Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 29, 1909 · Page 7
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 7

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1909
Page 7
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***************** * -* ***************** * '* J Q Viol a nf ftiA Q^nnoiac * * * * * * * * Shela of the Sequoias. How Shad Bennett's Daughter Solved Her Own Life Mystery. *************.****** ~* ***************** (Continued from last week) It was nearing midnight when Shad Bennett awoke from a drowse to feel a hand upon his shoulder, and beheld the dark form of Rene Sanchez standing beside him. "Shela, the dream girl," the Indian said dramatically, and pointed out into the darkness to the north. The father turned to look for her. It was true. She was gone. By this time the others were awake. Sanchez waited impatiently while they gathered together the provisions, and then led them out into the blackness of the night. The Indian moved swiftly over the perilous ground, pausing now and then to listen and allow the others to overtake him, always traveling with the instinct of the savage toward the north. D aylight found them struggling through a mass of low un derbrush, from which they emerged to gaze at bald and unfamiliar bluffs high above them, and as they stood in weary indecision, the Indian pointed to a ledge of rock half mile distant where the girl's brown khaki showed for a moment against the dull red of the sandstone. In another hour they overtook her, and fell in line behind to trail through the hot morning without a moment's rest. Shela kept to an unbroken ledge of rock far up the hillside, winding interminably about now up, now far down and up again until in the late afternoon, she stum bled, the first mis-step she had taker since the weird journey began; am her father approached to find her cry ing softly, her face drawn with fati gue. Again the party camped, Shela falling asleep in her father's arms, to wake at intervals and beg him to take her home. Tears came to the rugged face of the woodman, but he would only answer that she must rest awhile. At a little distance from the camping party another tiny fire glowed where Rene Sanchez had taken up his half- sleeping, half-waking vigil. Selden had accosted him angrily during the day commanding him -to leave them, but Sbad Bennett remembered the service the Indian had rendered them and refused to allow him to break from the party. "I desire to go with the dream girl to the end of the journey," the old Indian said, softly. "Where is the end of the journey?" asked Selden, angrily. "I do not know. I desire to know," was the Indian's cryptic answer. Hardly had the evening fire died to a glow when Shela rose stealthily and vanished in the darkness. Worn to the point of exhaustion as the men of the party were, there was nothing to do but trail her. She had gone but a few miles in the difficult brush and inky darkness, when the party over took her, lying prone upon the floor of a pine forest, the Indian standing guard over her. Here she slept until the following day was far spent. For three days and nights Shad Bennett, the girl's lover, and the young medical student trailed the girl in the heart of the mysterious, silent wilderness of rock and stunted brush, meet ing no man in this wild; staggering on; spurred to a terrible pace by the superhuman endurance of Shela, tho woodman's daughter. Always whet the camp was made, Rene Sanchez also made his bed near them. Seldei was now too exhausted to quarel with the native, and all had ceased to won der when the strain would come to an end. It was the evening of the tenth da> since Shela Bennett had left her ten beneath the professor's sequoia grove that she vanished from their sigh with a cunning which baffled even tin Indian who seemed to divine the join ney's end. The moon was sailin half-hid beneath the rain-clouds, an the fitful, evanescent light enabled th party to determine that they stood on a high point above the Ki'eat. amphi- Uu-aii-i of red-ivood trees. Working their way down into the forest, the men stood in !>ile::re beneath mon- arches, age.-; old, trees towering to a breathless height, trees of auch Kirth as tho trained woodmen had never looked uron before. In the half-light the boles of the v.cir;:lerfnl forest. kiiiKH stretch'-d on into the shut-in valh-y onward. And here they came upon he ruin of some great structure of he past, the rotting timbers fairly disintegrated and blended Into the earth, while the masonry of the outer walls waii scattered about and grown over by the underbrush of the forest, lere and there through the trees the remains of other ruins rose in a few blocks of masonry clinging together and making a last stand "against the t'avages of time. As the party pushed onward smaller ruins were encountered, until the valley ended abruptly in a towering wall of mountain rock. "She is here," said Sanchez; "she cannot go farther. She does not wish to go farther. We must wait for light." Shad Bennett had come to trust the Indian. He commanded that camp be made, and while the long hours of the night passed the party sat watchful In the darkness, gazing out upon the almost obliterated signs of a mountain village of days long gone. A long wailing wind swept through the little valley, striking the wall at the head of the glen, to" return in little gusts that swirled the dead foliage of the forest floor about them. The gray of morning had begun to creep into the darkened glade, when Rene Sanchez uttered a gutteral exclamation, and the men looked up suddenly to catch a glimpse of Shela Bennett, walking with head depressed as if in puzzled indecision. To those who watched her she seemed to be pacing back and forth between the wall of rock at the far end of the glen, stopping, hesitating, and then resuming her pacing before the gloomy wall. Even as her father approached she isappeared before his eyes into thick rush that grew against the mountain vail. Sanchez plunged in after her nd the others followed at his heels, a moment they were pulled into was driven onward over the terrible mountain paths to this niche in a far, hidden grove of the Santa Cruz moun- ains. But she would not go back vith them to ctvillzotiou until they iromised her the two caskets and the •rucifix should be removed to the set- lement below. A force of men came many days later and toiled down tho nountaln slopes with the strange burdens, and Shad Bennett caused thorn to be placed lu a sealed vault of masonry near the spot where the cabin stood. Not until the four men and the girl arrived In the settlement again over the weird trail they had followed for days, did they learn that a groat city on n bay of the Pacific had gone down before trembler and flame, had rocked with the tortured earth at the time when they clutched at the Moor of the cavern in the far interior of the hills. Not until they wore greeted by the anxious searching parties of woodmen did they know that the pretty village of Santa Crux had been cruelly riven by the uneasy ground beneath it. Sometimes, one may find Shela in these days, crooning a lullaby to a hillside cabin, that Selden has built for himself and his dream girl of the Santa Cruz mountains. Or, if the cabin is bereft of her, a short journey beneath the redwoods may result in a glimpse of Shela, seated in the needles near the rude mausoleum of granite which bears above the tall crucifix of bronze. Shela's eyes never again clouded with mysterious longing. Her happy crooning was kept for Sheldon's baby, and no one visited the ruined city of the hills, save Rene Sanchez, who made the journey many i times, but never told what he found there. Anderson, the medical student, never told his fellows of Shela, nor did ; he speak of the journey of ten days into the mountains when Shela, daughter of Shad Bennett, led them to a city of buried history. They would not believe and he could not explain. He only knew that, with the removal of the bronze crucifix and caskets from the ancient cavern of the hills, the sleeping sickness pased away forever from Shad Bennett's red-winged blackbird of'the Sequoias. (The end.) HENRY L. MARSHALL. Mowell & Howell BREAD Light, Sweet and Wholesome FRESH EVERY DAY AT Cake and Confectionery Wagosj through valley daily. Your Patronage will be appreciated by us. We are doubling 1 our efforts to give you the bent Groceries Vegetables and Fresh Meats ROBERT CRENSHAW Our motto: Prime goods and moderate prices. Photic 22 IV YOU WANT ANY PAINTING KALSOMINING OR PAPER HANGING done, see me before you let your job. All work guaranteed and prices reasonable. Phone 51. C. H. Kistler C. H. Allen F. M. McHugh Ask the Boys for Prices McHUQH & ALLEN Reo Garage and Machine Shop Storage Batteries Charged Phone 1121 Die, Pattern and Model Making 107 West College Avenue COVINA, CAL. **###*#**###•###*## * . * • WE CAN FIND YOU * A BUYER ! # * # # * * *• ! * :# AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA ASSETS OVER $2,000,000 4 PER IMI-KPST - CPNT PAII) ON SAVINOS .W-N I ACCOUNTS 4. Special attention given to banking by moll. INTRHI-ST r [MU> UN SPRCIAI, 1 CHUCKING ACCOUNTS Write for Information. It takes a. good deal of Machinery as if th.:- 1 ' i: •iniii oning. Th<- MI. i tains '.vas .viihoul rerk , i k of ilie moun- t'-'r he very heart of the wall by the hand f Sanchez. The men stood upright in flickering glow of light. "See," said Anderson, holding out is hand which had been searching ibout him; "phosphorus. The walls re lined with rotten wood, redwood ogs, tremendous trees piled one on op of another. ' We are in a man-made avern. We must have some kind of i light to proceed by." As he spoke, the ground beneath hem seemed to suddenly rend apart and a long, sickening shudder passed hrough the wall of the mountain. Shad Bennett, Selden and the medial student were thrown to the floor of the cavern, and as they lay, the roar of a tremendous slide or rock and ravel passed over their heads. The mouth of the retreat where they lay was choked with fine dust. Strug- iling to their feet they were again thrown to the ground, and when the horrible trembling ceased, the mountain wall bad toppled into the valley. The sun of moVning was shining into their roofless cavern, and the grove where they had been but a moment before was filled with rock and debris of the mountainsllde in inde- srrible confusion. Then a cairn, almost as terrifying as the frightful roar and detonation of the landslide, settled upon the valley, and as the dust, floated away, a long, jagged crevice, running diagonally across the face of the range could plainly be discerned. The medical student was the first to speak. He sat up, tugging at his watch chain, smiling weakly. "Just ten minutes pai,t five o'clock," he said. "Look there!" exclaimed Keldi-n "Shela!" He started running toward her down the roofless cavern. The in terior, exposed to view by the slide of earth from above, presented a scene that matched ill with the garish light which had never befoiv crept in upon it. At the far end of this great room ! fashioned of rotting logs, the form of jtlie young girl was seen, kneeling, lie- fore her was an immense cross of bron/*', dull with age, and reaching far I above the girl's bowed head. To tie' j right anil left <A' the crucifix were IOIIK !bron/e buxcs, resting r \\ hewn Hone.. •The ^jrl was clinKJlig to the hase of !!*!•• cioss wiih eyes wi<)<- open anil fiili j . >he f ii into hi* arms and lay without 1 speaking as the others gathered i ;.<•,,,.|,,i her. hi." h;:<l lea. h.->J in- de- ! .-! |-i • i,i her Y. ;i ii'len ngs. !* . j. Notice of Annual Meeting of Members, j ™ Notice is hereby given that the an-1 ^ nual meeting of the members of the | # Christian Church, a corporation, will j fc be held at the church in Covina on ] j£ Tuesday, the 1st day of June, 1009, at j 8 o'clock p.m. of said day, for the purpose of electing trustees, and for the transaction of auch other business as may. be brought before said meeting. By order of the president. Dated, Covina, California, May 15, 1909. ID. O. THOMASON, Secretary. -29 For Orange Groves Alfalfa Lands or City Property List your property with us. Covina Realty Co. * * * * * * # # * *• •*• * # # * FOR SALP:—10 acres of good Valencia land, without water, but water can be had. Price $1,600. Frostless belt. See A. Warner. COVINA FINE SHOE REPAIRING REASONABLE PRICES Citrus Avenue For Sale I have a real bargain an a modern five-room cottage. JEROME REYNOLDS Real Estate and Insurance A. J. ROOKS General o run your ranch, doesn't it? Something need fixiny? That's ,vhat we do— WE FIX THINGS Thoroughly equipped for all classes of machine work. Patterns made. Estimates furnished. We'manufacture tho "KT" valves and gates. THE KELLAR-THOMASON MFG. CO. Shop and Office opposite S. P. Depot Home Phone 289 Covina, Cat. I. N. WILSON The Blacksmith With the most skillful mechanics and the bent equipment we can do your work in the most workmanlike and best manner in shorter time and at a reasonable cost to you. We also carry a line of Farm Implements, Wagons* Etc, and if you are thinking of purchasing a vehicle 01 any kind we in vite you to call and look over our line and talk the matter over. We will guarantee you a square deal and save you a few dollars besides All kind* of general and heavy Blacksinithiu^. We manufacture Ridkers, Orange Racks and I5ox PI-CHHCM Horseshoeing a Specialty Home Phone IOQ? Shop West Badillo Si, Cavina eyes ; We Make It Easy j'or you In possess a Imul; ni^'oiuit. Vmi i-;m <.p' - n JIM iii'i'uiinl lii')'<- \vilh Oil'- bol!;ir Vuii '-iin ;n|i| tn it as ol't-'ii as ;•()',! \ HI afi\' ain»iiut you desin . \Ve an- anxious to do our pa rt and v.'oiil<|, nr/c you to avail yoiii'srir of lite ad'. a f.ta J.'es ami i'acililns ,vc pla<-e at tlii' disposal of palroir-.. Your l)ii-,ii,''>s v.'i-l'-oiiii )i<-f. The Covina National Bank We are headquarters for repairs for all machinery Come in and see the "Milwaukee 11 and Buckeye Mowers TWOMEY & DILLER, Inc. COVJNA, CALIFORNIA Laprohes, Dusters and Harness ORCHARDISTS! FOR RED SPIDER ! have your on.hards treated with our specially prepared dry sulphur spray. N'KW MKTIfOU MOW I'K'OCKSS STOWELL FUMIGATING COMPANY Call up 1'hutic 177, Charl.-r O il<. I'lioii.' I') 1 ), Covin COVINA MEAT MARKET .1. I . KHNIIAI.I., 1'rop. Fresh and Tender Beef, Mutton, Pork, lite.

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