The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 24, 1998 · Page 18
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 18

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 24, 1998
Page 18
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BB SUNDAY. MAY 24. 1998 LIFE THE SALINA JOURNAL. THE SUNDAY CROSSWORD V NAMES AND TITLES 90 Irritate 92 Juliet, to Romeo 93 Plunder, old style 94 Atoncel 96 Quick, easy gait 99 Ushered 100 Chutzpah 102 Nobleman 103 Particle 104 Printer's measures 106 Lampreys 108 Speck 109 Fatigued, with "out" 110 Caesar's 1,004 113 Sound of support 114 Marsh bird 116 Assorted 118 Lemon additive 119 Lily-family plants 121 Gay Nineties' foundation garments 124 Cubic meter 125 Spring bloom 126 Noun suffix 127 Appraiser 128 'Relieved discomfort 129 Abound 130 British gun 131 Pitchers 1 DOWN Very pale 2 Kind of wrap 3 Young turkey 4 Make a mistake 5 Dressing gown 6 Set of steps 7 Beat soundly 8 Cathedral section 9 Abstain from 10 Sack 11 Styptic 12 Chocolate substitute 13 Less dull "GAY NINETIES GIRL" ByRITAM.YEl.LE ACROSS 1 Western resort 6 Rigging support 10 Endorse 14 Data 19 Market •. 20 Recording ,21 Wings 22 Venerate 23 Gay Nineties' shape 26 Famous 27 Building addition 28 Hangs around 29 Artist obsessed with water lilies 31 "You're it!" game 32 Hoopsters' target 33 Concerning 34 Heart of Dixie: Abbr. 36 Letter from Ionia 37 Set of verses 38 Sharpens Cheddar 39 Marina features 41 Tree sap 43 Copycat 46 Well-bred 48 Uncomplicated 51 Biblical "yours" 52 Boy who wouldn't grow up 53 Slender 55 Vertical 56 Pen 57 Pitcher's adversary 60 Spike and family 62 Feminine suffix 63 Royal inits. 64 Biblical lion 65 Allege 67 Not thawed 69 Breakfast fare -7V Populace 73 Foot bones 74 Honored in ' one's field 77 Longest river 78 Gershwin 79 Auditor's deg. 82 Performs 83 Lairs 85 Earl Grey container 87 Rip-off 88 Mother of Athena 5/24/98 ANSWERS TO TODAY'S PUZZLE ARE ON PAGE B3. 14 Disney film 15 Bother 16 Gay Nineties' lingerie 17 Walk upon 18 Rushlike plant 24 Very private person 25 Small land mass 30 Seasons, in Paris 35 War god 38 Best grade 39 Group of five 40 Broker's order 42 Forces ahead 43 Make a deep impression 44 Singe 45 Gay Nineties' footwear 46 Hood's heater 47 In place of 49 Tardy 50 Pieced out 52 Moses or Motherwell 54 Speak of 57 — -minded: liberal 58 Equal 59 Make payment 61 Fashionable 64 Expert 66 Miss Daisy to Tandy 68 Diamond stat 70 Garlic-smelling chemical 72 Add a bit of basil 74 Light giver 75 Maple family 76 Oklahoma city 80 Ready the way 81 Dismissed, unceremoniously 84 Linerbug 86 Position 87 Warmth 89 Uptight 91 Expletive 93 Give a second warranty 95 Baking chamber 97 Valuable collection 98 Twirls 99 Part of a hedge 101 Bring out 103 Immobile 104 Obliterate 105 Mediterranean land 107 Plant seed 109 Flinch 110 Dull finish 111 Loafer 112 Turns suddenly 115 American Indian 117 Speak wildly 120 PoetJc before 122 Mil. arsenal abbr. 123 Witnessed Society still balks if woman keeps name ©1998 Los Angeles Times Syndicate Men think women who use title of Ms. are less likely to enjoy cooking By KSU News Service MANHATTAN — Just as a rose by any other name might not smell as sweet, so might Rose Smith be perceived differently from Rose Smith-Jones. Thomas Murray, professor of English at Kansas State University, has researched whether or not society perceives married women who retain their surnames differently than women who take their husbands' surnames, and he examined similar perceptions of women who use the title "Ms." "I started wondering, with the many options that married women have for last names, whether there might be any difference in how women who choose to keep their birth name, change it, or hyphenate the two might be perceived," Murray said. "There's also a choice to be made by women in how they wish to be addressed with those last names — Miss, Mrs. or Ms.," he said. "Both of these issues are also important and interesting because our culture has been fairly slow in changing its attitude that a married woman must adopt her husband's surname, and that an adult woman should be titled Miss, if single, or Mrs., if married." Murray, who has an interest in onomastics, the scientific study of names, surveyed more than 10,000 people from the Midwest to find out what their perceptions were of women who changed their name after marriage and women who had not, as well as women who carry the title "Ms." Results of the survey showed that married women who retain their birth surnames, and women who title themselves "Ms.," tend to be perceived as more independent, less attractive, less likely to make good wives and mothers, more feminist, younger, better educated, more likely to work outside of the home, more outspoken, more self-confident, less likely to enjoy cooking, and less likely to go to church than married women who take their husbands' sur- names and women who title themselves with "Miss" or "Mrs." Males more than females are likely to have these opinions, as are whites more than blacks and older rather than younger people. BABIES .; A son, Zane Gavin, was born •May 6, 1998, to Chad and Stephanie Seuser, Waterloo, Iowa. '•• Grandparents are Jim and Gloria Van Veghten of Leavenworth land Salinans Stan and Beverly ;Seuser, 3560 S. Knoll Lane. .-Great-grandparents are Anne Gilfert of Leavenworth, Carl and Orrill Breer of Brookville and Nancy Seuser of Salina. ** * '. A son, Luke Micheal, was born April 21,1998, to Barry and Laurie DollofHolyrood. -He has two sisters: Hannah, 2'/a, and Maggie, l'/2. » .^ Grandparents are Salinans Carl and Ruth Strecker, 1216 Windsor, Rita Doll of Claflin and the late Gerald Doll. ** * ' A daughter, Montezia Denise, was born May 15, 1998, to former Salinans Howard Jr. and Alice Shakespear, Hutchinson. -. Grandparents are lola Small, Hutchinson, Melvin English, Wentzville, Mo., and Howard Sr. and Sandra Shakespear, Decatur, m. : • • • A daughter, Anna Christine, was born May 13, 1998, to Drs. Kyle Tipton and Amy Seeber-Tipton of El Dorado. Grandparents are Dean and Su- san Seeber and Alfred Seeber, all of El Dorado, and Tom and Twila Tipton of Bennington. Great-grandmothers are Virdine Lamb of Newton and Dorothy Tipton of Spartanburg, S.C. • • • A son, Braxton Marcos, was born May 10, 1998, to Salinans Ignacio and Debra Duran, 426 Moon. Grandparents are Salinans Bob and Fran Kuhlmeier, 327 Yale, and Albina Duran of Mexico. Great-grandparents are Sali- nans Frank and Verpa Skelton, 1121 Indian Rock Lane. Great-great-grandmother is Anna E. Berg of Lindsborg. Salina Charter Coach Tours 200 S. 9th Suite B • Salina, Ks. • 67401 785-820-9620 or 800-536-2185 Sac & Fox June 5th SlO Back! PP! Departs Salina 6 pm SAC & FOX/ HARRAH'S Man., June flrfi SlO Back! ' $15 PP ROYALS Royals vs. Oakland A's MAY31ST Royals vs. Cubs JUNE28TH a&X pp each trip CA.1LJL- FOX* ISKOXVJE: JOETA-TI^S: PRUDENT TOURS June 1-16 16.21 July 6-12 7-11 16-19 Oregon/California Coastlines $1,289 Chicago $499 Scenic Colorado Railroads $699 Ozark Outdoor Dramas $379 Cheyenne Rodeo '. & The Rockies $309 23-8/2 Great Lakes Circle $949 25-8/1 Winnepeg/Minneapolis $579 27, ; 8/1 Dakota Discovery $489 30 : 8/1 Grandparents Tour, single adult $329 • Double per person & grandchildren over 12 $289 Ages 6-12 $189 August 21-29 Central Colorado Railroads $749 September ir-15 Scenic Colorado Railroads $699 "fe-27 Canyonlands $749 21-27 Gospel Quartets/Nashville/ > Grand OleOpry $569 22-1 0/1 ONova Scotia/Prince Edward Island Fall Foliage $1519 25-1 0/3 Northwoods Foliage $699 26-10/8 New England/Canadian Fall Foliage $989 October 3-6 8-1 1 10-23 1:2-16 1-7-24 22-25 JJ3-25 Mississippi River/Fall Foliage $429 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta $319 Historic East $1 ,039 Dubuque, Iowa & Carl Hurley $419 Fall in the Smokies $639 Branson Music Extravaganza $409 Fall Mystery $249 •30:1 1 /2 German Texas $289 November Carl Hurley at Renlro Valley $369 -fp»13 Best ol Precious Moments Branson $389 -3&*12/7 Old Time Country Christmas $689 Call for information 1-800-658-1734 108N. Main, Hillsboro, KS 316-947-2353 The Smoky Hill River Festival, ^^ June 11,12,13 & 14 - is proud to present: Bela Flecks The Flecktones THRILLING-YOU SIMPLY WON'T Amazing. _ --_™..—_.——»—.^. Complex and accessible. Probably the JQIieSt ban }° ai ^t mtho WOrld! A breath of fresh air - music that is causing jaws to drop everywhere. Bela brings tfie banjo Ml circle and does what has never been done before with pure revelation. Asa technician. Heck is hummingbird-fast, a briMant banjoist with stylistic abandon. The Flecktones are / telepathicoMy linked musicians who can zig zag from/ ferocious funk to graceful balladry - equally at home playing bluegrass or jazz. Some critics say Be/a has done for the banjo what Kansas City jazz great Charlie Parker did for fhe saxophone Don't miss this rare opportunity, surrounded by the glory oT the Smoky Ml /fiver Festival. Saturday. June 13.7:30 p.m.. Bicentennial Center Admission is a $5 ticket plus a Smoky Hill River Festival button, $5 in advance, $7 at the gate. Reck concert tickets are available at the Salina Bicentennial Center, 785-826-7469, and all Salina Dillons stores. 1b order buttons and tickets by mail, send a check including $1.00 postage/handling payable to the Smoky Hill River Festival, PO Box 2181, Salina, KS 67402-2181. Check out the Bela Fleck website at: or the Festival website at: Tickets, Buttons, and T-shirts may be ordered using the Festival website. GOLOEN GLOBE AWARD I BEST FOREIGN I.A1MOUAOB FILM I "NOT TO BE MISSED^ -David An«en. NEWSWEEK •" MaYieEnRose fmj'ff/f Thure. 6:00 7:00 FYi 5-.00 7:00 0:00 Sat 2:00 5:00 7:00 0:00 Departing from Salina... *» June 7-12 _ "Carol's Caper"^ Mystery Tour • -16 Call for all the details! "Meet Me In St. Louis" Itay^ TraVclOi\C. 1-800-423-3970 \fc ^ tt ' ' , T ^TV—VT.^'TTL TOy*~""VX T *"I~"*T T 1""* A T" t T™\ T"* O Plroje...No B.ib>cs ty# DICKINSON THEATRES j:^r FROM THE R S OF INDEPENDENCE DAY SIZE DOES MATT ER. DIGITAL SOUND! Central Mall;' In two theaters. "** Fri.-Thurs.(*12:45-*3:30)-6:15-9:00 (*1:30-*4:15)-7:00-9:45 THIS MOVIE IS A SCANDAL, AN OUTRAGE AND IRRESISTIBLY ENTERTAINING'.' Fri.-Thurs. (*1:50-*4:35)-7:20-9:40 Fri.-Thurs. (*1:40-*4:25)-7:10-9:50 THE TAr OR WHISPERER ROBERT REDFORD Fri.-Thurs. ('1:00-M:30)- CITY OF ANGELS 'NICOLAS CAGE MEG RYAN Frl.-Thurs.(*1:40-*4:25)- 7:10-9:40 Central Mall/ Fri.-Thurs. (*2:00)-7:15 leaaa Warner Bros. _— FOR., OMnelor, Frl.( IPRIMARY COLORS I JOHN TRAVOLTA Sat.-Sun. (*1:45-*4:3S)-7:1S Mon.('1:45-'4:35) Tues.-Thurs. ('5:05) Fri.-Thurs. (M:30-*4:15)7:00-9:50 rasi [[Mid-State/] Frl.9:15 SaL-Sun.9:15 Mon. 7:15 Tuea.-Tnurs. ('7:05) [[Sunset. the . .. wedding singer adam sandier Fri. 7:15-9:40 Sat.-Sun. (•1:45-M:3D>7:15-9:40 Mon.("l:45-M:30)-7:15 ,__ __, Tues.-Thura.7:15 IPO13I [Mid-State ,j Frl.('4:15)-7:00-9:30 Sat.-Sun. (*1:30-'4:15)-7:0a-g:30 Tues.-Th'urs. ('5:00)^7:30 E LEONARDO DICAPRIO MAN IN THE IRON MASK Frl. 7:00-9:50 SaL-Sun. C1:3D-'4;15)-7:00-9:50 I Mon.("l:30-'4:15)-7:00 I Tues.-Thurs. 7:00 SUNSET PLAZA, SUNSET CINEMA 2 - 51-50 MATINEE SI.75 EVENING ~|7SprimctimeShow(*) ^Vcniorc'i metis »«»wrto»*«:81|.»IO! fj>' Hearing Impaired

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