Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 24, 1974 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 24, 1974
Page 7
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i Tuesday, September 24, i!)f4 Dr.Lamb' HOPE (AMO StAR Caloriss needed for normal growth Television Logs u^u , fi . j. - fa. ai.fi«i..ii»-i Tuesday 3 •4-6-10 5 Ed- Lawrence E. Lamb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMS - I'm 11 [years old, five-feet-three and I weigh 90 to 95 pounds. People lihink I'm rather slim, but I Idon't think 1 am. I take ballet land in ballet you should be Iskinny. People think 1 m [crazy, but 1 think I need a Idiet I've gajned 15 pounds in Isix months. I've stayed at my [present weight about a [month, and I suppose 111 gain Ifive more pounds. I ve only lerown a little over three in- Iches with my weight gain. I I have a real problem be- Icause I eat continually and Ican't stop. I've tried several •times to go on a diet, but it liust won't work. Do you have iany suggestions? I'd like to Ilose five or 10 pounds. I DEAR READER - The lonly way to tell if you are too Ifat or not is to s^e how much Ifat you have under your skin. Ilf indeed, you have a roll laround the middle or some [excess fat around your navel [then you are eating more Icalories than youftieed. [Otherwise, you probablyNneed [all those calories for your [normal growth and develop- I merit, and I wouldn t do a I thing to help you damage I your health. Sorry about that. During growth you are [forming a lot of new body [structures. Each tiny chemi- [cal compound that is formed uses some energy from your food to hook the atoms and chemicals together. Every muscle fiber you develop to help you become a mature, good ballet dancer is constructed by using lots of energy. That is why growing people use more energy than those of us who have stopped growing. Obviously you are still in your growth phase and need that vital energy badly. [ Also, the energy you use in | ballet takes a number of calo- WIN AT BRIDGE \East-West twain can't agree ries. I know you have to practice regularly to become any good at ballet and regular exercise does end up Using a lot of calories. I think the best thing I can do for you is to discourage any real weight loss effort on your part unless you truly have excess fat under your skin. A good ballet dancer needs a strong, healthy body, and it is important that you eat right to obtain this goal. DEAR DR. LAMB - Will you kindly tell me if there are any side effects to the drug Atromid-S used to reduce cholesterol levels? I use little or no food containing high amounts of cholesterol. DEAR READER - Patients have tolerated Atromid-S surprisingly well. A few patients have digestive complaints, mostly nausea, diarrhea, gas and similar problems. Even fewer patients complain of headache, dizziness or weakness. This medicine, also known as clof'ibrate, is useful for many patients. It is not a substitute for a good dietary program, but, if nejjrfed, should be used with the 5 diet. * To control the cholesterol level you need to do more than just limit the foods that are high in cholesterol. The body also makes cholesterol and will do so if you eat too many calories of any type, carbohydrate, protein or fat, and 'is especially likely to produce fatty-cholesterol particles in the blood if you eat too much fat, particularly the saturated fats from animal sources. Send your questions to Dr. Lamb, in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019. For a copy of Dr. Lamb's booklet on cholesterol, send 50 cents to the same address and ask for the "Cholesterol" booklet. NORTH (D) 24 4 A82 ¥ Q97 + J8 *AQJ93 WEST L ' ST 4J1094 4653 fAJlO T8632 + A1052 + K943 + 64 +105 SOUTH 4 KQ7 4 K54 + Q76 + K872 East-West vulnerable West North East South 1* Pass 2 N.T. Pass 3 N.T. Pass • Pass Pass Opening lead-J* tenth trick with the king of hearts." We didn't bother to ask East if he had contributed anything to the debacle, because he had already heard from West. It seems East had discarded two hearts and a diamond while the clubs were parading. East's first discard should have been a spade and his second discard another spade. That would have told West that he could throw spades with complete safety. As it was poor West had been afraid that South held four hearts and that he, West, just had to hang on to all his cards in that suit. (NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN.) |By Oswald & James Jacoby The old adage, "There are Inone so blind as they who will Inot see" certainly applies in Ibridge. East came to us with a long -story about how his partner •let South make an overtrick •at three notrump. He de- Iscribed his partner's crime as [follows: I "South won the spade lead |in his hand and led a heart to dummy's queen. Then he proceeded to rattle off five club Jtricks while my partner was •obliging enough to chuck Ithree diamonds, j "Next South cashed the •high spades, threw my •partner in with a diamond land eventually made his The bidding has been: 24 West North East South 1* Pass 2* Pass 3* Pass 4* Pass 4* Pass ? You, South, hold: 4AK843 *A2 +Q4+KQ87 What do you do now? A—Pass. Your partner has heard your strong bids. TODAY'S QUESTION Instead of bidding four spades your partner has bid four diamonds over your four clubs. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Send $1 for JACOBY MODERN book to: "Win at Bridge," (do this newspaper), P.O. Box 489, Radio CitvStation. New York. N.Y. 10019. Bumpers praises Kennedy decision LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Gov. Dale Bumpers said Monday that he admired Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., for "placing family considerations over any political aspirations he had." Bumpers said that Kennedy's decision not to seek the 1976 Democratic presidential nomination had thrown the race wide open. He said he thought the presidency has a "tendency to be very destructive to the family unit. "I had always felt that if Senator Kennedy did seek the nomination, he would start out the most viable candidate," Bumpers said. "It would have been very difficult for any other candidate to have caught up." Bumpers said he didn't know what potential Democratic candidates would benefit roost Night 6:00 Villa Alegfe Truth or Conse- 2 340 4-6-7-11-12 5 quences News That Girl Hogan's Heroes 8 6:30 Extension '74 2 To Tell The Truth 3 Beverly Hillbillies 4 FBI 5 Beverly Hillbillies 6 Gomer Pyle 8 Beverly Hillbillies 10 Hee Haw H Lucy Show 12 7:00 America 2 $25,000 Pyramid 3 Adam-12 4-6 Happy Days MO 700 Club 8 Good Times 12 7:30 Eye To Eye 2 Movie 3-7-10 "The Great Niagara" Movie v 4-6 "The Strange and Deadly Occurrence" Rifleman 5 MASH H-12 8:00 Jeanne Wolf 2 Family Affair 5 Hawaii Five-0 11-12 8:30 Performance 2 from Kennedy's withdrawal, but he mentioned the names of Sens. Henry M. Jackson of Washington, Walter F. Mondale of Minnestoa and Lloyd Bentsen of Texas. "There are all kinds of very capable people that I'm sure will emerge as candidates," Bumpers said. When asked what effect Kennedy's announcement would have on his own plans, Bumpers laughed and replied, "None whatsoever." Bumpers, the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate, has refused to comment on speculation that he might be a candidate for the Democratic national ticket in 1976. Romania's earliest known people were merged with invading Proto-tnracians, preceding by centuries the Da- cians. 4-6 8 11-12 2 8 2 3-4-5-6-7 8 10-11-12 5 3-10 4-6 8 5 7 4 6 5 byBernlceBecteOol For Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1974 ARIES (March 21-April 19) Be as diplomatic as possible in your partnership arrangements. Something tricky is coming up but it can be managed. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Don't let your attention wander from any mental work you do today. If you do, some absurd mistake will result that could be avoided. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Your social plan will suddenly be changed for a very unusual reason. Don't despair. Something much better will take its , place. . CANCER (June 21-July 22) Check things out for yourself rather than assume something is a fact just because another says so. It's to your advantage to probe a little. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) In your haste to get on to something that pleases you more, a task you'll undertake will get some pretty sloppy treatment. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You tend to be somewhat negligent with your possessions at this time. Because of this attitude, something you're fond of might be lost or broken. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) It will be difficult to follow a schedule you've set for yourself early in the day because of some unexpected disruptions. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Take ample time to think things through before making any obligatory commitment or you'll be locked into something that will be hard to shake later. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23- Dec, 21) What you are hoping to gain in a material sense may not come about immediately. However, you will eventually come out with something far better. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Bypass the front men. Go directly to the big wheel in your business dealings. The top man is more receptive than his subordinates. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) The solution for a problem that you haven't worked out yet will be found shortly. It will call for quick action. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) In any commercial dealings you have today, don't jump at the first price. You'll come out far better if you bargain a bit. your birthday Sept. 25, 1974 Social momentum will accelerate as the year rolls on. You are very likely to find yourself playing quite a prominent role in a new group involvement. Harrisburg Man burned HARRISBURG, Ark. (AP) The badly burned body of Avery Lowery, 55, of Harrisburg was found Monday in a room at the Lakeside Inn on Lake Poinsett near here, authorities said. Sheriff Gerald Crawford of Poinsett County said foul play was not suspected. The body was sent to the state medical examiner at little Rock for an autopsy. Crawford said Lowery apparently went to sleep on a couch while smoking a cigarette. Fire had destroyed the couch and a curtain in the room. The National Arboretum, established in 1927 for the study of trees and plants, has become one of Washington's great show places. Bevefly Hillbillies Charisma 9:00 American Folk Aft Marcus Welby* M.D. 10 Police Story \ MoVie "Magnificent thief" it's A New Day Bafnaby Jones 9:30 Bylines Kathfjrti Kuhlman 10:00 ABC Hews News Big Valley News 10:15 MoVie Cont'd 10:30 Wide World Special Johnny Carson Perry Mason Movie "The Sweet Ride" 11:00 Bonanza 11:15 Movie Eleven "Revolt of Mamie Stover" 11:30 Wide World Special 12:00 Untouchables Tomorrow 1:15 News 1:30 Moments for Meditation Wednesday Morning 6:25 Devotional 6:30 News Sunrise Semester 6:40 Moments For tion 6:45 News RFD6 6:50 Your Pastor 6:55 Morning Devotions 4 7:00 Today 4-6-10 Slam Bang Theatre 5 Cal Dring Bugs Bunny CBS News 7:15 Colorful World 7:30 Mighty Mouse 7:45 New Zoo Revue 8:00 New Zoo Revue Bozo's Cartoon nival Bozo Captain Kangaroo 8:15 Movie "A Double Life" 8:30 Fury Arkansas Dennis The Menace 9:00 Name That Tune The Munsters JVIovie "Island of the Blue Dolphins" Hazel Joker's Wild Sesame Street 9:30 Winning Streak Petticoat Junction Father Knows Best Gambit 8 11 Medita- 5 5 6 12 7 8 11-12 3 8 3 5 Car- 7 8 11-12 3 10:00 Split Second High Rollers the Saint the Courtship of die's Father 8 Now You See It 11-12 10:30 Brady Bunch &7-10 Hollywood Squares 4-3 The Lucy Show 8 Love Of Life 1M2 10:55 CBS News 11-12 11:00 Password 3-7-10 Jackpot! 4-6 Perry Mason 5 Andy Griffith Show 8 Young And The Restless 11-12 11:30 News 3 Celebrity Sweepstakes4-6 Split Second 7-10 Flipper 8 Search for Tomorrow 11-12 11:55 NBC News 4-6 Afternoon 12:00 All My Children 3-7-10 • Little Rock Today 4 Noon News 5-6-12 700 Club 8 Part I & II Eye on Arkansas 11 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 3-710 Cartoon Carnival 5 Jeopardy! 6 As the World Turns 1112 1:00 Newly wed Game 3-7 Days of Our Lives 4-610 Afternoon Movie 5 "Sons and Lovers Guiding Light 1:30 Girl In My Life Doctors Manna Edge of Night 2:00 General Hospital Another World It's A New Day Price Is Right 2:30 One Life to Live 12 2 3-10 4-6 5 7 11-12 3-10 8 2 3 5 6 8 10 11 12 5 7 8 4-6-10 5 7 8 11 12 4-6-10 5 11-12 3-7 4-6-10 8 11-12 3-7-10 4-6 8 11-12 3-7-10 How To Survive A Marriage 4-6 Bugs Bunny 8 Match Game 11-12 3:00 $10,000 Pyramid 3-10 Merv Griffin 4 Popeye 5 Somerset 6 Lassie 7 Little Rascals 8 Virginian Tattletales 3:30 Movie "Holy Matrimony" Speed Racer I Dream of Jeannie Bozo's Big Top Hazel I Love Lucy Merv Griffin 3:45 Wildlife Wonders 4:00 Mister Rogers Bonanza Flintstones Father Knows Best Star Trek 11 12 3 5 fi 7 8 10 12 2 2 4-6 5 8 10 4:30 Sesame Street 2 Gilligan's Island 7 Andy Ufiffith Show 8 Mod Squad . 1J 5:00 ABC News 3-7-16 truth of Consequences 4 1 Love Lucy 5 Gilligan's Island 6 Star Tfek News 5:30 Zoom News NBC News Dick Van Dyke Dragnet News Night 6:00 Villa Alegre Truth Ot Consequences News 4-6-7-1M2 News 4-6-7-11-12 That Girl 5 Hogan's Hereos 6:30 Arkansas: Continuum To Tell The Truth FBI Beverly Hillbillies Gomer Pyle Beverly Hillbillies Let's Make A Deal Lucy Show 7:00 Men Who Made The Movies 2 That's My Mama 3-7-10 Little House On The Prairie 4-6 700 Club 8 Sons And Daughters 1112 7:30 Movie 3-7-10 "The California Kid" Rifleman 5 8:00 Century Theatre 2 Bob Hope 4-6 Family Affair 5 Cannon 11-12 8:30 Beverly Hillbillies 5 George & Diane 8 9:00 Festival Films 2 Get Christie Love! 37-10 Petrocelli 4-6 Movie 5 "Fathom" Manna 8 Manhunter H-12 9:30 Video Visionaries 2 Ministers 8 10:00 ABC News 2 News 3-4-5-6-7 Big Valley 8 News 10-11-12 10:15 Movie Cont'd 5 10:30 Wide World Special 3-10 Johnny Carson 4-6 Perry Mason 7 Movie H-12 "The Hound of the Baskervilles" 11:00 Bonanza 8 11:15 Movie Eleven 5 "The Return of the Texan" 11:30 Wide World Special 7 12:00 Untouchables 4 Tomorrow 6 1:00 News 5 1:15 Moments for Meditation Fourche Creek plans bared LlttLE ROCK (AP)-- ---- Uttle Mock district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presented five alternative plans Monday for alleviation of flooding on the Foufche Creek basin. the plans range ffotn no action at all to an approach that would fequife massive relocation of businesses and fesi- dences, but which would guarantee 100 per cent effectiveness. In between those extremes, the jptafis, presented Id a group of business and civic leaders, included one thai called for channelisation, andthef that stresssed environmental pfe* servation and a third that suggested the • creation of sit reservoirs. Co. Donald C. Weinert, the Little Rock district engineer, said the presentation was a continuation of a series of pul> lie meetings that would continue until late October or November. WOW! LOOK AT ABCNOW! WHOOSH! TRUTH- OR oohseoucnces 6:OO ToTell TheTruth DO 00 The exciting game where a contestant can win $25,000 in one minute. The Great Niagara Tuesday Movie ;oftheWeek Introducing our New Fashion Great for the Fair! Brushed blue denim and blue denim Jackets and Jeans A World Premiere! © What drives a man to risk his life against the merciless falls? Starring Richard Boone, Michael Sacks and Randy Quaid. 73O Marcus Wei by, M.D. America's best-known and most beloved doctor resumes practice with dramatic new cases. Robert Young stars. James Brolin co-stars. tit TONIGHT TELEVISION THREE

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