Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on March 15, 1976 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 15, 1976
Page 10
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The Promise of a New President: Will Americans Bury Traumas? l-HlMlnn f=rannml«t N»w« & London Economist News President Ford survived the New Hampshire primary election, though by the narrowest of margins: Ford 51 per cent, Reagan 49 per cent. Too small to matter much in itself, New Hampshire regularly sends a message to the bigger states that are to vote later. Its message was that it could see little to choose between the two Republican contenders. Not exactly inspiring though this may be for the Ford camp, it does seem to leave the advantage in the President's hands. Simply because he is the President, the forces of inertia tend to work his way. It is Reagan, the challenger, who needs to win: for the man in possession it may be enough this year — although in 1968, for example, it was not — to avoid being beaten; if he manages that, however ambiuously, he can expect that by August the nomination will be his. That says nothing about his prospect of election in November, which would not be helped by a grudging, dubious award of the leadership of his own party. The fact is that the Watergate devastation has not finished working its way through the American political system. The Republicans chose two men four years ago, whom the country then elected: but first Spiro Agnew and then Richard Nixon fell into disgrace and had to go. leaving the presidency still in Republican hands, but no nationally chosen Republican to fill it. For once, therefore, the man who is undoubtedly President cannot count on any automatic acceptance as his party's leader. He is having to fight for acceptance and, while he has made a not bad start, the struggle looks like Many in Favor of Abolishing Group By Harrison Weber (Iowa Dllly Press Association! DES MOINES — No one likes to fill out cumbersome reports, least of all State Representative Mattie Harper. And she is really disgusted at the new reporting forms of the state campaign finance disclosure commission. So when a bill came before the House appropriations committee last Thursday to make a $7,500 supplemental appropriation to the commission to cover the cost of printing the new forms, Rep. Harper, D-Ottumwa, used the occasion to sound off. She wants to abolish the entire commission! When the matter was put to _a vote, the committee rejected Mrs. Harper's proposal by a vote of 11 to 22. But from the tone of other legislators it became quite obvious that a great many other lawmakers share her views about the commission which keeps track of candidates' campaign reports. In a few short years the commission has grown to the point where it costs $50,000 a year to operate it. Rep. Tom Higgins, D-Davenport, perhaps summed things up best when he said, "it seems to me that we can get a better job for less." He suggested the possibility of having some other agency, perhaps the secretary of state's office, handle this task. The secretary of state was in charge of receiving campaign statements, showing receipts and expenditures, before the law being his chief preoccupation for some months to come. Foreigners, watching from outside the uncertainties and ambiguities of American policy at such a time, have to find this a glum prospect. One distinct ingredient in the generally sour prevailing mood, reflected in the abundant campaign rhetoric in 1 both of the party camps just now. is the revulsion against Washington, against the federal capital and the federal government themselves — a curious feature for an American Bicentennial year, Listening to Mr. Ford and Reagan one would suppose both equally to be the deadly foes of bureaucracy, government spending and government activity generally. In fact, Reagan has never spent a day in federal office. Ford (as a congressman, as vice president, as president) has was expanded to cover more detail. A member of the legislative rules review committee, Rep. LaVerne Schroeder, R-McClelland, told the appropriations committee that the campaign finance disclosure commission had presented its new reporting form to the committee on three separate occasions and the form had been revised twice. Schroeder said the committee finally gave its approval to the reporting form because of the delay that had been encountered. The rules review committee is still not satisfied with the form, Schroeder said. Timei Herald, Carroll, la. Monday, March 15, 1976 12 Don't be ffuefeh. never done anything else, and so Reagan is the authentic anti-Washington candidate among Republicans. Ford can wrap himself in the toga of Cincinnatus as much as he likes, but he stands there as the defender of the government, simply because it is his. Much of the same curious phenomenon is duplicated among the Democrats, where Jimmy Carter emerged the clear winner in New Hampshire. If Carter gets to be president he will enter the White House innocent of any acquaintance with national office. He has been governor of Georgia, but his experience of national politics is entirely confined to his present (it must be said, ingenious, well run. totally dogged) campaign. He would be the clear anti-Washington man for Democrats were it not for George Wallace's long possession of that mantle, for IDC Plans 3 Trade Missions ByPaulHolley (Iowa Dally Pren Anociillon) DES MOINES — The Iowa development commission is planning three more foreign trade missions this year; the first will be to Australia. The Australia trip has tentatively been scheduled for the first three weeks in June, according to Dean Arbuckle, director of the commission's international division. which he and Carter are now fighting it out in Florida, and elsewhere. Practically nothing is definitely known of Carter's real opinions on any subject. A brilliant campaigner he plainly is, but the kind of president he would be is a mystery. For him the matter is complicated by the fact that the national Democratic party is, above everything else, the party that does believe in an active federal government full of its own purpose. It seems to follow that, the further Carter gets out ahead of the pack of Democratic contenders, the closer he gets to his goal of the nomination, the more definitely the leading Democrats in national politics will see him as a threat to their reason for existing, and the more compelling will become their interest in closing ranks against him. Closing Tanks means joining to back another candidate; nobody can be stopped with nobody. A substantial body of the Democratic party sees Hubert Between 10 and 12 people associated with food processing and packaging, automotive service, manufacturing and recreation equipment are expected to make the trip, Arbuckle told the commission at its regular meeting Thursday. Participants pay all of their own expenses and the trip is still subject to approval by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Plans call for the group to visit with government officials, manufacturers and importers at Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. Humphrey, whose commitment to a strong, active federal government is ambiguous enough for anybody, as standing in reserve for just such a contingency. • Not only the Watergate wreckage, but the trail of turbulence left behind by the Indochina war, still confuses the scene and keeps fragmented the power to make decisions. Whether Henry Kissinger was right or wrong in what he tried to do in Angola, there is substance in his complaints that when Congress persistently circumscribes the president's freedom to act, it makes the conduct of foreign policy difficult. On the other side of the ledger, it is President Ford who regularly vetoes every attempt by Congress to provide money to ameliorate the social condition or stimulate the economy. Either way, not much gets done. The American people had jn^^fttjft some traumatic political experiences and can reasonably take a little time to clear them up and get them buried. Still, 1976 ought to be the year in which they are conclusively disposed of by voters who have to make their own sovereign choice. If that choice ends in a president and a congressional majority that are of the same party and thus freed of one motive for impeding each other, the sigh of relief will be the more widespread. f T t T T T t T T T t WANTEDI fOKA LIMIT ON SPECIAL 1— per person 1— per family Groups and additional settings at our regular low prices Your child's photographer will be on duty at SPURGEON'S Carroll, Iowa Tues., March 16 - 12 noon to s p.m. Wed., March 17- 10 a.m. to s p.m. OFfJCE OF ENE«CY CONSERVATION OF THE FEDERAL ENERGY OFFICE Limited time only!. Prices slashed! ANNOUNCING HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN ASSOCIATION Will Be Open For Business Monday, March 15 In Our Temporary Office Located at 227 Thomas Plaza, Carroll, Iowa | GENUINE FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS '17' REASONS THIS IS YOUR "BEST BUY"! T;=; RATED I NO. 1. HILT > MCKI IT tElEML MTMS 2. l«f % FMST MMF ' 3. fOST LOW HEMT SHIM NIL 4. Sim WILL "FUm-nUT KSIM 5. REKRSIILE MODS-HUNT M LEFT I. MJWTUU ITLM ROLLERS 7. filMT IN LI. FREEIER I. 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