Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 18, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 18, 1954
Page 2
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:r^y^;?i*s»;Ti7> fe -., *?«,, -• ' ?v •f 11 ' " »'-••*?•' * . " • •R^f^'' 11 ' '' HO P 1 STAR, HOPE, A R KAN SA S Tliursday, febf iioty IS, 1^S4 - • • -"I" )is!oyal List t-,jt^ ij» 1 'k.'" < if «. isesto29 p. , Utt— 'fine number diseased 1933 goveirt- fit iiHtlgs fof disloyally reasons J today fls the admlrtls* littdri took steps toward analyzing " '"security rfokfc" cases. s figure ftt 29 .covers only five -epartments chose officials beer! questioned about secu- t£ separations by the House ap- U .4 M .lili I "- 1*» i frroprlations Commcttee uftcl whose testimony has been made public. Tn$ same departments reported 437 "Security risks" had been dropped. Most recent agency to report wns th6 Commerce Department in testimony made public today. Asst. Secretary James C. Worthy told Uie committee 132 security xif* ings , or forced rcsignated last year included 23 persons classified "cnses involving alleged subversion or disloyalty." Previously, the Justice Department had reported 1 former Communist among its 8 security firings; the Treasury Department liacl listed 4 disloyalty cases 'among 130 dismissals the Agriculture Department hed told of 1 dis- NOTICE The Banks will be closed all day MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22 WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY Citizens National Bank First National Bank loyulty case in an undisclosed I number of security ousters and • the Post Offive Department had (reported 166 security releases with no disclosure of how many, if any, were disloyal. the State department already has given Us figures but the committee has not released them Reportedly there have been 534 security firings in the State De parlment figures unofficial the committee has received reports showing that out of S71 security causes in six departments 40 or 41 have involved persons found or suspected to be disloyal. Sen- Olin D. Johnston (D-SC) said, meanwhile, the admcnislra- tioh's promise of a limited analysis Of the security risks will not stop his demands for a senate investigation of the whole issue. Johnston told reporters the prom ised analysis "could mean anything—it only confuses the confusion." He., said that as he understands the plan the analysis will leave many questions unanswered and there is no assurance the ad ministration will make it public. Anounccernent that, the Civil comtained information in dacitinij (1) subversive activities or assoc- tions; (..) sex perversion; (3) com- victlon on felony or misdemeanor charges and (4) any, other type MARKETS THIS WEEK END Pitts U. S. Green Stamps that we give with each purchase. •'' ASSORTED FLAVORS Box CRUSTE SHORTEN With Coupon Lb. Ctn. 59' CANDY , ,. r .... Chocolbte ann Choc. Covered J >< 1 -' Pound VIENNA SAUSAGE ICE CREAM Mellorine Fre-Zert Assorted Flavors y% Gallon TUNA FISH EAT WELL 7 Oz. Can BEANS iOc NOW 5c MEAT KITCHEN . 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Cattle 2,300. calves 700; moderate activity on steers and heifers With prices about steady early; few commercial and good steers 30.25-21.50: choice mixed yearlings 22.00; cows active and strong; largely 11.50-12.50 om utility and eommerccal with a few 13.0 canners and cutters mostly 9.50-11.50 bulls and vealers steady; utility and commercial bulls 12.00-14.00 few fat bulls 11.50-11.00; butter bulls largely 10.50-1.50 few prime vealers to 29.; good and choice mostly 21.-27.0; commercial and good 15.00-21.. Sheep 600; lambs active, full steady to shippers; several loads and Jots choice and prime wooled lambs, including some up to 13 Ib 22.25-50; few lots mostly chocce 22.00; some choice 118 Ib lambs 21.50; nothing sold early to packers aged sheep steady; slaughter ewes 3.00-5.00 aged bucks 4.00. Republicans Split Over Manion By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (ff>) — President Eisenhower's firing of Clarence Manion as head of one of his study commissions split Republicans into two camps today. Manion former dean of the Notre Dame Law School, resigned as chairman of the Intergovernr/ient- al Relations Commission, declaring he had been let out because he supports a proposal constitutional amendment by Sen. Bricker (R- Ohio) to limit treaty powers. The White House had no comment. Bricker. whose amendment has been opposed vigorously by President Eisenhower arose to tell his colleagues "there is a threatening storm ahead when men of great ability who do not see alike with the leaders of an administration" cannot continue to serve in an official position. Sen, * Jenner (R) jumped to his feet'to' demand that "whatever accusatioms' have been made against .this fine American statesman" be brought out in the open and that Manion be given nnd opportunity to "comfront his accusers." "it is a dangerous age if a man like Mancorn can bo made to walk the plank because he has fundamental views he believes in," Jenner thundered. Manion said in a statement yesterday that a Feb. 2 demand by Sherman Adams, chief of the White House staff, for his resignation! confirmed columnists' reports that he was to be forced because he had been making speeches in favor of the Brecker amendment. "The Brecker amendment embodies a principle that have openly supported for years," Manion declared "My devotion to this principle was well known at the time of my appointment as chairman of the commission." The commission made up of eight public members an four governors appointed b Eisenhower five senators and ifve representatives, recently has been seeking more time to study relatioms among federal, state and local governments. It was to have reported this spring. Texarkana Players Suspended TEXARKUNA W) - Texarkana High School has anounced suspension of two star athletics for participating in tryouts at Vandef- bilt Umiversity. At the same time the hibh school severely eritized the South- eatern Conference college for what it called "unethical practices." Principle K. B. Davis and Athletic Director bobby Ellen said senators Paul Caver and Robert Northcutt visited the vanderbilt campus at Vanderbipt's expense last weekend in violation of ar- kansas high school eligibility rules. The authorcties said that, as a result, the two boys would be prohibited from participating further in Texarkana high School athletics. Both boys were All-Big Seven Conferance stars last face north cutt is a 215-pound tackle and Caver is an 185 pound quarterback Graver also has been the lading scorer of texarkana's ,-basketball team Both a roeutstandin^ track and field men. "I didn't appreciate, the action of Vanderbilt" coach Allen said last night. "I thought it was poor judgment on -their part. I think'it is bad for a school- to proselyte a., boy when he still'.has high eligibility. Something has got to Squabble Stirs on Eisenhower Butter Step by DWIN B, HAAKCNSON WASttiGTOM, (ffl President Eisenhower's defense of lower government price supports as a step aimed at getting butter back on the American dinner able churned fresh controversy ip Congress oday. Sen. Aiken (Jl-Vt.) said he agrees with the President ntid wall begin public hearings next week on tli'e "Whole dairy problem" before his Senate Agriculture Committee. The Koil'se was not far behind. chairman Hope (Il'Kan) said the House Agriculture Committee will start hearing March 10 on new farm legislation, which he called "everybody's problem." "The stability and prosperity to city-, agriculture is an essential to city be done about the practice. It's not ethical for a school to do something like that.'" NEW NON-CANCELLABLE HOSPITAL POLICY Issued by HOME SECURITY LIFE INS. CO. • Ages — Birth to 100 years • Guarantee premium will never Increase • Good any Hospital or Doctor In the world. Call or write your reliable local agent CECIL WEAVER Phone 7-3143 P. O. Box 104 populations as to the farmers." Hope said, "Their economcc iner- csts are indistinguishable." As the first witness before the House committee, Secretary of Agriculture Benson is certain to run into fresh squalls over reduction of butter price supports and his insistence on a flexible system of government price aid. Benson or <Tered the government support pric< on butter cut from 66 to about 5! cents April 1. Meanwhile the committee gav< a cool reception to a Senate passed bill to place coffee tradinj under federal regulation .of high prices. Read a Magazine Tonight We Cdrry a Complete Stock of MAGAZINES Come in and select a good magazine for each member of the family. You'll ,really enjoy the thrilling stories about the things you like. Sports, News, Garden, Home and almost any magazine you will want can be found here. Also your favorite newspapers. We carry a complete stock of Gibson Greeting Cards and everything for the smokers. • DELICIOUS ICE CREAM :• JACK'S NEWS STAND 100 S. Main Phone 7-2110 Louisiana Firm Submits Low Bid LITTLE RC5CK Ml - R. C . Cqdd Jr., West Monroe La., submutted the apparent low bid of $51,00 for oonstriin'tlon of dikes on the north bank of the Arkansas River about 17 miles downstream from Morrilton, Little Rock District engineer Joe Clema sa.id yesterday a contract will be awarded after he has studied the 10 bids submitted. LONG HIGHWAY The Alaska Highway stretching }523 miles from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to Fairbanks, . Alaska, was opened to tourist travel 'In 1948. Of its length, 1221 miles "a. re In Canada and 302 miles in Alaska, of information falling within the government security regulations. ' Young said gome of the sepa^ rations were by dismissal some by resignation and that not all who quit were aware their fji es contained . derogatory material. Young's statement did not suy whether the report would be made public. s President Eisenhower has saitf he was looking into the feasibility pf making public a breakdown to indicate how many cases of disloyalty were found. jyianv Jjemocrats have complained the public has been r&sleci by statements ox some leading Republicans that mpst of the niv flpunped 8,200 "security brings" ln> yplved disloyal or subversive em- ployes- Actually, they say, j^t o'l lh£ ?,8PO y?ere homosexuals, drm\u« ards, JtoeawpftWlts. W persons with the "Pouf" Guaranteed! i Find the fon-pf baking your own cream puffs. It's waHingf^ybu in creamier Mrs. Tucker's Shortening. Yes — you ancl Ms. Tucker bake them easily, without a doubt. Up/up they'll go— lighter, richer.. .and much more tender or Mrs. Tucker pays for a/7 ingredients PLUS a do//ar. Make therri; today with' this recipe and th« ONtY Shortfning that's TRIPLE Guaranteed. Cherry Puffs Boll 'A top MRS. TUCKER'S SHORTENING tmd 1 cup wal«r In o saute- pan over medium heat until shvflening is melted. Add 1 cup sifted oil-purpose (lour all at once, stirring hard. Cook until mixture forms « |>a|l around the spoon. Remove from heot and add 4 eggs, one ot a time, beating sinooth after each addition. Jrop from a table- spooni on q gr»a$«d baking sheet, shaping Into mounds with o point on top. Bak« for 10 mlnufes in o hot oven (45Q degrees) then lower heat to 40Q degrees and continue baking obout 25 minutes longer or until wmpl«f«ly dry throughout. Cool, $»f the sides ond fill with cream filling or vanilla ice cream. Serve toppri with CHIRRY SAUCE: Drain juice from a can of unsweetened p}« <hwri«»- »l«nd fogefher '/ 4 cup comsforch ond % cup suggr; add Ivlw gradually, then cook'over medium heat, stirring eonirwiHy, until mixture bolls ond rhlckem. Add cherries ond red food coloring. Vt teaspoon plmond flavoring may b» addw, it desired, Serv» ftrt 9f told over creom puff t. t *•' MR. 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