Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 5, 1909 · Page 6
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 6

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1909
Page 6
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LIVE NEWS FROM VALLEY POINTS PUENTE. IRWINDALE. Mrs. Sarah Lamphear died Sunday afternoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Bailey ot LOB Angelen, after many months of suffering. The deceased made her home for ten years on Azima avenue and with her j ' R ' d ' A '^" io "J, e "townBlte. It. has been learned from good authority that 12,000 acres of the Baldwin ranch will he put upon the market sometime within the noxt two months. A large track of thl« property ad- Joining Puente will he subdivided and family was well known in this vlcin ity. For the last two years she has resided In Los Angeles. She Is survived by two sons and two daughters, A. F. Lamphear and Ira Lamphear of AZURE avenue, Mrs. J. H. Baughman of Irwlndale avenue and Mrs. John Bailey of Los Angeles. The funeral service was held Tuesday afternoon from Mrs. Lamphear's late residence, being conducted by the Hev. Mr. Richardson of the Santa Ana M. K. Church, assisted by the Hev. Mr. Maurer of Los AngeleK. Interment was made at Oakdale cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. H. Davenport, Mr. Allen Davenport, of TropUio and Mr. Ralph Burron of ICagle Hock spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Lunn. M. Lyru:h, wectlon boss for th« Southern Pacific rajlrond, WJIH recently awarded the premium for the best, kept, nectlon of railroad In this division. Mr. Lynch has charge of the track between fiaHHot.l. and San Dimas. Mra. CMani Ayern and children of Orange avenue spent the week end with Mrs. Ayer's sinter, Mrs. Hell/ of Pasadena. MrH. McCIracken of Towa, who haw been spending the winter In Panndona, spent the latter part of last, week at. the home of Mr. and Mm. Daniel Mead. (JueHtH at tin; home of Mr. arid Mm. .lames Heath during the past week were: Mra. (Jlril and Miss Mary Oird of LOH Angeles and Mrs. James Legg of CJompton. Miss Maud Doughty of Covlmi wnw the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kd- gar for two dayn lust week. The annual election of the Invhidalc Miscellany Club will bo bold June Ht.h at the home of MrH. J. M. Crane of Orange avenue. CharloH Hagelln, foreman of the \Vftl.erhoti8o ranch, left Tuesday for Chicago, where ho will hla uls- ter, whom ho has not seen for twenty- two years. . Mr. turn Mrs. Frank- rtTorrls of'Pu- ento road entertained last week Mr. Sut.ter and Mlaa Mnrtha Slitter of Blufllngton, Ohio. I Mr.s. LoulH M. Swallow returned from the Low Angolon honpltul tli« first of tho week. Her condition w;w Hiir.'li that the iiliystlclaiiH <II<! not think il advifmble to operate for appendicitis. M rn. Swallow ban gained in slreiiKlh Homewiiitl. since her relni-ii and il Is hoped that. I he o|ienit lou will be uniieccHHiiry. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Clark of Lark Kllen avenue visited in I'ommia on Kuiuliiy. Mrs. Kiel In Anmry of I lows, Iowa, ami Mrs. Anna (iibson of I.OH Angelen wen- micHlH (if Mr. and Mrs. 10. K. Leech on Wednesday. Miss Claribe) llrynnl of Ocean Side; visited with Mr. and Mrs. I 1 '. ('. Deven- dorl' this week. Mrs. O. .M. P.augliman and little daughter of I,OH Auj-vlcH are Hliending this week wllb M I'M. l.orette It.iunli- maii. Mr. L. Keen of Irwlndale avenue enjoyed a visil from his sister, Mrs. \\'est, and i wo children, of Low AUK.'' les this Wee!;. Mis'; llessie Madison of I'oumna wart tin' Kites! on Sunday and Monday of Mr. and Airs. A. Coltrln. Mrs. Kli/ii I'uner and Mr. (It'orue Senilers spent Sunday with friends In I'oinona. Kdwurd Kellar made a busluenrt trip to liiKlcwood thin week. Mr. and MrH. <!. T. llrown and Ihelr KUesl. Mrs. Nellie X. \\Vst of Milton .limcl ion, Wisconsin, spent Tuemlay mi Mi. Lowe. Mr. and Mrs. John Syiv of (Ilrard, Illinois left Tuesday after several day's visit ai the home of their cousin, Milton /.UK. Mr. and Mrs. Charles ('oilman and dunuhti r, I.cola, spent Sunday with relatives in Los \ie.'.ete:< Mr. and .V | «. Hoffman of Missouri \ i.-iited at tin- home of their urand The California Vegetable Union shipped four cars of cabbage thes week. Many friends and relatives from this place attended the funeral service of Miss Albertlna Rowland, which was held last Saturday morn- Ing at her late residence In Los Angeles. Miss Rowland was the daughter of the late Thomes Rowland, one of the widely known pioneers of this valley, and had spent most of her short life In this vicinity. Since the death of her father she has made her home with her brother, Bernard Rowland, of Puente and Los Angeles, For some time Miss Rowland has been an intense sufferer and death came as a relief to her on Thursday of last week. The services at the residence were in charge of the Fraternal Brotherhood, of which order she was a member. J. \V. Hudson returned (.his week from (Olslriore Hot Springs much improved In health. Mifts Catnllna Kela, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Rota, hccarno the bride of Antonio Bldhart of Corona Wednesday morning. The ceremony was performed at St. Joseph's Church by Father Iblephanxe. Only a few relatives and Intimate friends were present. After the service a, wedding breakfast wan nerved at the homo of the hrldn'p parents The happy couple left on the 12:50 Salt Lake train for San Diego, where they will spend a few daya. Later they will leave for France, where they will upend several mont.liH visiting relatives. 1'oHttnaftler (leorge K. Cross made a thorough Inspection of Rural Free Delivery Route ,\'o. I this week and returns a. most, favora.blo report. Tho route has been in operation but eighteen months and now serves one hundred and forty families. For the past three months ton thousand pieces of mall matter have been handled monthly. A petition la being circulated to foayp, tliH route, extended two miles. Alien Cameron, who has for many years been In charge of the sheep belonging to B. J. (Lucky) Baldwin, has boon appointed manager of the Baldwin warehouses and is now lu charge of (lie .shipping and storing of immense quantities of hay and (fruit). Apathetic Covlna? The editor of the Argus ha« re^elv- ed the following communication, and publishes It without comment: Are the people of Covlna attempting to emulate the Bostonese In pub- j lie deportment? Is repression of feeling a sign of aesthetic temper- ment? Is It necessary to be coldly cautious In public place* when called upon to paas Judgment on the character of an entertaiurnent, or the soundness of some movement for public good? Why are Covlna audiences so cold? What reason Is there for Covlna audiences remaining unmoved throughout a program, to the nervous consternation of the entertainers, and the Io8» of the enjoyment that comes from cooperation between audience and stage? Is It because of an utter lack of home loyalty, of a kind that looks with veiled contempt, upon home efforts, whether In business or enter- ! i tilnment? I I sat through an entertainment In Covlna last week, at which nearly, every prominent family in the locality ' was represented In the audience. It was probably the most representative gathering this community has ever known, because of the nature of the affair, Its careful, yet generous selection of patrons through Invitation. Kvery person there wtis as distinctly a guest an if invited to a private table. The entertainment, was given through courtesy of strangers, educated, ae«- thetle people who had no denigns upon Covlna, no Interest, in Covlrm, save a friendly one. The audience as a whole enjoyed the really meritorious program. The audience applauded the numbers. But tl<e applause vraa not sustained; it. did not ring true with the demand for encore, although It IH safe to say that more encores would have been greatly appreciated by this same audience. The applause wan scattering; it savored of languor; It. died away before Its mission hud been iir-compllnlied; it was perfunctory and polite. Vet the audience was pleased. Covlna audiance.s take their entortainmcntH as deadly serious. Any person with a spark of retl blood cannot but become out. of patience with i.hls attitude. II is not aethetic; it is a betrayal often of au inability to appreciate or understand. It ia only because there is a sprinkling of real appreciative people In each Covina audience that the applause starts at all on any occasion. Leaders, who are known as judges of music, or of art or oratory, Justly so or not, must start the applause; and not until these "aesthetic boosters" nre s well under way do the others swell the sound of 1'ipprovnl. Why do these people go at all? Wliy do they fllo out of the hall uttering the cheapest platitudes of praise, praise a« humanly intelligent as what the par.ot said? Right here let it be said, that In a email town, applause should not always wait for meritorious effort on the stage. Generous applause la due to local effort, even though It fall somewhat behind the work done at the Auditorium, the Mason, the Belasco'and the Orpheum In Los Angeles. Memorial Day exercises In Eastern towns of the al'/.e of Covtna but lack- Ing the wealth, are days of enthusiasm and reverence alike. They are not merely apathetic tributes to the old soldiers. Applause and cheering Is plentifully mixed with the spoken words of prayer. Covlna listened to good exercises on Memorial Day, and every person appreciated these exercises. Why didn't they applaud the good address delivered, applaud the music, cheer the sight of these last remnants of once full battalions? Is this coldness the result of striving after the aesthetic, or simply apathetic ignorance? Covina has become a byword In this respect. Wouldn't it be better to wake up, to enjoy the good things about us, and give pleasure to others? SeTflsh repression is a canker that embitters all taste. And If the people of this locality are striving for the icy temperament of the Boston- ese, It would be well to remember (.hot Boston frigidity has at least a foundation, in that the culture is undeniably there, which may or may not be the case In Covina. (Signed) Kindly Covina Critic. BALDWIN PARK Mr. Powoll of Maine .st.rwt has n tone o!' mon at. work upon a lat'Ko burn and oxt.o.iiKivo dairy Illl.I llll|li'!< U) 1)C COIldUetillK his ness lii tho iififir fiittiro In those ing an up-lo-dalo pumping plant. Attorney Trumboll of I.OH vlsiU'il his non, \vlio is it ro.sttlr-nt. of IhlH plaeo, on Htii'day. Amos recently sold a law ot' I ho Hnost tiuallty ol' honoy to a l.os .\tifrolos linn. A "lliildvvln Park Mooting" was hold hy tin 1 Woman's (Mill) lust Friday at the homo of Mrs. Hail nt Maino stioot. i\ nnit|tio foifl mo of the mooting tlio ill-inn of lorn! news wlilrh wore Kivon In ro.s|)omto to lite roll call. Tho program was as follows: Current ovonts. Mrs. F.lwoll; paper on llald- \viu Park, .Mrs. lloalh; orlulnal soux. Mrs. Amos; vocal solo, Mrs. llaM; or- H!tn solo. Mrs. \Vorloy; roaditiK. Mrs. 1'lorco; vocal solo, Mrs. Carroll. At the closo of the program tho hostess sorvixl i>lal)orato rofrt>shmonts, aftor wlitclt tho mi'otiuK adjournod to moot .luno 11 at tho school houso. Mr. Holland 1'oto and wlt'o of l.os AtiKoles wore Siinday Kui'.sts of Mr. and Mrs. ('. <). Morshon. Frank .lackson has lately sold his propel I y on Maine street to Mr. Perkins. Tho new owner is planning to build a rn/y bungalow upon the prop- oily. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Mour.v Schilling oiiloriainod Mr. Frank Mick- noil of l.os Angeles. Miss Milliuan is luiildin>; an addi lion to her homo at Valley View. Assessment Notice. Covina Irrigating Company, principal place' of business, Covina, Rowland Township, County of Los Angeles. State of Cafifornla. Xotice is hereby given that at. a meeting of the directors, held on the second day of June, 190!), an assessment, (\o. 48) of 7."i cents per share was levied upon the capital stock (as increased October 22nd, 1880) of the •ibove named corporation, payable Immediately to the secretary at the (jHU.-e of the company at Covina, County of Las Angeles, State of California. Any stock upon which this assessment shall remain unpaid on the fith day of July, 190!), will be delinquent and advertised for sale at public auction, and unless payment is made before , will be sold on the 28th day of July, 1909i at 2 o'clock In the alter- noon, at the office of the company In Covlna, County of Los Angeles, fltate of California, to pay the delinquent assessment, together with cost of advertising and expense of sale. B. F. EDWARDS, Secrctr.:-y. Covina, Cal., June 2, 1900. Hay, Grain, Cereals and Fuel WHOLESALE AND RRTAIL Delivery to Every Part of the Valley SAN GABRIEL VALLEY MILLING COMPANY You Can't Do Better THAN TRADE AT THIS DRUG 8TORE. We offer you complete lines of drug store goods of a quality to be trusted and at fair cost. Do all your drug store trading here. Every drug and chemical we use is selected for power, freshness and purity, and will give faithful, accurate, safe results. Every article for sickroom, toilet table, bathroom, or nursery, is new, original and dependable by being quality perfect. Every point of service is perfect and there's satisfaction in every deal with us. W. W. NASH PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Covina California Moving Heaven and Earth And also anything else that will move. Traasferiag- furniture, pianos, delivering- express packages, carrying United States mail, taking out parties to the canyons and beaches. Hauling oranges and all kinds of heavy teaming. OFFjCE: With Wells-Fargo on Citrus Avenue Covina Transfer Company Res. Phone 1024 Home Phone 80 DEGOURDI Reg. No. 3967 DEPUTE Reg. No. 2374 Imported Stallions TERMS: $20 to insure mare in foal; $15 for the season. The above are the best horses of their class in this or anv other country. They will improve your stock immensley. If intending- breeders would see these horses before making- other engagements it would be to their advantage, as their colts will show. Covina Horse Breeders Association Off. Phone 54 F. !•;. DUDDEKAK tiquire at Keefer's Stables. Res. Phone 146 COVINA Vloiiio IMmne 1') COVIXA, CAL. "Greatest Electric Railway System in the World" The Pacific Electric Railway 566 Miles of Modern Built Standard Gauge Lines Reaching the Principal Qties and Towns, Mountain and Seashore Resorts of Southern California Luxurious Observation Passenger Cars. Prompt and Reliable Freight, Express, Telegraph and U. S. Mail Service. For information and literature regarding the great MT. LOWK Trip, BKACII RESORTS and other points of interest, see local agent, or address General Passenger Department, Room 2 c 'd, 1'acitk Electric Building, Lus Angeles, Cal. i" 1 . 1 .". 1 . ••"- 1 - K - ••'"": WALNUT CENTER .^iss Mae Cot'tinan is so tar temuM Mr. ;l iid Mrs. II. K. Owen iiad as i-d from hei reci'iit illness as to !u> . t heir inies! last week the tormor'h liro ahli- to spend this week with Miss iher, K. II. Owt-ti. of Santa Marliara. Anna Sprotte of l.arlt Klloii avi-nne. Au-e Sander, who has been foreman .Miss Spruiio is also eouvaiesceul from uf the S. I'. Un'i>sier ranch I0r some a lolin sickta-ss. months, ino\ed to his own proper! > Mrs M. I.yiu h i.i sul't'eiin^ from an this week. Ho will be.uin ti.e eivi attack of heart irolihli... HIT, ul ;i i-omiortahle ie^idel:ie ;i! Mr. and jSli.s, !.. 11. \Vooduorih :ii oi.-<- lelid'-d the ('ol"llie|ie..|(,,. ]: | e\el'ci.seS M: :i|.| \ I ; :> !•'. ,|. H ! 1 111.-( 11, , i : ;i I " ! il'" l.os Aimele:, Coll.••--,«• u! list,-.-. s;i|e-i.~ i,..i,:,- .in a i: I oiiuibl 1. • Uiji In i'ati..v uhieh v. a.-, hehl 'l'i, e\- i. S'tii (lal.i •••! \; i.-;.-,inn and olh.-i 'mi.'-- ''•^ I-1 ll.teri-.-! ; . l!..ll \iiii;il\ on Siii.d.i. CITY LIVERY STABLES C. F. SMITH, Prop. BEN F. THORPE CEMENT CONTRACTOR Manufacturer of CEMENT IRRIGATING PIPE All sizes carried in stock. ; Keluforced Concrete Buildings a Specialty art' Wt-'xt Cvures-5 Avenue Telephone 4057 \\'. lladilli.i St.. on tlu- !U".v I'lcctric liru 1 . LARGE ORANGE SEEDLINGS FOR ORCHARD PLANTING :.* Barbuiu r-ot'c r K^U W ^1:. .,'..s K. 1 rvk^ l.^i-i-nis. i'^nu.-i't.i. l*hi>o:n\ ('anaricfijU anj Wa^h i .a i(* -I' i;.-ita i > u!c •..--. ( 'ar.; j»ii- >r { i *.H->. Avciii^-,-, fiwjt\-i *.-l\: SOI TMLANU SI kSEWlES, F. li. bi-br -A. i -roprift^r. HasuJcna, Cal. PKui»e»: H.--::.L- -^U Main _<•,.<,

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