Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 5, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1909
Page 7
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THE COUNTRY'S HEROES. Honored at Memorial Day Service— Costly Monument to be Erected. Hoary-headed men, with shoulders bowed with years, but in whose eyes the light of the battle might easily be kindled once again, gathered on Sunday afternoon In the Christian Church at Covliia, to listen to tributes to their comrades who are now enrolled ^yith the Greater Army, and to observe fittingly the day set apart by the Grand Army of the Republic. The exercises were conducted -by the reverend ministers Conley, Gage, Stevens, and White. A male quartet composed of Messrs. Marshall, Blanchard, Lee, and Wells rendered selections appropriate. The address was deliverer] by Rev. H. W. White of the Methodist Churrh. Mr. White spoke quietly but forcefully, dwelling more largely on the future which is to he experienced after the last human trace of the great struggle has passed away. The speaker told of standing on the heights above Glendora, in the Sierra Madre foothills, where the great panorama of orchards in the Covina valley slept in the sun, and paid tribute to the scene as one of peace, peace in- describle as the shimmer of a Cali- ifornia sun played above the ranks of green foliage in the orchards. But this peace, the speaker said, was the outcome of public tumult. Tho mountains had been riven by earthquake and the valleys made by the upheavals, so that peace did not descend upon the land until God's will had been carried out.' The peace that followed the great civil struggle between North and South only came after the breach had been closed which had rent the nation in twain, the speaker said. Rev. Mr. White used this beautiful quotation: "These are the harvests which, in the grandeur of their reaping, redeem the tears and blood in which they have been sown." The fighting yours—the harvest ours. Continuing, the speaker said: "We will remember that you established the principles for which we live, that the result was freedom, and a new, perpetual union. We will try to make your victory permanent in our own day, and bequeath it to our children." Speaking of the great division at that time, Rev. Mr. White said: "A country divided horizontally is as bad as one divided vertically, and the country in which the cries of 'rich and poor,' 'capital and labor,' etc., is dividing the people is as bad as the old cry of 'North and South!' "The people of the South were generally sincere in battling against the "Union. No people could fight with such valor, such devotion to a cause, such self-denial, as did the people of the South, unless they believed their cause to be right. They had been taught from childhood to love the state above the nation, and the North they regarded as almost a foreign people. Nor did they regard.themselves as rebels against the government, but rather as an independent people,(after secession had been accomplished) repelling invasion and conquest of their soil." "The people of the North were equally sincere. They denied the right of secession; they denied the right of the state to seize United States forts and arsenals. Above all they were fighting the battle of humanity in preserving the principles of government. Had the South succeeded, further division would have followed. 'Republican government would have been put back for centuries." MONDAY SERVICES. On Monday morning, at 10 o'clock, the veterans and the ladies' organization gathered in Oakdale cemetery, where the services in memory or the fallen heroes were held,. The program consisted of numbers by the Covina Union High School band, under the direction of Prof. R. W. Groom, selections by the male quartet, prayer and benediction by members from Glendora and Azusa, and an addi'CHK by Frank S. Forbes of Los Angeles. Mr. Forbes i.s an eloquent speaker whose intimate knowledge or the subject of the great struggle hus been gathered through years of close association with veterans, during which time, he has delivered many an atl- dress on Memorial Day. "The Union soldier has been known lift' many names since the war, said Mr. Forbes. "On the days following the close of the war, they were known as "soldk-r boys," and also the "boy., in blue." Later they were known <i.s "Grand Arn.y Men," always with the aftVcti(ii:aie title, of "boys" clin::ing to them. Hut in th^.-v last years iV:> have coir.e to !,'• knowi, as "ti,.. o : >t soldier-)." wjiii the ii'.'idi-ii-.-,! ami n;i..-,t. res|i>-i i nil c.j.jji,a .-,;.-> u;. !.:,•• ...,: ! "old." On .-;].,-.ikii.;/ of" ri...- r>-,i .-.a v. l.y tj •• g re ill liiajOlltV r,l ••]>•• (,,<i .-io'.iJjc.S [:.:<! come to days of poverty and even want in their old age, Mr. Forbes said: "I onoe asked a wealthy ninn in Ohio the manner in which lip made his money and he told me that he made it during the war, buying wheat and holding it until good prices could be obtained from the army at the front. That is the reason why the soldier of that war is poor. He was fighting for his country, While a few were taking advantage of their country's distress to become rich." President N. D. Mussey of the Association of Veterans, who presided over the exercises, made an earnest talk in regard to the purchase of a suitable soldiers' monument for the lot at Oakdale cemetery. President Mussey advocated the buying of a white bronze monument. The ladies of the auxiliary association at Glendora are responsible for the inception of the project. A comniitte was named to work toward this end under the direction of the ladies' organization, one person being named for each community. Rev. Paul G. Stevens was chosen to represent Covina. It is understood that the monument will cost about $1,000. At the close of the exercises the graves of soldiers were strewn generously with flowers, Oakdale cemetery presented a scene of floral beauty, and despite the hot. weather there was a large gathering to hear the services. Noted Author Guest at the Reynolds Home. Harold Roll Wright, the author of "The Shepherd of the Hills," was a guest during last week at the home of Mri--. Harriet E. Reynolds. Contracts for five new books to be written by Mr. Wright have been closed by Mr. E. \V. Reynolds, president of the Hook Supply Company of Chicago, who was alsa a guest at the home of his sister, Mrs, Reynolds, last week. Mr. Reynolds came to Southern California especially to confer with Mr. Wright on questions pertaining to his new book, "The Calling of Dnn Matthews," which will appear in August. The publisher anticipates a largo snlo of the new book and says the first edition will consist of 100,000 copies, or the equivalent of seven car loads. "I closed flip contract last year on a royalty basis, but 1 offered Mr. Wright $50,000 instead of a percentage." said Mr Reynolds, \\hon discussing the outlook of the success of the new work. Mr. Wrfghr has refused the offer and is willing to share in trie profits on a royalty basis. "Our advance sales already amount to 50,000 copies," continued the publisher," and we expect the book to be one of the biggest successes recorded in recent years." Mr. Reynolds said "The Shepherd of the Hills" was one of the- biggest sellers of any book west of Xew York. Howell & Mowed BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Wagon through valley daily. Covina Irrigating Company. The regular monthly meeting of the board of directors of the Covina Irrigating Company was held Wednesday afternoon, June 2nd. Present: Kerckhoff, Elliott, Houser, Lahec, Coolman, Coulston and Menefee. The report of the secretary showed balance on hand April 30th of $577.18; receipts for month, $483.80; total, $1060.98; expenses, $966.04; leaving a balance in treasurer's hands May 31st of $94.94. The report of the superintendent showed work done during the month, $278.79. Bills audited and ordered paid, $866.47. A committe of three, Messrs. Coolman, Elliott and Houser, were appointed to look after right of way and matters connected with the same for a short line at the head of lateral No.1. On motion of Houser, seconded by Coolman, an assessment of seventy- five cents per share was levied, payable at once at the office of the company. A • committee of three, Messrs. Lahee, Elliott and Coolman, was appointed to lake up the mater of lay- Ing a new pipe line of four to five hundred inches capacity on San Bernardino avenue, to connect with a cross lateral running south to connect with all the lines running west. IF YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. 'All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. • Phone 51. FOR SALE—10 acres of good Valencia land, without water, but water can be had. Price $1,600. Frostless belt. See A. Warner. SEWING MACHINE. ROLLER BEARING. HIGH GRADE. The latter part of Memorial Day, after the services at the cemetery, was made quite pleasant to a party of friends, who, having prepared a picnic lunch, made a drive to the foothills, and under the spreading live oaks at the entrance to Silent Park, spent a couple of hours in merry social pastime. Then a stroll through the winding trails of the park, which leads past springs and sparkling fountains, through leafy bowers, amid tropical foliage and bloom and over terraced hills to the summit, from whence, spreading in either direction, appears a most enchanting view of the San Gabriel valley, in all iu magnificent splendor. This was followed with a delightful auto ride over the foothill boulevards, through Monrovia. Members of the party included Rev. and Mrs. Paul (J. Stevens and young Browster, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. White, Mr. and .Mr«. MeKinihan and daughters. Pearl and Cora, Mrs. Tulley and buby, Mr. B. L. King. Mr. .1. M. Smith, Boyil. Clyde and .Miss Crete King, Roy and Lee Smith. Hastings Oa/.ette: Mrs. Caroline H. Thome, of Covina, California, celebrated the seventy-ninth anniversary of her birthday yesterday afternoon, ai the home of her brother, Judge and Mr.s. \V. [)eW. Pringle. on Vcnnilliori street, her many old friends being informally received, with the prcHenta- tion of many beautiful flowers and other tokeiiH oi remembrance. by buying this reliable, honest, high grade sewing machine. STRONGEST GUARANTEE. National Sewing Machine Co* Bclvldcre, III. Money C. H. Kistler * WE CAN FIND YOU A BUYER For Orange Groves Alfalfa Lands or City Property List your property with us. Covina KcaltyXo. * COVINA Shoe Repairing (o. «/ FINE SHOE REPAIRING AT REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue For Sale I have a real bargain an a modern five-room cottage. JEROME REYNOLDS Real Estate and Insurance A. J. ROOKS BleicltsmitHing All kinds of general and heavy Blacksmithing. We manufacture Ridg-crs, Orange Racks £.;uJ Box PFCHHCH MorseshoeinQ o Specialty Home Phone 10 3 7 Shop West Badillo 8t, Ct/vina Notice of Annual Meeting of Members. Notice IB hereby ^i 1 . i-n that the annual meeting of the n.i-.'i.bers of the Christian Church, n < oi j (nation, will' be held at the church in Covina on Tue.-,day, the 1*1 day of .l-iu<-, l!t'Jft, at S o'clock | of said day, for the imr- I/'IM- ol electing t."ijf-,t<-«-.-. ,;:..) for the tpiii»a< lion of such otli'-i bii.iiioi.s an i'j-'iy be brought beifiri: .-:i;'. i.ieetin.'/ My order of tin; jjr(.-.-,idt-i:'. h,ii<-d, ( '•>-, ii.a. ( a!ifo c : ; ; ':>y I'.', .•'>•'. K. <>. TiiOM \.-.'>:•:. We Make It Easy ior you to possess a hunk aerniiiil. You i-an open an account here vvilli One hollar you can add IK il <is often as you wish in anv amount you de,sir<\ \\ e arc anxious (<• do our parl anil would, urj/c yon lo avail yourself of Hie advantages a/id facilities \v place al I he disposal of patrons. Your business welcome here. The Covina National Bank Capita! T. : ,<). : )i)>; Your Patronage will be appreciated by us. We are doubling our efforts to give you the beat Groceries Vegetables and Fresh Meats ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Phone 22 C. H. Allen F. M. McHugb Ask the Boys for'Prices McHUQH & ALLEN Reo Garage and Machine Shop Storage Batteries Charged Phone 1121 Die, Pattern and Model Making 107 West College Avenue COVINA, CAL. AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ASSETS OVER $2,000,000 4 PHR l\TI:«nST -, R|JK INTI-H1:ST CIENT '.''V!* <'N SAVINCIS 3 C| ^.,. |>4M> ,,N SIM'CIAI. 01, ACCOUNTS V7V.I..INI CIII3CKINO ACCOUNTS special attention given to banking by mall. Writes for Information. It takes ;i good de;il of Machinery to run your ranch, doesn't it? Something need fixing? That's what we do— WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Estimates furnished. We manufacture the "KT" valves and gates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office opposite' S. P. Depot Home Phone 289 Covina, Gal. I. N, WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the best equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shortci time and at a reasonable cost to you. Wo. also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons, Etc, and if you arc thinking of purchasing a vehicle Oi any kind we in vite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides ORCHARDISTS! FOR RED SPIDER have your orchards treated with our specially prepared dry sulphur Bpray. NEW METHOD-NEW PROCESS STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Call up Phone 177, Charier Oik. Phone ]')'), Covina COVINA MEAT MARKET J. I'. KliNDAI.I., Prop. Orders taken and deli vcrii:n made dully. Orders in town will receive prompt attention. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, Etc. Home- I'lionc Mi WHEN YOU WANT A Buggy US TWOMEY & DILLER, Inc. COVINA, CAUI-OKNIA Harness, Robes and Whips

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