Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 5, 1909 · Page 5
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 5

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1909
Page 5
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local Events, Wm. Summers, tree primer and bud- der, Covlna. tf For graduation gifts, see M. Wright. He has a fine line. Next to Tucker's. Remember, Saturday Is souvenir day at Cummings' Confectionery, next to Nash's drug store. Miss Iva Funk and Miss Wood were Eupper guests Wednesday with their friend, Miss Cora McKirahan. If you want a clock that will keep perfect time, at a low price, call and see M. Wright, next to Tucker's. Mrs. Belle Haris of Los Angeles spent last week end with her sons, Louis and Charles. Mr. find Mrs. T. A. Rendle of Hollywood were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Smiley. Remember, Saturday is souvenir day at Cummings' Confectionery, next to Nash's drug store. Holy Trinity Church Woman's Guild met this week with Mrs. I. I. Cook. Get a few chances on that diamond ring and gold watch, given away by M. Wright, the jeweler. Mr. Frank Houser is in the California Hospital, making a satisfactory recovery from hernia. One-fourth off on all trimmed nats, including stylish pattern hats. Come and see them at Mrs. Jennings', A7,usa. 6-12 Miss Leisel Lelghton of Pomona College is spending the week end at her home here, and brought with her a college friend." Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Williams of Los Angeles spent Tuesday at the home of their aunt, Mrs. H. M. Houser. Dinner guests yesterday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Watts were Mrs. Betts and Mrs. Dr. Ryland, both of Hollywood. Mrs. Austin Peck of Pomona and her sister-in-law, Mrs. F. de Coniugh of Chicago, were luncheon guests Tuesday of Mrs. F. J. Cline. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Kuns and Mr. and Mrs,. Amos Sickey of Long Beach were dinner guests Sunday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths. Mrs. F. J. Gline has been spending a few days with her mother in Los Angeles, and with Mr. Cline will spend the week end at the beach. Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Kell of Los Angeles and Miss Grace Thompson of Chicago were guests Monday and Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Anderson. Miss Florence Leighton of Omaha, Neb., who has been spending the winter in Los Angeles, returned Tuesday from a visit of ten days with her cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. A. Leighton. Mrs. J. R. Elliott, who was seriously injured by the overturning of an automobile two weeks ago, is now able to sit up In a chair, recovering slowly from her injuries. Mr. and Mrs. Will Griffiths attended a reception last evening given by Mrs. Bailey of the Military Academy, Huntington Drive, Los Angeles, for the Daughters of Isis. Mr. and Mrs. Verner W. Campbell of Denver spent a few days this week with Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Atwood. Mr. Campbell is secretary of the civil service commission of Denver. Mrs. Lillian Fit/Gerald, who has been spending the winter in Los Angeles, was the guest of friends hero this week and attending to business preparatory to a sojourn of a few months in the East. Owing to the extreme heat this week, the children of the grammar school have had only one lengthened session, from 8:45 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. The high school students have been holding their afternoon session a few hours later. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Huff spent the week end at Long Beach and attended the opening of the Virginia Saturday evening, and on Monday evening a farewell reception for Miss A. M. Waite, Mrs. Huff's sister, who will spend the in the North. An automobile party from Ontario who enjoyed a pleasant clay, Sunday at the homo of Mr. and Mis. G. N. Atwood, coiiriistc-d of Mines. J. S. Walker of San Francisco, C'allie Knight of Fail-field, Mainf, Miss Marian Walker, and .Mes.srs Gi-orgr and Paul l-'rc-f;- ni a n. Mih:; Anna II--;. nold.s left yesterday for a lew moiit.h.-.' visit ai Kansas Ciiy. V-inTi-. ;;h«iiil tl." Ih.-.t n!' li;i.- month. ilihK i.f ln-r H'- ii.'j<xi rri.-:,'! Jtfn.Mt- Conkiii.,.:. .Mi.-* H. •>•.•!!, in.-, a,!.-i, •,!.-. it. r:ii-:.i:s ;ii,'i rt-'-i! i '. .-.i.f: i'.n:. -r !.(,::.-• ' ':;: •'• i':\' ni:. ..lo. Wm. Summers, tree pruner and bud- der, Covlna. tf The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. White of First street is seriously ill. For graduation gifts, see M. Wright. He has "A fine line. Next to Tucker's. Mrs. H. spent the week end in Hollywood with her children, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Armel. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Collins of Rivera were guests Wednesday of Mr. and Mra. W. H. Collins. Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Faust and family left Covlna Thursday for Kansas City, Missouri. Remember, Saturday is souvenir day at Cummlngs' Confectionery, next to Nash's drug store. Get a few chances on that diamond ring and gold watch, given away by M. Wright, the jeweler. One-fourth off on all untrimmed shapes. They are new and up-to-date. C-I2 Mrs. Jennings, A/.usa. Frank Raymond has secured a position with the signal service of the Southern Pacific. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Crenstead of Ramona Park were guests Monday of Mr. 'and Mrs. J. Moxley. Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Brandt entertained their old time friends, Mr. and Mrs. John Portins and son of Pasadena. Mrs. N. C. DeLano and two daughters have returned from Riverside, where they have been visiting with relatives. Mr. Chas. Booth of Confidence, Tuolumne county, spent Friday .and Saturday of last week with his college friend, Mr. Everett Blnnchard. Pick up your old jewelry and take it to M. Wright. He will make it over into new, up-to-date goods, or buy it from you. The Baraca class of the Christian Church held their monthly business meeting Thursday evening at the home of their teacher, Mrs. W. G. Conley. Mrs. John Magee, Mrs. Minor and Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Magee and children, all of Los Angeles, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Overholtzer over last Sunday. NOTICE—Now is the time to order your dewberries and mammoth blackberries for canning. Phone 1053. Don't wait till they are all gone arid then blame me. O. C. \VILLOUGHBY. Rev. and 'Mrs. Grant Overholtzer, who have been spending the past three months in Covina visiting relatives, left Saturday for their home in Lodi. A hot weather suggestion. Get an umbrella for your wagon or buggy. These and canopy tops selling for $1.50 to $15. See Twomey & Oilier about them. Work for that diamond ring or watch and other prizes given away by M. Wright, the jeweler. Take in your repairing or buy a watch, clock, or a piece of jewelry. Everything is guaranteed there. Mrs. Otto Snyder and baby, Donald, who have been visiting the former's parents for the past throe months, leave today for their home in Coachella. Mr. Snyder will remain here for a -few weeks on account of ill- health. The Intermediate League of the Prdsbyterian Church were entertained last evening at the home of their leader, Miss Pearl McKirahan. Refreshments were served arid games enjoyed outdoors and inside, twenty being present. .Tamos 11. I loose, Ph.D., professor of psychology at II. S. C'., was a dinner guest Wednesday of Rev. and Mrs. Harry White. In the evening lie gave an interesting lecture in the. Methodist Church on the Mibjcr-t, "Modern Cure Fads From the Psychological Standpoint." Next Wednesday evening, June !), the Woman's Home Missionary Society will give a iniuHionary tea in the M. E. Church from (j-.JiO lo 8. After the tea, Mrs. K. L. Miller, secretary of young people's work for Southern California, will deliver an address, to which the public is cordially invited. CHARTER OAK. Mr. and Mrs. W. I). Smith entertained friends from LOH Angeles the early part of the week. Mrs. Arthur Hall of Alharnbra was the giu.'Kt of .Mrw. H. A. Htowell on Thursday. Mr. Sydney Lyons and family have .moved to Coron;; io take \t\> their | ri .-iideiirr- I here. ! Mr. II. C. MM '• .-,;>•'• 1.1 a f' v, 1 days |lh<- 'ally M the -..eel-. 1 j i; ', iHtini' I hi.i fri'-nd. Mr. Hunl.-i. in I.'.:,; 1 l'.e;tch. i Mr. S. .V Hto.'.ell I.a-. |,i,|-' i.;:.-.'-i| a ' i..- .-. ( '.-•iillac. ' 'I. V,',i! Ke:,t ; ; ;.d !...-. i.. - • Mi:. , :!••-.. da - a? .SaMa .Vo;. ;< a OUR AttflTS: Warner. Whitse! & (o. Home's Orooiry PoiDODi Sanitary Laundry For a skillful and careful trrigator telephone 254. tf Prof. K. C. Leebrlc.k spent Monday at Redondo Beach with friends. Mrs. C. J. Brandt spent Wednesday at Lordsburg the guest of Mrs. D. Horning. Remember, Saturday is souvenir day at Cummings' Confectionery, next to Nash's drug store. Mr. and Mrs. Frod Fabrick spent Monday visiting with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. 11. Fabrick. Miss Eli/.abeth Jones of Long Beach is spending the week end with Miys Bessie Leebrick. Remember, Saturday is souvenir day at Cummings' Confectionery, next to Nash's drug store. Mrs. John Brunjes with her little daughter, "Winnlfred, spent tho week with her brother, A. J. Wilkins of Highland. Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Hosseltine were among the large crowd of over one hundred persons who scaled the lofty peaks of Mt. Wilson last Sunday. Pick up your old jewelry and take it to M. Wright. He will make It over into new, up-to-date goods, or buy it from you. Masters Perry and Cyril Gale have returned to their home in Ventura county after spending two weeks with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond. Paul Leebrick is enjoying his vacation with old friends and relatives in Tempe, Arizona. He says it keeps him busy with the bees and at present he is extracting honey. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Hull and family from West Union, Illinois, spent the winter in Portland. On their return home they made a short visit in Covina with their sister and brother, Mrs. Gus Malone and A. J. McKinney. A jolly crowd of young people from Covina spent Monday in the San Dl- mas canyon. Thotie composing the party were Misses Ruth Leebrick, Jessie Lewis, Mabel Smith, Blanche Crcuse, Messrs. Andrw Feist, Guy Bradley, Almond Seiwert, Clinton Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Siewert and Mr. and Mrs. Albert Siowert. Painful Injury. J. H. Collins, a motorman on the Covina line, suffered a fracture of the tli:imb and painful contusions Thursday -vhile attempting to couple cars at the Covina station. Ills hand was caught in the gear when the cars came Together. PACIFIC ELECTRIC TIME TABLE. Leave Los Angeles 5:50 a. m. 7:05 8:10 9:30 10:50 12:10 p. m. 1.30 2:40 3:35 4:45 5:35 6:45 9:00 11:30 Leave Covina 5:50 a. in 6:55 H:30 9:50 11:10 12:30]). tn, 1:40 2:35 3:45 4.35 5:45 6:3." 8:00 10:00 ###*###*****##### # * # * # # # * * I* i* I * i* * ; * # * •# * # * * * * Say! raduation! Remember! Watches Have just received a new and beautiful line of ladies' and gentlemen's watches. Come in and see them before buying. Fobs The very latest designs in the 1909 solid gold and ribbon fobs. Neck Chains The newest oaes fresh from the manufacturer are quite different than any you have seen or worn. They would make a very desirable graduation gift. Lockets Are not expensive if you pay the right price and ,c the right place. Cuff Buttons Solid gold and gold filled and guaranteed until worn out, Bracelets Solid gold and wear like gold. Very large assortment to choose from. Back Combs Set with solid gold and are rich in looks. Rings Covina's best ring assortment. Nothing that does not justify its cost. Finch's Jewelry Store 103 N. Citrus Avenue (Oummings 1 Confectionery) Phone 42 N "D No chances taken at this store. • 'D* You always get your money's worth. t ? ? ? $ | JACKSON Motor Cars •» Four Models From $950 to $2150 Made in Jackson, Michigan, by an Honest Concern. Seven Years of Excellence. Covina Agents STANTON & HARNISH Citrus Avenue "No Sand Too Deep, No Hill Too Steep." SIMPLE STRONG /Iftr. Iflancbcr You arc conducting a hi^ business- more money invested than many business houses (lo a (food deal of correspondence, don't yon.' Uo you always have suitable pajjer handy when you wish' to write? Do you know that we can furnish you with the very best of writing jiaper and envelopes-, neatly printed with your name or the name of your ranch, plac*; of residence and date line, cheaper tii,;ii you can secure tablets and t-i: vi'lopck in small ijuau- titie-,.' 'i'hi.i will make your cor r en j (Ond en. 1 e bu >i ue.-. -,li V<-. Utiii ;i.or<: con vrn \-.n\ . SULPHUR Kills Red Spider DO IT NOW! Best Quality at Lowest Price I eiiniiol loan on prrNMiuil noles or properly or elmllelK nor on M4'i'on<| iiiorl.fjjH^eN. If you wish money on j^ood firsl lii-n on improved I'cnl isliilc, pnynblc on or before four yenrn, cull up I!)!, (,'oviua, or come lo my home, I .'JO Musi I'lietile SI., e.xeepl, .Momlny.s iiml Tlmr.s- days. I lniy lirnl inorl^ji^cK nnd firsl Irusl, deeds. OSCAR MILLER. SILENT foncKiVasmuw. SPEEDY FOR SALK BY E. R. HULL Us j*«$$«^*$fcWW$«$W**WS.<W^ The Difference between a dollar xnvcd and )i ilnlliir sjienl In Jiint two dollai'H. f)i<l II ever occur to you Iliiil way? (I'M worth llilnltliiK alionl. Another illffi-renre In llm feclinc, yon have afterward. The ilollur naved c.iveK you a fei-llnj' of real |i|eai-;ure il may cull for it liltle uac-- rillce. for I lie lime l>i-iiiK I'Ml afterward you l'i-e| belter for having denied yourself and Ihe ijiilliii 1 hi Mill ymni;. That In the nice tiling about havini/, money In the lianli you have naved il il In Hlill your;', yon < an have it when y> M winli. We make il a jjarf of u'ir Idiniin-nn to IIIKC you lo have a bank ac- counl have an accounl al Ihi.-, hank, for il iiol only licl|.;, our bii.sim-.sit bill yourii more HO, * 4 * *****#*#* 'FOR HARNESS, HORSE GOODS, * i WAGONS, BUGGIES AND IMPLE- * * ME NTS. # * BcLt Goods — Lo /.'fctt Prif.eti * * C o w I n c i HI £t r n c* B s ¥ * I per r-'llt illlrr'e it pai'l. /iii! I. , ui * } ami up ivivi vi-d. Covifld Wiley Saving IBM V ^ / f 4

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