Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on October 8, 1944 · Page 10
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 8, 1944
Page 10
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TEN SUNDAY TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, SUNDAY OCTOBER 8, 1944 High Lights of High School ALLF.GANY HIGH Activity at Allegany was as much n progress ca among bees in a hive iurlng the past we*. The Junior Boys Glee Club was organized under the direction of Miss Dorothy WllMson. Approximately sixty, boys comprise this froup. Aft the newest styles have invaded Allegany. The boys with one ;rouser leg rolled. up, wear earrings and perfume. The latest hairstyles seem to be plaits on one side of the head and curls on the other. Don't be alarmed. It was only the new members being Initiated Into the Agronomy Club. The French club held its first ot- flci&l meeting Tuesday evening »t the public library. Miss Alice Keller, teacher of French, is the advisor. The bi-weefcly meeting of the Girls' Hi-Y was held Wednesday evening at Central Y.M.C.A. It was decided that the girls cf this group will usher at the forum programs. Betty Purinton was hostess to the History Club at her home Thursday night, The initiation of new members' was the event of the evening. The Boys' Hi-Y meeting was held Thursday night at Central "Y" Twenty-six sophomores, juniors. organization. -.The names will be printed In the Alcohi Mirror and they will be Initiated at the next meeting. The staff of the Alcohi Mirror and the journalism class held a covered dish supper Friday evening after deadline. ,Have you bought your ticket to the Cumberland Concert Series yet? I'm getting mine now; better get yours soon. .-••••• • u A T TV* AijLiti. . -'*-•+• FORT HILL HIGH Once again the Hill toppers have come out on top. This time it is our own school music organization which has won additional fame for the. school. For outstanding participation in war work, playing for inductees and at war bond rallies, the Port Hill Band and Orchestra are to be Awarded a music citation by the Music War Council of America. We of Port Hill have every right to be proud of the results accomplished by our Instrumental music groups, directed by Miss Pearl Garbrick. A report from the Tratfic Department of the Senate has been Issued by Reglna Yeagcr, head of the department. The list of ushers for and seniors were elected Into the j the year has been posted, new bad- •— |t , , J. f SSmmm ^^^^ \ !e» for the recently chosen ruoni- :ors have been ordered; and both' groups are now functioning proper- r ' ' • Interviews for applicants for membership to the Boys' Hi-Y were held, on Tuesday at the Y. M. O. A. and on the following evening the new members were voted in by the old members. Twelve new members were acceptd. . A skating party will: be held by the Boys' Hl-Y on Monday and 11 Is expected that a record crowd wit p. t tend. There will be enough expert skaters to hold up you beginners, so come along and.join the fun. Just ask anyone who attended, these ga5a occasions last year if you'are In doubt about the good time. They'll tell you what an enjoyable evening the crowd had, so buy your tlcke from any member of the club today. ..-...- : Prom the Girl's Hi-Y comes a report that all members of this service organization will soon become expert practical nurses. One of the girls takes care of the school- hospital room, and each helper iv-. acquiring skill in managing the minor aches and pains that sometimes occur. We thank the Girls' Hi-Y foi this Indispensable service. Many students .entered the B and O. contest sponsored by .the local railroad groups for new Idea* for post-war service. Results of thi judges are anxiously awaited am t'ort HIU will be right up RADIONIC HEARING AID MAM Complete . with crystal microphone, radlonic tubes, batteries and battery- saver circuit. Orie model—one price—one quality—Zenith's finest. No extras—no "decoys." as easy to adjust as a pair of binoculars! investigate this nationwide crusade to lower the cost of heating.- Came in for a demonstration. r"ou are the judge of whether you can hear or not. Demand Is greater than supply. -We sell only to those whom a hearing aid can help. No high pressure salesman will call on you, . FRANKLIN L. SPEAR Optometrist 80 PERSHING STREET PHONE 2812-W J To Beffer Express Your Sympathy Order FUNERAL FLOWERS from ... Just Phone 2582 75 Baltimore Street We Deliver GIRLS' CENTRAL HIGH Congratulations Is the' .theme of my opening paragraph today. Congratulations' to Miss. Joan Sullivan f the Freshman' class. 'This loyal school spirited little freshle under- ook a door-to-door campaign to ollect patrons for our recent skating party. Joan collected twelve iollars, at &0 cents per- patron. Everyone seems to be Interested n the railroads these/days. At least that Is the opinion I .formed after observing a certain group .of Centralltes. The Junior and • Senior classes are eligible to.enter the contest sponsored by the. B. and.O. entitled: How the Railroads Can Serve-the Public In Postwar >ays.. • So far some very fine essays have been submitted and here's hoping'the winners of the twenty- Ive dollar war bond will be chosen from our midst. - • The drive for subscriptions for the Catholic Review is now in progress, so get busy girls tRemem- jer here is your chance to show some real Catholic action. Last week I mentioned the reopening of the Social Center. I would like to remind you of this point, although the patrons of last week need no reminder, for every:one had a. really swell time. This morning at 11 o'clock Muss, the beautiful Forty Hours' Devotion was begun at Saint Patrick's. This occasion witnessed the first appear- rnce of the high school choir, for this school year. Under the . guidance of Sister Mary Acqulnette, the singing was the object of much admiration and comment. The Girl of the Week—You al know her._thl&-qulet_dark-halred blue eyed Senior. She crept into our hearts the first day she arrived at Central in her Sophomore year Following her graduation she plans to enter Providence Hospital Washington, D. C. in the capacity of a Student Cadet Nurse, so Cen< there among the winners.. The visual education department ollowlng the trend of student tastes iffers as the first movie of the •ear. Quarterback, to be held on Monday. during the day. Fees ar mly twenty-five cents for the en re. year, arid almost all students are expected to subscribe. To turn back the clock just Ittle, & meeting was held on Mon day In the Boys' gym to thank our PVerybody . s - Wend . Wno h sne? tral's gain. loss will , be Her staunch, Providence's loyal .; spirit sweet smile .and gentle reftnemen of voice and appearance, have made her one of the most popular an< best liked girls In the school anc ' BARTON HIGH We bow,-we; blush,.we thank you, and then proceed. We,'may as well tell you, there isn't much to tell. Oh, stop . it, you're getting us. all confused. Oh, well, as grandfather used to say, "No news is good news." There is still £ shortage of water the school but the. students have roveh they can tako'it: Principal oollng announces that the well is earing completion -'ao'd we'should ave our own- water system soon, nd we do hope soon; 'cause.we're ettlng tired of acting as camels I . Tuesday .evening,, the Commercial ufa met hi the auditorium and dis- ussed last minute details for Par- nts' Night. Wednesd ay,' the' school was In ' a tther, with the majority of-.the miors and seniors scurrying irough the halls, the kitchen, and he auditorium. The reception hlch they were, "preparing, for roved to be. more 'successful than year. Mr', and Mrs." Richard T izer were the guests of honor. A lort program was presented which ncluded the following:,Welcome by etty Thomas; group singing; songs y the Commercial Club; poem, wn't", , Agnes Miller; piano duet Deep. Purple", by' Katherlne McDonald and Frances Anne McConell. A musical quiz was glv»n..The esult of this quiz revealed two very .alented- singers '-in our . faculty ?hose who. attended know we're alklng about ,'"Blng" Conroy an< Frankie" Pooteh! Of the many em'arks made we. agree with this ne—"An entertainment of this ind should be held at least once a month." The Sophomore class has elected Slcers as follows: president, George Wlnkler; vice president, Harold Wll- on; secretary, Victor Bender reasurer, Marion Donaldson. Mem- ers of the class attended a wiener oast' at the city reservoir Thursda; light. Last week's Who's Who-was Ruth Kyle. This ..iweek we have' two earn for the splendid results of the jame on Friday, September 29. The wpular co-captains of the squad, 3onald "Bubbles" Whlteman and Donald '"Mac" McGlll, each made a short speech promising co-ordi- nated effort In the future and were lollowed by one of coach "Mel" Henry's Infrequent talks. The cheer- eaders led several cheers and the Alma Mater was sung. By the way, it was a good game, wasn't It? JO. • * * FLINTSTONE HIGH The first assembly program, a welcome for the Freshmen, was presented September 27 by students of the Junior and Senior classes. They staged the play," "Harriet", which gave an episode In the life of Harriet Beecher Stowe. In the cast were: Ermn DefTlnbaugh, Wilda Deremer, Elsie Rader.' Christine Smith. Opal Rlggs, Mildred Teeter, Gale Teter, Anna' Willlson, Merle Hlnkle, Perry Shryock, Paul Smith, and George Hartley. Pupils of F.H.S. saw their flrjrt movie of the season last Friday. It was "David Harum", featuring Will Rogers. A number of F.F.A. boys participated in Agricultural judging contests at lecently. Frederick and Baltimore Attending the Baltimore contest were: Harold Morris, George Hartley, and Perry Shryock, Bill Buser, Philip Kolb, George Hartley, Merle Hinkle, Harold Morris and Perry Shryock represented 4he local chapter at Frederick. Harold Morris and Perry Shryock brought home honors to Flintstone High by winning second place In the swine Judging contest. In potato Judging BUI Buser and Philip Kolb took ninth place. The Home Economics girls served a dinner Thursday evening to members of the county and state Sol! The Flint- and teachers helped prepare the food. Christine Smith and Wilda Deremer, delegates from the local Home Economics Club, attended a State Home Economics meeting at College Park yesterday. AVIS Conservation group, stone Home Makers That's right, wou guessed it—thi Girl of the Week—Miss Emma Ward. Well, friends, It's time to sa "arewell once more, so this: Is sta tion C. G. C. H. signing off for this week. MARYLEE * * • BEALL HIGH (Frostburjr) s Here we are from Beall Higl- where a contest sponsored by "Th Chime" for a good Hallowe'en ator is well underway. Senior English Classes had posses slon of the library on Monday firs and last period, while the Sopho mores were there second and ftft" periods. Our musically-Inclined Glee Clu met on Monday after school. The really are doing fine. The eighth grade teachers met o: Monday. They are all out for th well-being of the eighth grad pupils. How many did you order? Whia type do you like? These were com mon questions among the seniors o Tuesday at which time they wer ordering their name cards. Edwl Echart Is our agent. Our . band is progressing rapid! under Miss Yates' supervision. The met on Wednesday for rehearsal. On Thursday we gathered In th auditorium for our eighth grac students to display their talent wit Miss Harmon in charge. The regu lar sixth period class was omltt* Following -dismissal the' Girls Hl-Y held a.meeting In Miss Finzel homeroom, where the election o new members took place. The off cers-In charge this year are: Pres: dent, Marianne Karlowa; vice pres dent, LaVeme Layman; secretar Betty. Engle; treasurer, .Ruth Lcm mert and chaplain, Florence Evans The Chime staff met on Fridayt judge the contest entries for th Hallowe'en story. The winner w: be announced later. Our senior girl of the week. Ma tha Beane, hails from Eckhart. H kind words 'and sweet ways ha' won her many friends in BeaU. Sh will be a credit to her Alma Mate and we want to wish her success : her future years. TOMMY AND BUZZ. OUR WEAPONS OF WAR : If I ' 1 » * 'Si , ammunition, ftoldieri aren't the only weapons of war. A healthy nation must be backing them. At pharmacists, we know we have a large share of the responsibility for keeping civilians on the job. When your busy physician prescribes for yon, both you and he can be sure that the prescription he gives you will be compounded by us exactly as ordered—with the finest pharmaceutical*—double-checked for accuracy," and "priced lo save you money. Our pharmacists are highly skilled in the science of compounding and dispensing prescriptions. As they practice their exacting profession in our clean, modern up- to-date Prescription Departments, they are mindful that often life is at stake, and their work must be accomplished with unerring accuracy. CRESAPTOWN JUNIOR HIGH Well, now .folks, pull up that fa- /orite chair, snuggle down deep and ell be all ready .to go. This past week has, been a busy., one. : Thursday the, first class meeting of the . ninth .grad,e >-as held', at which time th« constitution of. the jrevious. year was read. ' An elee- lon of "officers was held afterwards as ; foll6ws: ' President -'Richard O'Brad'en; • vice president, Charles Arms Iron' g;secretary,PaulIive6tev- anus;'- treasurer, Erma Skelly; committee ",'chalrman': of ways and means, William Ward; recreation, WUHam Anderson; chairman of Oie project' committee", Jarie • Moreland. The next meeting will be held Tues- sophomore boys, whose favorite hang-out is a little red play-house Why don't they grow up? SNEEZY & DOPE. day,- Oct.- 10, at which time, the constitution will be '.amended n«d cpm- ;: ' '-''~'~~' . .annbunced, ,;. ;: . . ' A, wards granted by the ' Westenj Maryland Automobile Association for meritorious V 5ervlce. as members of the. Safety -^Patrol, In Oresaptp.wh School .during the year' 1M3-1944 were ;• presented ''by. the .principal, Miss Myfa M., NeSlen,;at assembly. on Friday, Sept, 29;' to the- following: Harold • WlnatanJey, ; Phyllis Tftylor,, Donald,- Bperijan, Kenneth keef auver, ; Charles: ;ae'hevJ6, : Ellen Orndorff, /Jane\. Moreland, . Ol.lyc Sines, Doris liveng'bod,-- James Taylor, Colleen Lease,'"' Norma . Kile, H'elene Khippehberg/ ' : :Ma'ry tou Dawson, Betue Lee Kemp, Ralph Davis, Donald Lewis and John | H8USC, .:';- ;. .,'; • ; .' '•;',•.;.'.•.:,..• . We had- * 'very nice ^turnout at the Parent r Teacher i "Association Tuesday night. The banner' ; for th* j most 1 parents present from4he'rooia was won"-by .Mr;'.Cliahey;.^with t (Continued on Pare ii',''Cdl. i) Many Seeking for Cold*' Mmcle-Aches Millions depend on St. Joseph Aspiria to ease pain of colds* achy muscle and colds 5 headaches. Gargled, swiftly reduces soreness of colds' sore throat Always be jure' to look forth* namtt on the box— St, Joseph Aspirin. . Ailvertlieoitni Tomorrow.... A NEW Beauty Salon Opens! under fhe management of VIRGINIA VV/LT GREEN Permanents Cold Waves and oil kinds of Beauty Culture CURLETTE BEAUTY SALON ' 438 Norfh Cenfre Sfreef Phone 4657 - J for Appointment There is a Peoples Drug Store Near Youl i PEOPLES SERVICE DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE 74 BALTIMORE STREET CUMIERLAND, MD. MONTGOMERY WARD FOR MORE HOME COMFORT... 44.95 FELTED COTTON MATTRESS VALUE 19.95 20% Down' • All new soft-felted cotton. • 55-lb. weight... firm support, • Durable woven-stripe ticking. • Sidewalls stay firm and neat, • 4-clorh handles, easy fuming. • Priced io-flt your budget FOLDING PLAY YARD, PRICED LOW 8.95 SOLID OAK HIGH CHAIR rayotJy ao%& ... 8.95 Th« safe, sturdy high chair you need foryour youngster ;:. and at a low price I Solid Oak construction 'with natural finish. Convenient sliding fray. 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