The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 18, 1977 · Page 8
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 8

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1977
Page 8
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One butohcrt refused a shipment of' meat yesterday, ordering' the trucker to take ifcback to the wholesaler when he noted the high cost. He spent the entire day telephoning hla customers, explaining that he wouldn't have any meat and Riving the reason, . . v . "I'll deal with that butcher for life," said one woman'^ "His action will go a long way toward bringing: the .other dealers to th^lr senses." Supplies of butter and some other previously scarce commodities were all but flooding the market at higher prices. There were indications, however, that shoppers were becoming more and morii reluctant to part with extra money for once-Jiijjhly-clesired rarities. "The novelty has worn off now," said a shopper. "We've had a taste of steak and some butter. We've done without them before and at present day costs we'll probably do without them at least \tor the time being," - — \ More -than 881 million acres of land in the U. S. are -not suitable for agriculture, according to the" national resources board. Sailor Held In > Probe Of Young '• Woman's Death Worcester Mass., July 22—(UP) —A woman about 20 years old has leaped or fallen to her death from an eighth floor' 1 window of th( Hotel Sheraton In Worcester^ Po lice are holding a sailor for questioning. The body of Miss Eleanor Basin sky wos found by a taxlcab drivel on *tJie Portland street aide of the hotel. She apparently had sustained a broken neuk in hc-r ful to the sidewalk. Shu wns identified j through cleaning 1 marks on cloth ' ing. Meanwhile, police are holding Clarence Richardson of Silver City Noj-th Carolina fCf^QueslloninK. He all'JKredly was in the room from which Miss Basinsky had leaped or fallen. $50,000 Fire In Farmington Farming-ton, J\ily 22—(UP)—Fire has destroyed a large barn and more than ur.ft hundred lens of hay. Damage is estimated at nearly $50,000—which is sa'id to be only partly covered by insurance. The property—which included a quantity of farming equipment—was owned by William S. and Adrian R. Wndsworth. On The Air Today IVOR—Eri.iy AO.I . . Olh'oj- SniihmH—-N'VWM , •«:!» n. m. WBKi'—Bnm'biiil- SCOI-M .«:!.'> ii. m. IV.BRY—Nylon Tlniu; Orcli. WABC:—In My Opinion ' \VTfC—Pr'uf. Srhi-niifr • • WOB—On. .The Onlury WATI1—Klmrla: Sf.-rcn:idi! WBAF—M<.,vn:ulc.' WJK—ranu-1 Him AIUTI ;• (1:31) p. in. WfcRY— :K. Christy ICrk \VAHi:—l.:iri-y f.'urr Wjy,—AI1.-H ITi-KCOll U"J'K-—Strir-ily sport*' \VATK—New*: Iillurluilii WOK—Vim IX'VCTit,':- H:-ir, n. m. WUHY-WAOC—Nvw» Till Now V,-EAl.'_\y.:riC—l.ow.-ll TluimiiH WOH~sian- <;;o'in».i • 1VJS5—Grwii'scou • "• ' ' WA'rn—I'jeauun.- unit rro-rir • • : ••• . -. 7.-00 n, .'in. WULtY—Mu.-k: Hiii; Viirli-lkli WATK—-Albm' Vnrnur WAUC;—.Wnllin 1 for Clavion WEAI'-SVTIC—Suiip...r Club wjx—(1,-uuiiiii. Riiinun WOK-WATft—Kult™ L(.-wln Jr 7:ir, n: in. 1VBIXY —[J.iUK-luM Brim. Qu!ill>-l U'ABC—Sk.vlln" Raul WATIl— in Rlivihm ""1R—Annwi-r M';in 7:ir» n, in, 7:3(1 p. in. VHRY-WAUC—Ui>b Hiiwk • iVTIC-WICAl"—Arnuml III- Town vjy.—u )n .. RiinKvr K.—Hi'liry J. Taylor V'l'llJ—A.ik Mo An.illiur VATK—HMIII,. Vimr AIIWW.T VEAK—H. V. KiMMn'iiorii VOK— Insiili: .of Spc.rrs VTIi:—AlusUMl A]il" 1 ll'«r WATR—Willis Tliil.! «:»() Ii. in. i'UKY-WA IJC—Fmwr KrnfKt iVK. \VTIC— liru m:il I'm, tl,m t . N—.liuJMoi,- Pcu/jmnjiiil \.ATB-WJK—J'.uin :.inti Alm«r •lillY-WARC—<i'rlmi- ' I'IIOIOBRI •BAi-Mvnc—Pin-Minm- ivoirr kVOR—Cane ot Cri'KOry I laud '.IK—Kit t .Midi 'A/rn—Clr! Suoutx H:45 |i. ' MI. ATK—Vok-c- of (he- At-n'.y unv-WAtic—NO'IV.I ' • U:<10 n. in. IJAI-'—Tt'l^jiliuiif. Hour •RR.Y— Riidiu Tlii-nior WOK—Giilirli-l UMIIIT WJK—1 1'Jual In Crlina WA'l'K— l.'oruin or ihu Air <J:lr, n. m, "\^ T O]'t—Rt'nl StorlvJi 1):80 n". in. WTIC-WEAP— C7nu<)nu( n Orcd. WDVt—Guy Kiimbiinlu WA'I'K-WJSS—1'iiu) \vhHnmnn WAHC—Tu bu Hlinnuncoil !);.'ir> n. in. WATR-WJZ— Hurry Wlsinor II).-DO l>, MI. \VHHY.\VAHC—Sor,'..n- Ouild WKA P-M'T.'C—Coni.-nimi j-a-m. 1V.JK—Qu, :f.\,, n .'or Aim-rliM WUK —Hnxlnif Ijnuta U'ATK—KJu:i,-<l M«hvr JO:!. 1 ! ji. m, WATIl-WJii—Kiiniiiny. Ovcli 10:30 ii. m. WHIIY-WAIJC—TonlKht on Hrnn il u- : , v WHAI-'-WTIC—Or 1. Q. \VAT74-\VJX-_HTOwn naif Ounrti't WOH—Oi'iirKo Wrry Orch.'. \VATR.WJX—Rnlyh Niirninn'H Orel) 11:00 n. in. A1.1. Siiulann—Xown ' 11:10 n. m. WHUY—John I'laly. Laciil '.NViVH : 11:15 II. m. W.13nV-WA13C—You nji.l -I'l,,, A(om WATH.WJX—Sl«rni.v Orch W&R-WKAF-WriC—Xw,, II.-3D n. in. \VH11Y-WAI1C— UH.V11 I'-.m-l >V.OK — «v,-il linr; Xa!).',.. y,,.,,, '' !i /W.IX CnelnH: OrChCHtl-H A LIGHT WEIGHT NYLON AND RAYON ROBE THAT'S AN AID TO GRACEFUL LOUNGING FOR ANY MAN—$20. It rolls up or folds softly and takes up practically no room in overnight or week-end case for vacation or other travel — its weight, richness of colorings and the brilliant fusion of nylon and rayon make these beautiful robes as interesting: to the women of the house who in many cases prefer the quality and tailoring- of our men's robes. WM. ROGERS SILVERWARE MKMOBY PATTERN 48 PC. Set m-j Q Qf- Service for 8 <D J.«7.I/O No Tax Hurry — Supply Limited CREDIT JEWELERS _ 1*2 South Main St. — 4-2204 CARSTAIRS ': . and P. M. WHISKIES $3.45 J. K. STORES CUT KATK, LIQUORS WINES, BEERS S9fl N. Main St. Tel, 4979 Free Delivery Anyw.Vero In Borough To Save a definite portion of your Income, and stick to it! More and'more people are learning the valno of planning for 'financial socv.rity. Build a reserve fund- protect ycnir fm,nly \vJi]j low-cost Savings"Bank Life Insurance, a combination that will help yon face the future with confluence. -TV"e will help you work out a plan. NAUGATUCK NOW! You Can Get An EMERSON 3 WAY PbRTABLE CTiiy on AC-DC-or Battery. Playo Any\vh«re - No Outnltlti Connection)!. 7 Tubes. SAVINGS BANK 1870 <CVENTY FIFTH ANNIVERSARY I94C AUOE4WIK FULLY COARANtCED - Great Oak Farm i * GUS SMOKE SHOP viiccii v/dit i arm . » 402 North M:lin su UllfonClty ^.ur Diamonds ara eartfiaj for color, \ uioighi. quality... If your guarantee of Luna WILLIAM SCHPERO 180 CHURCH ST. , Conn. *13 No. Main St Union City; • TeL'0401 Chrysler and Plymouth G. M. C. Trucks J. C. Raytkwich, JR. ACCESSORIES Repairing 1 106 SOOTH MAEV ST. Telephone 4088 OXFORD KOAD Tel. 5049 PERFECTLY PASTEUKlZKn >ULK and CRKAM Delivery To All I'ttrtH ot rv'uiiciltiirk Gus Kllinaszowskl, . { \Ve have your favorite ncws- J paper, magazine or other } periodical. j * JVATCJI FOR OUR NEWLY RENOVATED STORK'S GRAND OPENING! CORNER CANTEEN S1I2 No- Alain Strw.t "I>om" Tcllrrloo. rr<ip- EDDIE'S Corner Spring & Diamond St». GROCERIES - VEGETABLES • FRUITS - ICE CREAM SODA FOUNTAIN SERVICE Free Delivery Tel. 4919 Edward Viiiskauckas, Prop. ON YOUR RADIO TONIGHT AT 9:00 7* "TELEPHONE HOUR," WTIC-WEAF Sfi*«*x«^ LILY PONS SOPItANO PRO G;R A M ,KIs« Me Agraln from "Mile. Modiste" ..;..'. .'.. .Herbert Molly on the Shore ,., .GratnRer .Te-veux vlvre from "Komeo and Juliet" Gounod •Bacclwnale from "Samson and Delilah" . .Salnfr-Saens Waltz Fantiuiy from "Die . . FJetlermaus' Straviss-LaForfjc Highland Package Store J S3 Highland Avo, — Tel, 3n8S ! Anthony Farrar, Prop. » TREE DELIVERY { All Parts of Naucutiiclc 5 Try NEWS Want Adu,— They Brine Ro»«lt*. COAL COSTS ! WITH THE HONEYWELL electric D AM r ffi CONTROL By ipttallln? th* Hontywoll Eloclric Janitor Hampor control you can »ar» . up (o 30% on your coal bill. Think what *hii aavin? mo am during juit on* boating ««aion. Wo tiav« Electric Janltot* in »lock now. Call un today, b*tor» tb« supply is 90 a*, for iull information. The Naugatuck Fuel Co. 87 CHUECH ST. PHONE. 5236_

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