Covina Argus from Covina, California on June 5, 1909 · Page 4
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 4

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1909
Page 4
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The Covina Argus COVINA, CALIFORNIA. Entered at the Poatoffice Covina, Cal., aa second-class matter. Published every Saturday by the Co- Tina Argus Publishing Company, Inc. J. L. MATTHEWS EDITpR SHIRLEY BROS MANAGERS SUBSCRIPTIONS: One Year in advance Six Months Three Months Copies 11.50 .75 .50 .O.S ADVHRTfSKMKNTS: Display advertisement at reasonable rates. Prices on application. Changes made as per contract. T/iners 5c per line each insertion. L,C£?il notices $1.00 per inch first insertion, 50 cents cacti subsequent insertion. COVINA, CAL., .n:\io r,, inon. A Senator Worth Having. Sonfitor Flint won a HiibHtantial victory for the lemon producers In having t,ho tariff rates raised to 1 % ff-ntH per pound. Nothing that'this ContfresH could havo done, except the retention of '.lie other duties on fruits, could have had a better Influence on the wellheitiR of Southern California. Senator I'M Int., by this one act, IB entitled to the support and friendship of all clansen. California, had opposition from (lie New York Importers, whose pleu for file Sicilian shippers was voiced by Senator lOllhu Hoot. The discussion demonstrated that the tariff In a local issue, if any further proof of that fact, were needed. All that California ask<-d W;IH to be placed at least on an equality with the Sicilians. Our lemons must bear the COM!, of a lorif? and expensive hind haul by railroad In order to reach the New York market. The S'lcllian producers, on the other hand, gel. their product into the same market, by n cheap ocean haul, plus the duty. Now It must bo evident to .•my fair-minded observer that the tariff on lemons serves merely to give us a chance, the difference In freight rates considered, to cornpeto In an American market. Klllui Root, Republican though he Is presumed to be, would have denied us that opportunity. We In California make many sacrifices In order that industries in other parts of the country may bo protected, and If. Is our right In return to receive protection where if Is fibsolutoly essential, Truth to toll, California would bo hotter off without any duty on hides, coal, lumber, woolen goods, tin plate, chemicals, generally, and thousands of articles that might bo enumerated. Not being a manufacturing state in the s<»nso that Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts and other eastern commonwealths are manufacturing states, we pay higher prices for nearly everything that we use than we would under absolute free; trade In these commodities. Yet we go on paying those prices, the return advantage! being In necessary protection for the products peculiar to thin Kt.'ite. And oven this would be denied us, If Mr. Root and his importing friends had their way. We have Just had another instance of a strong and Influential man being in the Senate to look out for UH. Senator Flint's position on two of the important committees of the Semite lias been of untold value to us. The lesson should sink In. Rev, J. W. Utter Will Dedicate New Church. Rev. .1. \V. IMter, formerly pastor of thf Cmiiui Christian Church, will dedicate a new church at (ileiulale tomorrow, Sunday, June ti, and many of his former members here are arranging to lie present. The program for (lie day will be as follows: 11 a. m. lieciu alure Sermon, ('. ('. Chapman, president of Kvangcli/ing Hoard of Southern California. J::!il p. m. Open I'lalform Meeting, in charge of ministers of i'lirisliiiu Church of Southern California. Music- Solos by i'rof. Stout and Miss Marple; quiti'lcl les and choruses by choir. !'.',() p. MI. Kvening Sermon, by (Jnuit K. Lewis, Superintendent of Missions. Looking Toward Covina. The tiillnwiiig is a sample i, seven Sellers of a similar character that v e bine received dining the |>;isl week: Clarno. U'is., May .!!, limit. Mr. ,1 i., Mail!:e\\s. i 'd\ ina. Cal. I 'i-:t r Si !' ' Kn. '<>.-,, i) jib-a.- •• lii'd iiid'.iey order ;* ' "n i,>r "Tin' Cd\ina \:L'II.-" li'i one \ < • i r I v, ,i.- ::i I j i.- \ n ••t-li-.s 1 i.-i \v i r • : , b i . • . . i • i •. . • • i i ' i i : i • I . t I . • ! i i i ! i ASTHMA ATTACKS. This Disease and Hay Fever Practi cally the Same, Says Covina Physician. Hay fever and asthma are very much alike, If not the name disease, states Dr. Lloyd W. Wells, osteopa- thlflt, who has offtcen In the Webb block, over Warner, Whltsel & CO.'B store. Whether this bo true In all cases or not, the physician states that, the cause is from the same source— diseased nerves puffing the parts affected. In treating these diseases by O8t.eopat.hic treatment, the gentle manipulation reduces the obstruction, cures the nerves and eliminates the poison. These diseases always respond Immediately to osteopathic treatment. UNWRITTEN HISTORY. Mayor Lahee Sheds Light on Early Episodes In the Life of the Great Fremont. "lu the olden days of the first year of the war, John (1. Fremont was n • personage In St. Louis, wh^r" at that time employed," said Mayor K. H. Lahee last Friday at the exercises in honor of Civil war veterans, held by the eighth grade of the grammar school. Mayor- Lahee went on to tell the scholars how Oeneral Fremont was wont, to come driving through the streets of the city In his splendid carriage, of his hospitality at the big house outside the city, of the difficulties Oeneral Fremont had with the nation's officials which embroiled him in many a controversy, l)r. Wells states that drugs are very ; arid ninny little side-lights of the fam- li.'irmftil In this case as in many-cases, and warns people not to continue dosing and poisoning the tissues. If you sire contemplating going to some health resort, to get well, it would be better to talk with this physician before going , and be cured at borne. Examination, and consultation free. The doctor Invites you to visit and learn what the treatment can do. In CovitiA Monday, Wednesday and Friday.—Adv. ous man's character. The mayor also talked Intimately of great generals and leaders in the war whom he met at that. time. The children participated in the following program: Song, "Star Spangled;" concert reel tation, "Oettysburg Address," school; cornet solo, Olen Leisure; short tributes to our heroes, by Marian Anderson, James Anderson, Lertha Aschenbrennor and Ella Walters; violin solo, Clarence Pabrlck; tributes, by Noah Hashore, Minnie Sisson, Ruth Children's Day Program. Butler and Roy Smith; piano duet. The following program will be ren- Ruth Chemberlen and Edna King; tiered at the Children's Day exercises "America," by the eighth grade. at the Christ • Church tomorrow evening, at 7:4-"' o'clock. Scripture reading by O. fi. liroiise. Anthem by choir. Recltatjon, "The Busy lice," by draco IlosHoltlno, Exercise by primary class, "Suffer thf! Children." A/lfo O. Thomason's claHH"Llvlng in the Sunshine." Exercise, "Missionary Album," by Miss Aiu;n Reynolds' class. Recitation by Lynn Keefur, "Our Purpose." "The Call of the Congo"—offering by pastor. Song by mixed quartet. Violin solo by Robert Philleo. llenodlctlon. Nailing a Rumor. Kor some reason and from some unknown source, a rumor started this wok that I lie body of a Japanese laborer had boon taken from the reservoir of the Covina domestic water company. This would be rather unpleasant news, if it wore true. But fortunately for the Covina customers of this company, no such thing lias happened, nor could It occur. The reservoir is hermetically covered on top, and wherever the air roaches it (lie apertures are screened, HO that not oven the .smallest animal or oven insects cau got In to contaminate the water. Manager J. II. Coolman says that it would be well for citi/eus to Inspect tills reservoir, especially at tills time, HO that they may know that they arei receiving the purest, water served In Southern California. Don'l be afraid of your drinking water. Tho company isi looking out for its purity. Recitation, "How I Filled My Mox," j p or R en t, Exchange, Lost, Found J'aul Lewis. Kxercise by Miss Tola HouHor's class, "Thf! Call to Oo." Recitation by Jodie Nowlan, "Harry's Report." Song by chorus of boys. Recitation by Merle Bradshaw. Recitation by Rosamond Home, "The Blind Olrl's Gift." Exorcise, "Crown of Roses," by Miss Nora Hollar's class. Song by Mrs. E. HOLY TRINITY. Trinity Sunday: Holy Comnvmlon, 11 a.m.; subject, "The Practical Nature of the Doctrine of the Trinity." Evensong, 7:30 p.m. Sunday-school, 9:30 a.m. PRESBYTERIAN. Sunday-school 9:45. At II a. m., union service with Dr. Chapman In VVomans Club Flouse. Junior Endeavor, 3 p.m. Senior and Intermediate Endeavor, 0:45. Gospel service, 7:45; subject, "Secret Sins Which Taint the jevoning, 7:45. All arc most cordially invited to attend any of these services. Paul O. Stevens, pastor. BAPTIST Sunday-school, 0:45. Union penieo at Wo'manf! Club Houae at 11 a.m. Preaching at 7:45 p.m. by pastor. Junior, 3 p.m. B.Y.P.T.T., 6:45; subject. "Life Lemons From Luke;" leader, Mrs. W. Q. Custer. Prayer-meeting Wednesday evening, 7:45; topic, "Christian Nurture." Strangers and friends are cordially Invited to those services. S. W. Gage, pastor. CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Children's day rally of the Sunday- school, 9:45; aim: 250 present and $250 for Africa. Communion, 10:40. Union service at Womans Club House, II. Junior, 3. Intermediate and Senior Endeavor, 6:45. Children's Day exorcises of the Sunday-school, 7:45. Fine progrnn of music and recitations. All are invited. Men's Club, Tuo', 8 p.m. Prayer-mooting on Thursday at 7:45 p.m. WHITK AND IJLACK JMINOKCAS --Most profitable for both cggH and flrcHt-eel poultry. EK«H from fine perm headed by prize winning cock. 81.00 per Betting. Wo guarantee more than 75 per cent fertile. E. B Million, 312 San Bernardino road, tf FilzUerald & Burry of Pasadena loan money on randies and improved real estate at lowest current rates. Write or telephone them at Pasadena or cull up J. W. Prentisa, Covina phono 2134, and ask to have a representative of t,he firm call on you, tf Complete Rancher's Outfit For Sale —Team, 28001b, harness, wagon, cultivator, plow, harrow, one-horse cultivator, tap, lead bars, all at a bargain, $500.00. See W. II. Daniels. Telephone 2150. 6-5p Armstrong's Cuviun Nurseries have procured 2500 Valencia and navel orange trees, first cln.iH stock. Anyone wishing to buy sumo nhould call 125 for further hiformuticii. Mrs. Ida lUttenbouso, room G, First National Bank Bldg. First class dresB making at, reasonable prices, tf What ore you fining for the disease" in your orange u try u grooving knife? ? D. W. MacDonnlrt Keeps Busy. I). W. Maclioiml.l, Coviua representative of I'Mwitrds & Wlldey Co., r«'|nirts the following sales: For K. S. Cook to O. II. I hitching*, the ten acre navel orange grove on Itowhiml avenue, near Citrus, consideration $M.IHIII. Tin* properly is im- pnive.l with a six room house uml outbuildings, with about one half acre in family orchard. C. II. lieattie Id (!. L. Armstrong of Filiiioiv, California, a ten arre grove situated on Workman a\enue. The e.rove consists of Si'Vell acres of Washington na\els, fourteen \ears old, ami lliree acres in Valcueias ot' iiboiit die same at'.e. This grove is probably one st bargains recently sold in for tlowers for ^ idii sent in early in order to 'gum Ever -fro at Kellnr- Mfg. C(J. tf For Sale. — Portable cook wagon. Will sell body without truck or whole tiling cheap. Call up W. L. Griffiths, piumo ?.L'M. For Sale — A nice gentle driving pony, or pony buggy and harness, cheap. 224 East College street, Covina. Itp Wanted — Registered Jerseys, any age, cither sex, in any number. 6-5 John Wilson, Santa Ana, Cal. ('bickering Piano For Item Inquire at Mrs. W. (!. 1 knight y's, lui East Center. 6-ii For Hale — Fine young team of lightweight inule.H. Good for delivery purposes. Call Homo Phono !'»i>70. Rt.'inembor, Sal unlay is souvenir day at Cummiugs' Confectionery, next to Xash's drug store. For Sale — New potatoes. L' ' .. miles of Orde lioiild I a \ old ! . n i' h < of Covina. It. C. Casad. Tel. 1I2S. (J-lL'p Alfalfa bay for sale. Philip Cogan, former Cook ranch, Walnut Center. I'lidiie ;;iii7. t!-12p llr.y Fdi Sale New alfalfa. ,1. W. Larnr.T, furmei Pdolc ranch, \\ahiut ('enter. tf For sale at a bargain - A lurdseyc maple dresser, used but a short tin'.!'. . Addrof.s box HI'.T, Cm ina. Up Win. Summers, tree primer and biul- Cook With Gas You an* invited fo call at our new office, 236 N. Citrus Avennr, and inspect our lino of « Stoves and Ranges Phone Iflfi when your gas is not working satisfactorily. Covina Valley Gas Co. 236 N. Citrus Monday Afternoon Club. On account of the excessive hoat find : the day being a public holiday, there was no quorum at the meeting of the Monday Afternoon Club Monday afternoon, and it was impossible to proceed with the business of the stockholders' meeting. The meeting was adjourned until next Monday afternoon. It is necessary that all stockholders who are unable to be present shall send in their proxies. Plans are being drawn for a splendid program next year, including the study of Shakespeare and much outside talent. ' There is now only one class of members, with dues of $3 a year. SOMETIMES you don't feel like starting a fire for the noon-day or evening meal. Wouldn't dainty salads, coffee or chocolate and wholesome, delectable soups appeal to you instead of broiling yourself over the stove these hot days? Let us serve you with these things, or with ham or tongue sandwiches—all carefully prepared. ICES ICE CREAMS , >, , FRUIT DRINKS . . ,. . CANDIES We Have No Competitor in Light Lunch Menu. The Palace of Sweets TOWNSEND, PROPRIETOR Throop Polytechnic Institute Located in Pasadena, the Most Beautiful City of California. Science, Arts, Industry. COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING ACADEMY—Technical and Literary. SHOP WORK FOR BOYS. HOME ECONOMICS FOR GIRLS. New campus of 20 acres. Send for catalogue. J. A. B. SCHERER, Ph.D., LL.D., President. der, Cdvlua. Tlioroui'.hl d C. I. Smith, A/.usa, Ca :il! tf dame-, tf This Offer' Is Good Until July 3rd $85.00 IN PRIZES READ THIS LIST: 1st—Ladies' Diamond Ring 2nd—17-Jewel Adjusted Watch . . . . (Gentlemen's Waltham, 16 size; will pass any railroad inspection) 3rd—California Turquoise Solid Gold Ring 4th—Parker Lucky Curve Fountain Pen $40.00 $35.00 $7.00 $3.00 a A CHANCE on any of the above premiums with every 10-cent cash purchase or for repairing. • H J We ask you to call in and see these prizes, and •I if you find they are not as represented or that g our prices on all goods and repairs are not • right you can brand us as impostors. This offer B commences today, Saturday, May 22, and will 2 run until July 3 at 6 p. m. • • § Covina Jewelry Co. 1 ( ' H a n !*• • 13 M. WRIGHT, Manager Opposite Hotel Vendome Citrus Avenue, Covina

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