The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 24, 1998 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 24, 1998
Page 17
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THE SALINA JOURNAL LIFE SUNDAY. MAY 24, 1998 B5 T MEDICINE Exercise improves AIDS patient's ability to fight illness DR. PAUL DONOHUE Worth America Syndicate Dear Dr. Donohue: In a recent column, you stated that exercise causes a transient drop in T-cell count, and that confuses me. Our dear son died of AIDS and, during his illness, more than one source told him that exercise was beneficial in maintaining his health. My nephew also has AIDS, and he has been exercising regularly on the advice of his doctor. Now I am confused as to whether exercise helps or compromises the body's immune system. Will you shed some light on this for me? — M.J. Dear M.J.: Every AIDS patient ought to incorporate an exercise program. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome saps strength and shrivels muscle tissue. Every AIDS patient should exercise to build muscle tissue and to keep the body fit against the viral onslaught. My remark about depleting T lymphocyte cells, the targets of the AIDS virus and an important arm of the immune system, needs clarification. Prolonged, intense, exhaustive exercise does lower the T-cell count. Swimming 1.8 miles (3 kilometers), then biking 78 miles (130 kilometers), followed by a run of 12.6 miles (21 kilometers) lowers T-cell numbers. Few people are capable of such an intensive workout, however. . A person who can manage such a demanding program is more vulnerable to catching a cold in the short post-exercise period when T-cell numbers drop. Your son's and nephew's doctors were right in encouraging exercise. You have my condolences on the loss of your son. Dear Dr. Donohue: I am writing on some advice for walking. I walk four miles daily to keep healthy and live longer. I am 72 and feel great. My coffee-drinking buddies claim walking won't do the things I mentioned. They say a person's genes are responsible for longevity. Should con- tinue to keep fit. — R. J. Dear R.J.: Keep on walking, R.J. A three-mile daily walk decreases the chances for heart attack and possibly cancer. Genes play a role in health and longevity, as do many other factors. However, we can do nothing about our genes. We can do something about the exercise factor. Exercise isn't a waste of time. Your buddies are ill-informed and probably jealous. Dear Dr. Donohue: I'm into bodybuilding in a big way. Results are beginning to show. I train for two hours every day and watch what I eat. I know the body runs on an iniler clock. If that is so, is there a time*of day that the body responds bettejqHto exercise? ^ Dear Reader: There is a cyclicjte- lease of testosterone, which peaks*m the morning and ebbs in the evening. That seems to make mornings the %st time to build muscle. J. Exercising in the morning is notjjo- ing to make a tremendous difference in your bodybuilding, however. !Bhe difference between exercising in ; the morning and exercising in t£e evening is not that significant. ^ Weightlifting by itself, regardlesVof the time of day, stimulates test^s- terone release. '«! £)' TREVOR KAPRALOS / The Hays Daily News Mehl and Diane Cruit of Hill City enjoy dinner in the "pink room" of The Gustafson House in Palco. The walls throughout the house are covered with photographs, drawings and other memorabilia from the Gustafson family, dating back to the 1890s. Carl and Amanda Gustafson, the original owners of the home, are shown in the photo on this wall. ' House / Quilts in upstairs bedrooms FROM PAGE B1 More family pictures, including a photo of Yelton's grandparents who built the house, are located on a stairwell leading to the upstairs area. Once upstairs, more family photos — primarily those of Yelton's two daughters, son and grandchildren — greet visitors along a wall. The upstairs includes four bedrooms adorned with handmade quilts, one of Yelton's pastimes. "I could do a bed and breakfast with these (upstairs) rooms," she said, pointing out that might be an additional option for the • house in the future. While the farm house is steeped in family tradition, so is the operation of the restaurant at The Gustafson House. "It's a family affair," Yelton said. Yelton, who rises at 4:30 a.m. on days the restaurant is open, does the majority of the food preparation. Once patrons ar: rive, she then serves as hostess, ; converses with patrons and even waits tables during dining hours, which are from 5 to 9 p.m. • , Assisting her with waiting ta" bles is her oldest daughter, Jill Sherman, who recently moved back to the area from Texas. An aunt, Betty Wheeler, works in the kitchen along with a cousin, Linda Hackler, whose specialty is preparing prime rib T PET HINT If you go The Gustafson House can be reached by traveling 9 miles south of Hill City or 16 miles north of WaKeeney on U.S. Highway 283, then 6 miles east on Graham County Road 406, also known as the Red Line Road.' Guests can also drive to Palco, on Kansas Highway 18, then 1 mile south to Red Line Road and 9 miles west. Hours: 5 to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday. - >• Reservations are requested and'can be made by calling (785) 737-4085. and chicken. A grandson, Brock Yelton, helps out primarily on Saturdays by serving non-alcoholic refreshments and refilling bread baskets. Adding to the selection is Swedish rye bread, which Yelton's mother, Lois, bakes — a staple at the beginning of all meals. Although open for just six weeks, Yelton has been very pleased with the response to The Gustafson House — her first involvement as a restaurateur. She first became involved with serving food as a caterer — something she still does. Dog follows owner's scent into sitter's car HELOISE King Features Dear Heloise: I read with interest the letter about the dog whose master died and was consoled by being near the shirt that his master had worn. I had a somewhat similar experience when my son left his German shepherd in my care while he was away on a trip. I was to pick the dog up at my son's home and bring him to my home for the duration of the trip. However, when I arrived to pick up the dog (my son had already left), he would not willingly get in my car. While Watson is generally a friendly dog, his size intimidated me enough so that I would not force him. I tried enticing him with food, but he would have no part of it. As a last resort, I picked up one of my son's jackets and threw it in the car. There was a complete about-face, and into the car he went! I had heard of cases like this, but it was the first time I ever witnessed it. — Betty DeVecca, Barefoot Bay, Fla. Dear Betty: I would love to SUPER SELECTION, SUPER SAVINGS... EVERYDAY! Greenery Bushes, Plants & Ferns ^ ^ 1/2 Off OUR EVERYDAY LOW 99<M9.99 Spanish Moss mim £J- "...',, r 1 PANISH MOSS COLORS NOT INCLUDED 8oz. OUR EVERYDAY LOW 1.49 2.69 OUR EVERYDAY LOW 3.49 24oz. Short Sleeve T-Shirt Sale! 100% COTTON BLEND \& FASHION COLORS YOUTH SIZES: XS. &. M. L • ADULT SIZES: 5, M, L. XL & 2X 1/2 Off OUR EVERYDAY LOW 3.97-5.97 (DOES NOT INCLUPE L.A. r STAR & STRIFES T-SHIRTS) Decorative Mini Lamps CHOOSE FROM CERAMIC, STAINED GLASS & METAL 1/3 Off OUR EVERYDAY LOW PRICES All Citronella Candles 1/3 Off OUR EVERYDAY LOW PRICES Plastic Canvas CLEAR 10-1/2" 6/1.00 OUR EVERYPAY LOW 20« COLORS 5/1.00 OUR EVERYPAY LOW 33* Spinrite" Lily Antique Crochet Cotton"^-^ 16oz. • 2,700 yde. 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I no longer have that problem of the mattress sliding away from the headboard and the pillows falling down between the two. — Susan Fredericks, Creve Coeur, 111. Dear Heloise: Tired of guessing the age of your refrigerated leftovers? Try this: Next time you're in an office-supply store, buy a pack of self-sticking, bright-yellow price labels. After you wrap your leftovers, just write the date on a label and press it onto the wrap. You'll .always know exactly how old everything is. — Loreen Miller, Reading, Pa. Send money- or time-saving hints to Heloise, PO Box 795000, San Antonio TX 78279-5000 or fax it to 210- HELOISE. I will use the best hints received in my column. All Photo & Portrait Frames 1/3 Off OUR EVERYPAY LOW PRICES E-6000 Adhesive 3.7oz. TUBE 2.47 I OUR EVERYDAY LOW 3.64 Plastic Model Kits 1/3 Off OUR EVERYDAY LOW PRICES Rubber Stamps FESTIVE STAMPS FROM PERSONAL STAMP EXCHANGE, RUBBER STAMPEDE. D.J. 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