAGE SALES and SERVICE 628 Watortov.'n 3-146B 14 Autos For Sale Convenient to Chemical or Syn-1 1931 • CHKVROMi'T 2-dooi' sedan thetic plant.'Box A r.-o.NEWS,- For Rent 0 Shore And Mountaln- iOTTAGES FOR RENT—S45 week and tip. For any week or.weeks in August. White, 3fiO East Broadway, Myrtle Bench, Milford.Conn. Phone Mllford 2887J3. Announcements For Sale. Good Running ' condition. Phone 4328, AutoR Wanted' WANTED—USED CARS Any Year—Any Make HIGHKST PRICES PAID See Me First! HARRY F. ATWOOD •(OppoHito OlKon'» Garafire) Phone Watcrtown 1191) (EvenlngH 11 Ixist And roond WANTED — 1-2 or 3 FAJWILY! HOUSK. Cash waltltiR. John C. Kiornan. Walter H, Hart, Inc., Wtbry. 4-3120. Aftor C p. m,, Naut 5707. .OST—Bank Book No. 9,H7 on the .savings department of the Naujrntuck 'National Bank has been lost. Any ' person'' 1 having claims on said book is caJlod u on to present the same to tho bank within t\vo months 'or the same book will be' 'declared cancelled and extinguished'and a new one issued in lieu thereof. Dated at. Naug-iitucl: Con'n.,. July 23, 1946.'' ' . '" ' Lnnd Tot Sale OVIDK V. Fjm,rBERT Rca! Kstate—General Insurance' COO So. Mnin St., Waterbury Call 4-S034 or 5-3148 5 I.KVKI, WIND <nn f\r* ; i UKTiLiS t&^i.l/Oi WEISS' * Ben Franklin Store z 132 cnvncn STBEKT *******+ rot—50x35. DcHirable location. Suitable for a H room cot- trt~e. Write Box X, c.irc Naug- iituck News. Kctil Ai;onlA FOR SALIC—12 room, pood condition, H. W, H. on both, lui'sro lot, southwest of town. 9 room, .1 family houne, all Improvements, hardwood finish, PI. W, H. oil, centrally located, $12,COO. P. Labnola & Son,, 172 High St. Dial 3458. IjOST—Bank Book NtO JJJOfX) on Nai.jg-n.tuck National ' Bank •• has been : lost. Any person .having claims of said buck is called upon to present the same' to tho bank within two months .'or the same book-will be declared canceled 'and extinguished', and a new one Issucc! in lieu., thereof. Dated' at .Nfttigaluck,' Conn., July 23, 204'6. . • ' FOUNJ>—One Fhecp, Bpuccin Valley section. Call 5.959 ;iny timo. LOST—Strinp ot please call 4052. pearls. Finder lla Hot weather In hern to stay. Protect your winter garments by huvlnp; thorn cleaned nnd IHotli- Proofml now. K tEVMAN LEANERS MONIJMKNTS Special 'Prices On All Memorials W. RICHARDS—260 ,3o. Main St. Naugatuck—Dial 3487 ACCORDION LESSONS—You "can learn tho correct technique Of the ,\ccorcllon. No accordion necessary- At Mecca Music School, 203 Bank St., Wtbry,, 4-1122. ...ONE THOUSAND CARS WANTED—Top prices; ;spot cftsh. I : "want 29's — 30's — 31's'— 32's — 33's — 34's —- 35'8 — 36'a — 37'a — 38'n — 39's — 40's — 41's and 42's. Phono, write or drive In todoy. BILLIE FITZPATRICK 1660 .Blast Main. St. . Phono. '1-4811 . OPEN .EVENINGS TURN IN .YOUR CAR NOW MY'.PRICES ARE TOPS KEN, JOHNSON 1803 N. Main St. '','all Waterbury 5-1797 17 Scrvlie Station*;—Repairing- •BearWheal AIIgnlng-Auto Paln'ttnK Body & Fonder Work ERNIE'S ATJTO BODY WORKS 128 Watetiown Ave, Wtbry, S6Z11 FAFEBI1ANGINO and Fainting. Hlffli (rrade worknuinshlp. Phone 4-0857 Wtbry. Joseph San An- \V. J. . Paper hanging and painting reasonably don«, Work guaranteed. 11 Spring St. Phono 6478. 22 Painting WM. F. COTA. -rapor Hanfer and Painter. We carry compensation. '1 CTOBB «t. Dial MM' or Bill. ."AINTING and papcrhanglnft work done. Call 2877. John A. E. Johnson, WOULD LIKE TO BUY CHILD'S SECOND-HAND TRICYCLE. Call •2412. ' ' • 30 MlsociTaneous PEARL BUTTONS — ttlck - rack, braids laces, bindings In largo assortments. Reliable, 57 Scovlll street, Wtbry. SOb MuMoal WANTED—Baby Grand or Spinet piano. Must be reasonable. Telephone Wa-tcrbury -1-6S79. Ken Thompson. 30c Radio ACT PJROMFTJuy: J, 2. 3 family houses painted $100 and up. Skillful workmanship. Ploskl Bros. Call 5473. PAPER ilangtnR * Painting, Specializing on Interior Work. Cnll for Estimate!, Tony Mariano, 63 Oak St T«l. 20». Merchandise 28 Household Articles IOUSEHOLI> FURNITURE FOR SALE. For details, call 263-1 bc- tweon D-S or inquire 53 Spring St., Union City, between 5-8 also. IMMEDIATE .DELIVERY! Radios in - Stock •—JTada, Olympic, Emerson, Scnora, Stewart Warner. Also -table model combinations, record players, portables. GERALD'S APPLIANCE. 107 Spring St., Union City, CESSPOOLS —Ana septic tanks cleaned, repaired nnd installed. All types of suburban scwnpc disposal work. For prompt and dependable Hcrvicc ciill The Conn. Hydraulic Co., Waterbury 4-OS88. AXJTIIOItrZKD HOOVER SERV JCE by factory trained man. Tel. 2251. Carlson's Furniture Co. Serviced GOLDIE'S CAMEHA SHOP 8 & 1C mm. Movies On Sale Now. 17 Grand St. Wtbry. Phone 5-1875 CUSTOM KEUPHOLSTEB1NO Special 3-piece Suite JM GKIFYIN UPHOLSTERING CO, Naugatuck 44<K' PHILCO, RCA, TABLE MODEL RADIOS with automatic record chnngers in stock. THE RADIO SHOP, 180 Grand St. Waterbury. 'Education Lou»i itnd Private Instructor* MARTONE SCHOOL, 100 Grand St. 4-3677, Da;ice, Voice, Music, Reducing. Register Mon. Ouly 20. HAVE YOUR ALTERATIONS DONE AT CARMEN'S CUSTOM TAILOIUNC S-D:iy CleaJlInu Son'Ir« J47 So. Main St.— Dl.-U 2017 S9 Wanted To KcntJor Services WE REPAIR Al! makes. Coldspot, Apex, Cop«land, Gruno, Kclvlnator, Cronley, Stewart-Warner, etc. Stel» U.-il :ind son, 202 Cherry St Waterbury. 4-0719. Animals sa Poultry Ana :TUB»Y. well-built folding baby c'nrriafrcs. $12.0. r > up. Cribs hi- chairs, play yards. THE RADIO SHOP, ISO Grand St., Wtby. LATE MODEL OAKS WANTED PACKARD-WATERBURY, INC. 4S2. Ws.tcrto'wn Ave.. .Dial 4-6109, JOE'S GARAGE — Goncnil repnlr- Ing-^-motor tune-upB, (Old State Higrhway Garage) Curtiss.'.Court. Joseph Anglollllo, Prop. FOR SALJ'J—Piano, -1 burncc kitchen gas stove. Also 2 burner oil stove, 2 radios. Bargains.' Inquire 27 First avenue, Waterbury, 4-2637. FOR SALE-— Su.rtcd chicks, turkeys, ducks. All ages. Whitlock Farm, Sporry i-o;id, Bethany. FOR SALE — Dressed chickens turkeys, ducks, guineas, fros) 1 . killed and quick frozen. Whillocl; Farm, Sporry road, Bmhany. IRcuphofsMring: SAVE your siigelng upholstered furniture with "SagPi-uf," Chair 58,75; divan. ?3S..TO. Work dono In your home. Dial Waterbury 4-3319. State-wide servico. 17 Repalrlng^Servlce /Station MAPLE STREET GARAGE ' 176« Maple Struct' John Rimkus,' Prop. Repair work on all makes of cain Reaiionablo prlcos, prompt service. Phone 6102. •Used Cars Bought—Sold 17 Service Stations— .JACK'S AUTO BODY SHOP 100 South Main Street Bodlen, 'fenders, straightened, repaired, etc. Also cara painted. Telephone 6158—5912-73264 ,24 Hour TowinR Service CASH'FOB ENTIIUS ESTAT1S8 We will buy or sell on commlo- slon baisls anything from a flingle room to an entire estate; specializing in rara antiques, phone' or write OR.ANOE ST, AUCTION Galleries, Nev, England's Finest Auction Galleries. 21 Orange St., .Now Haven. Tel. 6-0896. AUTOMOBILE—Rubber 'floor matti —JJ.75 and up. JOE'S TIRE SHOP 241 N,. Main. Wtbry. Cor. Cooke St. I7a Auto rnlntlne-Body Work Your friends win lie surpi-iscd to learn how little it costs to furnish your home at ALBERT'S. $795 — 47.95 3 LOVELY ROOMS of Quality Furniture, assembled into a unit package to make it easy for you to make a 1 selection COMBINATION Bciifrnl Gns .and Oil P.anpc, Philco Radio, Electric Iron, Simmons' Inncrspring Mattress and'a 20 pc. Dinner-Set. In addition arc included a Mahogany or Wn.lmit. Bedroom Suite; Bed Spring, Boudoir Lamps, Rup; 3 pc. Living Room Suite. Innorspi'injr Construction, 2 Tnhlc Lumps, Floor Lamp, Bridge Lamp, Cocktail Tablo, 2 End Tables, rufr; S pc, Breakfast Set, 26 piece Silverware Set o.nd rugr. BUY NOW! FREE STORAGK and DELIVERY AT YOUR REQUEST Connecticut's Lnrpcst Furniture Store YOUNG DUCKS FOK SALIC. Alive) and dressed -1 1-2 ]hs. LrHoy H. Baummcr. Telephone 4145. Business Service 87 HuslncKH Scn-lcos Rendered ACCOllNTINr, BOOKKKKPING SERVICE EDMUND O. HKSS T. O. BOX 06 UNION CITY PHONE Sinj TREE EXPERT — Pruning nnd sprayinc ot fruit nnd shade tren.i. Trees removed. Veteran ol World War II. Gordon Phelan, Wtby. 5-2261. ' GUARANTEED KEPAJltS — Al. makes machines, vacuums. Usce. machines bought. SIncor Sewini Machine Co. Waterbury 4-430H A-L-B-tt-R-T-S 2P3 South'Main St. Waterbury ZRu Clotninit cld- AUTOMOBn.E Ihir. CARS PAINTED $30. .Tim's Fnlnt Shop, Its. Autumn St., cor. riodmont. Wtbry. 3-8367. ' outfltH—formnl rcady-mado or made to order. WTiItc Bunny jackets, black velvet wraps to rent. RUBY'S JJRIDAT., SHOP, 2nd floor. 8D5 N. Main St., Wtbry. 3-1S34, KLECTKICAU WIrlnp & Ing. W,i spccIaU'/.o In tlon. Al! work .nsiircd. inpmachinen repaired. Roy .Deck cr. Dial 4000. For cash In sudden cra phone Empire to Rrranpo detail! drop In and ^ up tho cosh. Loans from $25 to S200 can bo granted on elg- noture on)y. A. lonn of JlOO coutu $20.00 whon p)-omptly rcpnld in 12 consecutive monthly Installments. Phone On At Waterbury 4-2762 EVAN J. WHALLEY, M.D. ANNOUNCES THI:: Ol']0.\TN : « OK HIS OFFICE FO.H. Tl-1 K PKACTUMO OK MEDICINE AND SURGERY AT 720 BALDWIN STREET WATERBURY HOURS 2 TO •! — 7 TO S EXCEPT SUNDAY TKL. .'5-7441 Bi: BpY. CltANE 7I77.LV rtTC TJECW BARNEY GOOGLE SNUFFY SMTTH HAT A TIME TO BE ATTACKED BY A MADMAN 1 TELL TH' THEV LEPT OFP'N TH' TRAIN SOMeWHAR. IN CALIFORNV WE'RE IN A DID vou Receive THE FOURTEEN LOBSTER ENTRIES fROM MAINE FOR -- HflJLtO- • HeAOOUftRJERS OF THt 'HOOTIN' HOtLeR BUG DERBV? - HOW RR6 THE MAINE LO8BTERS COMIW ALONG THE WIDOCON AWAKtS THE WATER TROM IT5 TAIL,..IS REIUCTAKTI.Y AIRBORNE. IT'? me NSOMENT OF PIIOUT THAT DEMANDS rwr COMPLETE COHCENTRAT'ON AND SKILL OF THE PILOT. HKCKKT AGENT XII B.V MEL OBATF By WALLY jarSJIOJ HtTGGS ANTI SJCEETBR. ' - ~ I HOPE VCbu /vMND-EEF I VOUR BEAUT) FOOL NUTCRACKER'! f.A' NUTCRACKER, H ' CQ|. KARA! WHEN YOU BANG - -^ VftSOERFOOL OH THAT, YOU VJANT TO COME IN! LATER r PUCKER HEYVSKECTERISEE .EVEN THE LEETLE: NUTS OPEN PRONTO WHEN I BANG!! KEEP AN EVE ON -DON'T K\M LEAVE , I'VI 10 &6£ WHO THAT 45 AT THE DOOR BEFORE THEV IVv PACT, HOIWNSON — :— Oy WILLIAM KITT ariti CLARKNX3E G«AI I'LL HAVE. A TCUCIC r-^v, -WE'RE PR AC •LI GET A GAMS TO- HEBE.*- WE'LL - CEADMT-- ANSVMEP r6ANDV/M.SANDV?T= H/." HOVS TICALLV UP TO - MAIL *S oue THIS MQENING , N WWAT ATEAM VJE'O 5ANDY AND CANDY .— AlKT THAT DAKDV l .- YOU'RE THE NICEST BONBON) I EVER SAW.' BEAUT1FUL DREAM ARE VOU CXAV/'I'LL STAND ALL EXPENSE,' TDMESS UPTME House' ATGCI2ISLV 7EGCIFC

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