Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 17, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1954
Page 4
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, February 17, MOPt it AH, 2 BEDROOM unfurnished hfeuss 1118 Park Drive $40.00 per month nu« M « "J.-WLll. ' 1-tt 1:8-48 BMS v rtton*. will 1akt tha ' rat*. ing copy >.m. for right to ntl of- ro,r»l«ct tub- wlnt b» rtpof- In W ant Ad» catled to our attention insertion of P d t** tb» ONfi Incorrwt day afternoon by «. Palmtr, Ptoildimt < Hi' Woihbiirn* Serci-Tre*. Stof" Soiith Waihburn, Editor, &, Jen«, Mor-oaTntf Editor Supt . s Davit,' Advertising Z ROOM fmnlshed apartment. Pri vat'e bath. All convenience. Per- fer couple, 712 East Division. 15-3t 4 ROOM unfurnished apartment in duplex. Walking distance of town Phone 74183. 1541 5 ROOM house Modern. West f 4tW Street. Near Court House. 7-5882. 16 " 3t G ROOM house and bath. Neat Schooley Store. Mrs. J. Schooley. Phone 7-3577. 10-3 Political Announcements The Star la authorized to att» ftouhce that the following are candidates for public Office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections. For Treasurer . HARftY HAWTHORNS •CLIFFORD BYEfiS DWlCJHT 3 ROOM apartment. 312 Soul] Spruce. Mrs. J. E. Schooley Phone 7-3577. 10-3t 2 ROOM unfurnished apartment with private bath. Close-in. Phone 7-2205, 11-tt 2 ROOM unfurnished apartment. All bills paid. Phone 7-3644, 17-3t FRONT bedroom adjoining bath. Men only. 1116 South Main. Phone For County Clerk ARNOLD J. MIDDLEBROOKS JOLLY (AMONETTE) BYERS ARTHUR ANDERSON For Sheriff ahd Collector W B. 'Bill) RUGGLES JIMMY COOK IRA T. BROOKS Alderman Ward 3 B. L. RETTIO Income Taxes 7-2874. 17-31 TWO Accountants to help you. 101 East Front Street. Farm Bureau Office. Phone 7-3706. Feb. 9-lMo Notice For Sale SUBSCRIBE Tcxarkana Gazette Complete Sports. Other late news. KCMC-TV Programs Phone Dale Hartsfield. Prospec 7-4610. ? eb - 5-lMo PEA Gravel, washed, and road gravel Soil and masonary sand VOTE "Boley's all new Courts .... „„«„ T-»«»I when gucsts j, M .i ve or tourists, in quire. 2 people $3.00, 4 peopl $5,00. Feb. 17-1 Mo available Sinclair, Phone 7-2559, Jesse Feb. 11-lMo. DAIRY Feed. Hog feed, meal hulls, mixed. C. S. Meal. Salt $1:15 per | 800 DANNIE HAMILTON 21-lmo. 40 ACRE farm near Emmet, Ark-1 ansas. Nice modern five room house. E. M. Broswell Prescptt. Phone 683-W. Feb. 1-lMo. HAY, Johnson grass & lespedeza mixed. T. S. McDavitt. Phone 1 7-2116. ! Real Estate Wanted of M size farm List today. United Farm Agency 101 East Front. Phone 7-3768. Feb, 9-1M •Sired"'8» tccbn'd class mottor at •Post Otfleo ot'.Hop*, Arkonsos, ifttM Art'o* March 3..J897. "o'l"i'th« J Audit r Bu»au »f Circulation! SUUalptIon-Rates (payabl* In ad- SiEccrritr Jn» Hopi; and. iwlohbor- »»«•»»•••«•»""""" j Vf tl J ... tfl' 'Hernp»t*<#i!,''Nevada, '#oy«rd, and, MHItr ,.„.„.. 1.60 ;..„ 2.60 4.50 i Basketball By united Press and newly decorated j. One mile from town. $20,- booTWill sell house and 13 acres, $14000. Trade for pine timber sa shuselts 57 land. Call 7-5535. Feb. 10-1 Mo. Brandeir, 80; Bowdoin 00 Canisius 81; Siena 68 American International 64; Mas- QLOVELY GAL—Mary Collins, at Gloversville, N. Y., models a. t bathing suit made of a washable leather being used in women s gloves. She also shows off some gloves. As you might suspect, Mary has been named "U, S. Glove Queen" of 1934. Pittsburgn 83; West Virginia R4 Rochester 42 Marshall 81 way.' Phone 7-2048.-- ll-Ot vian 75 — Indiana Tchrs (Pa.) 89; Slippery ANOTHER car of salt. Fine, med- Rock 79 ium or course. $1.15 per lou. Trinity 50; Worcester Tchrs. ,5o Ton lots $1.10. Hope Feed Com- L OC khaven Tchrs 74; Mansfield pany. . ••:'.- 11 ' 6t |Tchrs. 09 QUALITY Chicks from laying .• place Hope SOUTH Richmond 94; Virginia , Military Phone n«n DoHiles, |nc. v ; 1602 Sterlck i., Memphis 2, Tenn,, 505 Texas It- Blda,, Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Ave., Chicago 1, 111.; 60 E. -(Slew York 17, ; N. Y.; 1763 Btdo.,, Detroit 2, Mich.; Bldfl., .Oklahoma City 2, ,r ot .the Associated Press: >clated vPress Is 'enMed ex- WjVBry to Jho use 'o' republicatlori ^-" •*•-•>. local news'RfMtiKrin thl» f* OS w0|l- os oil *AP flows es. '' ' MIXED Johnson grass. 45c Soy- Virginia 97; Washington and Le bean Hay,70c at barn.. T.V. Mes- 70 ^ S'er, Washington. Pnohe 49. 16-Gt Fioria A "&M 52; Savannah State °U fnte^ 5 °Morrls Harvey 88;, West Virgin!; State 81; Virginia Unio' BABY Bed. 28 x 52. Practically new 177 Inner-Spring mattress Phone Emory and Henry 82; Roanoke 7 7-2622. Mrs. James Cobb. 16-3t[ Baton Rouge Southern 81; Xavie /« SALE OR TRADE sfACRE TRUCK FARM iHldHway 67 East — Close In Trade for Cutover Uand ' Sleep Through This country eggs. 50c per Also good mixed grass CHOICE dozen, hay. Arthur Gray, Ozan. Spring Hill Is HosltoDist. B Junior Meet Spring Hill is host to District 7W, AAA Junior boys 'B' Division bas- cetball tournament starting Monday February 22 and continuing through Saturday. Some 18 teams are entered in the tournament. Spring Hill's Carl Brady, m charge of the tourney, said all games will be played at night. The first round Monday pairs: Willisville and Stamps at 7 p. m. Kirby and Garland at 8 p. m. and Cale and Umpire at 9 p. m. Tuesday: 7 p. m. Emmet plays winner of Willisville-Stamps game 8 p. m. Lewisville play Laneburg 9 p. m. Genoa Central Plays Bradlay. Wednesday: 6:30 p. m. Saratoga meets Blevins; 7:30 p. m. Delight plays Okblona; 8:30 Guernsey meets winer o£ the Kirby-Garland game and 9:30 p. m. Spring Hill plays Fouke. Wishes He Had Another Number Too TACOMA, Wash ' Iff)— Now Harold Chavis w ishes he hadn't had that .blankety-blank telephone put in Chavis, a restaurant, owner in nearby Lakewood, applied for the telephone a couple of weeks ago Much to his surprise, the phone company put one in right away That's when the fun began The phone started ringing and it rang constantly Chavis and his wife always g ot the same request from callers: "May" I speak to Ed Eisenhower, please" Mrs Chavis answered upwards of a dozen, calls before the light dawned "Do you realize that we got a telephone right away" she asked Chavis And yet the telephone company said it would be six months before we could get o ne installed Bobcats Toss in Largest Score of Year The Hope Bobcats scored their hSest sinV gametotallasnight | aTthey swept over the Ashdown "- " in Ashdown. me ; defeat 50-40 ir i a fast start it orjening'quarter, tossing 29 p P the hoop while holding the Pan- 35 UlCjr ov»<->.. ----- ThD Panthers 66 r 44 in Ashdown. The Lady Cats tasted defeat 50-40 in the other; game. _ • Hope got off to a fast start m the n "r K B ..__*„ tossing 29 pointsw THEY'LL SHINE—Lady Marines who show up in their new dress uniforms, modeled by Lt.- Col. Julia E. Hamblet, will have little trouble outshining admirals and generals. The uniform has a blue mess jacket, with a formal skirt flared at the hem, over a tailored blouse of white silk, trimmed at the waist with a scarlet silk cummerbund. The jacket, which has a dozen gold buttons, "is worn open. A square—tipped black ascot is worn at the neck. Silver and gold Marine Corps ornaments are worn on the jacket's scarlet, rolled collar. The headpiece is a tiara of scarlet wool embroidered with a design of oak leaves and acorns. • "Fast service and influ- fluence," Chavis replied ' Nope, we got Ed Eisenhower's phone number," Mrs Chavis told her husband We got the one h e gave up be-_ cause it was too hot for him to handle" And she was right _ Edgar N Eisenhower, the President's brother, begged the phone company to give him a new—and unlisted—number to keep his phone from ringing constantly When Chavis first got Eisen- thers to 10. in the second period, the Bobcats increased their lead to 23 points, for a 41-18 haUtime lead. The starting five went the whole third period to score 21 points to 10 for the Ashdown five their largest lead 62-34. The final quarter saw the Bobcat reserves keep on increasing the lead for the remainder 0f Blg-t°owerfng Charlie Halbert and Garnie Hatch with 16 points apiece led the Bobcats attack. Ashley tossed in 11 for Ashdown. _ The Hope senior girls six-game winning streak was broken as they took a 50-40 defeat at the hands of a splendid Ashdown sextet. Hope trailed from 10 to 12 points the entire game. Berlie Allen and Patty Rogers with 21 and 14 points respectively led the Lady Cats Hope G Hatch G Griffin 2 Halbert " Mitchell Stanley Russell Huddleston Bruce- Hollis Porter Bright 3 4 2 2 2 1 0 . 1 F 4 2 2 2 2 1 0 0 1 2 0 TP 1G of 10 8 10 5 4 4 3 2 2 Totals' ..... Ashdown Kennedy • 1 Matthews 3 Ashley 3 Grose 3 Zachary 3 Cobb 2 Sikes 30 16 76 2 8 11 9 8 4 2 Totals bower's discarded number the calls came in by the dozens Then they came in by the gross * There"~aTe more than 20,000 recorded earthquakes on earth in a year. •^•pyright. 1053. to Elizabeth Selfert Dlffrfbuled by King Fealurei SynJIc.K. 17-6t &MWARDLAW ain Street Tailor Shop VAC Case Tractor, good condition, with disc, breaking plow, case wa gon, model 5 John Deer. Heavy duty mower. Also trailer, complete dairy equipment, milker, cooler can rack, vat, etc. Phone 7-4D13. 17-31 CHOICE lespedeza hay. >AJ SO alfalfa mixed Bermuda-Johnson grass mixed. 2243, Priced right, Phone 717-Ot (La.) 79 George Washington 09; William id Mary 58 Furman 123; Wofford 102 Duke 68; Maryland 01 North Carolina 89; Davidson 69 South Carolina 64 Clemson 61 Loyola (Md.) 58; Western Maryand 51. Mississippi State 65; Sewanee 01 Mississippi 80; East Tennessee OS Bethany 68; Fairmount State 67 MIDWEST 9 SLAUGHTERING ^Montgomery &M' Phone 7-3361 MATTRESS renovation and inner spring work. Cobb Mattress Co 310 South Washington, Phoni) 7.2022, , t " with expert beauty care, •;r'$oft, long*- lasting per$,' ,'|iinanent8. ARY - EDNA BEAUTY SHOP ' J?lrn PhPne 7-8616 CALIj Payne Brqthers, Hous Movers, insured 1 .contractors Public Service Commission num ber M-1425. 313 central Avenu Stamps, Arkansas.-Phone- 3.448 in Stamps, Arkansas. Feb.2-lMo Services Offered Lost_ 800 Lb. bay mare. Smooth mouth Notify Loys Hampton or Phon 7-4932. Salesman Wanted NEW YORK Iff)—The current exchange of barbed pleasantries between Manager Casey Stengel ot the Yankees and General Manager Frank Lane of the Chicago White ox has, among other things, rought into sharp focus one of he unh'appier features of the re- erve caluse .the "peonage" rule, vhich baseball would.as soon not ear mentioned. Stengel, in needling Lane ovfti lis failure to catch the Yanks nade especially caustic reference Augsburg 66 Concordia (Minn.) Beloit 111: Northern Illinois 63 Bowling Green r>9; Western Re ervo 50 Carleton 79; MacAlester 72 Carroll College 88; Ripon 83 Hamline 78; St. John's (Minn. 71 Toledo 59 Kent State 53 Loras 76: Luther 69 Marietta 80; Muskingum 56 Ohio Wesleyan 76; Obqrlin 58 Eauclaire St. 92 Northland 8 Illinois Insl.-Tech. 91; Conqordi (111.) 75 ' _ . Nebraska Wesleyan 66; Doane 4 Dubuque 85; Iowa Wesleyan 71 Porks Swamp Baylor, Take CHAPTER FOURTEEN THE girl, Myra, sat back in her armchair, and looked thoughtfully across at Shelly. "Come on," coaxed Shelly, getting to her feet. "There are four bedrooms upstairs that we never use,' except for a rare guest. They are all furnished prettily, and they're clean." Myra a g a i n was weaving her finger baskets. "You're mighty kind, and understanding, ma'am, she said throatily. "I don't know what I expected of you, but I didn't think you'd understand so quick. 1 guess maybe I thought people were (shrugged. "Did you say she lived DALLAS share of the - Texas regained a Conference 'sin e he took over the while Arkansas, ."boundin^iron and had not yet come up a slow start, polished off Bayou you're feel sure." being sU1V) r club vith one good enough to plug that lole in the White Sox infield. Lane conceded this, but at the same time implied strongly that 'f George Weiss, his opposite genius in the Yankee organization, were willing to deal him the player he wants he might make thing's very hot for the five-time champions in the coming race. He did not name the player, but left no doubt in anyone's mind. that he meant Andy Carey; Stengel; who plainly is getting an impish pleasure out of goading Lane, promptly bellowed that in his opinion Lane was guilty of tampering." He probably winked W L.-.-.-.r-p,,,,,, ^J»W!jpS*tM» available, fci "XA^T" •*- Ark, ' WOULD like to hear from man \vith car who wants tp step into business: of his own in city of Hope. Buy on time — pay as you sell, also other localities available. Write Rawleigh's Dept. AKA-611-TC Memphis, Tenn. ... . • • 17'lt Kansas Wesleyan 71; Friends 49 broad i y w hen he said it but the Springfield 93; Missouri Mines 50 • ----— — Carthage College 97 Eureka 57 SOUTHWEST Arkansas 73; Baylor 51 Texas Tech 85; Hardim-Simmons 7 = Texas 00; Texas A& M 49 Rice fi9; Lamar Tech 05 Sul Ross State 71; Trinity (Tex.) 07 Real Estate for Sole Highway 67 West UCK'S.USED iHITUHiCO, .JMJ* One of Hope's finest homes. Re. stricted Area. Close to High than" oV"year old. Wall to wall 38 ' /a ' carpet. Two car garage. Priced for quick sale. Can be shown by appointment. remains that he-, called attention to the owner conspiracy whicl makes it a felony to express inter est in acquiring a player who be long .to another club. The reason for this is obvious It could create widespread playe dissatisfaction. If an athlete on second-division club keeps rcadm that a pennant contender woul like to have him, and he feels fair ly pertain that such a chang vvco .'would improve his salary, it, migh COLORADO A & M 58 Denver 45| ffect nis concentration. That, a '• •—"-' ' least) i s the theory, and it probabl is a very sensible agreement. However, in the present casi the Stengel-Lane exchange seen to emphasize the feature of th serve clause which its critics a upon. That is the plight WES ' Idaho 45; Washington State Fights Last Night By The Associated Press ' The scores: Arkansas 73; Bayor 51 Texas 60; Texas A & M 49 married ;v ay I am," said Myra. "I knowin , rd have to 'Cemetery, by and tree on their .... . rechecked those on this , short | tension. street — and ventured, with nis I "She's lots younger than the doc. over tor. His wife—his first wife—died way or ° ther ' fr e ' a ,f^rtSon snapped Craig to attention. traipse around — but yesterday — this trip he's on —It looks as if - — - we'd be here In Norfolk for sev- The°Long'horns lost but little time! er?J mor e months, and —and — n grabbing the lead from the we n t bein' alone tonight, I didn't -eak Cadets although they had two think I could take it." tarters on the side-lines.' "Come on," Shelly said, in no Jim-Richardson, substitute for] iiing Fred Saunders of the Steers, aced the Texas scoring at' Aus- And Dr. is —this lady —she's nice. Pretty, and she always speaks so Fome here'" he cried in exas-lnice. My mother didn't think— Come here. £ e ° over well, you know, Dr. Lewis has a *-* w " »* " I J _t.fr n « nUn.il- ( peration, ...Donald!" daughter about as old as... Oh!" dog did not | Headlights had swept blindingly in with 23 points. But Jim Addi- on, great Aggie forward, was the game's high scorer with 26 points. At Fayetteville, the Razorbacks improving in each of their last several games — poured it on from «.tarl to finish to whip the Baylor Bears. While the Longhorns were vault- ng ovev the Aggies to regain a share of the loiip lead with Rice, the Arkansas victory slapped Baylor into fourth place with a 4-won, 4-lost conference record. Arkansas now holds a 5-4 record behind Texas and .Rice with time at all we'll have you snug in bed." The next day Craig charged into th« office like a bull let out of the branding pen. It took a little time for Shelly and Miss Browne to comprehend what had happened. Somebody had been hurt at the plant— "Three whole days ago?" "Yes! Three days ago. Four. A crane hook nit nim on the head. Maybe he did get in the way! Must nave, to be Knocked down by the thing. But the man nad been going about his Job—even it he was on his wy to the toilet, that was part of his routine!" All these statd- ments were blurted out between in a on the stretcher and into identical 6-2 conference marks. answering the phone, and getting The Bears were never m thoi . d .„ paper worj{ ln order. "I dead under any bush! were o* * »,„!„„ had most certainly tried to kill But he had found her and, beta? £ erseJJ> By tne next morning she a doctor, he must see if she was ; ^ g conscious- just enough to talk dead. He threw a glance upat w«° ' game against Glen Rose's boys after they tied it.3-3 early in the first period. Rose cleared his bench to hold the score down, but the once-promising Bears couldn't solve the Hog defenses. Guad Jerald Barnett led Arkansas scoring with 14 points, In a non-conference tilt at Houston Rice had to stand off a late ....... ~ .......... , _ , School. 3 bedrooms. 2 baths. Par-: ' angeles r-Manny Rentena, ge play room. Utility room. Less ^ Angeles, knocked out Ar- .3, ,- mundo Muni*. 138, El Paso, 2. New York St. Nicholas Arena- CarmeUa Costa, 130, Brook yn, out- pointed Ike Chestnust, 123, New imt Picture Floor ?«. 9 ROOMS. 7 down stairs, 2 upstairs. Close to Julia Chester Hospital. Very convenient to nurses or High School Teachers A nice house priced to sell. DUPLEX apartments, One block of BrpQkwood School. 75 x, 150 lot Pavement paid out $l,Q0,w Equity $5000 per month pay mcnts. REALTY ca 8. for Sole or Rent RN blinds, v«» , . • .„.„ London-Jean Sneyers, 125V;., Belgium, OMtpointed Sammy McCarthy, 125'A. London, 15 foi Eu- vopean featherweight title. • A' . _i ~~- ' " Selvy Scores 57 Sets New By BEN 01- AN NEW YORK. W - Furman'» Prank 8«lvy, the "Babe Ruth of college basketball, was home free today with a clean sweep of i major cage records Ui Ww bag and Jive more games tn which, to. add t his a)r«ady fabulous totals. heralded senior from Cor . . Player who, through he .e.spn 6 ; o. 10 fault "of "his own, is prevented rom playing regularly on a big eague club and earning a com- nensuvate salary. Lane is convinced that Carey, a 2-year-old native of Oakland, is eady to step in and play a bang- ip third base for the White Sox. Phe Yankees, on the other hand, la ve no immediate need of the strapping youngster except as part of their bench strength, and there is no estimatnig when they will find a regular job for him. With Gil McDougald 8 fixture at the day's paper was sent for—took him to the hospital, and I've been caring for him there. And today 1 find that the plant's insurance company will not pay for his hospitalization—they do not consider hospitalization necessary for his case. "What's more, the adjuster In tonight's games, Southern Methodist plays Texas Christian at Fort Worth in a do-or-die ^struggle ;q stay in the conference race. The Frogs ave already out of it. 'Rice meets Arkansas at Houston Saturday night while Texas A&M and TCU will play at Fort Worth. The Saturday night games will be acid tests lor the Owls and Longhorns and both must wm to the lead. third the champions last season permitted Carey to play only night as Furm^n walloped Wofford College 123403. T Sevy pumped In 57 points eclipsed, the standards for season scoring witfi 935 points, sh gle-season Held goal? permitted Parey pieces of 51 games. He was »t ba only 81 times and hit a respectable ;321. He also smote four home runs which would WUwrt* tt\» had be batted sey, 6QQ times he knows ahead of time, he claims, lust how long this man will be off from work! And they've settled for two and a half weeks' lost time, compensation. The fool signed the papers. Everybody mows the company violated the law in making such a settlement, but they bad the commission's con- Bent." Xes, a bull from the branding pen. "I only hope that insurance chap knows better than 1 do how badly hurt the poor guy Is!" All day Craig repeated that hope, dplefuHy, angrily, profanely. It made for a tense, jumpy day in «w offlc?. Shelly went honie very ttreci; Myra, put her to bed. And at bedtime. Craig Talboy decided tp take Donald tor * long VaiU, to get Himself put of nis mood, « was a cpld, blowy night. No sncw was on tine ground, <>ut frost glimmered on tfoe sidewalks ot shrubbery. -He told shut She' bushes; they were crushed under her weight. She was in night clothes, Craig looked at his watch. Nine-thirty. One slipper was off her bare foot. It was hard to tell —he shouldn't move her, perhaps, but he did, enough to get her out ot the bush aud its prickles, He felt her wrist, her breast, and then put his ear down ... She was alive —just barely. He moved quickly then; there were no lights in the yellow house, so he went to the one next dopr, hammered on the glass, spoke rapidly to the startled boy who came to the door. "I'm Dr. Talboy. There's been an accident. I want to phone..." He went Into the hall and called the police, said to send an ambulance. "What's this street?" he asked the youth. ••Curtis street, and be quick!" Be slammed the phone down. "Thanks," he said to the boy, "Do you have a blanket handy? Where's your mother and father? .. T l iey _they went to the show But I can get you a blanket,' 1 He did, and followed the 4o.ctpr who had gone back to the woman under the hedge next door, her bed, to tell story go that Dr . . the yellow house beyond this bank W of shrubbery. -He told Dona d to s t up. and got down on one knee y an(J issued a 'd fallen into the Barberry j; was ' to the HgN posts the Why, it's Mrs, Lewis!" sajd Jlv boy, watching the tall, strang< man lift and wrap her. "Can't you -give her something?" he stain, mered in fright, Craig giajiced up, "Not until know what she's already order that she was to have no visitors, not even her husband— especially not her husband! Craig had been In Norfolk for three months, and he supposed he ;| ad met all the doctors in town. ^ *.mong them, he remembered Dr. 3rvin Lewis, On first sight, he ad not liked the man; nothing ver caused him to change his pinion. Lewis was a man of about fty, with a little gray In his hair, and a habit of looking side wise at person rather than straight on. He had a soft, light voice, and 9 m a n n e r of immediate intimacy, Talking even to a strange man, he would pvjt his hand on that man's '| sleeve and draw close to him. He was not a good doctor. Craig had decided that almost at once, too. For one thing, h? was a fol- ower and practitioner of the bac- teriophage therapy lately become a matter of controversy in New England, and certainly not respectably established in Missouri, Pr. Lewis, and his methods, made most dpctors-r-doctors like Craig Talboy T-wonder why they bothered with . the gujlible human race. N.ever«^ patients flocked to Pr, He—and they-^were . her id e;t gqroe sort. Mill? mlgb - " doing everytbmg they could to make the Cpunty Hospital allow his treatmem te be griven to pa* y§nts there, High and low chara* pipped tfo,e Wftn« who was related, ft. ^eeme^ to *V»« ^9 county. g.pajcely spy long-time resident was not eproe wrt o| cometo to

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