The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 18, 1977 · Page 5
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 5

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1977
Page 5
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V TKI,. S Wow-York Offtco: 270 LAFAYETTE'ST. CAnal.0-7468 BEACON MANUFACTURING CO. SCRKW MACHINE PRODUCTS SEVMOUR, CONN. I*, o. iiox no HOME-MA CHURCH ST. BAKERY } Product* ' i ELITE j Bnknry \ NAUG. 2507 i PEERLESS LAUNDRY - Dry <Jlrmn>rn J50 NO. MAIN HT. NitiiKUtuck 5804 WAI/TKR KONCAf, Masonry of nil ItlmlM Ml Full-child St. Ti-1. mm 5U/INE// P£R/ONALITIE/ AND -V/^x/ S}*,^ ..II JS~ ^%//J . AND AND Sf I^VICf S BEAN Dry Goods Store On (TJhurch Street May We Servo All Your Need* In Dry Goods KENNEDY BUY GOODS STORK 18G Church St. — Tel, 3-191 NuiiKitttlck Lord's Servicenter 'Service for Evcryono" I.UUHICATION - TIRES 11B .V. Slillll St. T«l. •!«».'{ EGGS ? I'l.OKA'S I'OW.TRY KutnlillMhoil 1030 FLORA K, I'lNKIIAM I'lnt'N UrUljfp - Itritoon Full* Duren Roofing Co. -- — O --Hoofing - Siding - IiiHuliitlon <IH UAMONA AVKNUK Wlitnrhury — Tel. S-7IHIJ BLANKETS NOW 70 CIIJTUCII ST. 5()c Down (JOc Woclily Gives you u blnnknt In Si'pfrnmbor IIOSTON STORK Dry Good* TKI,, BUBO Auto Body Work IJfiiin Hy CARL ut Rubber Ave. Garage 1,'tn Riihh«r Avo. T(0. 4HB3 D. Thurston's Sons Ice Company OIL BURNERS FUEL OIL Rl'fStiHK AVKNi;iC Vic's Smoke Shop C'aml.v, '•'<' <!ri-iini, Soft MIIRIIV.I"!'.*. TO.VM ST. Nm HY-LITE Plating Co. Imlnwlrliil ('Inline—I'rci-Nlim riiilln* Di-rnri.llvi' I'lulInK H H> KllMM'r AVIMIIII* NAIMIAITCK. Cl Joe's Restaurant KINK I'OOO und Sprnlul Alti-iitllun fur Wedding I'lirtli'M 1M MAIN ST., SKYMOt/K Tut. 2KI13 George J. Demcrs HOOKING OK AM. TYI'KS Clilntnc.VH Clrimrd, Itopnlrrd 117 CITY HILL ST. Tol. fiWIH V. E. GUSTAFSON leu 1(10 Kiihhor-Avr, IMiono 4000 Tel, 5-0002 Kit»l'll»lii»(l 1HH8 ROOKWOOD SIGN CO. "Slffiw thut Tulk" L. J. WKHZINGKH. Owner .'13 Contor Strp.-t liKAll Wiitcrliury, Conn. HUBBELL'S SERVICE STATION I.ubrlciitlnif OAtt - OIL - RIOI'AIRING 195 Rubber Ave. Tol. 40»7 LEO'S WELDING Iron Work of All Designs "We Go Anywhere" Trl, Wiitorliury 4-IHDO LEO BRITES KKKVICK STATION 10)5 S, Miiln St. \Vntorlmry Krr«! Tailor rr.s . Dyers Dnllvi-ry D. Lieberrnan CHURCH ST. SHAKER'S AUTO Maintenance Coinploto Auto Service Horty Work Day and Nl^ht Roiid Service l.'iUO SOUTH MAIN STKEET Wiiti-rniiry Phono I5-I2S8 Culls - 1'hoiic ,'(-«70a The Kennedy Store, 18fi Church street, by Mrs. Anna K. Warren, where anythiiiRT and every thine in dry Rood* merchiiiHllstc muiy he purchased at nominal prices. Priictical everyday articles as ivnil .UN fancy e'ft items ;ire on dl.s]>liiy at the store. DUNNE BROTHERS, Automotive Service 2'1-llmir Kond Service T.nhrlvittlliK—-\VnKhlriK Tier*—.Itntnirli'H.^Ai'i'rMNul'll'N Hill SOUTH MAIN STRKET WiiliTlniry — Tel. 'l-in-l-l Brides Of Everyi Month Visit : Seymour Co. Even though the month of britloa iiis passed, every month find ouplcH starting on that old sea of vitrimony ,anr! what young 1 wife loesn't want the belter type furniture in her home? . i Perhaps the. couple nre slartinp ' n on that well-known "slioesirinff,* lit even the most modestly fuu- Isried home can be attractive, struct nut's where the Seymour Furrhr ure Co., 25'J-tank slrocl. Seym din 1 ., tcps in, Cor you save money whejj 'tiinp with the Seymour concuER. It's certainly worth looking; out he four floors of fui'ijiturc thie. ompany hunc'.les before choosing your furnishings. The firm lias bean better value for 35 ycai'3, Joe's Restaurant In Seymour Owned By Naugatuck Man It's n known fact that more and I r. -ire people are eating out these available at Joe's, which has been owned by Mr. Syomtaathy for two , . . and one half years. With a per- Uays. and many are people who pos- sQnnc] ^ ^ ino!ucijnR Ca ,. lton sibly would profc-.' to prepare tliair , Syombathy, a brother recently disown meals at home. However, as charged from the armed forces, everyone knows, the food situation i the eating establishment serves full is mighty crucial, a.nd restaurants course meals with any desired en- arc hocomi tig more precised each day. Although it. 'bee: dine in one place,' it. is always KAT IN" COMVOKT In Our IHnlnc Kuo:n TEDDY'S~DINER South Muln St. Tel. Buckingham Roller Rink OI'KN KVKBY KVKNINO mill SUNDAY' AI-'TKBNOON Sprrliil Instruction (Jln.MHcs MUM., I'VI., Sun, 111 GUANO ST. WATKRnCHY DiNAPOLI'S RESTAURANT III,-, HANK ST. WATBRHURY VKKR PARKING Kiitcrtiilnmrnt DANCING Thurs. - Fri. - Sat, •^ Ken Thompson Trio Floor Show Saturday BK.ST FOOD IN TOWN • SlmkH 9 Lohstor Dpllcloii.s Sandwich™ Fred's Grocery Finest Fruits nnd VPffi'llll'll'N »7 HIGH ST. Tel. 41)08 ****+***•*.**.* i TO TVT i^ \ •*• • iTJ -* 20 SICRVICK Years Kxporlonco \ I'lckiip 'nnd Delivery \ nr,n KAST MAIN ST. « Ilnnilltnn Tin-liter Uulldlnc ? WntiTliury — Tol. 3-5-107 and thi! result is lliat your new furnUurc will be the envy of sttl who use It. i Tht-rn is always thn.t scrutini/ln^ • istcr or aunt, wiio will ha much more proud of you If your furniture: lias been bought with careful con-- good to have a change of_ scon- cry, and it is suggested when next you arc looking around for a new spot that you try Joe's Restaurant, 133 Main, streut, Seymour. By trying Joe's you'll not only be greeted by a satisfactory bill of fare, but also by a familiar face—that nf the proprietor, Josoph Syombathy, a. former Naugatuck man and U. S. Rubber Co. employe. Mi-. Syombathy proudly admits he's one of the borough's own boys, whose parents reside on Cocn street. And Naugatuck hasn't t'or- groltcn one of its sons either, for many localltcs are frnqucnt diners at Joe's Restaurant. Ideally situated in tho heart of Seymour's business area acioss from the i-i.ilP.KHI station, it em- .iidcrnllon. i braces a novel rathskeller, where C.M'ryhig only products of th<i; "special attention is given-to wed- hottr.r known inanufnetiircrs thiM ding parties, banquets and other company will deliver within a 20r I lai'JTO dining groups. mile radius, aguln a cost saving ;'oaturc. ' Don't think that the furnituiT, company only .serves the hudB'Jt'. keepers, for should von desire W purchfiHO in the more expensive- lines, the selections ar thc'rc. All 1 .styles of living room, bedroom andj. kitchen furniture may bo seen in any price rangn, but you get. a hot*' Icr buy for your money in whuU ever salary branch you may bn living. j You'll like tlic attention yni.i'nn given lit the Seymour Furnitiimi Co., mid it will be worthwhile t'o vlHll the center soon. , ;.intl more ap- • tree. One of tho establishment's | frequent week-end treats is its cx- mcs habit to | portly prepared lobster dishes. Cleanliness is ono of the 1 integral parts of Joe's, where daily inspccitons arc a must by the meticulous owner. Everyone speaks highly of Mr. Syombathy, who hae become a successful businessman with a pleasant and cordial welcome to all. Seymour is only a stone's throw from the borough, so why not drop in nt Joe's some day and view tho premises and menu yourself. Eliminate Baking Chore, Patronize Elite Bakery Shop As we reminisce of by-gone years cine of the m_ost 'happy thoughts arc of those visits to Grandma's, where ihc epitome in delicacies came from the oven in the form of ginser- _;r,aps, molasses cookies, syrupy blueberry pics, rich loaves of cake and other expertly made'pastries. The aromas that met tho nostrils from th;,t kitchen probably were .something you've never forgotten, and often you may get a touch of nostajgia when passing a bakery shop. There are a few families in which the art of home-baked products has not been -lost, but nearly every housewife at least purchases her bread outside. A great many pastry products seen at your, grocer's arc made in mass production, and because of this the cakes, doughnuts and pies often take on a colorless appearance and arc tasteless. It's god to know- that in our community there is a bakery shop, where variety, quality and tastiness is considered before quantity. Perhaps in these days of serious shortages you may not be able to obtain just tho item you a're seeking, but when you do purchase at the Elite Bakery, 18 Church street, you know you are getting the best. Maybe these days nre advantageous after all. Remember when in the days of old the woman of \ the house would have to slave over a hot stove all day to maintain a constant, supply of food including deserts? Now a.ll they have to do is place an order at the baker's and there's none of this disappointment in not having the most attractive and delicious in desserts—that certain delicacy to top a mea.l off just, right. "You'll be pleased at the "homemade" products you find in the Elite Bakery, so rather than fret on the warm summer days about baking! why not eliminate that chore and patronize Naugatuck's up and coming bakery shop. RELIABLE GRAIN and FUEL CO. : LKHJGH VALLEY COAL— ATLANTIC FUEL and RANGE Oil FcrtilizRi-H — Poultry Kqulpmcnt — B«J»y ChJcka , . Field and Garden Seeds ' ' 5 Church St., Naugatuck . Phone 3076 Fine Wines and Liquors Imported and Domestic D A 1 C& LIQUOR lr A1 «9 STORE ; j 72 CHURCH ST. PHONE 515M THE J Fine food and liquor is always It's Worth a Trip to VtftJ Market For Finest Foods 51 Spring S^. Union City Phono Naugatiick 4070 INC. Telephone 2226" PRINTERS SINCE Bob's Garage DODGE and PLYMOUTH So.rvice and Ports Factory-Trained Mechanics 157 N. Mnin St. LEYNARD'S Children's Clothes 170 CHURCH ST. Tel. 5990 Quality DYERS and Our Modern Cleaning Plant \\ Assurett You Better Cleaning \ 5 No. Main St., Naugatuck i .JACK'S AUTO BODY 106 So. Main St. Tel. 6158 FOR FAST SERVICE ROLLER'S CLEANERS Pickup and Delivery . •27 X. MAIN St. UNION CITY Tel. NaiiRntiick 5101 An average motorist requires three-quarters of a second to react and apply his brakes when he sees (.he necessity to stop. Industrial engineers have invented n new radio drying oven for pcn- icilin, cutting tlie drying time from 2<1 hours to 30 minutes. Back in 1903, property paid about 53 pei' cent of all state tax revenue. During- 19.10 it accounted for slightly more than G per cent. DANCING EVERY NIGHT • — Specializing In — Lobsters * Kansas City Steaks SUNDAY DINNERS 12:00-8:00 BUSINESS MEN'S LUNCHEON Served from II:.'!(! to 2;;0l) r. M, 23-25 Harrison Avc. -NO Sl>% TAX IN OCR COCKTAIL LOUNGE KXCKI'T ON SATURDAY We Cater to I3:iii(|tict.s, Wedding Parties, Ktc. 4-7027 ,Sf,-[)H l-'row innci 1 rhu-i- Clyne Glass Shop | Replaces Plate Glass Desk Tops j There always NCCITIH to he sorne-< nK comlnfr up—either si,'ii birthday, mother's • anniversary? Mabel's shower or Glndys' somnJ or other. And with Ihurtof ona you've ifol Ic start frlfl. LOG'S BAR and GRILL SO BRIDGE STREET Tel. 4807 No matter how well you know he person, or the length of timo;, vou'vo known about the nvontf there is always that question "wh ,vll! I get?" You think of or\o thing and than' another w!ir>n in (.hi? very first, place you should have gone to th« Clync Glnss shop. 'M Harrison ov'ea niie, Watorbiiry. '• J There Miss Josephine Manzo on icr able assistants will guide you' n purchasing just the appri'pnat^ ;lft for thn nccasioti. In the modern shop Is n plote line of glassware, ewelry. ?rystnl, hand-painted trayuj, amps nnd hundreds of other acron-: iorles./so useful around tho housn, ;o much wanted by the .-i.ver.-i/si vmmin. nnd so appropriate tor tifts. ' ;But maybe you aren't seeking fy. gift. Perhaps you've just craclciKl the plate glass top of your, bureau, and besides its ghastly appearance you just don't know whut to x^o about replacing it. j It can he replaced. All you haje to do is give the measurements -jto the Clync Glass shop, where thijec experienced men fashion plate glass tops for bureaus, tables and other furniture, as well as set mlc-rprn and frame picture. ;' It's all done in a small, but-i\ffi- dently operated factory in 'rfpn- junctlon with the shop. [ • DISCUSS YOUR PLANS NOW • ESTIMATES SUBMITTED « NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REMODELING Matty J. Karbowicz Office: I9» Ruhher Ave Tel. 3805 MECCA Where to go for Leading- Musical Instruments Also Giuiriiiltecd Ilehiillt Instruments Sold For Appointment C:ill 4-M22 Open Tlnirs. & Fri Until 8:30 MUSIC CO. VINNIE'S Highway Restaurant ironic-Cooked Meals Beer and Liquors H49 SOUTH MAIN ST. Wnterliury Tel. 3-0980 Three Oaks Convalescent Home Naugatuck Road Platts Mills TKL. 83M Dunne Bros. Give Efficient Service AsBeforeTheWar You have probably thought many, many times since the war years what a pleasure it is-to'<Jrive into a service station now and really get the services rendered before people aequird that jndepcndnt at- titud'. During those four long years patrons were made to feel as though they were asking a great favor for a gallon of gasoline, and as for having the car's windshield ' wiped, tires, oil and water checked i and a pleasant smile, well, those ! were things completely forgotten But, those attitudes struck by service station attendants during the war years haven't been forgotten by the patrons, and the boys returning from overseas soon learned of the attendant's actions. Many of the boys hrave opened stations since their return nnd they arc getting the customers because of their courteous manners and expressed desire to please the public. Such is the case of the Dunne Rros. Automotive Service 1311 South Main street, Waferbury. William and Thomas Dunne, both veterans of World War II, were experienced in the operation of service stations before their service, and are now prepared and willing to pick up and continue where they left off. Theirs is a 21-hour service nnd only the newest equipment is employed when servicing your vehicle. You also can purchase all types of accessories at the station, nnd you'll like the efficiency of the personnel. PHONE DERBY S489 i Walsh's Green Acres ; i Catering to | Weddings, Banquets, Parties, ] Choice Food* and Liquors < Derby Avenue Seymour ' As You Buy WE GIVE Green Stamps With Every Purchase ISAACSON'S ' INC. tlTY DRY GOODS SEYMOUR . For V.icntion nnd Travel Locker and Stciimer Trunks, from $11.85 Dross Trunks—36 In $22,80 Wardrobe Trunks—36 In. $32.50 |)lus tax ; JOHNJ. CONNOLEi 70 Grand St. Wtbry. Tol.'4-73*3^ *f~»~**ff*•*•**•*•'* ************** JIOMK COOKED FOODS • ''• Beer — Wine — Liquor* . Valley Grill JG8 No. Main St. Tel. 49S9 109 So. Main St. rh. Naug. 4!H)8 Clyne Glass Shop Table Lamps Bed, Boudoir '•••' DmH $L Riverview Inn -- Seymour 683 DERBY RD. — Ansonla 3400 — Derby 3'19!> • WEDDINGS • PRIVATE PARTIES Wines — Uccrs — Liquors The V & H Trucking Company Trucking — Driveways — Road Construction The Seymour Sand & Stone Company Washed Screened Sand — Washed Crushed Gravel Quarriiid Grsinltc Building Stone ' 482 NO. MAIN ST. — TEL. SEYMOUR 2531 Dutch Door STEAK — CHOPS — SKA FOOD 7 BROAD STREET SEYMOUR Diner Expanding With Growth Of Bethany Airport Taltlnpr a ildc down New Haven road these days one is qui-Le amazed to see how the Bethany Airport has Ki'own in just the past few months. Its equipment has increased and many renovations have taken place including the expansion of the Air; -jrt Diner. Tt's only logical that with the development of the airport itself, there has been an enlargement of J i the husinoss n.1 the diner, and so »i well known has it become that a great number of motorists are mal<in£ it a regular stop. Frequently, when driving one becomes quite famished, and a sandwich and a cool drink at the diner will satisfy the gnawing in the stomach until the final destination is reached. Maybe you've a meeting to attend In New Haven and in the'hurry to £et underway the thoughts of food have been forgotten. At the diner you can get a regular dinner in its cozy dining room section. Maurice J. Jolly, the ex-G. I. proprietor, who is well-known in the boroufrh, brings a reminder that there is always prompt and courteous curb or dining room service at the establishment. MOVING and TRUCKING Moving to All Conn. Points Peter Moruska NAUGATUCK. CONN. PHONE 258B or C112 Stoves Moved Refrigerators Moved $3.95 up Gifts of All Description* Realistic Artificial Flower* Josephine M.-vnzo, Prop. 29 HARRISON AVE. Tel. THK White Meat Market nnd GROCERY FRUITS — VEGETABLES John Caspar, Prop. 157 RUBBER AVE. DIAL AIRPORT DINER At Bethany Airport Operated by Kx-G,I. MAURICE .?. JOLLY Amity Road, Bethany Glcrnvood Ranges Oste.rmoor and Red Cross Mattresses Emerson and Sonora Radio* Kclvlnator RcfTiKrratorK ABC Washerx und Ironfri Bcndlx and Maytag WaxhcrK Agent« for All tho Better Types of Furniture SEYMOUR FURNITURE COMPANY 20 BANK ST. TKL. 2307 — Seymour — j • Radiator* Flushed 0 OH --Granting• Tire Repair • Washing SKRVICE 15 BRIDGK ST. UNION CITY NmiRiituck 4926 r SELRITE Juvenile Furniture Co. TOYS - GIFTS 470-472 South Muln Street j Wnlerhiiry, Conn. ? Tel. 4-4724 i ********-**************-*++*+*9*+*** \ BANQUETS WKDDINGS { rliono 3158 \ PARADISE INN \ Win. PoUheckcr, Prop. ? FINEST FOODS : ? Choice Wine - Liquors j Wakclco To.rrnce, Annoiilft 1 .ColUI)-i HORNBECKER'S \ 1: Buck's Hill Tel. 4-8420 Wtby. HOMK COOKED FOOD ]• We. Cater to Family Dlnnt>.r» Office J'nrtics. B.inrjucts, Showers, Etc. Prospect St. Garage At Prospect St. ivnrt Locimt, PARSONS SCREW PRODUCTS CO. Quality Headed nnd Automatic Screw Machine Products RUBBER AVE - NAUGATCJCK VALLEY WELDING and Fabrication Works The Portable Weldlngr Service Tel. 5492 Darra-Jamefl Corp. MILL SUPPLIES POWER TOOLS 22 Sayings St. Waterbury . Tel. 5-2241

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