The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 18, 1977 · Page 6
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 6

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1977
Page 6
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\ NEWS (CONN.), MONDAY, .TULY 2, 1<MO I HOW RADIO WILL SPARK A-BOMB .•.• . -Hitter For Millville Win Curran Masterful In Win Over Strong Highlanders V Wins Victory Open Baseball Standings AMERICAN LEAGUE Yesterday's R«milts Philadelphia -I, Detroit 3 (Lit), Dnlrok 11. Philadelphia 7 (2(1). Washington 2, Cleveland I (1st) Wauhlngton 7, Cleveland S (2d) Now XUI-K S. Chicajro -' (1st), Chlenfro D. New York 3 (2d>, Boston C, St. Louis 0 (let), Boston 7, St Louis 4 (2ci). i Kudlo ImjjnUcM Hunt nut from Ihn U. M. S, Ctirnhcrluricl SiiuiHl. Imliciit- »xl In ti>|. (Iruwlnj; (I), will ili.tmiut« tho undrrwuti-r A-l.oinl) for "Tu.ik Mi 1 "'" " ( ' c "" (l "' ""' 1J U<I"I UtROon rx|><<rlmrnt.s. scheduled for July *fl. Tlifi hnnili will do .HUN|ii-iiil«(l rrnni u Npi-clut luirffc (2). Aftwr tlic f>rnpfr Hnctr<mk- ni^ohnnl«m hn.t IJCDH rwiuHiiU. tin- luat inun to Icuvo thf |(t£onn will juill n .mvltth on Die IMII-KH iin(l| dn.sli for s;ifrtv on n »x)Ht, T»vo liuiir* Inter tho ruclio Imiml.siw will M>urk tho'cxplo- flir forinor Jii|> ImttlfNlitp NiiK'itto. thu currier SuriilnKii tho i mid Nrvcrul .mnnlli-r wurM.lpM will liu th.< |>rlncipii'l t;ir R ots. . h.v iirrow.M (.'() u niiinbcr of ilrun lf Ixjutn v/lll !„• <Uri-otoil III mi i-fffirt tri ([(illncfl; siuinilf.s of r;idlo-:ictlv)itod \ (fntcrfiutlonul) ~ ' Tim Standing W. L. on 65 35 Yew York IS 36 Dc-:i-oll, -19 37 WashlnRton 44 42 Jlcvolnnd 41 47 St. Louis 33 CO Chlnnno 3-1 C3 Philadelphia 2G CO No £amus scheduled totlay. NATIONAL LEAGUE & f TTrTTTJTTTT Tl LlllilflLLLI I'l'miftiit/i LITTLE FOXES fl n ATS: 7fn-.. 51.fin, Jl.fiO, $2.0'i pillH tux Tol. I,ltchtMd tiHO Next VVr;fil«: Hpimruto K<i<in\» STRnno 2nd BIG WEEK I Claudetlc COLBERT John WAYNE WITHOUT jtEiERtiflTIQfil DON DoFORE 2nd HUT eamfioQ FOR A CAB TEL. 5285 DAY or NIGHT Independent Cab Co. ' Fct .722 .59(5 , r ,70 .312 .466 .•132 .391 .302 Cincinnati r,. New Yot-lt 0 (1st) New York 2, Cincinnati 1 (2(1) ChicfiK-o a. Philadelphia 0 (1st) Philadelphia -I. Chicago 2 (2ci), P.I joklyn 3, Pittsbui-R-'h 0 Cist) Brooklyn G, Pittsburgh 0 (2d). St. I.ouia 2, Boston 1 (1st). St. Loui.s «. Boston 4 (2d). Tho .Standing W. L, p ct . inn smith ' St. Froncft LANGFORO Rnlph EDWARDS jy« (ASM GREAT GUY ALCAZAR NOTICE Theater Closed for Alterations Starting July 20th men or n quinim OH I CUiril HAViNG TROUBL WITH YOUR CESSPOOL use Starco CESSPOOL CLEANER BOTHER _ FUSS or SHUTDOV/N RELIEVES CLOGGED OR SLUGGISH CESSPOOLS SCPT/O TANKS - DRAINS ELIMINATES ODORS 5-10-25-50,100 Pound ConUinor, S_O..L D D Y Naugratuck Lumber Co. PLAY POOL On First Class Tables R & M ALLEYS Ji>5 SALEM PLAYHOUSE TODAY DErOURl Cincinnati Boston Ni;u- York YOU CAN REVIVE VOUR LAPSED GOVERNMENT INSURANCE IN A JIFFV. - NO PHYSICAL EXAM. REQUIRED DURING-1946, League. Games Marked By Upsets As Underdogs Go 'On Rampage Chct Usaklewlcz hurled- five-hit baseball yesterday afternoon to feature Sunday's Amateur xLeaguc piny as Harry Stauffei-'n Mlllvilln A. A. scored their, first victory of the .season, dufeatlng St. . Michael's Crusaders of Beacon Falls by a 7-2 score. The local nine took advnnt- ..2 of every miss-play by the Beacon Falls combine, and bunched their hits in the seventh Inning to drive Charley Kcvit Jr. to cover. In .the opening game of the nf-1 tcrnoon Dae Currnn proved him-j iclf a complete master over thn strong. Highlanders as !.ho : St. j Francis nine defeated Milt Woisar i man's strong team by an 11-3 score, j WUh tho exception of a home-run | oi-vcd up to hard-hitting-• •• Lou i Nordby, Cm-ran was In complete ; ontrol,. striking out 33, walking; our, but only allowing six hits.. ' True errors also. kept Owr»ns of ho.-Highlanders in hot-water-'.all lay,, but that St. Francis boys were 'ly clubbing the ball. The Kenedy-men gathered 33 hits off of wens and Mahaffey to win going ,-i.way. The nightcn.p was the best con- i.cst of the two with both clubs battling until thp final out. A wild peg in the bottom h;Uf of the eighth gave Millville? throe; raarkera : nn<] tho bnll-game. Next Sunday the first half race will come io n with the Highlanders meeting tho Rangers' ;it 1:30. St. Francis will play St, Michaels In the second gi'.me. Another Inrgc crowd is expected. The box scores. ST. FRANCIS 023 212 oni—i] 13 Highlanders 000 010 020-- 3 13 Batteries: C u r r a n-M aria n Owens, Mi!.r.uffey-Whlte, Swan, Umpire: Ha.ssendrclt. Grays Defeat Bethlehem By Narrow Margin Fruin Homers Twice; Burke, Dominick, Massa Also Hit Well Sparked by ihc tremendous hitting of Jack Fruin «.nd Bill Burke, the N.TURatuck. Grays yesterday edged out the Bethlehem tcnm of the Pomncraup League by an S-7 score, in ,a free hitting- contest. The locals clinched the game in the sixth inning when Fruin came through with his second home run of tho do.y with one man on to fen- turc the rally. It was in this inning that Burke Rot his longest hit [ of the four he Barriered, a double. „„ Saturday, Loses Although Vin Healy pitchi excellent three-hit effort in -» atr urday's American Legion contest played here n,t the Recreation Field against Seymour, the Jocal hurler tost the game by a 15-4 score After hold in,* the Seymour'com- bine fairly well in hand until the seventh th c team behind • suddenly came apart at the , . Dominick and Massa also hit well for the locals. C.Kiy'n McCann 3b Fruin cf . . Murp/iy ss Mrssa c . . Sulliv.-sn Jb Dominick i-r Burke 2b . . De Carlo If Tybursld p Caulfield p nb h po : 3 7 o n ?, o Totals Hcroux ,3b Jenkins If Skclte S3 CniBJiders 100 000 010--2 5 3 AttHville A.A.. 200 008 03x—7. 8 Butteries; UsakJewicx-Snn Cruaadors . . 100 000 01-0—2 5 vKeyit, Mankowski-Zukowafci, Umpire:' -1^00. i: : : • Millville Plays Highlanders Tonight J5yrc;n Nijlscn. the lord, came through :iK;iin Sunday when -he suc- ccHsfully <tafi>ml<.-if his title, as Victory National l>i>cn. champion, ut Chlca/ro, :i 27!) to win. [ . Tennis-Making [Undefeated In Interd€partii|ent League Anderson cf S. Wcrenko c Sin son 21> . . Root rf Scrcluck p . . . Mcsltun rf . 40 16 27 12 BETHLKHEM ab h po a 4103 3 fi 1 3 S 0 0 1 . fi 1 . 3 1 ..33 .403 .4281 . •', 1 -I 3 420 210. 100 ugh the medium of to scorn --- -.•!*, i,*_»>i two in~ ning«. Casagi-andc was then called in from the outfield for Seymour to hold the strong local team jn check for the last two innings, which he did m an admirable fashion, allowing only one mnn to reach base, Joe Hoaly, and he via the free pass route. Score by innings: Seymour 000000320— r, 3 3 Naugutuck .. 000 11 2O00 f , 6 r Batteries: (winning -team fi'rst)" Mnlcyk, Canngrandc 7, Healy, San Angclo. Umpire: Galeski.' BICYCLE SUPPLIES AT CUT-RATE PRICES: SANZERFS £•«'£ 20 SAVINGS ST. DMT, 5-OS47 Softball Loop Winds Up Season D u r i-n g 1 Week's Play' STHKET iAt a meeting of the managers Tlll3 '^ St SVCG ' <I P r °Sress was reported on ! pians for th'o ieaguu ot-'ting.- It was i dtcid'ed 10 hold the event on Wedi ,iiLsdaj- c\-enitig. August 21st, at The intordepartmcnt S o f t ta a 11 ' H <SSCn ; s Gl-Ovc - A < - atc «}' h f ^ en , ..,,,,..,, socui-od l.o -supply the refreshments League ol tho Un-.tort btu.. es Rub-1 ^ n fu]1 p ,^m is planned, bcr Company x.oolw on ,.pl,,n w.nds - - ' p ^ , chodl ^ c fol . th(? up its regular cnxuo srhedu c with , „' , , . , ,, this v,eekX Komra. .all of which l-^ }oa ^ c **™ s ls ™™w- were woshcd out by rain earlier in / ?i Tuesday, July 23 ; .j,>"orth Diamond,. Waterproof : Rack-Stores vs. Gum Shoes. Farrar. Tennis Making retains solo pos- ^Rack-Stores vs. Gum Shoes. Farrar. session of tUc pljice spot going- i South Diamond,'Tennis'Mill-Mold into the final wock of play. The un-:- VK - L-'-boratory, Rado. Also "HOT CARGO" •1'IIV NKVVS WANT ADS PAULETTE GODDARD BURGESS MEREDITH KURD HATKIEID FRANCIS U5DERJER »UAirui,iiuaHrniMr Tues. - Wed. - Thurs For correct information . contact, ect information . contact, your aVETERA NS ADMINISTftA- office Cur.s Called l r or and Delivered Our Complete Services Give You Carefree Vacation Driving 1 !! POUST^S SERVICE STATION 144- Rubber Ave. Tel. 4935 The Millville A. A. will cla.rih with he Highlanders at Recreation Field ' thc aerisorl top.iglu at G-p: m. Players'of both teams are asked to report to the field cai-ly. This \vill h c a nor.-1 • - , league- tilt. . ' defeated Gcruch men have played a! . Wcdnrsdivy, July Mark Jones 01-Lc'tty Boottgcr will I ' <onn ' J1 " Jnc ' c ^ ' Ja " ' n holding on! | ( North Diamond, Tennis Making toe the mound for Millville with ' to flrst n ' acc Sil1co l;!lc start of hos- '*•'$• Gum Shoos, Klnne?ki. "" ' tiHtics. In what shnpQu up to bo the outstanding game of the season, Making is sUUccf to clash with Frcil Mowrvy's Gum Shoes on Wod- ncsciay evening. Gum Shoes have lost but ono game while posting:six ,.„.... _ „.,,. wir..s to deadlock thc Laboratory {"^;u C rproof Pack-Stores. Rndo combine for .second place in the"'", ' ' In another feature g;\mK on thi.s Totals 35 10 27 1 Score by innings Naugatuck ... 030 705 000—S ifi Bothlchcm . . 010 001 500-7 10 1 Runs: McCann, Fruin 2. Doml nick 2, Burke, DeCarlo, Tybcrski Hcroux. Jenkins,, S. Wcrenko 2, Sla son, Root, Serduck. Errors: Mur phy, Burke, DeCarlo. Jenkins. R.jn.- Ir-attod in: McCann, Fruin 3, Burke 2 Tybcrski Heroux, Skclte, Davis Root 2, Sarduck. Two base hits: Dominick, Massa, Burke. Home runs: Fruin 2. Stolen bases: Bui-ke, Fj-uiJv.McC.imi, Root, Slason, Davis! Double plays: Skclte to .Sl.-i.son to Davis. I>ft on bases: Naugatuck 10, Bethlehem 7. Bases on ballsoff: Tybcrski 2 In 6, Caulfield 1 in 3, Sovduck 5. Hits off: Tybprski 8 in R Caulfleld 2. Hit by pitcher, by Scr- duck-Massa, McCann. Struck out by Tyborski 4. Caulfield 3, Sorduck 6. Winning pitcher:' Tybcrskf. Losing pitcher. Sorcluck. Time:'2:40. toe the mound for Millville with Owens, Mah.-iffoy, or Schllloi- hurling for the Milt Wcissm.™ array. SWEDBS OOMIXG HJKKK Varberp. Sweden, July 22—(UP) —Sweden's Davis Cup tnnn-is team, with the European titln safely tucked away, made plans today for an invasion of the United States. . The Swedes arc scheduled to play the American tenm ;;t Forest Hills, New York on August ISth, 17th jind' 18th for-the i-iR-ht to ehailenR-e ADS- trrilia for the famous Davis • Cup trophy. Center Diamond, InO. Eng.—Of- .'fl'oe vs. Tennis Mill-Mold, Martinez. •South Dis.i/iond. Waterproof Pack- Stores vs. Laboratory, Tuckey. i Tur.sday, July 30 ;' Korlh Diamond, Root Room vs. Tlie S Great Salt Lake of Utah is about 35 miles n-a-ide and has a maximum length of 75 miles. It is from 20 to 50 feet deep. week's schedule, the Laboratory , club will play on Tuesday the much improved Tennis Mill- Mold com bine. Regardless of tlic outcome of this week's Raines, Tennis Making:, Gum Shoes, and thr Lab have definitely tfcnnis Makinff . Cvum Shoe;; linborn.lorj 1 {Tennis Mill-Mold Wtpf. Pack-Stor AH Kinii!i of Trucking—Ashen lite. Iccniovod McNamara Trucking Cc. .'!! \Vnst NllllKiitllcU Tel. ;)i)G2 Darryl F. Zanuck presents IRENE DUNNE — REX HARRISON LINDA DARNELL ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM with I.KK, ,1. COmi - OAl.K, SONHKIUiAAKH - MTKMAIT, KASUMNY DKNN1S HOr.Y - TITO IlKNALDO - UtCIIAJlU LYON 2nd HIT : Mill 1 ; IIAI> A WAY WITH M!5N STRANGE TRIANGLE SIC1NK 1IASSO. .— I'UKSTOX FOSTKU — AKSO I.ATKST NEWS — ""'" ' • . • week's gjjincs, Tennis Making, Gum If 1 ' 1 - Eng.-Olllce hiclc, thc base of much chew- Shocs > a nt l thr Lab have doilnitcly ij 00 '- Room . . gum. is the coagulated sap of °" tlln '''K 1 '"- to participate in ihu ' (inyfoes aapodllla tree. . . ] four-team round i-ohin for factory' CTechsinieal ... —— _ 'championship which will gr;t untle'r ' *''''c Brigade . . * :—- TVaV On AiiLrimt fit-l-i T^^v,;^ Arm k " — — GET A JEEP | IMMEDIATE PEI.TVKRY I Vnur WH.LVS-OVEHI.ANU Dculor I LIBERTY MOTORS, Inc.! ffurrtru>n Avmiin I I vmn Off KxiilnuiKii Plnrc. \Viilorhury ' • SWIM AT QUASSY BEACH " LAKE QUASSABAUG, •way on August fith. Tennis Mold scorns the best, lict to enrj up as the foiu-f.h (.cam. However, JncL- .Enp-O.(/lcc, VVatei proof P,-K.-k-,Storcs, and the Eool. Room havo hotter than an even chance of coniinr throuyh. CHAPPIE'S TYDOL GASOLINE AM) SERVICE STATION 248 BRIDGE ST. TEL. 4800 MrMtl.I-VN MOTOR Oir.S A fresh coat of paint on dt« ^rood-work «od wml]«'«rill make that room new agaio« And if you use the right paicXt you c*a etsilv keep it dec* «od ocm-look'iDR with to>p «od water; We recommend Murphy Paints •xfwrier « See Our Large Stock of LAWN and GARDEN SEEDS also All Kinds of Fertilizers BITE jMsirhlchfind, Mass., July 22 — '--A woman reported to (>lif.-(; sl-io was bitten 'on the bn by u kitten. She adds -the kit'~ diet! n few minutes later. NAUGATUCK SPORT \ & AUTO SUPPLY | "BUSS" WEAVING, Prop. J Winslow Court Tel. SS9I } AUTO PARTS SPORTS GOODS J SEAT COVERS J LOOK OUT, RAMS! NOW SANDY BEACH LAKE QUASSAPAUG DICK FINLEY, MRr. • Opon 10 A. M. to 10 I.V..M. Banting; 0 Uatlilnfr 9 I'icnlc«p DANCE Every Saturday Night 0 P. M. TO 1 A. M. nt DUFFY'S RESTAURANT VVATKB STIUSKT Music n.v The ITnmouii G. I. TWILIGHT TRIO Little Hof Brau 406 NOKTII MAIN ST. "Al" and Vern Budrin, Props. Daily Luncheons, Dinners and A La Carte Menu Full Liquor License • DANCING . FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY J Open Daily Until 1 A, M.: C.K.M.. (iliiHn™ rtiii), nircrf. In Konrh C.'I.KAXKST StfO.T IN TFIE 8TATK fovn of J SCALE" " S T f 'J'* 1 aW«/Ip 'Ming jyjimAk WSMi^ '".SCAtrorRUST Keeps radiator cooling- .system : free -at scale, iind riist. CS2 NORTH MAIN ST. Union Cily - Tel. 2083 • c • TOOES FOR GARDEN and LAWN SHOVELS (long and nhort handles) GARDKX RAKKS HOES — SPADKS TRUNING SlfEARS GRASS SHEARS :\ C •G Cv CANS, Inc. Maple St. Tel. 3507 Be; Steady, interesting work making our famous Keds, Gaytees, and other quality footwear Now Available / FOR WOMEN Apply at our Employment Office . . Rubber Ave. at Water St. ?: •' -:-'••> I : . '': .... UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. Footwear Plant Naugatuck Conn. 8MSC] ROOFING ROCK WOOL INSULATION COMBINATION STORM SASH '• t , , ' , .,'.,. ._, ,^_ Valley Home Imprpveiiient Go. COR. MAIN. AND COLUMBIA STRKETS, ANSONIA (f. OF ,,TO WN CAtLs . DKRBY 1719 RKVISRSE CJIAKGES! [JUNE JKS

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