The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 14, 1961 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1961
Page 5
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Ann Landers Noble Of Him To Make That Offer Dear Ann Landers: My problem is too personal to discuss with my mother so I am writing to you for an answer. I've been dating since I was 16. I'm almost 19 now and my boy friend is 20. We've been going steady for three months. It's becoming awfully hard to keep our emotions in check. Several weeks ago my face began to break out. I've tried not using soap, as my girl friend suggested. but it didn't help. My steady told me last night that my pent • up emo- ANN tions are making my skin break out. He says female prudishness is unnatural and that my glands are rebelling. It sounds very logical. Is this true or false? — MISS MESS Lheir young husbands are running like 60" was downright mean. Are you implying the men don't age? I attended a 25-year high school reunion in- June and I recognized every woman there. But the men had changed so much I had a hard time figuring out who was who. Women may put on a little weight, but at least they don't get bald. These men are all in their early 40's and I was shocked at the billiard-ball heads. And by the way, Buttercup, how old is that picture of you at the top of your column?—FORMER FAN Dear Former^ I made it abun- | dantly clear in my letter to Doc' Old Doll that I, too, knew of some exceptions and that she and Doc certainly sounded content As a rule, however, I don't recom mend marriage between a man 11 n nttjH r m , i«rr rTI t You Should Taste Her Gake GUEST SPEAKER - Ed Wiltse, Paola postmaster, will speak on the advantages of democracy at Ottawa B. & P. W. Club meeting Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in North American Hotel. Dear Miss: Are the fellows still using that one? I thought it went out with the Stutx Bearcat. If your boy friend's theory was cor reel, I'd have to be and an older woman. As for me, I don't know which picture you're looking at because the newspapers change TRUE KINDRED them around, but no picture is more than two years old. And incidentally. I'm 43, Petunia. Any worried j "ore questions? about all the girls with lovely j Dear Ann: My husband oper- complexions. I a tes a business from our home. See a dermatologist. And while! I work in an office and I'm ex- you're there ask him if what your cellent at detailed bookkeeping, boy friend has in mind will help I've offered dozens of times to your complexion. You can then j set up an efficient system for set the guy straight with the in- him. I even bought ledger cards, formation you get from the phy- but he insists on doing things his sician. I own way. And by all means thank him j "His own way" is half-baked for offering himself up for pure- and it takes forever. His account- Club Forecast Snnda? SIGMA CHAPTER. Alpha Delta Kappa Monday COLUMBIAN SHAKESPEARE, Mrs. A. C. Hcicele EXEMPLAR CHAPTER, Beta Sigma Phi, Mrs. J. T. Sertght, rush party OMEOA CHAPTER, Beta Sigma Phi, Co-Op, rush party WE8LEYAN SERVICE GUILD, Trinity Methodist Church Tueidajr B. It P. W. Club, North American Hotel, dinner "You should taste Jennie's Raisin Cake," say friends of Mrs. Jennie Wisdom, 829 S. Main. "It is the best of its kind." Mrs. Wisdom says that some of her friends like it who do not usually care for recipes contain- ling raisins. ! "One of the nice things about ithe recipe is that it is so easy," she says. "The cake keeps well, too, if it has a chance." The cook says nuts may be added to the recipe if desired but she likes it best without. It may be frosted or not as desired. Raisin Cake 1 c. raisins 2 c. water Boil together 20 minutes 1 c. sugar Ya c. shortening 1 egg Pour water from raisins into a cup and fill cup with water. Have the raisin water warm and add 1 tsp. soda. 2 c. flour 1 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. cinnamon pinch of salt Mix. Bake in a tube cake pan. Another recipe which Mrs. Wis dom likes is an icebox ginger bread which can be kept in the BETA GAMMA, Mrs. Ralph Crawford FRIENDSHIP CIRCLE, Mrs. Harry Flory. 2 p.m. CHAPTER GL, P.E.O., Mrs. Ann Warren JAYCEE JAYJJES, scavenger hunt, starting et Mrs. Don Bouska'a home PROMENADERS Square Dance Club FAITH LUTHERAN GUILD, Mrs. Charles Blum ly medicinal purposes. It was indeed noble. Dear Ann Landers: You make me sick. That letter from "Doc's Old Doll" who was married to a man younger than herself was just darling. And then you came along with that crummy answer and spoiled even-thing. I happen to know of several ant has told him his methods are sloppy and that he ought to let me help him. But the man is plain stubborn. How can I get him to change his mind?—W.B.S. Dear W.B.S.: You can't, so give up. You and your husband sound plenty competitive and I suspect he'd prefer to stumble around forever rather than allow you to cases where the woman is older ] show him how to do something. and the marriages are wonder- j Ask his accountant to help him ful. women Your statement that "some j set up an efficient system. And at 40 look like 50 and ] stay out of the act yourself. Miscellany the open market places and watched projects being construct- By L.M.S. The relatives and many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Hisham T. Afg-1 ened there recently. Wednenday OARFIELD GARDENERS, Mrs. Alfred Harrison, plant exchange H.C.H., Mrs. Frank Wuckowltsch FIRST BAPTIST W.M.8. Circles, Eileen James, Mrs. J. B. Stewart; Esther Greenmun, Mrs. Charles Qum; Eleanor Stlmson, Mrs. H. R. Hayes C.W.F. Clrclei, Group I. Mrs. Jules Doty: Group II, Mrs. Roy W. Browning WESTMINSTER Circles, Dorcas, At Church; Martha. Mrs. W. B. Smith; Lydia, Mrs. Keith Oaeddert, 7:30 p.m. FIRST METHODIST W.S.C.S. Circles, Deborah, Mrs. Guy Brlscoe; Dorcas, Mrs. Lawrence Ogg; Esther. Mrs. Ralph Welnhelmer; Martha, Mrs. H. G. Williams; Rebekah, Mrs. Charles Carey Jr.: Ruth, at church WOMAN'S ASSOCIATION, First U. P. Church. Mrs. Eva Dale EARNEST WORKERS, Trinity Methodist Church, all day MISSION SOCIETY, at Church of the Brethren EASTERN STAR Thnrsday LIBERTY SOCIAL HOUR, Mrs. Joe Lawson MUD CREEK SOCIAL, Mrs. Harlan McFadden F.L.A., Mrs. H. A. Ward FIDELIS CLUB. Quenemo, Mrs. Henry Bernard BAXTER SOCIAL HOUR, Mrs. Lewis Stewart PEORIA LADIES AID RUHAMAH W.M.S. EAGLES AUXILIARY BEAUCEANT refrigerator and baked as need ed. Icebox Gingerbread 2 eggs 1 c. sugar % c. sorghum Yi c. Crisco 1 c. cold water Sift: 2H c. flour 1 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp. soda 1 scant tsp. ginger 2 tsp. cinnamon 1 tsp. nutmeg 1 tsp. allspice Bake as you need, leaving the rest in the refrigerator. Another cake which Mrs. Wisdom bakes which draws the comment "very good" is an apricot cake. It is moist and tasty. Apricot Cake Yt c. Crisco (not butter) 1 c. sugar 1 egg % c. apricot juice 1 c. apricots, chopped and well drained 2 c. cake flour Yi tsp. baking powder Yi tsp. soda THE OTTAWA HERALD C Saturday, October 14, 1861 ** Socialities Houseguests of Mrs. Phil Hart are her two sisters, Mrs. Floyd Bray, Fredonia, who came yesterday, and Mrs. Ward Remcle, Dallas, Tex., who arrived today. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Moore went to Medicine Lodge to attend the Centennial celebration and Indian ceremonial. Mr. Moore's brother is president of the Medicine Lodge Chamber of Commerce. Columbian Shakespeare club has planned a legislative program for Monday afternoon at Mrs. A. C. Heigele's home. Speakers will be Senator W. F. Bowers and Representative Wayne Angell. Mrs. Frank McNutt is co-hostess. Tuna Sandivich Venture into real flavor with this sandwich idea — it's simple but terrific. Russian Tuna Sandwich is just what its name suggests — tuna with Russian dressing. Combine 2 tablespoons Russian dressing with !4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, then add 1 cup flaked tuna (1 7-ounce can). Just as quick as that you have enough filling for 6 sandwiches. Next spread 12 slices rye bread with softened butter or margarine, and slice 2 medium tomatoes into 12 thin slices. Spread the tuna mixture on 6 slices of the bread. Top each with 2 slices of tomato and a lettuce leaf. Cover with the remaining bread slices and you have a new sandwich sensation. LUSCIOUS FARE — Mrs. Jennie Wisdom holds a raisin cake with icing drizzled over the top and sides, all ready to serve. (Herald Photo by Lais Smith) a little salt Yi tsp. lemon extract Mix as butter cake. Bake moderate oven, 350 degrees. in Icing % c. brown sugar % c. drained apricots % c. shredded coconut Put butter, brown sugar, coconut and apricots in skillet and cook slowly until it thickens slightly. When cake is baked and cooled slightly, spread icing over top of the cake and put under broiler flame until it bubbles. The Baby Has Been Named The daughter born Oct. 10, at Burlington, to Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Parmely of Le Roy has been named Verla June. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Niehaus, RFD 1; and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Parmely, Le Roy. Carrot Salad Youngsters usually like carrot and raisin slaw. You'll need medium carrot (grated) and a couple of tablespoons of raisins for each serving. Dress with a mixture of salad oil, vinegar, salt and sugar. For Insurance On dwellings, household goods, buildings and automobiles See Dean Berlin, Agent 109 E. Second Phone CH 2-2804 LIDA'S HAT SHOP Moved Jo 211 SO. MAIN In The PLAZA Theatre Building hani, who live in this area, would no doubt be fascinated by an account of the couple's two- month visit in Damascus, Syria, with his family. Hisham is a graduate of Ottawa University. His former Carol G e ntry, Independence, Mo. A story on the trip tells that the Arabic people are noted for their hospitality, and as Mr. Afghani had not s e e n h i s familv in wife , , in » • i_- L I Friday ed for a world s fair which op-! THE SENIOR CLUB, Youth center FAIRMODNT BIRTHDAY, Mrs. Irl Stanley DISTRICT W.S.C.S., First Methodist Church LOIS eight years, he and his wife spent almost two weeks receiving friends when they arrived at his father's home. The couple spent three weeks in Damascus with all but one of Mr. Afghan's seven brothers and sisters. They later visited the other sister in Jerusalem. Arabian hospitality dictates that four foods be offered to a guest. A cold drink is served first, followed by fruit or pastry. After that the guests are offered coffee and finally chocolate candy. Damascus, probably the oldest city in the world, is a study in contrasts, with its ancient narrow streets winding close to the modern roads. While the visitors were there they shopped in After leaving Damascus they returned to Beirut for two days and explored the pyramids by camel. En route home they flew to Italy for a quick tour of Rome, then on to Milan and Shannon, Ireland before landing in New York. Their visit was a delayed honeymoon after their wedding on Feb. 4. Mr. Afghani is doing research in chemical spectrosophy on a research assistantship, at University of Missouri, and is working on both his master's degree and Phd. Mrs. Afghani is employed by the university as commercial artist. The program film for Junior- Senior High P.T.A. meeting Monday evening in the auditorium pertains to living in a nuclear age. The topic is "Civil Defense in the Schools." There will also be discussions of what the guidance program of the high schools entails. Paul K. Worley will talk on the subject to senior high parents and Mrs. Howard Doman to junior high parents. Mrs. Orville Jones, membership chairman, reports there are 371. But the goal is at least 484 members. It is possible to win three Gold Seal Awards if all the teachers and school board members, and enough parents, join. NAOMI CLUB, Mrs. Elmer Mellies 2 p.m. HELPFUL SERVICE, Mrs. O. O. Tucker, annual auction Satarday REBEKAHS, banquet at The Barn, honoring Mrs. Julius Raffelock Shown 9:10 Only Approach ENDS TONIGHT Box Office Opens 7 P.M. Shown 7:55 Only aunRnmi V- tout mm- nun wit Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri., 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights, 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties Mon., Tues., and Thurs. 2nd and Main CH 2-9704 TCINITE & SUNDAY IFYOU MOTION PICTURE IN YOUR UK YOU MUST SEE GREGORY AVA PECK GARDNER - Starts Tomorrow » BOX OFFICE OPENS 1:30 P.M. Feature at 2:30 — 4:30 — 6:40 — 8:45 and Grownups Love Foremost Milk ... the Milk in the Bright Polka-Dot Carton NOTE: Open Fri. & Sat. for balance of season HILLCREST DRIVE-IN It's easy to find your Favorite Milk . . . FOREMOST-TASTE- MARK, in the bright orange Polka-dot carton. The carton stands out in the dairy case the same as the superior quality of this truly delicious milk. Good anytime, and perfect for building strong healthy bodies because it's so full of vitamins and proteins. The next time you shop, pick up the milk in the bright orange polka-dot carton—FOREMOST-TASTEMARK. Foremost - Tastemark Dairy Products AT YOUR GROCERS Distributed in Ottawa by MAX PIERSON Sunrise Dairy, 825 East Wil son-Phone CH 2-467 5

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