Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on April 29, 1943 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 29, 1943
Page 4
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Hold Everything HOf6 STAR, HOPE, *• tYtiy * WMRr-COy tJttffflXXMI inc. 1^ *» -* Ltar »g>i!jhi«g Co. inc. F » fat fofrMf drid'Atex. H. Wdshburn) L «t MM Staf bWWIriff.-212.2U South Wain Walnut r ,— .•*• PAIMER, f»re«lo«nt All*. M. WASHBURN, Editor and PubtUrKit ,„ -.trrhw«d fcs second class matter of the . *, POttoffice at Hope, Arkansas, under the of Manh 3, 1897. ' , (APH-Meons Associated Press 5" ttNtAH-Meons Newspaper Enterprise Ass'n. , 3StA*cftptton Rate (Always Payable In '*'Advance). By city carrier, per week 15c; i Herhpstead, Nevada, Howard, Miller ana , 'Lafayette counties, $3.50 per year; else- ,..Mt»b«r of Th« Associated Pretti The ""Wlbaofed Press is exclusively entitled to '.the use for republlcatlon of all news dls: patches credited to tt or not otherwise credited In this paper and also the local published herein. Nrfrlonal Adyertljlng Representative— • (ktk«n»«f DalllM. Inc.; Memphis, Term., ~"Ste?!clr Building; Chkago, 400 North Mich- agon Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison * 'Ave.: Detroit, Mich, 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; 'OhWihoma City, 4)4 Terminal IBdg.; New , .OrIcons. 722 Union St.. cop«. i»4i n m« stmnct. inc. T. M. »cc. i/.». MT. err. "What I want to know is what are you doing tonight?" fat SIDE GLANCES ByGalbraith «-*• \ - RELEASE NO. Thursday, April 29, 1943 Guadalcanal Diary :;,;". Book-of-the-Month BY RICHARD TRCGASKI4 ILLUSTRATIONS SY I. 8. HAZELTO^ "The Jops were in our wire . . ." F RIDAY, AUGUST 21, Cont.-CoI. Jerry Thomas, Operations chief nnd spark plug of our troops in the Solomons, tohl me this morning that the Japs apparently have landed in force and made their way to the Tcnaru River. Fortunately, they ran into barbed wire entanglements and were slowed down until more troops coulil be brought up to aid our outposts. "I'm going down to Col. Gates' command post now," lie said. "Do you want to comer" Since Col. Clifton Gates "How's chances of getting tanks in there?" Soon after we reached the command post n griz/lcd man with a lined face and light blue eyes came up. Evidently he had been out in the bush. He was Col. L. 15. Crcsswcll, Col. Thomas nodded. "You know this terrain,T,.T!.," he said, pointing to a map. "How's chances of getting tanks in there?" "We can do it," said Cresswcll. "Good," said Col. Thomas. He turned to Col. Gates. "Jap rifle grenades began to shower into our positions." . . was commanding the troops which held our front lines "We'll give L.B. a platoon of tanks," he said. along the Tenaru, I said 1 certainly would like to go. • The officers bent over a map. The plan was developing as they talked. "I want you to get in there and pin these people down," Col. Thomas said to Col. Cresswell. "Once you get in, don't hold back. Drive in there!" Col. Cresswell began moving immediately. Me shouted to an aide who stood nearby. "Tell B Company to move right down there and wait for the rest." And he was gone. \Vc could hear a long scries of loud "bomp-bomp" sounds like mortar shells exploding, in the direction of the Tcnaru. Col. Gates explained it. "The damn Japs arc .throwing rifle grenades into our positions," he said grimly. It was 11:15 when Col. Gates got a radio message from Col. Crcsswcll. "Col. Gresswcll says he is beginning to attack," he said. "His right Hank is on the llu River, (Thfe | Ilu runs roughly parallel to the Tenaru). There ore no"' g tanks." Evidently the tanks had been held' up by some obstacle in terrain. There was a phone call for Col. Gates. "Good work," he was saving into the phone. "A white flag, eh?" He turned to me. "A white Hag is flying in the ^direction t£ the Jap lines," he said. • s -' (Continued tomorrow) Rook-of-Uie-Monlh Club. la*. Drawinta covyricht. 1043. by Klnc Feature* Syndicate. Inc. Text copyright, 1943, by Rnnilam House Inc. Distributed by Klne Features Syndicate In co-operation with the OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major-Hobplfe FUNNY BUSINESS NOW LISTEN), 1 KNOW HOW KIDS LIKE TO RUN CATTLE--" WILD COWBOY WILD CATTLE"--AMD I DON'T WANT THESf: WILD.' SO DON'T YOU GO RUMMIM' AKN MEAT OFF THEM- VALUABLE.' HE NEEDN'T WORRV ABOUT MUST- BE "C" THE KID RUNNIN' THOSE BABiES.' A FEW MORE YEARS OF THIS HI&H BREEDIN' AM' THEY'LL LOSE WEIGHT SOUR PLfxME IM ? BACKWARD? <3\T TIGHT A>NO WE'LL <=>END OME OP- SOUR. O\JER \AMTr4 SOUR NAPOLEON VOITHOOT HIS TRfXvJEL STSLE Bl^ OM THE STREET SOU'RE rAOOPLE :: '^y^w^M^ ° >U!^ ~* cfe^MF^x^T^ ' COPIt. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. DEC. U. S. PAT. OFF "When we had laundresses I thought they talked a lot, but here it is noon and we've gossiped so much we haven't got half our washing out!" con. i'^S?«. twnci/Mt. WALKIM' GOLD ^ . . . . . . . . . . He wears it for safety — ever since the meat scarcity, our , dog starts drooling every time he starts sizing up, my husband !" The Warning By Fred Harmon A Brave Man;and a Good Plane By Roy Crane Wash Tubbs DuT AS fOH.' FOLKS-'IN FNE BE ATTACKED &t OUlLAvJS .' \«JHE.t^ Trt' , , _ •. , WMAR. \J PASSEKGERe VMHAT ' THERE HE-<SOES NOW...IW A STRIPPED POWN P-38. ARfAEO WITH MOTHW6 MORE PAN6EROUS T«AN A CAMERA, WO 6UNS. NO ARMAMHMT. WOrHIW6 FOR PROieCTIOfJ HOSTILE AIRCRAFT BUT-SPEEP . YUH'C5plrV,'Y TO RED HEAD.' ON VOINDX 'MEAMWHILE.THIS 5UBIWARWE EPISOPS NOT THERE'LL 85 ANV WORD UMTIL THE REMAIWS OF HER CONVOV ABOUT . REACHES AFRICA ,10 TH' FLOOR. KN 1 NO OI^E WM,' ' SE HLJR.-T/J— : —^"' STARTED. UNTIL WAI RETURNS WITH THE B.ECOWNAI5SANCE PICTURES, WE WON'T KNOW WHETHER OUR RAID WA£ A £UC£E55 OR, A" FAILURE "Three Is a Crowd. Thrmble Theater By Wait Disney It's the Slicer in Him! Donald Duck AH! IHAVEfOUMOA SAf £ HARBOR-IT IS SO PEACEFUL ! HARK! DO I HEAR. ALONE! ALDME WITH HAPPENS HERE FOOT-STEPS? HUMPH! SUCH PPEPAKATIONS : ARE OF GO AWAY! J DON'T.NEED ANY.' By Chic Young It's the Camel in Him! Delayed or Dud? By V. T. Hamlin WHV CO * YOU STARE AT ME LIKE l||l'( YOU'LL WAVE TO 6ETOFRMOW, I'M ALL- r IN.' -J QOMQ, MV E.NE.' / NOT NECESSARILY...^ THftN I"M GONNA , If THAT HAD IT MI&HT HKVE A, ] DCA6 IT OFF /^ WMT' QEEN A BOMQ V DELKNED ACTION /SOME PLACE / LOOKObT/ ^!wQ' IT WOULDA / FUSE AN40 GO WHEEE IT WON'T/ IT'S BOOMED ( OFF ANY TIME/ WHEN IT HIT, WOULDN'T IT , M r,_ ; , j. CUIN |V\V 1 FKLLING POT/WOES V OVER.' WHEN IT EXPLODES . 194J 11V NEA fidhVICC. INC. 7 f. M.'ftEC. U, S. PAT. OFF Freckles and His Friends By Edgar Martin The Long Green By Merrill Blosser * Hurry Up, Rosie! Boots and Her Buddies MINT? you MEAM TiJAT GRBEM STUFF THAT TAKES YOUR. BREATH AWAY? HIS NAME IS MORGAN THAW / HE'S IN KINGSTON AND HE WANTS YOU , TO QMLON HIM/ THATS RIGHT, TAG— AND HERE'S A SAMPLE/ ITS ALL OMET NAME; TAG/ SAW THAT PIECE IN THF PAPER ABOUf HOW YOU RAISED VEGETABLES ANlD HOW VOU MADE OLD SCUTTLE BUY BONDS/ HE GAVE ME THIS ADDRESS AND WANTS TO SEE YOU BOTH AT |O TOMORROW/ DO Yo KNOW THREE w CKVi

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