Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 5, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1909
Page 8
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****************** • Social fflcwsi * * An enjoyable BoHal event of last, Saturday W?>K tho "Kensington afternoon," given hy Mrs. Lolghton, in honor of her cousin arid house-guest, Miss Florence LrHghton. Refreshments were served. Among the gnestR were Mmes. Jennison. Plant, Jennings, Watts, Kllzaboth, Relohard, and Mrs. Canfleld of Los Angeles. Monday evening a party of young folks, chaperoned by Mines. Whltsel and Klstler, Initiated Klstler & Keeling's new store room with an Informal barn dance. The young ladles were dressed In white, their escorts in full dross suit. Refreshments were served from the "well," and a very enjoyable evening was spent.. Those present wore: Misses M. Heath, Lilian Douglass, Iva Funk, Lot.Mrs Stowell, Marian Given, Watorhoiiso, Kleanor Krater, Delhi Harnish, llax.el Power, 'May Mull, Jessie Klstler; "Messrs." Hess (liven, Ha/el Hooth, Hazel Holmes, Goraldlno Asehonbrennor, Myra. Murpee, (lattle Xye, Sarah (!rook find Adah Wayo. A social evening full of fun, a first- rate musical program, and bushels of KtrawberrloH, whipped cream and cake, were among the good things provided Thursday evening of last, week by the llaraca class of the Christian Church, who acted :is hosts to the Philathoa girls. Mr. Robert I'hllleo's orchestra, of which every member belongs to t.he class, gave several selections In a pleasing style. The Haraca vocal f|iiart.e.t, consisting of Messrs. J-Jd Kollar, Richard Draper, Ira Htant.on and Ora King, contributed ('our numbers, Mr. King's place being taken by Mr. Reel,/ on account, of Hickness. (incusing games were among tho amusements of the evening. The gentlemen acted as waiters, serving delicious refreshments. A popular young lady enjoyed a happy birthday last Monday evening, •when Miss Colo f'otter received some delightful surprises. Her girl friends enticed her to the home of Mrs. f. I. Cook, whore refreshments were served and a jolly "mock party" held. Later, they wont to the homo of Mrs. Nell, where they wore ( Joined by tho boys. All then proceeded to the Potter rest- floni'e, wlmro Mr*>. Cotter assisted by Mrs. Prather, entertained thorn with lavish hospitality. All kinds of merry games wore enjoyed, and Ice cream, oako and candy wafers were served. Miss Potter received a number of nice presents, ausorg thorn being a tonnls racket case from !ho girls, and a gold watch fob from the boys. Those present wore Ruth Arthur, Marjorlo <-apron, llessn (!raham, Muriel Sherwood, lino Van Atikon. Ha/el Clifford, Mark CiiHtor, Hubert Noll, Hoy and Ray Kistlor, Clarence Kabrlck, (Jlen Leisure, (!len Waterhouse, (leorge At- ! wood. THE FIFTIETH MILESTONE . passed to the Happiest Land. There are nine grandchildren and one great grandchild. Sixty-five guests asslated in making the occasion one Ions; to be remembered, and all were gathered beneath the immense live oak at the ranch on fJrand avenue, where a speech of welcome was delivered by Mr. J. Allen of Pasadena, an aged uncle of Mrs, Worrel. A response was made by Rev H. W. Funk, with the presentation of a miniature gold suit case containing $75.00 In gold coin. Many other handsome and beautiful presents were received by the venerable people, among them being a pair of gold cuff buttons and a shirtwaist set from a nephew In Indiana. A useful gift was that of three lots in Glendora, presented by a son, Fid- ward, and son-in-law, f. M. Hartley. One of the exhibitions shown was that of a rnedal presented at the silver wedding twenty-five years ago, consisting of $10 coins, representing tho parents and eight $5 coins, which stood for the eight children. An enormous wedding cake had honorable place at tho feast, which had a very delectable and varied menu, while golden popples and maidenhair ferns profnsly decorated the table. The feast was served under the branches of a spreading oak, the table standing Immediately under a canopy the supports of which were decorated with yellow bunting and trimming of asparagus ferns. Guests were present from Los Angeles, Pasadena, La Mabra, Ban Dlmas and Irwindale. Before the evening sun sank beneath t.he horizon, a picture of the family group of five generations was | taken by the local photographer, C. W. Tucker, and later, one of the entire parly. Together Mr. and Mrs. Worrcl Celebrate Gclden Wedding With Many Friends. Fifty years ago, In a new and almost untried country, within the county of Harden in Iowa, two young people lilUhird tln>ir trotli and began life's journey together. The path WIIH not smooth; tho country was hare of the things of life which arc thought HO necessary in these halcyon days, Hut thf two you UK people were brave with the spirit of love In their he.irts and tiillieiilt ies were laughed ill and overcome together. These pioneers on the undeveloped plains of I he groat West were Mr. and Mrs. Lemuel Worrel, and on Tuesday of this week, they celebrated the (If- ticih .imilvcrsary of their marriage, both (tiled with the spirit of love and Jitfection, and both Kill! ready to battle for each other, were it necessary. Air. NVorrel was L'D years old when ho Iiis hi i,It' to their humble home, ami she w;is a glrl-wlfo of 111. The fciuple wt nl to Mtirshall county, Iowa, anil lieu,in HIV. working Hide by Hide for ten \eiirs in this locality, whon they went to Nebraska, but after two years in this wind swept state, moved to Jewell county. ^Kansas, anil resided then; for seventeen years. Since that Time they have resided in Southern ('ulifornia, with the exception of about tour years in Washington and Ore •-on. In the little hamlet of Covimi. in tlie days when this country was only a great stretch of plain with few inhabitants. Air. and .Mrs. \Voircl lived through ih" happy years, and lod.i.v iliey are known as ainon^ the oldest >iud most ivspecte-J of the valley h in habitants. Mr. and .Mr.-. \Vo:ivl have been blessed with live children, anil at tin- celebration this week all \\ere present with tlu- exception of one who lias Citizens Plan for Holiday Continued from first page) to a day of outdoor sport, will be held. These sports are to be open to anyone In the town or locality, with some of the races made open to Southern California. The work of selecting suitable prizes for each event will begin next week, arid will be announced In connection with the completed program. The reception committee to meet all guests and have charge of tho comforts consists of George Griffiths, chairman; Andrew McAllen, W. A. White, P. H. Fabrick, E. P. Warner, Clarence Allison, D. E. Huff, C, S. Boardsloy and G. N. Atwood. The committee on publicity consists of J. L. Matthews, M. L. Marshall, A. H. Collins and J. If. Cooltnan. The athletic committee and the publicity committee will work in collaboration In the matter of securing and disposing of prizes. A meeting of those committees will be held Immediately to arrange! for the sports and choose officers for the different positions during tho day. M. L. Mclniort was chosen grand marshal of the day, with power to select several deputies. A. Nlgg was chosen assistant grand marshal. BARGAINS FOR EVKRYON'E. The program of entertainment and sports will start promptly at 10 a.m., as was the ease In tho successful May day festival. Advertising mailer of all kinds will be distributed through HIM surrounding towns and prrange- moiits made to secure transportation between towns. The committee on street decoration consists of W. Q. Custor, chairman; W. H. Hroadwell, J. F. llorne, K, P. \Varuer, Mr. Froldman. W. \v. Nash, Mr. Dlller and C. II. Klstler. Notice! For your vacation, an Eastman, Promo, llawkoyo, Contury, Grallex, all made by Kastman Kodak Co., sold by C. W, Tucker and instruction PIIKK, will make you plowmro while away and when you are home. Got one now. tf STOCK TAKEN FOR Pasturage will take only limited number- plenty feed-shade and running water. RKKMS MINI Select Your Route TOURIST CARS To the EAST Via New Orleans, El Paso or Ogdcn IVrsormlly Conducted Tourist Excursions from Los An- K'-lrs to Nc\v Orleans, "Washington, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicjigo. Sf. Louis. Kansas City, Denver, Omaha, Minneapolis, St. Paul and other points m the East without change of cars. Throngh the warmer climate of the South, with its rice and cotton fields; or over the route of the Pioneers of '49, and across Great Salt Lake—"<<oing to sea on a train." D. B. SCHENCK, A^eut. Covina Home phone 144 or G. L. TRAVIS, Commercial Ajfent, Pomona Home phone 61; Sunset Main 70 Southern Pacific Los Angeles Office, 600 S. Spring St., corner Sixth mm Automatic Valveless and Wickless OIL STOVt at Fabnck's Hardware Store Wolfarth's OLD AND RELIABLE Establishment We carry a complete line of suitable presents for every occa- Commencement WATCHES RINGS CHARMS LOCKETS CHAINS The Finest Grades at Reasonable Prices. Weddings—Cut Glass FRUIT BOWLS BERRY DISHES CRUET SETS CANDELABRAS For Your Wife Phone II9 Artistic and unique MANTLE CLOCKS, the latest designs, ranging in price from $7.50 to $10.00. Oneida Community Plate Sold under an absolute 25-year guarantee. THE CHARACTER OF OUR REPAIR WORK IS WELL ESTABLISHED. CITRUS AVENUE The stand we have occupied for twelve years. Elk Skin Shoes and others Twelve years ago we made the first Elk shoe ever made. For ten years we haven't cut a foot of upper stock not Men/, "Ease" Elk Tannage. We are Elk shoe Specialists., the only exclusive Elk shoe makers in the Unitec 1 States, and Menz "Ease" and -"American Boy" shoes are recognized where they are known as the standard of value in men's and boys' Elk shoes. We labored and struggled for several years to Introduce Menz "Ease" and "American Boy" shoes and to make known the wonderful wearing qualities of Men/, "Ease" Elk Tannage. In those early years we had no competitors, but now there are many, all claiming to make a shoe "just as good" as the Menz "Ease" and "American Boy." We hava always welcomed competition, In fact encouraged It. It has done more to Increase the sale and reputation of Menz "Ease" and "American Boy" shoes than all the advertising we ever did, because It has led hundreds of dealers and thousands of wearers to compare Menz "Ease" and "American Boy" with the "just as good" kind. The universal result of this comparison is Illustrated by these two letters, one from a shoe dealer, the other from a consumer. Mr, A. W. Strieby, a shoe merchant of Syracuse, Indiana, says: "SomeMmes it is easy to convince a man against his better judgment that he is being overcharged or in some manner not getting fair treatment, but I have tried two different lines of the other "just as good" _ Elk shoes to my regret because I can't sell them for what I pay for S Menz "Ease" and "American Boy." I Mrs. J. J. Storzbach, Iron River, Michigan, a mother who knows how hard it is to find good shoes for her boys, says: "I have tried to get Menz "Ease" and "American Boy" shoes here and have been told they H have "just as good" a shoe, but I know better, because I have given S thetn a trial and know there are no shoes "just as good" as the Menz "Ease" and "American Boy." B MENZIES SHOE COMPANY.' Brockton, Mass., probably makes more men's fine shoes that any • other city in the world. The names of Keith, Barry Douglas, Stacy S * Adams, Howard & Foster, Brockton Co-Op. stand for honesty, and their shoes are sold in every civilized city in the world. The product of these, and in fact every Brockton factory, is practically the same, and were the names of the makers of these shoes removed, no one could tell which Brockton factory made the shoes. We now carry nearly 12,000 pairs of the best shoes made in the world, our stock of $3.50 and $4.00 shoes averaging much higher in real value than any city firm offers, because we sell a Brockton shoe at $3.50, whereas city stores sell Brockton shoes at $4.00, $5.00 and $6.00, their cheaper shoes coming from Maine and. Vermont. Shoes are graded by the boot and shoe workers' union, which compel manufacturers to make cheap and good shoes In different districts. In fact, labor conditions practically govern in all the manufacturing sections, and there is no such thing as obtaining good shoes at $1.69 or $2.39. Shoes that are mismated, damaged or out of style are sold cheaper, but with these sales many very cheap shoes are sold as high-priced goods. We would like to show you shoes.If, however, you feel our prices, qualities and assortments are not right, it will pay you to buy good mm shoes from such firms as Staub or Wetherby & Keyser, whose methods 5 and goods are right. Though we handle the same goods. e i 8 .75c .50c .39c SILK GLOVE SALE All $1.00 Silk Gloves All 75c Silk Gloves All r>0c Silk Gloves Excer-t Kayser. Sale for cash only. PERCALES AND PRINTS All Prints : 5c 50 pieces best ^4x84 Percales 12/ 2 c BOYS FELT AND STRAW HATS Closing out boys' $1.50 Felt Hats, all styles, black only $1:00 Straw Hats, half price. MEN'S SHIRTS Silk Pongee, fine light blue $2.50 Chambrey, sold everywhere at 75c, for 50c Our 50c K. K. Shirt is cut extra full, and is the same shirt sold everywhere at 75c and $1.00. Our shirts run 3% yards to each shirt, are made with yoke and long sleeves, good buttons, and felled seams. By cheapening the work and putting 3 yards of goods to each shirt, we could easily save Go cents per dozen- ' Why not. buy your hosiery and underwear at a store where goods are absolutely reliable? SPECIAL Hoys' athletic undershirts, no sleeves, 25c grade 10c Nazareth Tuion Suits 50c 12 pairs women's white canvas oxfords, to close them at $1.35 The new ones are coming and will go on sale at $2.00. They are late and we are going to cut the price to pay you to wait for them. Suede Oxfords, all colors, coming; $2.50 and $3.00. See the quality. Among the good tilings in underwear we carry are, Porous Knit for men and boys, Athletic Shirts and Drawers, B. V. 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