Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on January 13, 1969 · Page 5
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 5

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 13, 1969
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1969 THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS *vfcV5 vVf,.* BANK OF ILLINOIS employes have participated 100 per cent in the fund drive to expand Good Samaritan Hospital. J. Lester iiiiford, Hind drive chairman, presents pledges from each member of the bank's staff. ( DeIo Photo Craft) Interviews For Prison Jobs Here Interviews for the State Department of Public Safety, will be in Mt. Vernon at the Illinois State Employment Service, 225 So. 9th St., Thursday, January 23, 1969 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to recruit candidates for immediate appointment to correctional officer (guard) positions at the Joliet-Stateville Penitentiary, an institution housing male inmates located at Joliet, Illinois. Guard candidates must be at least 21 years of age, in good health, and free of criminal arrest records. When appointed they will be assigned to staff positions which start at $5784 per year and run to $6960. The guard assignments are on a forty-hour week, with extra pay for extra hours and include two to three weeks' vacation with pay, 12 days of annual paid sick leave, ten . paid holidays, three extra days for personal purposes. There are also several other fringe benefits. Uniforms are provided at no cost and living quarters are available to the Guards at $27 per month which includes all meals and laundry service. Spaces are provided in the trailer park as available at $2.00 per month. Promotional opportunities are available to all guards through the same personnel code by which they are appointed, and enable guards to rise to sergeant; lieutenant, and captain status. Practically every high ranking official in the Illinois Prison System started as a guard. All guards are entitled to become members ox the Illinois State Retirement Program and may retire at the age of 55 with only eight years of qualifying service. Ghosts still haunt many countries. The mountain kingdom of Mustang in Nepal counts 416 demons of land, sky, fire and water. In England more than 150 castles and countless stately homes beast resident spooks. Chinese Communists clarified tl'.oir porly line on haunts in 1050. There is a plnce for "spirits" in Chinese life under Mao. but "wizards, faries and ghosts" are prohibited. MT. VERNON WEATHER Saturday high 33, low 10. Sunday high 33, low 12. Rainfall to date 1969 .08. One year ago today high 34, low 17. Five years ago today high 27, low 4 below. Ten years ago today high 60, low 31. Tuesday sunrise 7:20, sunset 4:58. (CST) STATE TEMPERATURES Rockford, cloudy 17 14 T Quincy, cloudy 29 19 T Vandalia, cloudy 28 25 — Chicago G. Pk., cloudy 22 19 T Peoria, cloudy 22 21 T Springfield, cloudy 24 22 T Belleville, cloudy 35 25 T MIDWEST Dubpque, cloudy 15 14 T Burlington, cloudy 24 18 — Paducah, cloudy 37 31 — Madison, snow 12 6 T South Bend, cloudy 19 12 — FIVE-DAY FORECAST Northern Illinois - Temperatures are expected to average near normal northeast and about 3 degrees below normal southwest Tuesday through next Saturday. Normal highs 27 to 34 and normal lows 11 to 19. A little warmer Tuesday and Wednesday and' turning colder about Thursday or Friday. Precipitation is expected to total around one-half inch in rain or snow about Wednesday or Thursday. Southern Illinois - Temperatures will average 3 to 6 degrees below seasonal normals for the period Tuesday through Saturday, turning a little cooler about Wednesday. The normal high range is from 35 to 45 and the normal low ranges in the 20s. Precipitation will total around an inch occurring about mid-week. Psychologist Joins Staff NEWS BRDEF ELLSWORTH, Kan. <AP)— This town has at least one disgruntled visitor. The circle scrawled near the railroad tracks by a hobo means that there is "'nothing to be gained hero," reports Mrs. Ronald Bcier. The symbol is one of many traditionally employed by hobas to tell others what sort of treatment they can expect from a community or home, explains the local resident who learned ; w'oai the various marks designate while living at Britt, Iowa, site of the armual National Hobo Convention. Way To Drink Mate The only accepted way to drink mate, Argentina's tea-like national beverage, is by sipping it from a gourd through a hollow silver bombilla, a spoon with a strainer at the end. A single "makings" often passes from hand to hand. Today In Washington WASHINGTON (AP)— President Johnson will reply to a diplomatic note the Soviet Union sent to him Dec. 3 proposing a five-point program for making and keeping peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors, but he will say neither yea or nay to the five proposals. The reply, drafted by the State Department probably will be Johnson's last diplomatic message to the Russians. Kept officially secret, as usual, part of its contents "leaked" out as usual. Johnson, feeling he is obligated to reply to the Soviets but must defer decision to his successor, will merely suggest further exchanges about the Middle East and ask for clarification on some points raised by the Soviets. I WASHINGTON (AP)—The Soviet Union is said to be developing a 10- headed nuclear warhead similar to—but less sophisticated than—America's MIRV, multiple independently targeta- ble re-entry vehicle. The Washington Star quoted informed sources as saying the Soviets have not reached the testing stage with the weapon. The United States is testing the MIRV. The Soviet system reportedly is also similar to the American Polaris Ae missile which can release three warheads in a shotgun like blast to cover a wide area. The Soviet weapon, the report said, would difffer from the straight line, destroying a long, narrow area. Capital Footvotes President Johnson has said he'd like for 200 students to be graduated yearly from the Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas. If they do, says President-elect Nixon, he'll give them a taste of government service. The proposed raise of $100,000 bringing the salary of the President to 5200,000, would be only the fifth increase granted for : presidents since the salary was 1 set at $25,000 in 1789. YOUR NEWS QUIZ PART I - NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer. 1 President-elect Nixon chose Ambassador to be bis chief U.S. negotiator at the Paris peace talks. a-Llewellen Thompson b-Marcus Carpenter c-Henry Cabot Lodge 2 The warm waters of the Caribbean have attracted many winter tourists as usual to the island of Puerto Rico. What is Puerto Rico's official relation to the United States? a-colony with an appointed government b-self-governing Commonwealth c-overseas territory 3 The new Governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Ferre, says that he (CHOOSE ONE: favors, opposes) the island's becoming the 51st state. 4 The .... state legislature chose Marvin Mandel to fill the Governor's post left empty by the resignation of Vice President-elect Spiro Agnew. a-New Jersey b-Maryland c-Kansas 5 One important constitutional task of the U.S. (CHOOSE ONE: House of Representatives, Senate) is to approve or disapprove appointments made to the Cabinet and certain other high government posts. MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS KING CITY FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N. PAGE INSURANCE AGENCY DOUGLAS REXALL DRUGS JAMISON REAL ESTATE Jan. 13, 1969 PART II - WORDS IN THE NEWS Take 4 points for each word that you can match with its correct meaning. 1 lag a-prevent, hinder 2 eulogize h-fall behind 3 foil c-diplomatic etiquette 4 protocol d-praise highly 5 exorcise e-get rid of (evil) Match word clues with their corresponding pictures or symbols. 10 points for each correct answer. this nation test-flew first supersonic airliner colds and "flu" plague many 3 Dr. Blaiberg marked first anniversary of transplant 4 Edward Kennedy became Assistant Senate Majority Leader site of Catholic-Protestant civil rights battles John McCormack, reelected Speaker of the House PART III - NAMES IN THE NEWS Take 6 points for names that you correctly match with the clues. 1....Walter Hickel can 2 Mike Mansfield 3 Paul Rand Dixon 4 Luis Ferre 5.... Terence O'Neill 11369 a-Chairman, Federal Trade Commission b-Premier, Northern Ireland c->Mixon choice for Interior Secretary d-Senate Majority Leader e-Governor Rico of Puerto J VEC, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin seating has been issue at Paris talks 8 Tidel Castro, Cuban leader of 10 years 9 UN condemned this country's actions in Lebanon 10 Americans less in '68 smoked HOW DO YOU RATE ? (Score Each Side of Quiz Separately) 71 to 80 points - Good. 91 to 100 points - TOP SCORE! 61 to 70 point* - Fair. 81 to 90 points - Excellent. 40 or Under???- HW FAMILY DISCUSSION QUESTION Should the use of DDT be outlawed because of possible bad effects on the environment? THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE! NO SCOH What GOP leadership post did JonnB. Anderson win in the House of Representatives? Save This Practice Examination.' STUDENTS Valuable Reference Material For Exams, ANSWERS ON REVERSE PAGE Capital Quote "It was the marriages that were good, as well as the weddings."— Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson commenting that the White House weddings of her two daughters provided her happiest moments in the White House, b : . Freeloaders Get In On Youth Corps By JEAN HELLER Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — A Javge number of young people who weren't entitled to federal job training funds have been en- roiled in a California Neighborhood Youth Corps program, say yevernment investigators, who only last week disclosed similar abuse in Detroit' NYC project. The General Accounting Office, auditing arm of Congress, said examination of the work- treining NYC program in Los Angeles County revealed that some participants didn't meet federal criteria, and that the eligibility of still others could not be determined because of inadequate records. Last week, the GAO reported that federal funds had been handed out by the Neighborhood Youth Corps project in Detroit to hundreds of youngsters, including high school pupils and some college students, who d'dn't qualify for the assistance. Grants to finance Neighborhood Youth Corps programs are ai'ocated by the Labor Depart- \ munt, which also sets the eligibility requirements. The NYC project is designed to provide job training for young people from low-income families, and is aimed especially at high school dropouts. It also includes an in-school program which attempts to stop youngsters from dropping out of school. Through last June, the Labor Department had awarded 4,800 contracts to agencies across the country under the 4-year-old program, obligating a total of $1 billion in federal funds. Of this amount, said the GAO, |34.4 million went to the Economic and Youth Opportunities Agency, official antipoverty organization of Los Angeles County, which in turn channeled money to cooperating organizations. In addition to citing participation by ineligible youngsters, the 106-page GAO report said it found other weaknesses, including: —Spotty attendance or non attendance by project participants in the supplementary education programs required by the Labor Department; —Ineffective job development and followup services needed by participants to ensure meaningful permanent employment or 1 additional training; —Inadequate records kept by Dr. Bruce R. Amble, psychologist, has joined the staff of the [ Jefferson County Foundation For i Vision and Learning Disorders, • 811 Harrison, Mt. Vernon. Dr.! Amble is a member of the de-' partment of guidance and educa- j tional psychology nt Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. His professional experience includes teaching psychologist at i state hospital, Woodward, Iowa, Des Moines Child Guidance Cen- '•• ter, Clinical Center Southern Illi- Nois University and consultant Mt. Vernon public schools. Dr. Amble has developed special training in reading problems • including "Phrase Reading Film j Series Intermediate Grades" and j "Phrase Reading Film Series -; Primary Grades". He is the; author of "The Under-Achieving j Child: Visual and Perceptual Aspects", and "Phrase Reading, j The Enhancement of Reading j Skills Through Perceptual Span; Training", and other scientfic; papers. Dr. Amble lias been a director of the Jefferson County Founcla-; tion For Vision and Learning Disorders from its inception August 1st, 1968. He will serve as a consultant for the foundation and will do psycho-educational evaluations on children referred to the foundation because of reading difficulty. project sponsors on costs reimbursable by the federal govern- 1 merit; —Inadequate reporting by • project sponsors in documenting i non-federal contributions to the program: —Weakness in the control \ over and accounting (or federal • contributions to the program. The GAO report spotlighted iix organizations which took ! part during fiscal 19S7, four in ' the Out of School Program. Does Your Auto Insurance Expire This Month? If So, Call Charles Huntman Today Example Of Sentry Auto Policy For a driver Over 25 *50,000 I* Bodily Injury Property Damage *> Medical Expense, 2,000 *> Uninsured Motorists, $10/20,000 v 0 Road Service $25 *^ Personal Effects $200 *> Comprehensive Full Pay (Non-Business Use Most Cars) Quarterly CHARLES HUNTMAN 500 S. 19th St. Phone 242-1438 Mt. Vernon 9fe— SENTRY/Q INSURANCE The Hardware Mutual* Organisation CM tht fm place \to shop... JANUARY Prices Good Mon., Jan. 13 Thru Sat., Jan. 18 SUPER SAVINGS ON POLAROIDS. 1 ! Our Reg. Low Price $69.95 AUTOMATIC 220 Our Reg. Low Price $89.88 AUTOMATIC 230 Our Reg. Low Price $139.95 AUTOMATIC 250 Our Reg. Low Price $19.95 SMALL SWINGER Our Reg. Low Price $21.95 BIG SWINGER ... NOW ONLY $£2 95 ... NOW ONLY $^T£95 NOW ONLY $124** ... 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