Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 29, 1943 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1943
Page 5
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V Thursday, April 29, 1943 Onions and Radishes Give First Garden Harvest .Spring onions nnd cnrly radishes give the flrst crops from the Vie- wy garden. Both should be ready to cat in three weeks or a lew days less from the time they arc planted, and both can be planted as soon as the ground is prepared. Radishes have h'tllc nutritive Value, but arc valued as appetizers, nnd a crisp, spioy rndish from your own home garden is certainly stimulating. One or two of them Wilt be relished, but one or two dozen will begin to pail; and in all too many gardens there are dozens to cat, where two would be sufficient. The cnuse of this is tho very ehort season that early radishes remain edible. The earlier they arc the shorter this season is, because they arc growing fast, and quickly pass by the edible stage on their way to the goal of all plant life, the production of seed. With radishes, as with other crops, you must sow according to what you will cat. Figure out the number you will use in a week, and estimate that twelve early radishes can be produced in a foot of garden row. Then sow a week's supply of an early variety at a time. Midseason radishes will be usable for two weeks, so two weeks' supply of them can be sown; Tho early varieties do not grow well in hot weather. If you want a supply all summer, sow a late, summer variety for that season. But frequent sowings in small lots is a good rule for all except winter rad- i^ncs which take two months to rfature and remain good for six \feeks. They grow very large, some Weighing several pounds. One way to grow early radishes .'.s to mix them with the seeds of parsley, parsnips, carrots and IHI! They Give Pep to the Menu in May! beets, all of which are slow to germinate. Not more than a tenth as many radishes as tho other seeds should bo used. The radishes will germinate quickly, "marking the row" whore the other seeds lie, which will assist you in cultivating. Be sure to pull and cat the radishes as they mature before they can crowd the slower crops. For the production of green onions larger sets are better than the very small ones. Onion sets from % inch to 1 inch in diameter or slightly larger, grow faster, because there has been stored up in. the bulb plant food which is quickly made available for tho growing plant, and green onions grown from larger sets are likely to be more crisp and lender than when tho same size of green onion is produced from smaller sets. Hand-Dry Frequently Shampooed Hair, Says Prize Winning Redhead - RITA IIAYWOKXH: .second-time winner for titian title. BY ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer Glamorous Rita Mayworlh, second-time winner of Hie title "America's Number One Redhead" in a poll conducted by International Beauty Show exhibitors for the favorite blond, redhead and brimot, gives you three pointers to help make your hair more beautiful. There is no one way to care for hair. Some women's hair lias a tendency to be oily, others' is too dry. Eut whatever your hair problem, the.-ii 1 suggestions made by Columbia star Rita llayworth will insure a healthy scalp and a lovely liislo:-. And Rita should know, for her "No. 1 Redhead" title is the .second in succession she has won. "My hair lias to be shampooed every four days," she says, "to k'.'up it soft and manageable. But, to offset any drying effect this may hin-e on my seal]), I hand-dry it with a warm bath towel, and than set it with a bit of water." The way you comb your hair is imporUmi. too, Rita claims. To prevent short, broken ends, always comb your hair in sections, and i'roni tilt' bottom up. And if ii is inclined to snarl terribly, Kita suggests you use a final rinse of one-part white vinegar and nine-parts lukewarm water. It not only makes hah- more manageable, but gives it a glint. Flashes of Life By The Associated Press The Spotter Tucson, Ariz. — Hershel Davis' automobile was stolen, so he qmrklv hopned into his plane. Spotting the car being driven along a country road, he landed and telephoned police. Then lie took off again, guiding officers in a 20-mile chase. Finally the 10-year-old car thief gave up, slopped and wailed for the police. Job Shift Glcndale, Calif. — On her 70th birthday, Mrs. Alberta Drew traded her shootin' iron for a hoe. An armed night watchman for 20 years at the count garage, she retired to take up victory gardening. Parachute Suitor Denver — A white handkerchief attached to an exploded machinc- j'Miis .Oidl llmtcrud down from Iho clouds. The finder, Paul Marline/., took it to police. Detective Fred Zarnow found a note in the shell — and telephoned u certain j;irl to make a date for a Lowry Field airman, as it requested. Buzzin' Shortage Wunalchi-'c. Wash.—F.-uil growers fear pollination of their orchards may suffer, this year. Bees do the job, and normally cherry, upricol, apple and peach Irees blossom pretty much in rotation. This year they all bloomed at once nnd the bce-uower problem is terrific. Point Polo.ter Elgin, 111. • — The dog thai re- fused to slay out of Mrs. John Watson's garden was not hunting for a buried bone — bill a more valued prize. Mrs. Watson caught the dog dig- Hiiig in her garden several limes but chased him away before he completed his operation. He was persistent, however, and finally he gol what he had been digging for —a pound carton of butter. Hope Negroes Honor Founder Yerger School The following Founder's day program, honoring the late Henry C. Yorger, pioneer negro educator, will be given Friday April 30, at !) 11. in. at the YeaMer High School: Song—Negro National Anthem. Scripture—Rev. J. W. Williams. Prayer—Rev. J. II. Covington. Son?; —America. Remarks —Prof. K. N. Glover, Dr. K. J. I. Blakely. History—Mrs. Kthel Bizxell. Churns—It's Great to be a Soldier, \V. II. Cooper, De San 1 Man's Song, Howard D. McKinney. Guest Speaker—President. L. A. Davis. Solo—Mrs. Mattie Rainey. Remarks—Supt. J. Jones. Chorus—High School Glee Club. Presentation of Flowers—Mrs. FJorine R. Frid.a. Schools Song. Pilgrimage. HOPE STAR, HOPE,.ARKANSAS News Told in Pictures -WAR IN THE DJEBELS OF TUNISIA *k>gL •W w^ii*-- 1 ''•$ <u " Quick Aid for the Wounded %| Will, great brown bills (djebels) as a backdrop .American medium lanks and a supply truck advance across a sa-e- sprinkled plain in Tunisia. " The smoke of battle still obscures soldiers at right as Held amfe?Sl balance workers of the Indian Medical Service dash up on'^tf Imp to aid a Ghurka soldier, wounded in a Tunisian tigfi Jumping Evangelist Brinas Tough Kids to Church Meet 'N B G ; Polish Those Parts, Mister • ,;;§| 9B^WI^BWHVSHBBEm&PIB9HHPMN^BH Hiiiinnfiiiiiiiiiiiiii»iiiii^iiMB^^^^^M^»»jiii -- -- - .. • * ^^ • , .^^^ .— — — • T ...&- That's the abbreviated tag o£ Nar Bah Adur Uurung, officer of a Ghurka battalion—Indian troops who are lighting with British 8th Army in Tunisia. Freddie's Girl? Under the watchful eye. of his regiment's pet pup, a soldier of thf'v> Biitish fcighth Army cleans his Vickers machine gun iurmg a p'a in the advance against axis forces in Tunisia. ' ' his ce laughs and applauds. Move Over, Youse Guys No Points, No Dates Crowded kitten in a crib seems to be a bit irritated with her disinterested pup pals at Greenwich Village animal contest in New York, Aclress Rita Quigley, 19, is rumored wearing Ihe wings of Pvl. Freddie Bartholomew, onetime child star now in the Army air force at Hamer Field, Calif. Dates—the Saturday night land—have been added to the rationing. list at the University of California due to the manpower shortage, 'lere a co-ed helps the "rationing board" determine point values' 'i- Uvo prospective dates. Girls are given ration books to usj when getting a d;.te. Desert Air Raid Shelter . wk. who shelter when axis bomber.s flew over this western desert port. These been unloading supplies, swanjbled to safety a«d laushed al danger. The men behind Ihe men behind the gun get behind the gun themselves. In other worcls, group of C, 1. p.-U. A. W. war woakers pushing a 105-mm. howitzer during a three-day sample fi| life at Camp Atterbury, Ind,. &

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