Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 29, 1909 · Page 8
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 8

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1909
Page 8
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BRINGS HOME CUP. H. D. Blanehard Enters "Baby Rco" in Race at Lordsburg and Wins Handily. H. D. Hlanohard'n "Baby Ren" won signal honors at. t.ho race meet. Thursday at t,hn LordBbnrK tra A L? »by Reo, a Rambler ami an Auburn woro entered in this r»r<\ the Reo being driven by Harry Williams, and was a single-cylinder car. ttoth the other cars -were two-cylinder machines, and for this reason the Reo was given a handicap of fifty yards. The Reo held Us fifty yard handicap for the first three miles, and then pulled away from the others, winning the race and the handsome cup offered. All the events at the Lordsburg automobile and racing meet were a credit to the F'omona FOIks, under •whose management the field day was run. It was a clean day of racing and Covlim enthusiasts say that no affair of Its kind was ever run off In this country with better success from every standpoint. Only one accident occurred during the day, that being one in n harness race, win n a driver named Harris was in danger of death when his horse fell near the finish wire. Automobile track records were broken in tho one, five and fifty mile events. The motorcycle races were thrilling and very fast. Over four thousand people gathered from all parts of Southern California and enthusiasm ran high throughout tho day. Among the machines entered In the various auto races III Ilulck showed up very well, and in the two mile race for cars selling from $1,000 to $1,050, the Mulch took first place; time, '2 minutes and thirty seconds. In the two miles for cars selling for $1,000 and under the Bulck won; time, two minutes, thirty-two and four-fifths seconds. COVINA WINS PRACTICE GAME. Good Hitting and Twirling Score. Contest Today Decides Covlna's Chances for Pennant. The high school played a practice baseball game, with the II. H. (!. sophomores last. Thursday afternoon, (lie prep team winning by tho neons of ~> to I!. RlggiiiH did tho pKching for Covina and held tin; college men down to four lilts. One of -these was a bunt which Reed boat, out to first. Besides doing consistent heaving, the high school twlrler did the best stick work of the afternoon, lining out two good drives for singles. Crossman did very good slab work Tor the vlnilon-;, although tho locals found him Tor six blngs. Sprotte and Chemberlen \viv strong with the limber. Tom Heed's muff of an easy tly WIIH responsible for two of the '.Methodlnts' runs. This game furnished good practice for (lie dual contest of I he league series, to tie played on the local diamond with C'oiiipton this afternoon. Monrovia, (!nmpton and Tovlna are tied for first place, and the tennis that, lose next Saturday are out of the running. Monrovia is up against a ha- niiig. Monrovia In up against, a hard proposition In Downey, while there Is little to choose between the local aggregation and (Joniplon'.s fast bunch. Men's Club of Christian Church. The men of the Christian Church luive (irgaui/ed a dub which will be auxiliary to the national "llrotlierhood of Disciples of Christ." The. object of the orgnnl/.alion is to promote a spirit of comradeship lunoni' Christian men. Already sixty names have been enrolled and new members arc <-(iming constantly. H. K. Crnbtree Is the president, K (). Thoumson the secretary, and A. I 1 '. Coltrln the treas urer of the club. A delightful banquet was spread for the men last. Tuesday evening by the Aid Society, which was enjoyed by more than sixty members and friends. Mimic was furnished by the; mule quartet. The pastor of the church acted as toa.stmastcr. The principal address of llif evening was made by l(e\-. (icurgc Itlngo of I .os Angeles, who ciiipliiisl/eil in striking sentences (he practical good to come of such an urgiiiii/uiion of men. A number of the members responded to toasts on various subjects. Altogether the even- hit; was enjoyed In .1 way loan to be 1 '•inembered by all lliose who were present. HEALTH REASONING. Covina Physician Speak* of Needs of the Body and Necessity for Care. Dr. Uoyd W. Wells, who has offices for osteopathle treatment, over the store of SVarner, Whitscl Kr. Company, In Covina, la dispensing some plain facts, dealing with nature of osteopathy, Its Inception, H.8 methods, and the reason why It cures HO many chronic allmentH which cannot be touched by drugH and ordinary medical methods. Dr. VVells Is taking three days each week out of his regular practice In Los Angeles to devote to bis Covina. patients, coming here Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. Fn a lecture to patients recently, he said: "Osteopathy is that school of medicine whose dls- Inetlve methods consist In a physical examination to determine the condition of the mechanism of the human l)ody; a ftpeeifls manipulation to restore, the normal mechanism, and restore all normal functions. Osteopathy IH a physical method of treating dls- ase, without drugs. "For Instance, osteopathy for throat trouble brings the blood to the parts affected, softening the tightened muscles around the vertebrae by gentle, manipulation, and this coupled with dieting brings the throat back to a normal condition." Examination arid consultation free at any time. Mttlo talks on osteopathy will appear regularly In the paper. Call and see me, and learn what this science Is doing for tho world,—Adv. Monday Afternoon Club. An unavoidable gap in the program of the Monday Afternoon Club was ably filled at the meeting this week by the Reciprocity Bureau of Los Angeles. A big bundle of papers was sent and out of them were chosen "California Missions," by Mrs. Gray of the (Obeli Club, Oakland, and "Indian Basketry," by Mrs. C. L. Loud of the (Obeli Club of Pomona. The papers were much appreciated, and an informal discussion followed, when Mrs. 3. Asehenbrcnner spoke about the Indians, whom she taught for some years. An amendment was carried, that there should be but one class of members of the club, at $:{.00 a year dues. Miss A-ugusta Sanders was elected secretary of the literary department for the coming year. It was resolved that tho letter of appreciation from the district board of the Federation of Women's Clubs, be published In the Argus. Next Monday afternoon will be hold tho annual stockholders' meeting. HOUSE CLEANING Our house denning wagon will he here about June 1st. We will clean your carpets on tho floor without removal in an absolutely sanitary way by vacuum and compressed air. We do not raise, a speck of dust and have your house upset for days, for we clean an 8-room house, including carpets, rugs, furniture, mattresses, pillows, draperies, lace curtains, piano in one-half day's time and everything is arranged hack in place as near possible an we found it. Now isn't this modern house cleaning? Clot, an estimate early, it costs you nothing and we will be here only a short f inn . SANITARY CARPET CLEANING CO. Leave orders with (,'ovina Transfer Co. Phone 80. LOCAL HAPPENINGS. The Sierra Street Needle-Work Club met yesterday afternoon with Mrs. Carnahan. We make a specialty of ice crearn brick and punch for parties. Home VH.. Cummlngs' Confectionery. Mrs. Ff. F. Cook has purchased the S. Aschenbrenner home on Dexter street, where she will reside with her daughter, Miss Mamie Cook, in the future. The Covina Furniture Company Is offering to the ladles of Covina a genuine present, a.n opportunity to buy for the ridiculous low price of $3.",0 a beautiful 42 piece china dinner sot. They have Just closed a contract with the largcsit manufacturers of fine China ware in the United States for a large quantity of these dinner sets which they offer at this price, $3.50 to each purchaser of $10.00 worth of furniture and upwards. It This week Dr. Lewis S. Thorpe completed an eighteen-foot launch, which he has been constructing during his leisure hours. The boat is propelled by a three horse-power engine. Dr. Thorpe has taken the launch to his summer home at Balboa Beach and anticipates a great deal of pleasure from the little craft during his summer vacation. Mrs. K. M. Wallace is suffering from illness this week. Miss Kulalie Schiffman of Los Angeles, accompanied by Mr. D. O. Cullen, of St. Paul, Minn., was visiting her father, Dr. W. II. Schiffman, on Wednesday. Mr. Cullen was formerly mayor of St. Paul, and his administration was noted for the many public improvements which were commenced and finished during his term of office. Thursday evening of last week the L. S. (boys) and J. O. C. (girls) classes of the Christian Church were entertained by their teachers, Mmes. ,J. E. Heath and E. A. Thomason, in the church parlors, which were cheerfully decorated for the occasion with | all kinds of flowers. There were about forty young people between the ages of fourteen and sixteen present, and •A fine program was given and games 1 enjoyed. Refreshments were served. j Dr. Rojde Bates, who left (.his week , for the East, was given a pleasant surprise last Wednesday evening at the , home of Mrs. .1. E. Heath, where she has been staying lately, by a small coterie of her most'intimate friends. Dr. Bates was given a souvenir Covina spoon and was much touched by the good wishes expressed. Refreshments were served. Those present were Rev. and Mrs. Conley and the iatter's mother, Mrs. Crabtree ofSan Diego, Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Thomason and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crabtree. Prominent Women Appreciate Covina Hospitality. My Dear Miss llerron: The entire membership of the din- Irlct board of tho Federal Ion of Women's Clubs wish to express their | I hanks to you and to your club for the very delightful day spent, with you on your very successful reciprocity day. Covina and her people will always hold a warm place In our affections. Wo are fortunate in having one of your very capable and talented women upon our board (Miss I lawks), so wo keep In touch with you. That delightful ride through the country and orange blossoms was charming. Wo thank you and the kind men who aided you In this ureat pleasure for us. Wo are proud and happy to liear of your generosity In the orplmns' homo work. Kxprcss to all our sincere thanks. Sincerely, Mrs. F. 11. Jones, Sec. BUICK WHITE STREAK MODEL 10—Single rumble, $1150. Botihle nimble. $1200. Surrey scut. $1200. Full, $1350. Including Keiu.v uuijj'iiets ami f> lamps. Four cylinders. Shaft drive. P. E. DOUGHTY, Agent Phmi- 21SS COY1XA <«H«H^">*<K'«-<~X"X»M'>tt"^^^ The carrying of .bonds for a now $10,11(10 school building by a vote of twenty-six to nothing, fully demonstrated this week that the citi/.ons of I'uento have tho future welfare of the town lit heart. Second Team Loses. The Covina second team lost to 111' 1 I.os Angeles Brick Company's \\-.\\\ team last Sunday afternoon on the diamond smith of by li'.o >eoiv ol I'j to -. Many eiTur.s marred i he list less contest Baseball Tomorrow. The I'iuiieer Stars of I .os Angeles ',.'!! lueel the Cotiha 1.,.. • • h.i',1 team on die local (liaiijomi tomorrow at'ieriimm at '.''.'<>) o'clock. Kusncl! and Kendall >viil be da; l'u\ ina ballt-1 ', . OWNER'S ATTENTION. If you havo any roal estate to ox- change for Pasadena property, list It witli me, giving full details In llrst letter of what you have and what you want. E. W. SMITH, With B. t). Kendall Co.. Pasadena,.Cal May D BEST FOR THE PRICE. For Filii 1 Oraiii'.e LANDS , in the SAX .lOAQl'I.N YAI.I.KV call on or address ^l'_' Mercantile Place, Los Annolos. TltK KKICKNS LAND CO. Wolfart OLD AND RELIABLE Jewdry Establishment We carry a complete line of suitable presents for every occasion. Commencement Annual Meeting. Notice is hereby niveti that I lie annual meeting nl' I he stockholders of Ilie San (lahriel Valley Milling Company uill lie In-Ill at the ullice ot (he corporal ion in Co 1 , ina on !'hui .-ila> . .lime to. I'.in't. a( In a.m.. for die election of nii'ei I oi s. ami such oilier Musi i.e.-** a--> may [iii>iu-il> i oinc l.i-fuiv lUe n '-.-I in.: I.. I.. Kalckin. S,-v. \ i 1 ' WATCHES RINGS CHARMS LOCKE1S CHAINS The Finest Grades at Reasonable Prices. Weddings—Cut Glass FRUIT BOWLS BERRY DISHES CRUET SETS CANDELABRAS For Your Wife Artistic ard unique MANTLE CLOCKS, the latest desigi $7.50 to $10.00. Oneida Community Plate the latest designs, ranging in price from Sold under an absolute 25-year guarantee. THE CHARACTER OF OUR REPAIR WORK IS WELL ESTABLISHED. CITRUS AVENUE The stand we have occupied for twelve year.;. S *^ * •x<~x~XKK"X'<^x~:"X~x«x«X"X' 9 8 8 Everyone Knows that little fairy story about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Do yon chase rainbows, always looking for better and cheaper goods somewhere else? Try buying here and you will find you need not look for the end of the rainbow. If you stick a little closer to your own stores they will grow and oUiers will come. They will make a little money and make the town grow and look more prosperous. Every man has a right to spend his money where he pleases, but exercising his right might not always be good judgment. Jay Gould threw away untold millions because in his arrogance he declined to listen to "Westinghouse with his air brake. Sometimes a country merchant knows a thing or two. I suppose occasionally they are cranks, like myself, but this world is made to move by men who are cranks, and by the way, do you know men make towns? No town is so favored by climate or location that it will make itself. We merchants help a little. We pay obout $4,000 per year taxes, part of which goes to support our schools and without which they could not be maintained at their present standard unless your own taxes were largely increased. We occupy business property, largely increasing the value of all property adjacent thereto, and adding to the attractiveness of our town, as a place of residence. We do not seek any charity or complimentary business. We cannot exist upon the sale of thread and patterns nor by matching an occasional price of goods. These are matters for your consideration. The Golden Rule is a fine rule. By spreading ill of your merchants, recommending your neighbors to go to Los Angeles and Pomona you are injuring yourself more than us. Many merchants are seeking locations. 'When they think our stores are inadequate, our prices too high, and our service insufficient, they will enter into competition with us atid they are welcome. • Special Sale The val- Thursday Three days only, ladies wash and khaki skirts, ues are unusual and we suggest an early choice, the entire lot goes to our Imperial store. Ladies 1 Panama Hats City stores ask $5.00 to $10.00. We will furnish our customers these hats at $4.50. When we put a pair of j S 8 jj j i i i "MEN! "EASE" SHOES i mi your feet and say we hope you will like them and that you will conic again, we are just as sure of you doing both as we are of the sun rising in the east tomorrow morning. We never saw it fail. You know yourself arid the people of this town well enough to know that there isn't a man among yon who would buy a second pair of MEXZ "EASE" if the first pair didn't give satisfaction. Why is it that we can name dozens of men right in this town who would be insulted if we showed them any other than a MEXZ "EASE?" Why is it that there are others who wouldn't wear any other shoe but a MEXZ "EASE" if we paid them to do it ". Why don't these dozens of steady MEXZ "EASE" customers of ours buy one of the many imitations that are offered as "just as good?" We know two or three who were taken in by those "just as good" claims about six months ago but they will ail tell you today that they are wearing MEXZ "EASE." Black or Tan. Plain and Cap Toe, Mlutcher and Bui— $4.00 and $3.50 is the pries There is only one Elk-Skin Shoe that vili <:!ve > T\ ice and comfort satisfaction. That's the MEXZ "KA.-E" and we sell it. It has tl'.e iiiiMiisliii:g marks- ~\\ <• na;i!<- on sole and the yellow >ilk lithe!. hook ll|) the ad\ ert iseniellts nt tile Mell/ie.s Shoe ('o. in the SA'ITKPAY EVEXIXt; POST and read what they say about the MEXZ "EASE" ..hoc. THE Broad well Stores Store closed all day Monday

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