The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 19, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1977
Page 2
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PAGE i^NAUOATUOK NEWS (COW.). TUESDAY. JOT-Y 23. 1M6. DREW PEARSON *^ ON °the WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: House Members Disgusted Over Senate Absenteeism In OPA Conference; California Stalls On Tidewater Oil Lands; Attorney General Kenny Gets Rebuked By Justice Black n.. -While the entire nation waited for. thfl ab.ientnnlsm of two onntors who failed o , next day's soHHlon for a trip out of town, first T'.arkley's excuse for thc nbsonco was "Important bimlnosH on thn floor." However, when Jvnisn r.onfnroim learned that the business was a silver bill an<t an equal rights mea.'iuro, they blew up and dlsgUHtodly ntalkcd out of tho meeting. The other absentee was lamo duek George f«/ulcllffc of Maryland House Chairman Brunt Sponco t,( Kentucky sharply criticised the "lack of cooperation" of the two Senator*, aiming his Ire chiefly ut or un criuul rights bill. We don't p.oduco more than $25,000,000 worth of Hllvcr annually." Tuft StJimbi rat HOUSR mcmbcrsi walked out after OPA champions talked thcm- ••nlvc.s blue trying to make Bob Tart of Ohio and other Senate cor.- .'oruc.M back clown nn this guaran- iced profits provision and rood do- eontiols. Liberal GOP Senator Charles Tobey of New Youth Re-enacts Strangulation aiming nis ire cniuny ILL , unariea ' «"»/ •" • --• • - • op . .,.„,•„,„, who had hnen counted | was cxpoctcd to stand by the Oi A, on to spearhead thc fight for Sen-|but he remarked: nte rr.e.est on the controversial j ,. t intend, to support thc Senate Tuft "guaranteed profits" amend- | M \\, i have no other alternative ment and the de-control of food j M | noo the Senate has voted for It. products. ; Showing up the next day's mcet- ., , [njj Barkloy promised better attendance after Spenco called him "Here we are discussing thc neon-j f,my of the entire nation." caustically remarked another House spokesman, "It seems to me 'that thin Is more Important than silver Using a. handkerchief similar to the one- nt figured In tho s tlon of Vittrlclii Crandall, 14, Ui her Chlcu. Cal., homo, Albert Jonos, 14, demonstrates how thc crime of which he Is being accused was committed The "subject" Is the arm of Sheriff W. M. Forward Orovlllo, Cal. \vhi) says tliu boy lias confessed tho choUJng of hl« playmate, (International) v. t •<:•:• . *.,,._-.-' Bethany Barracks Telephone Number Enterprise 8680 After Thursday, residents of NauB-atuck,- Watorbury, Seymour and Cheshire ;wlll be able to call the Bethany 'Barracks of the-State Police Department without paying the cost of toll telephone service. ' , Lieut Victor Clarke, commanding officer at thc Bethany Barracks, announced today that thc n"e : w service was In furtherance of State Police iCommlssloner-Edward 3. HIckoy'B pWn to make 'facilities of the department more easily available 'to all residents of the state. •-..-.• After Thursday residents of thc four-city area will, be able to call the bh.rl-0.ckB by asking the opcr- o:-ir for Enterprise 8G80. Currently the state police phone is in thc New Haven area. . . Twenty Trucks Will Be Used In Paper Canvass Twenty trucks will be UHCd Sunday July 28, when the American Lcc'lon conduct their paper salvage drive, it was announced by Joseph C. Raytkwich, Jr., chairman of (.he drive committee, today. The collection will bcRin at 9 a, m. nnd will end only after cvcrystrcct In thcboroUKh hoa been canvassed. Residents arc aslced to bundle Ihoir papers and magazines and leave them In front of their homes. It'Is expected that fifty Lcpfion- naires will participate in this collection. lieves tin. Btiprome Court should decide a matter of such great importance. Cnpitnl Chaff Foreign investors in the USA have started' a flight from the dol- " '" GREAT FILM IS BArJWIiVG'NOW AT THE LOEW POLI Last day .toa'ay nt Locw Poli theater, for the spectncular "Anna lu tas ]j f or being AWOL. have started .1 ingni iroui uut «v«- theater, for the spectacular ".anna lar, As a result of the Senate's nna thc King of Slam," with Irene OPA tiction, they llgurc on -real | Dunne; Rrx Harrison;- and 'Linda ?B2,30 TO $.1500 nl — PIERPONT'S Ji'ivi'li-rn. Anifi'lrnn ir.n IIAMC STHKKT LH^IV iw* uwiiicj ' - - - in. •<.We can't get along without you, Nloc i VVL viH' i« (*>*'*• ">""r« •• * Alhon," said his fcllo*' Kentucklan. "I know you HIU aware of what IH at stake here, We must agree on an OPA bill that the President will Mlgn, I shudder to think n( the in- ilpvci'ltmblo train of evils that will result If wo don't." California Oil nusl^ Thc issue which helped defeat K<\ I'auley for Undcrsccrefiry ot Nuvj- . TUIewnter Oil Ijmds—Is coming up In the Sannlft again, with Senator Pat MeCurrtin of Nevada doing his bent to jam the bill through liofm-e Congress udjou-ns. Thc b'll would give the -IS states title to submerged oil lands undue thu ocean-bed rat.Xcr than lotting the .Supreme Court dfclde whether they belong' to the States or the Kuduriil Government. ^(eanwhlle, Attorney General Bob Kenny of California hns done KOmu of the most adroit Ipgnl stalling in yf.(ir«. He and the .Justice Popart L iiction, ey g - unne; ex arrson- an ilion and arc selling out vlifilr i Dnrnell. Also on same program 'Is ks nnd commodities-, Tip-off IN ; the thrlllirg "Strange . Triangle," inflation ni'.-nt hiivc bunn In u to sec IHKO III UT> — Mrs. Mi'Vy 1".. (\Vhltely) Hh'tl, of I.yn ri.MuMji., lr\ l.ynn, Miii'M., .Inly 21. HMt>. l-'unornl Wod' nnsdiiy afternoon at - o'clock at Alder."'n Funeral II u m e. 'Ml Meadow street. Hurlal In Grovn cemetery. Frlendu may cull at the fimern! homo tonight from Y Id fi o'clock. in Kn riiiiefli., of (.'andei. marl, Nniiga- tuek. In (hln bun>uuh, July lilt, I Mil. Finiei-n! Thui-.tdny morn- Ing at 8:3(1 o'clock from 1-iuck- rnlllor Kunerul Mnnin, 2^ F'ark .f'laec, to St. Knincln' church at |i o'clock. I'Siirlul In Hi. .lames' eeme|e|-y. Fi lends may cull at. the funeral home tonight from 'i to Id o'clock und Wednnsday fi'fiin 1? to If) p. m. the way the Swedish krona. Swiss and Canndian dollar all hav gone up at the c.\pon.-c of tho dollar ..One of thu country's ™ o3t Interoistlns veterans' races will take place In TOXJIS this we*t between Price Daniel, nn cx-GI, alid Pat Neff, Jr.. an cx-innjor, both running for Attorney General. Dnnie' resigned ;is speaker of thc Texas Legislature to enlist as a private, served overseas. c;imc out a sergeant. Ncf!', son of n former Governor joined up as a captain, served In the Judge advocate General's otHcc In Washington, came out with Slgno Hasso and Proston Foster. S.tartlng- Wednesday at thc Poll arc stars, songs, and laughter galore In "Easy to Wed," the new technicolor musical hit. Thc laugh jammed story of a lady-killer whose anuitory exploits hind.him with two wives furnishes a epar- kling vehicle for Lh« talents of Van Johnson, Esther Williams, Lucille Ball, and Kecnan Wynn in "Easy to Wed." ; casy-to-look-at' Miss Wll- iind thc Increasingly pop- Johr.son, who scored to- Thrill of a. Romance," Hospital Attendant Training Offered •Training as a hospital, attendant Is being offered by the state j department of education for young , women, who because of academic, economic or age limitations are unable to take the three-year school of nursing course. '• . The one-year course includes three months : of•-classroom work nnd nine months of practical-training. It Is being offered at the Griffin hospital, Derby; Windham , County hospital; Willimantic, and the Bristol hospital, Bristol. No fees arc required and room, board rind--laundry .with a. small morithlv allowance will be Riven by the" hospital. The next course opens Sept, 4. ThoRc applying: for admission must be a resident of the state, have two years of high school, 20 years of age, .'a U. S. citizen, good -health and character. • Young women 'interested need ' '. not be a veteran, but women veterans may apply. Further Information may be obtained at Service for Veterans. s j ular Van Jo "• i gethor in " orncc In vva.snni^Lun, ^.^m. ~*.* - j gc'Lnar in inriii 01 ti romance, major. It will be interesting to soo'{inr a | n prove themselves Fin ideal whether the major or the sergeant , couple, this tinic not only In .their wins out Senator McKellnr nf ] romantic but in their first Tennessee, who has boon dnnounr.- j aonc; - and - dunce numbers on the Int.' th<> CIO and his opponents for j screen. Miss Brill nnd Wynn, com- bc'n" b'lCk'ed by the CIO, fouofl j plctcly at home in the comed " - lCe y , vcrv reel-faced the othor I field, were never- funnier Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 . whether he could get the Tidelands . ' CJll Hill pa.-scd by Congress before i tho .lustice Department could get ! the question before thc Supremo Court It now looks as If Kenny has won. Here Is how he did It: Unit wlnt"r, when both California anil the Justice Department were to (lie briefs before thc Supremo Court, Kenny petitioned the Court , for two montiis delay. This was Cnmtcd. When the two months expired, Kenny (lied one <>C the longest ! briefs In history. It WHS three vol- ciistrmiary to make Supreme Court brlef.M what the name Implies—brief and to tho point. Prolix Mr. Kenny So the Justice Department, Indignant at Kenny's 822-page volume, tiled one of the rurn-it of legal motions, ft called upon the Supreme Court tn strike thc California an- swor on thn ground that It WH.H "prolix" nnd so muddled chat it wits 'virtually Imposnihlo to SOK- regnte the well-pleaded facts for the purpose of determining the ISSIIC-H." Tn citing reasons frir asking the Supreme Court to strike the Cull- fornl:i answer. Solicitor General Howard McGrath went all thc way hack- tn n decision handed down by a Hrltlsh court In .ISOS-.tho case of Richard Mylwanl. Mylwiird had M!ed a brief before the British court amounting tn 'six- score sheets of paper," and the British judge!, 1 were sn out-raged over this long document that they Clued Mylwai'd and further ordered : I "The Warden shall bring him j Inl.o Westminister Hull on Saturday next, about ten of the clock In I the forenoon, and then and thci 1 '.shall cut a hole In the myddcst of himself day. Ho hnti forgotten thnt he had written CIO leaders asking their support. Syndicate, C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 comedy than in their present roles as a respective ,. dancer and newspaper reporter , whoso appearance at thc altar is i constantly interrupted when Wynn 1 gels himself into jams. Also on tho same program is tho •thrilling mystery, "Dark Alibi," with Sidney Tolcr ;is the ever popular Charlie Chan. 83 TJKOWN Home, July 2'J—.(UP) — Thirty- three holiday celebrants were drowned nntl scores of others are inifixini," In a cyclone which swept tile Adriatic coast of Italy yesterday, striking foul- sen-side resorts. The muj'ority of thc victims were swimming orf boating in a c:ilni sea when the cyclone suddenly loured along the count. Per capita consumption of chewing gum increased from 39 sticks in 191-1 to 130 ir. 39-13. SET FOR TKST Bikini Atoll, July 22—TUP)—An Operation Crossroads spokcsmnn says all 75 target ships will be on station by tomorrow for Thursday's underwater blast. Tomorrow nix submarines will be submerged to periscope depth at varying distances from the point of the underwater-explosion. The bomb, will be suspended about 30 feet below the special weapon ship in the center of JTiklni lagoon. % ... Lady Nearly Choked While Lying In Bed^ Due To Stomach Gas One lady -said a few days ago that she used to be afraid to go to bed at night.' She was swollen with stomach gaa, which always pot worse when she went to bed, and the gas would rise, up in her throat after sho lay down and would nearly choke -hcr t Sho -couldn't be flat.- Had to. prop- herself up or, pillows. Recently this lady grot ERB-HELP and -now says-pas is gone, stomach feels fine, bowels arc regular and she can go to bed and sleep soundly. ERB-HELP contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse -bowels, clear gas from stomach act on sluggish liver-and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get ERB- HELP. Sold by all drug stores here In Naugatuck.—Adv. Finns for a paper drive to be conducted in the near future were discussed recently n.t a meeting of Boy Scout troop, No. 15. It wns thc first- session of the -troon since attending camp for a week. During the camping trip under the direction of P. C. Pray, a stunt night wna held, with the ti-oop presenting thc "Old Ford of I!5." John Hancock, Chester Pray and Scott Conover have received the Jfe Saving, and Swimming merit badges, hnving: taken instruction under the direction of Roland Hathaway, waterfront director. <\ HBJDY..1X) Hollywood, July 22-*<U?>).- L»mnrr will retire from thc Rcn when she finishes h«r current picture to av/alt the birth of n child next yenr. Miss Lnmrfrr nnd her husband—Actor John Lodcr—havt one . daughter, 3-1-months-old Den- inc. They aljrj have an adopted aoh, Jamsic. More than two and one-half :mll-' lion persons in the United Stales speak Spanish an their nMlva tongue. Vitamins were discovered only about 25 years ago. ' REGISTER NOW FAM, TKR.M hKGr.rt SKPT, ft IltiNJnrhM Admin UlrRllfltttf Arronnt. Inf. Srw-tarinl, , • POST lTIJNTOB 24 Central Avc. COLLEGE Wnterbury OPENING Monday, July 29th •• I jf If -I) r ° r tllc f |rNt tlnle Naiigntuck will have, n w *" • p;,tr center thnt will solve all your minor prot>- Icms. \c Wo. will PAINT and RJiPAIR Kitchen Sets— garden furniture — screens, windows — doom and casings — cnhinefs — window gins* — storm wln- flows — saws and tools sharpened «nd oondl- \ Tel. 2969 Whatever the job may ho call us nt 3369 or visit our work shop at M Wnrd St. Repairs done nt your home or in our shop. "FIX IT" SHOP 34 Ward St. s Now Available EMERSON RADIO hole . . Anrl FLOWERS For All Occnalonn ^ FLOWTMlS TEI.TCGK/YTinsn * K VIS BVW1 tRKK MELBOURNE'S .TLOWER SHOP ISO RUBBER AVENUE Telephone 0225 thu :i/imo oiwn.-t.iPtt I'oplicri.tioii ! (lirluf) nnil put the; -ialil Rlchrifcl's j hnad through suri thnn, thn nunic MO hJi I Ififid the Mimic riichru-d, hiii'ii-houd- rd ;ind bumfncivl, round nboul VV-vtrnltiHtfi 1 Hull, whilst thc courts in c silHInK, iiiul slinll show him HI. th" l>ar nf ovory of' thc thriso colii'tH within thc hull." Solicitor Cienenil McOrath did I not pMiictly any .10. hut ho Implied ' lluit Cuhfoi'nlii'H Attorney Gnnyrnl Kenny should tuivo- n. hnlp cut In hid ?:2-p:ice «>i-lnf. and ho pitrndod ui-ound th? Supi-emc Court hulkllnR with thn brief nroiind his neck. Indlj,-n;int Mf. Kenny, hnwi-vor, i-cpllocl thnt thc Justice Department's motion wnul'l deprive thc Ki-cnt .ilntr of California of Its Infill rights. l-'lnnlly Jutitlcp Huso Elnck called In bolh Kenny and McGrnth and CTVP the wtntc of Ctillfornla n, re- hukc. Ko 1 told Kenny he considered McC.rnth's motion proper n.nd jusiti- llrd. Were thc statn of Callfornhi. not Involved, he said .the Court probably would prant the motion to Htrlke the 822-pnse answer. Since H Htnte was Involved, however, he snld ho would let the answer stand. Kenny won out on his main stratosy. however—to stnll for time. The Tidewater Oil lUinds case now will not co^e up for argument Until Fall, and meanwhile Senator McCnrran Is prc's-slne for notion. If hl« bill passes, it will take th» question out of the hnncls of the Supreme Court. • • ..-..-. Note— Despite Ed Pauloy. President Truman will veto the Tidewa- I'n-tty Shrllii Ryan, rilm sUrlc.t, nicely .shows off one of (he latest swim suits'il In Hollywood. It Is of printed silk mn- trrlul with hlark fiiclns on thn shoulders mid one end of the how on the luiltcr. The tup at the short, flurliitf skirt has 11 black Iminl, (Inlcrniitloniil) O" 1 * $21-60 Also Available In Ivory. I •III! No, M:illl St. Ulllnn City TcL C-tnl ter Lands Bill, If passed. He bo- ' We are holding our .^. price line—So if your ->^ *'••, roof needs repairing have it done now before winter comes. BE SU-BE TO CHECK YOUR LEADEKS and GUTTERS WE WILL ESTIMATE YOUR NEEDS And Do A Complete Job Or . Supply Materials Needed For a Complete Ofte-Stqp Service •; M id dlebury Lumber Co. jtinntetffate FAMOUS DARRAJAMES POWER SAWS 7" Tilting Table Saw Precision Built Ball Bearing No Die Casting" Depth of Cut 2 3-16" Modem downed with llic same capacity as mnny S inch saws." Thc mitre gar^e, rip fence, guard and slitter are standard equipment Cast nlrnni- mim to make it rust proof and portable. Rcvors,- blc fence may he used on either side ol blade. Table can be tilled up to 45 degrees. Height fiom table to bench n :i /4 inches. 7 in. Tilting- Saw Less Motor, Blade Extensions • \ Side Extension Tables (2) 4x16 in Rear Extension Table (1) 19x4 in 12" Tilting Arbor Saw Precision machined by specialists in the power tool I'ielcT. No die castings used. Extra, long fence is standard equipment. Fence, saw guard and extensions of cast aluminum on steel base: Tilting and. elevating mechanism.operates to perfection 1 . Standard motor mounting. Depth of cut 4 in. -Height from table to floor 34 in. . : - • . • . . Complete machine.Consisting o'f 3 Extension Tables, Extra Long Rack, Extra Long Fence" and Mitre Gauge, Less Motor and Switch; Blade, Mitre Extension, Guard and Splitter : .$295.00 M ILL SUPPLIES -POWER TOOLS 22 SAVINGS ST.vTELfPHONE 5-22*1 WXTERBUKY

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