Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 17, 1954 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1954
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS Wednesday, February 17, •RESCOTTNEWS iy, frsbrtiarw 17 i*» fellowship of the n C'mrt'h will have "fttihlhly supper meeting al at-6:SO. « I'cholf of the Presbyterian practice 'at 7:30. Wednesday and Grady Manning Motel in Little Rock Sunday. Mr, and Mrs. Horace Hale had as their guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Bob Archer and Susie of El Dorado, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Purcell and daughters of Bcnton, Mr. and Tom Dewoody, Sharon and Brenda of Gurdon. j't-sday, February 18 ^, J I » -Prescoil Band Mother's , ill stage a Band Mothers ce, a combined talent show = An1e' and benefit at the ilt gym, Thursday evening at S^TSenjamin Gulp Chapter D- phf have n luncheon meeting Mlrsday at 12:30 al the Law- Rjtel. Hostesses are Mrs. Call Mrs. C. H Moore and fTc.! Bensbcrg, jday, February 19 lejVictory Home Demqnstra- fClub -will meet on Friday af- fish in the home of Mrs. Thco tfpwitn Mrs. J. W. Grimes co- 3ss. There will be a white clc- 'and Queen , ., ,.f«d ^t Banquet . fflfay Hines and Kay Ward "lamed , King and Queen of .. the annual Sweetheart of "the First Baptist Chur- Thursday evening, mry-Hth, in the Lawson Hotel. Zing and Queen were chosen, f>group by ballots. James p^titoke, crown bearer ( carried i&ldotrpwns on a satin pillow. tyalfe' TVtcCoy of Gurdon had i^of the coronation service. Were 60 guests present and ;< !Kev. McCoy speak on 's Response to Love.' 1 jSLee" served as rhastcr of itfnles and introduced Mrs. Me ,,,tyh'o presented 2 vocal solos [mpanied at the piano by Miss ' ' s' Byj-d of Gurdon. Johnny gave a humdious reading With Love" and David _ T .,-ing sang a solo accom- id«*at the piano by Miss Simone •n';",, ' RVaJentlne. motif was carried ,UjS colorful table decorations, f^pdakers 'table was centered ranlairangement of white car- s'j'and' white floral tapers in- ^ed,\vith red and white foam Jjvitli gibbon streamers lead- |a"rger>>hearts. The other tab"" Centered with a large red ,f ? rt.wlth white bows. Smal- sjfrt,' "-.containers were filled id; ancl white frosted hearts. K&r' * ">t llp'r' Class Has :lne Dance ,.. crs of the Senior Class of re'siiolt f'High School enjoyed ,. , 3'on Thursday] ev- Stfe the '£,64ion Hyt. «*-- i '-— s carried out the Valand red crepe paper gers 'and balloons suspended , rafters added to the oc- were served dur- s r evening. * Mr. and Mrs. John HUbbard were the Weekend guests of their son, JEd, student at A&M College. MOD- licello. C. T, Tompkins has returned to Shrcveport after a weekend visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. H, Tompkins. Mrs. Frank Gilbert and Judy were the Friday and Saturday guests of Mrs. Matt Hilt in Little Hock. Mrs. Clarence Gordon Jr. and Jack spent the weekend in Little Rock with Mrs. W. H. Cobb and Bill. Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Easterling announce the birth of their second daughter on February 12th at St. Michael's Hospital, Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stuart of Lou- sville, Ky. announce the arrival of a son on February 12th. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Guthrie Sr. of Prcscott are the maternal grandparents. ida/puth Taylor grated Birthday .'di Ruth Taylor celebrated |s>ye,nlh birthday last Satur- gj3.erftoon with a party at her iVjKi' ,west Main street. j;>hour was spent in p|aying &. Marca Buchanan won the hto 9 game of "ring the heart" •iscilla Bensberg was win^a game of poison ball. ej^he, gifts were opened and fm" Jfe cream and cake were frofn a table laid with a. i trimmed in red paper centered with a beau- decorated red and white ay,' cake. Red geraninums -yalentine trees were placed at ctfge points in the house. Favors jjtfjjjuper blowouts. Guests were [Q, pqrty hats by the honoree, 1Q3J9 -'enjoying the happy oc- 0911, wej'e; Morcia and Gregg !|n'an, Priscilla Ben&berg, $-,<3ay Dickerson, Janice Bonds Jred Buchanan, Betty Sue .foe Escarre, Alex Gordon McBraycr, Becky Payne, Rawlins, Sandra Ward, Dean and Glenda Kay Won of Gurdon and Bobbie Ann fern Ward, and Nuncy Carol lor, Etjg. Taylor was assisted in the Regies by Mrs. Cut Us Ward, i|jdmolht;r o: the honoreu, Mrs. •rW^rd, and Mrs. Kenneth Led- f ot Bcnton. ,, , [Vs. Homer Ward, Jtars., J. W. fer, Mr?. Wren Scott and Mrs. Harnby motored to Little for tlie day, C, A. Wyuri and Mrs. D. S. were Thuisday visitors in. and Mrs. Ira Davis had as guests, Mr. ancl Mrs. . and Amelia of Hope Mrs. Carl Dalrymple . attended a Mid-Sum- at th«> Marion Hotel TV Talks on Shakespeare Well Liked By BO BTHOMAS HOLLYWOOD m—Unlit a few months ago, Dr. Frank C. Baxter eel a quietly professional iife a: .he University of Southern Cali- 'ornia.. Then he started giving Shakespeare lectures on TV. Egad and zounds! The profe sor's wholelile changed. As many as 400,000 viewers were estimated to be watching the Sat. urday morning program. The Show's rating p assed that of Edward Murrow and even approached "I LovXi Lucy;"; Baxter was hailed to New York; to receive the Sylvania Award, as the base local ed ucation TV,, program. 'Ho appeared on Oh-inibus and way wUttcn up in national magazines. Last week he won two Emmys .n the TV" Academy awards and itole tho show. He received fan mail from actors like.-Brinn Aherno who wrote: -'The, show was beautifully staged and d'.'.'ivo.red. with an. :easj and charm : wnich must make any actor green with envy." Baxter' received other praire from his butcher,: a taxicab driver, an elevator man and popple who see liim on t he street. A retired admiral sent him a painting of naval Hags that spelled out "Operation Well Performed." His desk is a . mountain of mail. Until recently he was doing the TV program as well as conducting four English classes, a routine which he confessed was "hell on wheels." But the big, baW, jolly man doesn't seem to complain about his new MS. c, As his wife commented over the dinner . table; "It doesn't befall many men of your vintage to be accorded so much attention." The comfortably middle - aged professor is beginning his second Shakespeare course over the local BS outlet, KNXT. The first se. rics drew 332 students who took the one-unit course' for credit bv ?aying $12 and taking a f inal examination. There were r,lso 886 others who paid $5 to audit the course with a special study guide. Plans for the future might include a cosl-to-coast show, and no one could be more eiiiuusiaslic about it iha*i Dr. Baxter. "Looking at it from a cold-blooded standpoint, I feel there is a real market in commercial TV for this tind of program," he observed. It appeals to a large, middle- classed group which could be valuable to an advertiser. I don't go along with tho fallacy that TV must appeal to the mythical 12- year-old mentality. The aurlienco is not comprised of those who watch TV from the one-armed chairs of a lunch room. "The,-mail we get is from solid citizens. Their letters are literate; the sentences have verbs in them. "As yet, no one is making any money from the show. It is a co operative effort by the university e.nd CBS, The university feels that it is repaid if pershaps some pea pie are induced to think of it when sending their children to college. We had one letter from a woman in Pasadena who said that her ^on was against college. But since i looking at our show, he had I Changed his mind and decided to Bricker Plan Slows Senate Down Fast By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON Iff— The Senalo started 1954 fast. Then it bodged down on the idea of amending the Constitution. Now it's playing by car. Right after returning in January! Senate ate, and to provide for congressional regulation of execulive agreements not submitted to the | it gave quick approval for this country's joining Canada in developing the St. Lawrence seaway. That was a step it hadn't been go. Of course he might end up at Stanford but the fact that he has changed his mind is satisfaction enough for us." Until Eisenhower took a stand against it, saying it would bam, string a president in foreign at', fairs, it seemed the Senate might approve. willing lo take in the past 20 PBrickcr had a lot of suppor t un- ycars. This time it was spurred itj] then The)1 his supporlerB be . on by President Eisenhower, who t u Thal d , d - t to barked the seaway, plus notice « ays f deba)e t ^ ou h . from Canada she would act alono, ^hat was to he expected: Brick- ]jt Congress balked. The term "highball" in railroad work derives from early signaling devices which placed a large ball at the top of a pole when the track ahead was clear. Then the Republican Senate leader, Sen. Knowland of California, trotted out something which Eisenhower didn't approve. That was the proposal by Sen. Bricker (R-Ohio) to amend the cl .. $ amcndlrlonl invo ] V ed Supreme onstitutional r e s t r i ction on treaties and agreements. Those who urge it argue like this: states and individuals need for debate a proposed amendment which was not quite what Bricker offered but stile bore his name. The proposal by George, al' , . , * i« , J. lie 1JI UlJUodl tJJ VJCt-fi KC, ai- to be protected against action by lh h JhpJ m have consu]tRd some future President infringing > ny Q{ the same staff experts on their laws or liberties. i ineir jaws or ««='"«. I and i awyel -s who advised the Ju- Just as it seemed the whole idea dicj Committee, was not the of an amendment might go out the subject of any hearings or corn- window. Sen. George (D-Ga.) camel m t d H hns been consid . up with one of his own. lercd onlv on the floor in con- __.. t • !>• 1 • *tl <JU UII1Y \Jtl till- t t\Jt.rt linv.. ail ^. 1*1 . This was a modilicd version of, fcrcncea - wUh adminlstratte n off! the once Bricker offered. The! White House didn't accept that one either. decisions, Ireaties, agree-. But there was a slight .differ cials. Now Brickers is saying he and George may get together and I Ut^-ISlUM?. llUelLllTO) «ftlv;t;~| JJH v mv:i\- vvti.j «.* U4i£.,**v.vt*.>.-*«k — , ,,, u ,, rf . and acts of Congress going,ence between the way Bricker w -|ag«e on language in an amend- far back in histroy. It was a law-lfered his amendment and the way|ment both could back. yer's field day. George produced his. Constitution so as to limit the jit stood. Still, there was and ap- Soon it became clear the Brick-/ For two years the Senate Ju., ,-__, „_ _i _. cliciary Committee considered Bricker's jiroposal, held hearings, er nmendment had no chance as scope of treaties negotiated by thelparently still is quite a bit of Sen- heard witnesses, took its time. This attempt to write out a con stilutional amendment w i t houl more hearings and didsucssion has been criticized by some senators as a too-hasty attempt to make fairs, since the language some day might be given an inlcrpietation not intended now. Yesterday some constitutional lawyers—like John W. Davis—were quoted as saying they didn't know what the language in George's amdnement meant. In spite of all the present talk there can be no change in the Constitution unless it is approved by two thirds of the Senate and House, present al voting time, and 30 of the 48 state' legislatures. President and ratified by the Sen- ate sentiment for some kind of Then it sent to the full Senate a change in handling foreign af StomachJproar Get fast, soothing relief with PERCY MSEHCINE EACH FOR ST'S ON THE LABEL MEANS QUALITY ON THE TABLE MIDWEST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION 107 EAST AVENUE B \- „•«..*# ) ''" v'' ?) ' 4 * ' ' ' i S *

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