Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 8, 1944 · Page 11
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 11

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 8, 1944
Page 11
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SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD.; SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8, 1914 ELEVEN 1 HigHlighfs (Continued from • Ptge 10) i io n a r. Mrs. "Cook also got a ban- for the next beet 'attendance. »e and cookies >*re served' at .,„ social hour, a^ber-'tlw meeting LV the hoinVroonv mothers.' . .-. 'Friday we had .Club Activity P*- •lods instead .of regular assembly. ' we are very »orry to baye-Oeloni* Henry and: Wayne Daw*bri' r ab*erit. [ D eioros ta'-ln. ; A11«iany HpiplUl .with in ankle -injury, Wayne la home slth yellow ja'undlw. We hope they ylll be back "With u«:*oori, ••:-. - ; , The Qlrl Scoute at*' worktag very nar d on their, blanket .for the. Red ' \Ve are : also sorr$• to have our In the : school "• auditorium. .Many plans are being made, so we hope a it* crowd th?re, . Out ,»Usk.- patient : .'(Esther. Hard- «aty) came home Thursday »tid »he WM-^iUd V<o ' g«t v 'home; -We hope Esther will be ln'*chool next we«k. Th« answer: to lost week'* "Who's Who" wai Nick Qummine*. This week'* Who's/Who*Who Is the senior girl that gets a phone call about every night from, a certain curly- headed boy? •.-.'.••'.:• '"' ••-." . INK SPOT. • ;. . ...- ..'•.-.• '.-'• . * . , .••'. HIGH : .This /was a momentous'-week In teacher, Miss .Thomas, aV for "a tonslllectomy, but glad o have back with us Mrs. Graham, Let's P**P into some of the rooms. irs Alderton^Mlss Michael and ML« Parker are^sOlng "fndlan Hunting.". They are very" decorative rooms with a' Wid* collection of, IrK dtan dolls, torn toms, efe .'. buying those Defense '••'-.••. DJSANifi. . Keep [ stamps! BRUCE HIGH (Westtrttport) seniors' 1 , footsteps? Orf Oetober 5, J always follow'In the L. «aville, Dis- trlct Foretter, gave : a talk to the boys on' l^i rest Fire Control and the help needed | due' to the manpower shortage. - George '• I. Cunningham, County Forester, -showed the boys how tool* were used In (topping ^ a ' " ' ' Flasht Haw you noticed = the hurrying crowds (Jf girls in our Cor- jrldors a); three-thirty on Thursday I afternoon? and perhaps you have I noticed, too, that they are all headed for the music room, You see the I alee Club seems to be off to a good [start. ATrea3y~thesLjhaye begun to I memorize 1 several numbers. Here's I hoping-we hear them perform soon. Who should open the door of the nior French class on Wednesday | but Mr. Koppl Quite sol He and Mr. Rlzer visited roariy of the classes. We certainly hope that they [ found everything, at Its best. ! The Rev, Raymond Moore, pastor j of the Trinity Methodist church, was guest speaker at the weekly ! assembly Thursday morning. We 1 enjoyed hl^Jalk and hope he re! turns again* In -the near future. j other numbers on the program in| elude political speeches by Richard | Hayes, plugger- for - Governor ; Thomas E. Dewey, and Carl Salesky, taking the stand for Mr. Roosevelt. The nominees themselves would 1 have been proud of the way both our school year. The candidates 'for Student Council gave • their brief campaign, speech on Monday, nnd the election wns held the following? day/ Those chosen to serve as rep- 1 resentatlves are: Seniors: Anna Leg'eer and Dal£oh Stanton, Juniors; Mae. Krause and James Keefe, Sophomores; Dale Klnslnger and Cecil Sohaeffer, and Freshmen; Lo- fetta Yoder and Margaret Michael. Let's hope they do as good a Job as last year's .cabinet,.... . , • .:• .,--. Friday afternoon, v Vadne Miller, Audra Spelche'r,. Helen Stahl, Virginia: Lee Mickey, and: Mrs. Elizabeth Harilin left lor Washington, D. O. where they attended the .State Home Economics meeting at College Parkjjyid. '. : " EveFyone-ls In a terrible suspense about the' game 'Friday. John Reckner,. Bill.Layman, Jim Carey, 01m Michaels,-Dick Wright, John Pntlon, .Bill -Bender, Bob Spelcher, Bob Glotfelty,' Cecil se- bpld and Joe Yommer compose the soccer team. Girls on the ,fleldball team are: Jean Buckel, Fern Brenneman, Audra Speicher, Ada SlmjJ- Klns, Alice Gety, Norma Yommer, Helen Beachy, June'Baker, Marilyn WHburn, Ruth Yommer anrt Rita Edwards. Good luck to all of them —and goodbye to you all lor another week. . Dorothy iHairie*' tenth grade Blo- logy' : claai-.l»':»taftto)j[ a Terrarturh. Among the- collection la a snake and a salamander; Their previous assignment wa* ^he Ondlng and 'catching of ' fifteen ••' different '. insects- 'and brln gi np • .them • Into . t h« class for mounting and studying, : , • 'The preatdent of the local P.-T. A,, S, L.-Pyle«, visited our school Thursday, October, 5, , < : . •'. - . '•. You'll look for us next week, won't you? Well be.seeih' you.-. : THE HILLTOPPERS. Deeds Recorded Mr/and' Mrs. Harry H. Mansb'ach, Norfolk, Va., , and 'Mr. and Mrs Samuel Kaufman, •, Cleveland; O._ sold a property --on Mechanic street o Mrs. Mary Blackshear, 153 North tfechanio- street. Revenue stamps ndlcated that the purchase price was about $4,200. • Evelyn F..Hare-sold a property on Long, avenue-in the Bowling Green addition, to Mr. and Mrs Soberfc O. Short at a consideration ndlcated by revenue'stamps about $3,500. . Nicholas S. Merrlott, LaVale; sold a property near McCoole to Mr; and Mrs. Harry M. Whetseli, Mc- boys handled duced. the facts they pro- The Senior class is making plans for a Hallowe'en dance. Details for this event -will be given next week. Well, tune, in next time, same station. week—same ECURB. OLDTOWN HIGH Once, again, your highlight editors are back to bring you the latest gossip from our school. We dedicate this week's highlights to Lieut. Paul Long and WAVE Helen Amick, both graduates Irom our school. Wednesday morning' we had movie prRsented by Sergeant Blehn and Lieut. Steele. Lieut. Steele also gave a talk on his experiences over- were given to- the in the Air Corps I sens. Mental tests i boys Interested i Reserve. The county nurse and doctor gave our children the Shlck test Monday, Milkweed pods are still coming in. We have passed our quota, and still we expect to gather more pods. The Junior and senior girls have been busy teaching our boys to | dance. They are making progress ; right along. Our "homt ec" claso has ...... been very interesting this -week. We have been experimenting with the latest hair styles and make-up. We even had Mrs. Duke involved ui the ex| perimcnts. . Friday we -had a very Interesting 1 and Instructive assembly. Represen- j tativcs from each grade, seven to twelve, held a forum.-The subjects discussed were Assemblies, Cafeteria. Currlculums, Attendance, Cnrc of School Property, .Dramatics,' and Teachers. The talks were exceptionally fine. We were very" proud of our speakers. JESSIE, NORMA. AND FREDA • • • KITZMILLEB HIGH Monday night the Home Economics Club had a formal Initiation for the Freshmen girls. They nil turned out pretty good and we were glad to see so-many of them. Every i one was running through the halls i Monday with a little brown envelope. What was in it? The plcturesl The students were all -well pleased with them this year. Even the teachers' turned out good. 1 It. locks like -we^are going to hnve a program for our next assembly. I The Freshmen have been practicing something these last few days and i- are all curious. • ' The secret In the Home EC. Club lias finally been revealed. All the l:ush-hush was over the plans for a school carnival to be given Oct. 14, RITA AND RUTH. * • • FORT ASHBY HIGH Well, -we made our flrst touchdown In the second -football' game the Eagles ever played. Sow we come to make it is a disputed question, but anyway we made one against the Keyser Tornadoes nnd one hundred of our student body was there to cheer the team. Football Is developing a fine school spirit whether our team wins or loies. . A bleacher chat was called bj Principal Paul Rouzer, October 2, in which Loretta Decker, a freshman student, presented her ideas of a reporters club for our school askhig the reporters to meet on the stage at noon. . The meeting waa held and the following ofllcers were elected Glenwood Emmart, president; Zena Mae Brinkman, vice president, 'and Doris Householder, secretary. They will accept temporary members and will meet each Monday at 1 o'clock. What a production line we have at the far end of the hall. If you doubt this Just visit us sometime during lunch hour. Miss Halnes and her cafeteria class with the aid of Mrs. Dorothy Evans are really doing business. They have been serving hot lunches to the school in no more than six minutes. The cafeteria is wholly beneficial to the school and is not for profiting purposes. The student council met In the Science Room Monday to decide the order in which the students would go to the cafeteria. They decided the seventh grade should go flrst and the seniors last. Who said the erty located :on -the 'south side of Greene street. Revenue stamps indicated the purchase price to be about $9,000.-- . •: -• :.• • .... „ Henry G. WUifield and others ibid to Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. pray a property on Linden street,, consideration was about. $2,100, according to revenue stamps.,' • Mr. and 'Mrs.cFr'ank H. Ansel trans f erred '•. to''Robert : Shearer a property'on Camden 1 avenue,; =,-. . William L/Dor*ey:and Lotta.Dor- sey '.transferred to. Mr. and : Mrs. John. Ritey a property located in Election District No. 29,.hear Cumberland..' : - ...'•; Y.'.-• -.. -:'h : .'" •••' •'•• Howard 'M.- Spiker' transferred : to Mr. and Mrs. Emory,L. Kalbaugh a-property in Bowling''Green.-. Mr. and Mrs.: Gary E.Wright transferred to Mr. and Mrs. Harry C.' Bright a property In Potomac Park Addition. ,Mr. and Mrs. Bernard A. Thumel transferred to' Mr. and Mrs. Wright a property in Potomac Park Addition and Mr. and Mrs. Wesley A. McOraw transferred to Mr: and Mrs. Wright a property in Potomfce Park Addition, loole, . Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L. Simon sold a property on Long Hill east of Cumberland to Ernest 'M. Thomas. Mr. and. Mrs. Norbert J. Zeller sold a property qn s Valley Road to' Mr. .and Mrs. -Ernest M. Pueschel, 623 Falrvlew avenue. Frank J. Bealky sold a property on Muilln *t«et in the Mapleslde addition to Mr.' and Mrs, Frederick M. Brinkman, 1211 East Oldtown Road. Mrs. Sarah f E. Yergan sold to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B..Konzal a prop- Two AWOL Servicemen Taken Into Custody Two 'Piedmont, W. Va,, servicemen were - taken into custody Friday by onembers of the local Military Police unit on charges of being AWOL. They are Marshall LaRue said by MP's to be overdue six days at Miami, 'Fla., where he was to report after a furlough' following overseas service, and Francis James a sailor,' post unknown. Gas Patrons Required To Read Own Meiers Kansas City, Oct. 7 (;P}—Kansas City Gas Company patrons will reac their own meters because of a manpower shortage. .The first 19,000 of 86,000 gas users have received return postcards -with dials on which to mark the meter reading. But company ineler readers wil alternate with users every other month. Ration Roundup Meats, fats, etc.—Book Pour . stamps A8 through Z8 and AS through K5 valid indefinitely. No more will be validated until Oct';29. , ''•-.- Processed foods—Book • Four .blue stamps A8 through 28 and AS through B5 valid Indefinitely. No more will be validated until Nov. i. ...'.. Sugar-rBbofc four stamps 30 through 33;v£lld Indefinitely JOT five pounds each. Stamp 40 good : for live pounds for home canning through Feb. 23, 1945. . SHOES—Book Three airplane stamps 1 and 2 good Indefinitely. A new stamp wiU be validated ; Nov, 1 and be good Indefinitely •• with the others. Gasoline—In- 1 northeast and southeast, 11-A coupons good for three gallons through Nov. •8.'Elsewhere, 1J5-A 1 coupons In new book good for four gallons through Dec. 21. B-4, C-4, B-5 Report Nazis Preparing To•'Scuttle Vessels London, Oct. 1. (/P) —The German Navy is preparing to scuttle Its hhlps in Aegean harbors, a German Transocefin sgency naval commentator said today. '.-.-Many: vessels' brought from Romania- along- the Danube to -the Irori Gate already have bee.n sunk, he said, ''thus' constituting a not easily removable obstacle for enemy shipping on the Danube and hampering their supplies. Similar tasks are now taking shape In the Aegean Sea. •-..-• and C-5 coupons good every- {today. where for five gallons. } Fuel oil—Old Period Pour and five coupons valid throughout -current heating season. New period One • coupons also valid now and throughout heating year. Monkey Has Gay Time NipjringJPas&ing Ankles Miami, Pla., OT—A two-toot tall monkey with a penchant for nipping passing ankles sent Miami's police force on an Impromptu sa- IGeneral, Hurl In Plot I Against ^Hitler, Dies Ixmdon. Oct, 7 (IP) —Gen. RudoK Schmundt, chief adjutant of the German army '. died of wounds suf fered in the July 20 attempt to kill [Hitler and was given a state fu- j neral at Tannenberg yesterday, a ] German news agency broadcast said ALL THIS and ... FUN too will be yours If you art a good danetr We can teach you easily and Quickly. Latest methods of Instruction used. \Ve teach Udles how to follow, cen- (lemen how to lead all the latest steps. Enroll now with a group of friends and have youv OWTI special class. Moyer Studio Phone 796-J far!. From early morning until mid- afternoon Marmaduke, the monkey, led police In patrol cars and on foot a merry chase through back yards, vacant lots and city streets. Patrolman E. A. Collins took a pot shot at the money at 1 p. m. ifter salted peanuts, bananas and cajoling words had failed to tempt Marmaduke into surrender. An hour Inter the monkey Jell victim to a doe catcher's net. This Full you should havt t neir, exciting hnlr-do Juit for YOU. Our skilled operators hire Ideas galore for avery type. Wf Give All Typfj of rermtrunts Including the Cold R»y PHONE 3063 CLASSIC I Mrs. Beauty Shoppe 144 Bedford St. Myrtle Stratlon, Proprlr-lor . In pharmacy, even the «l!|tlit tolerance* at "en«lneerlnif accuracy" are not permitted. Pharmaceutical accuracy mean* rljht on the pin-point of precision, and we do not Interpret thl* by any "slide-rule" adjusted to convenience or profit. When you h«ve A prescription fllkd here, the medicine Is precision-bull^—step-by-step—in axact accordance- with your doctor 1 * "blue-print." In keeping- with thl» accuracy, we use only the finest of prescription Ingredients , . ,'drug*, chemicals and herb* that asmire the fullest measure of quality In every prescription filled by us. Five Conveniently Located Store* To Serve You Quickly \ Ford's Drug Stores M N. Cenlr* «. «« B«Jtim«r* AT*. ; • KaU Main St., 19 Baltimore St. '. Z4 8. L*e St . Md. ANNOUNCEMENT You Are Invited to Attend the \ Meeting of the Peoples > Home Ownership Savings Club Thursday, Oct. 12-8 P. M. In The City Hall Auditorium EDWIN T. LAW of the Libby-Owens-Ford Glass Co. Will Address rhe Meeting On the Development of the f Use of Glass In The Post War Home Everyone Is Invllea. You do not have to be a member 6f the club to attend. This subject should particularly Interest home-owners, prospective builders, contr»clors and building- supply dealers. Plan now to attend. , PICTURES WILL BE SHOWN H. R. FLETCHER Member of the American Bankers Association G-l Bill of Rights Committee Will Also Diicuii and Explain The G-I Bill of Rights A« It Pertains To — The Purchase of Homes To Eligible Service Men Under the Service Men's Readjustment Act of 1944 Peoples Bank of r>uni(Mii4tHHl Member of the Federal Depotit Inturance Corporation T LUXURIOUS COMFORT IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! Now you may choose your living room furniture to fit (1) your taste, (2) your budget, (3) your needs. Now our floors are again filled with every popular style and every suite is fully spring filled for added comfort and , durability. Choose three piece suites in finest mohair, velour, tapestry, kinkomo, boucle, (oompoint — in ajl popular colors too. Three piece suites range in price from $174 to $325 — on eaty payments. BENEMAN'S 41 N' Mechanic Street creators of hdppy homes for half a century. CELEBRATING BIG VALUES GALORE FLOUR SUNNYFIELD FAMILY PILLSBURY or GOLD MEDAL 50 LB. SACK 1.89 THE CSEAT ATLANTIC «. rACIftC TEA CO 1.15 50 LB. SACK 2.37 LAYER CAKE LEMON SHERBERT 29 oz. 39' DONUTS HAMBURG KRAUT CABBAGE POTATOES DEXO CORN ONIONS TOMATO SOUP TOKAY GRAPES PEANUT BUTTER MAINE POTATOES SUGARED EXTRA LEAN GROUND BEEF 50 Lb. BAG PENNA, BLUE LABEL 15 LB. BAG SHORTENING A&P CREAM STYLE GOLDEN SWEET POINT FREE 1.29 53' 3 &. 61* 2.79 CASE OF 24 NO. 2 CANS 10 LB - 4i/ BAG NO. 2 CANS CAMPBELL'S IBS. SULTANA 2LB. JAR 5O L , 1.89 . -.-•rid

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