The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on October 14, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Page Four Saturday October 14, 1961 Editorials Which Is Right? As the Lawrence Journal-World points out, one of the sicker topics of conversation these days is whether a head of a household would have the right to shoot down a neighbor trying to share his fallout shelter in case of attack. There may be arguments pro or con. The fact that such a topic is being discussed points out the growing public concern on the question of fallout shelters. In one day we received a house plan . . . house of the week, it's called . . . which included a built-in fallout shelter; heard two TV quips about where to run in case of attack, and saw one cartoon of a woman looking over plans with a contractor and remarking, "What do I do with the guarantee if the shelter doesn't work?" Television Log Channel 4, NBC Channel 6-13, CBS Channel 9, ABC Saturday President Kennedy said this week that ''we are destined, all of us, to live out most if not all of our lives in uncertainty and challenge and peril." At this point, no one will quarrel with his statement. Nor can anyone refute his statement that this country must be willing to face risks and remain "undeterred by fanatics of frenzy at home or abroad." We may joke about fallout shelters all we want, call them mushroom cellars of the future or a hideaway for father to escape from the kids. The fact remains that the threat of nuclear attack is here to stay. We can adopt the philosophy that "if they get this far it won't matter anyway." Or we can adopt the Boy Scout motto and "be prepared." Which approach is right none of us may know for sure. This And That by jph He Didn't Come To Speak KARACHI — We were guest last night at a dinner of the Pakistan Press Association. It was, for this climate, a most formal dress affair. Nearly 90 per cent of the assembled wore coats and ties. The honoree was the government's new minister of information. He was easily distinguished. He was the one who made a point of shaking everyone's hand. He even had a firm clasp and a word of welcome for us. The evening revealed that in terms of social customs the Pakastini have a much higher level of civilization than ours. The invitation was f o r 8:30. By 8:36 everyone was at hand. Watered-down fruit juices in various colors and flavors were served, and promptly downed. At 8 to the minute dinner was served. : Skillful Service : Served skillfully and swiftly, it was as well. Almond soup. Filets of fish. Chicken and rice. Ice cream with fruit sauce. Coffee. As .soon as one set of plates was emptied, another 'set was on. Not a cigaret was lighted until the coffee was poured. •- Through coffee we braced ourselves for oratory. We anticipated remarks by a leading edi- ( tor, wofUs of thanks to the host, a deprecatory ..statement from him, a lengthy introduction of ?the distinguished guest, -a fullsome report from JPH minutes everyone had gone his respective way. That's civilization. Through table converstaion and what we have picked up before, however, we were able before the evening ended to get at last a fuzzy picture of the newspaper situation here. As a business it is so rugged that mountain climbing in comparison seems tame. Subtle Censorship Several papers have ceased to exist because the government found them objectionable for one reason or another. There isn't exactly censorship but government advertising supplies a substantial part of income, and papers that are critical simply don't receive much government advertising. Of the private business advertising they run they fail to collect for at least 40 per cent. There is a single paper that has started from nothing and made a success on conventional private enterprise terms because its owner-editor is a tough - minded expert on organization. At the other extreme there is another paper whose owners got so discouraged that they unloaded it on its workers as a gift. But there wasn't & word. When the host had •finished his last sip of coffee he got up and made for the door. His guests followed in his 'wake.' At the doorway there was a fast round of thank yous and goodbyes. In no more than five To Your Good Health Getting along Between there are various guises for getting along. The profits from several textile mills maintain one daily in comfort. A second thrived for several years from the profits of a black market deal in Chinese communist coal. The three brothers who conduct a third were fortunate in having a very rich father. The owner of a fourth has a number of import concessions, so he can keep its columns fat with the avertis- ing of various products he handles. The way to make a success in the newspaper business in Pakistan, in short, is not to have to depend for one's financial life on newspapering. 12:00 Noon 4—High Noon Cartoon* 5—Jack Mitchell 9-13—College Ball 12:30 4—Accent 5—Studio Five, "Reap The Wild Wind" 13—Accent 'Paris' 1:00 4—High School Ball 5—Studio Five, '4—High School Ball 5—Studio Five 9-13—College Ball t:0o 9-13—Football 5—Studio Five '4—Football 5—Studio Five 9-13—College Ball asoo 4—TV Teen Hop 5—Championship Bowling 9—World ot Trains 13—Accent 3:15 9-13—Scoreboard 3:30 4—Insight 5—Bowling 13—Special 4:00 4—Wrestling 5—Three Stooges 9—On Your Mark 13—Special «:30 4—Mr. Magoo 6-13—Game of the Week 9—Magic Ranch 5:00 4—Bullwlnkle 5-13—Oame of the Week fl—Bowling 6:30 4—Jeffs Collie 5—Lets Get Growing •J- Bowling 13—Your question Pleas* 6:00 4—News 5—NewsSi Weather 9—Mattys Funnies 13—Sportsman's Friend 5—Sports with Harold iiaek «:30 4—Wells Fargo G-13—Perry Masoo 9—Roaring 20's 1:00 4—Wells Fargo 5-13,-perry (Uaioa 9—Roaring 20's 7:30 4—Shannon 5-13—Defenders 9—Leave It to Beaver H:00 4—Movie. "Garden of Evil'' 5-13—Defenders 8 —Boxing 11:30 4—Movie 6-13— Have Gun Will Travel 0—Boxint 8:45 9—Make That Spare 9:00 4—Movie Spectacular 5-13— Gunsmoke 9—Lawrence Welk 9:3( 4—Movie Spectacular 5-13—Gunsmoke 9—Lawrence Welk 10:00 4—News and Weather 5-13—News - Weather 9—Straightaway 10:15 4—Movie, "Wilson" 5—Movie, "The Major and th» Minor" 10:30 4—Movie, 5—Movie, 9—Movie, "The Detective" 13—Bonanza 11:00 4—Movie 5—Movie 9—Movie 13—Bonanza 11:30 4—Movie 6—Million Dollar Mori* 9—Movie 13—Movie, "Nightmare Alley" -Wrestling 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Big Show, 18:40 5—Late Show, "Crime by Night" Sunday This Is Common With Age Dr. Molner By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molner: Is there anything one can do to keep bones from being easily fractured? It seems to me I have a fractured bone half the time, usually a rib or ribs. "I have heard that bones get more brittle with ;age. I am now past 50, but I have had this ; trouble for years.—Mrs. L.A.W." . This is not an easy question to answer. The most common ; cause of brittleness in the ' bones is osteoporosis, a thinning of the interior of bones which allows them to become brittle. '; The condition may usually be traced to a decline in ovarian hormones which occurs at : menopause, or change of life. Osteoporosis is not uncommon 1 in women in this age bracket. However, frequent fractures are not common. ; If they were, we would have a great many fractures among women, and this simply is not the case. There are others, and distinctly rare, disor- ,ders whic*! can produce what we call "patholo- ; gical fractures," or breaks which occur at the slightest injury. I recall a three-year-old girl in a state hospital, who was kept in a crib with the guard rail 'in place at all times because even the smallest of falls would fracture a bone. At her early age, she had suffered something like 40 fractures. X-rays of the bones and certain chemical tests ;may give a clue to the exact trouble. It may or : may not be possible to do more than be careful to see that diet is adequate to give the bones whatever strength they can accept. j Now to move from the very unusual to a more simple explanation, it is well known that some people are accident-prone. The reason is not so .easy to ascertain. Nevertheless they, for some 'odd psychological reason, have a distinct talent 'for stumbling, falling or otherwise hurting themselves. The best, and only simple answer is for such people to modify their activities to some degree; to limit risk of accidents. They should be careful on stairs, or learn to avoid getting in a position which makes the balance unsteady. That /sort of thing. If osteoporosis is found to be present, the use of hormones and a diet high in protein' may improve the situation. "Dear Dr, Molner: My mother's, electrocardio- gram shows that she has had severe heart attacks in the past but is normal now. Her doctor said she could easily have attacks in the future. "I was under the impression that only the present condition of the heart would show up on such a test.—Mrs. M.B." Old scars (from prior heart attacks) can show on cardiograms. In fact, it is sometimes necessary to wait a day or two for a new coronary attack to show on the cardiogram. "Don't Quit Because Of Arthritis" is the title of my leaflet designed to help all who suffer the aches and pains of arthritis. For a copy write to Dr. Molner in care of Box 158, Dundee, 111., enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 5c in coin to cover cost of handling. Anld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Mayor E. V. Gibson went to North Dakota on a hunting trip. The postoffice safe at Pomona was blown open. Total taken was $250. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Shipps, 123 W. 3rd. 50 YEARS AGO W. H. Martin returned from Colorado where he photographed the San Luis Valley and the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. Dr. George V». Davis had a narrow escape from injury while making a night call. On the Sand Creek road, northwest of Ottawa a bridge over the creek had washed out and Dr. Davis almost drove his car into the creek. Adam Weaver was having his house and barn wired for electricity. Prayer For Today I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who hath enabled me, for that he counted me faithful. (I Timothy 1:12.) PRAYER: 0 gracious Father, to whom adora- tior and reverence, praise and thanksgiving be- Inn;,', we offer to Thee our gratitude for all Thy blessings to us. Increase our love for Thee and our faith in Christ Jesus our Lord. In His name. ' Amen. 5—Light Time 13—Oral Roberta 8:15 5—Davey It Goliath S:30 4—Scared Heart 5—Talk Back 13—Davey and Goliath 8:45 4—Chrlstopers 13—Industry on Parade 9:00 4—Industry on Parade 5-13—Lamp Unto My Feet a--It la Written t:15 4—Americana at Work 9:30 4—Thle la the Anirwer 5—Look Up And Live 9—Directions 2 13—Herald of Truth 9:45 9—Look, Up, and Live 10:00 4—Frontier of Faith 5-13—Camera Three 9—Womens League Bowling 10:25 5-13— Newi 10:30 4—Faith for Today 5—Christophers 9—Wonderama 13—Washington Conservation 10:55 13—News U:00 4—This Is The Life 5—Profile 9—Wonderama 13—This Is the Life 11:15 _5—N.F.L. Highlight* 4—Builders Showcase 55—Football 9—Sheena 13—American Newsreel Album 11:45 5-13—Football Klckoff 13:00 4-5-9-13—Football 5—NFL Scoreboard 2145 9—Pro Scoreboard 3:00 4—Bowling 6—Movie. "The Major and the Minor" 9—Junior Bowling 13—Film 3:30 4—Bowling 5—Million Dollar Movie, ,?~\! My Name u Juil * R°s»" 13—Film 4:00 4—Nation's Future 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Pro Football 13—Amateur Hour 4:30 4—Nation's Future 5—Million Dollar Movie 9—Arilat Stevenson 13—College Bowl 5:00 4—Meet The Press 6-13—Twentieth Century 9—Funday Funnies 5:15 9—Scoreboard 6:30 4—Best of the Post 4-13—Mister Ed 9—"The Sea Around Us" 4—News n-13-Lassle 9—Movie 1:30 4—Disney's World 5-i;i .Dennis thr Menace 9—Follow The Sun 7:00 4—Disney's World S-lS'-Kd Sullivan 9—Follow The Sun 7:so 4-Car 54 8-13—Ed Sullivan B—The Ltwinan. 8:00 4—Bonansa 5-13—G. E. Theater 9—Bus Stop 8:30 4—Bonanza 6-13—Jack Benny 9—Bus Stop 9:00 4— DuPont Show 5-13—Candid Camera I t—Adveoturti hi r»r»4tM t:3» 4—DuPont Show 5-13—What's my Line? 9—Adventures ID Paradlst 10:00 4—Newi, weather 5—News, Weather 9—Way of Thinking '3—New* I0.l> 4—Movie Spectacular, "Strangers m A Train" 5—Twilight Zone 13—New* 10:25 13—Weather 10:3* 4—Movie Spectacular fl—News 9—Open End 13—Father Knows Best 10:40 6—Five Star Theater, "The Citadel" 11:00 4—Movie Spectacular 5—Five Star Theater 9—Open End 13— Michael Snayne Ul3« 4—Movie Spectacular 5- -Klve-Btat Theatre) 9 —Open End 12:30 9—Dally Word Monday C:00 4 — Continental Classroom 8:25 5— Light Time «:30 13— College of the Air 6:40 5— Davey and Goliath t:l» 5— Farm Fact* I sot 4 — Today 5— College of the Air 13 — Rush Hour 1:15 9 — Good Morning World 7:30 4— Today 5— Moment ef Meditation 9— Shakespeare 13— Rush Hour 8:00 4— Today 5-13— Captain Kangeroe 9 — Cartoons 8:30 4— Today 6-13 — Captain Kangaroo 9— Whlzzo's Wonderland *:00 i— Gay When 5 — Jack La Lanne 9— Romper Room 13 — Calendar • :3« 4— Play Your Huncfc 5-13—1 Love Lucy 9— Movie, "His Excellency" 10:00 4— The Pr'ce t> Right 5-13— Video Village 9- Movie 10:30 4— Concentration 5-13— Surprise package 9— Movie 1«:M 9 — Newi 11:00 4 — Truth or Conseuqencei 5-13— Love of Life 9— Texan 11:30 4 — It Could Be You 5-13— Search for Tomorrow 9 — Love That Bob 11:45 5-13— Guiding Light 11:55 4— News 1!:00 Noon 4 — High Noon Cartoons 6-13— News 9 — Camoulfage 12:05 5 — News, Weather 13— News 12:10 13— Markets ft Weather 12:ZO 4— Newi * Market* 13:30 4Accent 5 — A? The World Tumi 9— Make A Face 1:00 4 — Jan Murray 5-13 — Password 9 — Day In Court 1:30 4 — Loretta Young 5-13 — House Party 9— TOPPER 2:00 4Young Dr. Malone 5-13— Millionaire 9 — Number Please 2:30 4 — Award Theater 5-13— Verdict Is Yours •—Seven Keys 2:55 5-13— News t:00 4Make Room For Daddy 5-13— Brighter Day B— Queen For A Day 1:15 5-13— Secret Storm XlM 4 — Here Hollywood 5-13— Edge of Might 9— Who Do You Trust 8:55 4— News 4:00 4— Kukla and Ollie 5— Early Show, "Three Married Men" 9 — American Bandstand 13— News 4:05 4— Mr. Magoo 4:10 4— Picture of the Day, "Hells Half Acre" 13— News 4:15 13 — Cartoons 4:30 5 — Early Show 4 — Picture ot The Day 9— Deputy Dawg 13 — Cartoons 4:45 9— Rocky and Friend* • :oo 4— Picture of the Day 6— Early Show 8— Popeye 13— Yogi Bear • :30 4— Highway PatreJ 5 — Three Stooges 9— Yogi Bear 13— Film »:4» 13— SporU — D»T Ntteoej •iM 10— Buslnea* New* f:H B — Sport* wltn Harold Uaek 13— Weather — Gordon Jump 4-5— New* •—Man from Cochlse 13 — New* — DOB Harrison <:!• 4— Sport* — Monte aloor* B— Weather— Bill Yearout «:15 4— Huntley-Brlnkley Report 5-13— Douglas Edwards and the New* «:30 4 — Oroucho 8— To Tell the Truth 'J— Cheyenne 13— To Tell the Truth 7:00 4 — Montavanl 5-13— Pete ana Qlady* 9 — Cheyenne 1:30 4— Price Is Right «-13— Window on Main St. 9 — Rifleman 8:08 4— 87th Precinct 5-13 — Danny Thomas 9— Surfslde Six 8:30 4— 87th Precinct 5-13— Andy Griffith 9— Surfslde Six • :00 4— Thriller 6-13— Hennesejr 9 — Ben Casey 9:30 5 — Sportsman'* friend 9— Ben Casey 13— I've Got A Secret — Shelles IJerr.inn and Glynis Johns co-star as Stanley and Alma, two every-i j 1 ...i— 11— _<» i i 1 , flippy "borrowed" (n bet on a r— 8 p.m. Sunday, Channels 5, 13. . day people who get trapped when Ihoy attempt to return some money "borrowed" (o bet on a race, in ""The $200 Parlay" on "The General Electric Theater", " 9—Big Show, "All This And Heaven Too" 5—Life of R:!ey 11 :uo 4—Jack 1'aai 5—Five Slat Theater 9—Big Show 13—New Breed 11:30 4 —Jack Paar 5—Five Star Theater 9—Big Show 13—Movietime. U.S.A. 12:00 4—Reporter's Scratch Pad 8—Dally Word 12:10 12:411 6—Late movie, "Three Married Men" Saturday-Sunday TV Highli 4-5-9-13— New* •—News 10:10 4-5-Weath«r 9— Weather 10:15 4— Jack Paar 5— I've Got A Secret 9 — Peter Ounn 13— Weather 10:20 13— SporU 10:30 4 — Jack Paar 6— I've Got A Scret 9— Peter Gunn 13— Mrs. O. Goes To College 10)45 5— Five Star Theater, ''Beyond Glory" ROCK HUDSON Not Talking About His Gold Mine By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Rock. Hudson is making the first bi>_;' money of his career—but he docs ! not want to talk about it. j Rock hit paydirt with the first i film for his own company, "Come ' September." A sexy, saucy com- j edy laced with striking Italian i scenery, including Gina Lollo-! brigida, it has been the No. 1 box i office film in the United States ; for four weeks. 1 The movie has been outdrawin;: Rock's previous smash, "Pillow j Talk" — domestic gross alone: 7.55 million. Because of the foreign angles, including Gina, it is ! figured to have a greater potential abroad. I figured Rock would want to talk about his new role as boy tycoon. Nope. He sent word that he couldn't take credit for "Come September's" success; other guys were responsible. I went to see him anyway. "Money?" he said. "I haven't j seen any of it. And I won't for a j long, long time. Besides, it's not all mine." The reason for the latter is a peculiar line among the film's credits: "A Seven Pict tires -Raoul Walsh Enterprises production." Seven Pictures is the name of Rock's firm. But Walsh had nothing to do with the film. So what is he doing in there? "At the start of my career, Walsh put me in a picture at Warner Brothers called 'Fighter Squadron,' " the actor explained. "Warners wanted no part of me. so Walsh put me under contract. As insurance, he put in a clause that I would do my first independent film with his company." Fourteen years later, Rock finally madq his break—though he still releases through Universal and makes some films there as | a salaried actor. When Rock announced his own company. Walsh sued for a million. Rather than go to court, Rock cut the veteran director in on "Come September." Because Rock has never pushed his weight around, he is not, like some of his contemporaries, a millionaire. But rome a few more Septembers he will be. Saturday Evening ! Channel 9 — "Matty's Funday I Funnies." 6:.'50 Channels 5-13 - "Perry Maj son." A woman escapes from a ! sanitarium. Her husband wants i to put her back. One of her old | boy friends thinks she's getting i a raw deal. Title is "The Case of the Crying Comedian," or Channel 4 — "Wells Fargo." .Tim Hardie sets a trap for a couple of had guys, or Channel 9 — "Roaring 20s." A i girl falls overboard into the harbor. | 7:30 j Channels 5-13 — "Defenders." i A young fella is accused of abandoning his baby, or Channel 9 — "Leave It To Beaver." Wally's car makes a trial run and gets clear to the end of the driveway before it expires. 8:00 ! Channel 4 — A color movie, I "Garden of Evil." 1954. It's a i two - hour show featuring Gary | Cooper, or j j i I Channel 9 — "Boxing." Jorgej Fernandez and Cecil Shorts, wel-1 tcrweights, have plans for going some part of 10 rounds. 8:30 Channels 5-13 — "Have Gun- Will Travel." A farmer has a pretty dull life, with farm chores and listening to a domineering mother. He decides he needs a mail order wife. 9:00 Channels 5-13 — "Gunsmoke." Kitty goes prowling around in the middle of the night and Marshal Dillon and Chester can't figure out why she's keeping them in the dark, or Channel 9 — "L a w r e n c e Welk." It's a program of western music and country dancing, with the whole Welk gang dressed for the occasion. Late movies include: "The Major and the Minor," 1942, Ginger Rogers and Ray Milland," Channel 5, 10:15. Sunday Evening 6:00 Channels 5-13 - "Lassie." Lassie has quite a time at the county fair. 6:30 Channel 9 — "Follow the Sun." A man is found murdered or Channels 5-13 — "Dennis the Menace." Henry gets into some trouble because he walked on some grass, or Channel 4 — "Disney's World." It's about a coyote. He was misunderstood. 7:00 Channels 5-13 — "Ed Sullivan." Another of Sullivan's German shows. 7:30 Channel 4 — "Car 54." A woman refuses to move from a con| demned building, defying the poi lice force. She says, however, I that for Toody and Muldoon she might consider moving, or Channel 9 — "Lawman." A governor's daughter runs away from home, tiies to get a job singing in a saloon, and there are other details that add up to considerable trouble. 8:00 Channels 5-13 — "The $200 Parlay," a drama starring Shelley Berman and Glynis Johns, or Channel 9 — "Bus Stop." It's about a gal who seems to remember, or Channel 4 — "Bonanxa." A wounded bandit dodges a posse. 8:30 Channels 5-13 — "Jack Penny." Benny returns to television to start his 12lh season. His guests will be Phil Silvers and Betty Johnson, and some others. 9:00 Channels 5-13 — "Candid Camera." All of these scenes wera filmed in Soviet Russia, or Channel 9 — "Adventures in Paradise." This episode deals with a voyage for a cargo of copra, or Channel 4 — "The Battle of the Paper Bullets." a drama with a World War II background. 9:30 Channels 5-13 — "What's My Line?" Late movies include: "The Citadel," 1938, Rosalind Russell, Channel 5, 10:45 p.m. Good Medicine ELMIRA. N. Y. (AP)-Farmer Albert Gaige thinks he has the answer to juvenile delinquency- free hayrides. Gaige, who operates a 200-acre farm at nearby Millerton, Pa., has taken more than 300 youngsters on such rides in the last tliree years. He loads a wagon with straw and takes the youngsters through the fields to a pond, where he builds a fire to roast hot dogs or marshmallows. They also play games, and Gaige tells stories. Ottawa Herald 106-108 s. Main Published daily exccin Sunday and Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kaniiiis. Fiohert B Wellington Editor Guy Ki.echiUe .. Publisher SubaeripiUin rales to trade urea—By mail, onu month 85: three months, $2: six months, J3.75; onu year. $7. Subscription rates nutsdie trade area —By mall, one month, 51.60: three months $t.'J5; six months. IS 00' on* yeur, ?15.0U. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press is entitled ei- cluslvely to the use for publication of all the local nows printed In the news paper a* wall aa all AP news dii- patch. KOFO Schedule MON THRU FRI SCHEDULE OCT. 6:29 Sign on 6:3J News 6:35 Top Of The Morning: B:45 Weather Roundup Mkts. Est. 7:00 Sports Roundup 7:05 Top Of The Morning 7:3(1 News 7:40 Weather Forecasts 7:45 Agricultural Markets 7:50 Top Of The Morning 8:'<10 At Home with Virginia Graham 8:05 Top Of The Morning H:30 News !):•!» Top Of The Morning 9:00 Morning Devotions (9:15 KOFO Serenade 0:30 Nevvs and Weather P:35 KOFO Serenade 10:00 Mary Blaine Time 10:15 KOFO Serenade 10:30 News and Weather lii:35 KOFO Si-renade 11:00 Bulletin Board ll:0o Around Town 11:30 News and Weather 11:35 KOFO Serenade 12:00 People's Elxelmnge 12:10 Noun Tune 12:15 Farm Kliow 12:25 Noon Tune 13:3'> News 12:40 Noontime Weathcrvan* 12:50 Noon Tune Time 1:00 Garnett Hour 2:00 KOFO Karavun 2:30 Hews and Weather 2:35 KOFO Koravan 2:45 Homemaklng Momos & Best 2:60 KOFO Karavau 3:QP V.I.P. Show 3:05 KOFO Kara van 3:15 Service Program 3:30 News and Weather 3:35 KOFO Karavan 4:00 Bulletin Board 4:05 KOFO Karavan 4:30 News and Weather 4:35 KOFO Karavan 5:0.) Farm Market Analysis 5:05 KOFO Kara van 5:30 News, Weather, SporU 6:4a Sign Oil

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