Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on February 17, 1954 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 17, 1954
Page 2
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i^^pm • •fc-jjpp^ •»"• f?^' sr '-* 1490 -WL.JIJU". V4dft*Way S-fpSsbby, ^ f%iJd fttf- eadlineJ U 'five 'ma! j-ttsMffSto If ..^..Jrtmaj^ fcfjft?/*; fit f* Si*H4 ft c Dinner .. 'Sounding* 0 Final Edit - 8«» *' «• r^—* M S-&, Markets „.,.,„-„ ._Ja«\fck«k Club mi*mi& jrefei,» Sfeakfast Edition WSHij* Sptettf ftcfwrt _ , ;Afkr • N«Wsreei JMotuiag'-Oevottonal . %«b. Call Board ^Ifjzuu^nurcn Jf«WS ' /!;&'•' Headline "ftews "- M •~" — ----.-. .qisfeit *~ *M- Sf jiJ, Strength For .the Day ,_5i25 Hardline News |I$30-X3ueen''Fof A'Da? t — M . Masaey Time — M f Nev/a r-* M BibA mi f ftl.U.f. f\«»5 ,«*.$«*• ) Quartet $imf> ^ Bible-Aesspri llf AVU*f/ »* *• J »***t»^f^«'»-^ t, [5 Spelling Beft #- edystau" Carroll -Callin .,. > Deadline News — M KXAH. Supper Club ,News ^ M !7!>J5. "Glenn MiBe'r" Music, w Jr$(j$X«im*' Fighters — M frifrW News, BJU Henry - M , 30 ' Tories By Telephone *£inJJ 'Edition ' 'UttiteA'N»tfbns Today — M l;>ajace'Olr,ch.'-«r M >s55 JLeUs Look AtvThe Weather -* 1 MOPE STA HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, February wc gs up u FBI will investigate Chief Justice, lhan yesterday's average; spots up Earl Warren for a Senate judiciary) 33. lighter weights mostly urt- gubeofnmittee which is consideiin : i! ( , h ' ansecl . sows steady to 25 higher Clyde Bros, three ring indoor Circus opens here Wednesday, February 24, in the Livestock Show Coliseum with two performances, at 3 pi rfi. and 8 p. m. The Circus is sponsored by the Hope Lions Club. ,. • Above is pictured Dixie the elephant without which no Circus would be complete and Miss Ruth Ciaudeen, premiere aerlallst. Other top feature acts include the Reynoso trio, Kris with his incredible feats at balance, Bob Parry, ski- jumping comedian, Margo Sisters, cyclists, International Famous Hanoi troupe, the Skating Carltoas, Bells Bears, tibferty Horses, Banto Duo, tight wire artists, Navarro Brothers, p'earch; Military Ponies, Clark's Canine Comedians, Manso Garcia, featured wire performer and many others. Vf," '&•*, FBI to Peek Into Warren's Record MARKETS fUP) Department said — The today i ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 \iffi —Hogs 6.000: fairly active: s ISO Ib up fully 25 higher ills nomination. I bulk choice 180-230 Ib 2850-85; sev- The subcommittee meanwhile, c . ra] hundred head uniform under gave Warren's critics until mrlvgas ib choice No 1 and 2 grades night tomorrow to file their ob- 3(590-2700 240-270 Ib 2525-2635- jections to the former Californin 280-310 Ib 2425-2500; 150170 !b governor now sitting on 1he hiiih, 25.25-26.50 sows 400 Ib down bench Under a recess appointment; 33.07; heavier sows 22.00-23.00. from President Eisenhower. \ Cattle 3.000, calves 600; Chairman William Langer <R-jdone on steers; few high Agri Shokeup Seen as Lift to Republicans By JACK BELL WASHINGTON «V-Son Wulkins (R-Utah) said today that Secretary of Agriculture Benson has "given the Republican party n lift" by reflecting sentiment mat couon £ in top-level person- loan reposessiofts may show a fur-! . „, his JL nilpl ' t moderately active dealings Most of the activity centered about switching operations from nearby March to later months, anticipating first notice day on Friday Profit taking was also in evidence, partly reflecting sentiment that cotton loan recessions may snow a iur- nel of his department ther increase as a result of the re-, Watldns gave his opinion in at) cent pnce bulge in sport markets , tl as bolh R epub]lc!ms and Late afternoon prices were 5 to nf , ninpratq cau , ht lhelp brtnlh little good [0 cents a bale lower than the previous close March 3425, May ?437 and July 3419 ND) said yesterday that the group am i choice lots fully steady at will meet Thursday or Friday to consider the complaints against Warren. He would not discuss tho complaints with newsmen 21.50-23.00; heifers and mixed yearlings fairly active and steady; cows generally steady to all interests; utility and commercial 11.00-12.50; cumpiHmt8 wii.ii in;w3iiit;ii n"' utility ana commercial ii.uu-i6.uu, identify the complainants except individual head 13.00; canners and to say most were from California, gutters 9.00-11.00 bulls and vealers ' Langer confirmeed for the lime that the subcommittee j unchanged; utility and commer- hadj t i a | b u n s 12.00-1 .00; cutter bulls formally requested an FBI report: i ar g e jy io.50-ll.f>0; good and choice on Warren. It usually gets such vea j Grs 21.00-27.00 few prime reports on nominees only on lesser judicial nominations. Warren's nomination was submitted to tho Senate Jan. 11. Since that time the subcommittee hns held one open hearing and at least (two closed -door meetings on it without taking any action. angel said the staff has been . reaching 29.00; commercial and good 15.00-21.00. Sheep 700; opening slow, under tone bearish but no early sales. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO, Feb 17 W) — Live poultry steady to firm on hens- weak on young stock; receipts 43!) coops; fob paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 27-30; light hens 18-20 fryers and broilers 2225 old roosters 16-18; ducklings 30 Butter steady: receipts 1,051,201 wholesale buying prices unchanged to >'•> lower; 93 score AA 65; 92 A 05 90 B 6275; 89 C 62 cars •I Pay Raises Asked for Postmen *V* WASHINGTON, W— Sen. McClcl- an of Arkansas voted for, Sen. 'ulbright against an amendment o the Bricker constitutional amendment providing for roll call votes on treaty ratifications. The Senate yesterday voted 72-16 or the amendment. WASHINGTON (UP) — Postmaster General Arthur E. Summerfield asked Congress > today to provide pay raises for more than 400.000 of the nation's 530,000 postal workers. He told the .House Post Officers Committee Congress should adopt a Dorpos>d now pay' schedule to corret "inequities." The new plan would oBt about $80,000,000 a year starting July 1 That would mean nn inreaso of about four per cent In the p6*t office department's payroll of about $2,000,000,000. Tho new shedule would provide big pay boosts for employes holding top supervisory jobs. It would rcduco pay for the lowest-level jobs. However, persons holding those jobs now would not suffer pay cuts as a result of putting the plan into force, ' , Summerfiold offered the plan in Ijeu of 'bills pending before the cbmmlttce which would provide ./.ros's-the - board pay increases 'ranging from 19 to 53 cents an hour. The new plan would not apply to postmasters or other presidential apointees or to' deartmehtal employes in Washington overed by a 1940 classification at. It also ? Z ( -j ^rgt ; • • Top Radio Programs nfji-ff Vj - *&v«iiW,yQflKr(0 — Selected pro^ ^tonight radio: Ch^ BW Cullen Quiz; 8 Grw- ' ¥} ft Fibber and- Molly, i^ .C»Sr-<f'.3Q Julius La Rosa; 7:30 Precinct; 8:30 Crime Classics, "ff; 30 Lone • Hanger 8:30 *ys'4f!ry Theater. I MffSi+e^fi -Perry Como; 7:30 ^Wjptmare,', ' jTlJ -TJ, « a«4 that, Ms ? country must s ' lorwara'to strengthen free, world,, }n the field '" Td '" J • would not allply rural carriers, immediately to ^j^^:. : of Brave^yof Defendant WASHINGTON OP) — The forme Marine air comrriapdfer in- Kore today described Col Frank - ] Schvyoble, who. made ,a false confession' of 'germ warfare, as one of .the most •'.''conscientious-, and bravest" officer he had ever fting through eived earlier. complaints ro- Langer told newsmen he did not now when he will get the FBI rc- ort. He first said the subcommit- ee could not act without it but ater refused to say what it might o. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK, Feb 17 UK'.— The stock market continued its downward trend today for the third straight day wihout developing any signs of acute weakness along the All major divisions of the mar kct were lower with the decline around 2 points at the A few good plus signs News Briefs going to outside - „ were, scattered around but icldom got to a point FORT SMITH, UP)— Netha Newman, 18, charged with first de- ree murder in the death of her lewborn baby here Feb. 8, has jeen ordered committed to the State Hospital at Little Rock for 30-day observation. Circuit Judge J. Sam Wood issued the committment order here VIonday. The boy's body was found ri the girl's two-room apartment lere. LITTLE,ROCK, UK— Arkansas cattle on Jan. 1 were valued at $107,382,000, compared with $1.48, 793,000 for the same date in 1953- a drop of 2 per cent. The Crop Reporting Sbrviee' yes terday explained the. deelin'e as being due primarily to lowevec valuation per head on cattle anc calves. The agency said the number o cattle increased to 1,506,000 head ir increased was the third straigh year that Arkansas farmers havi broken state cattle production rec ords. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK, Feb 17 I/PI they Col on futures were lower today it 90 B 6325 8!) C 6225 Eggs weak; receipts 19,322; wholesale buying prices >i to 1 cent lower; U S large 435 U S Democrats caught their brenth after a barrage of GOP L incolti Day LOratory and counterblast Some of the counterattacking Democrats r enewed criticism o! the administration flexible farm prjce supports proposr.ls But Watkins, just Dank from a visit to this home state, said he found President Eisenhower jus as popular as ever i :i the Wcs despite this criticism 1 don't think Republicans gen- rally are quite as popular as they vere in 1952. but maybe we don't nave to be to retain control of Congress," he said Watkins, one of the original ponsors of Benson for his appoint- •nent to the Cabinet post, said he hink GOP members gener^r vill applaud Benson's replacement f Howard H Gordon as admini- trator of the department's Commodity Stabilization Suvvicn, its jig crop control and pric-j support agency Watkins said he thinks most Republicans, will look on the shift as a "good start" toward i; firmer GOP control of the department. n reduction on spring wheat bak cry grades Other cereals followed whea higher although in some cases ear ly losses were not entirely made up Corn acted rather well al day Wheat closed l!f»-2>A higher •1% high mediums 425; U S standards 42;|March $215c->£,.... corn current receipts b05-41 checks and C1V March $1.52'/ 2 -c, oats -M ' < dirties 395 GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO, Fob 17 UP) —Buying by flour mills lifted wheat out of thedoldrums on the Board of Trade today, cancelling losses running to more than a cent and substituting small gains Mill buying didn't start until late in the Session and it was not as pronounced at Chicago as at MNUP) NEAPOLIS, where prices jumped s eral cents at one time It reflected an expansion in flour sales after HIGHER, March 77%-'/ 2 , rye . . higher, March $1.19 and soybean '.i to 8 cents higher, March $3.27 Cash wheat: None. Corn: No 1 yellow 1.55'/4-No. 2 1.55 ; . No Oats: No. 1 heavj white 81-8iy 2 ; No. 1 white 70>/4 No. 3 75. Soybeans: None. Barley nominal; Malting 1.20-62 feed 93-1.16. Field seed per 100 11 nominal: White clover 10,00-10.50 red top 57.00-58.00; alsike 16.50 17.50; timothy 12.50-13.50 red clo ver 27.00-28.00. Oil Unions May Reorganize PHILADELPHIA UK— Oil industry labor leaders continued dis - cussion today of a proposal to mold the hodge podfic of unions representing oil workers into one, 212,- 140-mcmber unit and possibly extend to petroleum, gas, chemical and allied industries. ' The latter possibility was thrown into tho picture yesterday as 149 delegates claiming separate oil wo- j rkers unions met to discuss formation of the try-wine union. Indus- , 'Millions Choose It- FBRST , ; FOR COLDS'ACHES] ,!?,?, A IT'S ASPIRIN '49? \ATITS BIST... St.Joseph ' WORLD'S LARGEST 5Etl.tR.AT IQt City carriers are among the en ployes who would get a pay raise. The present pay range of $3,270 to $4,07P would be increased to $3,480 to $4,170. Employes below the $3,480 level would be increased the $§,480 level would be increased automatically to the new minimum. Surplus Food Sent to Poinsett LITLE ROCK, -—(UP) —Surplus commodities supervisor J.H. Carter today said 9,200 pounds of surplus foodstuffs were enroute to Poinsett county to feed destitute farm workers. The food, butter, cheese and shortening from the government's stores, left here yesterday. A tot- known Major Gen.' Claytor). .C. Jerme, now aircraft commander of' the Atlantic. Fleet ..-..Marine -Force, gave tfiis testimony in the second day of the court of inquiry convened to .decide whether Schwable will e disciplined for the, confession 'hich he later,repudiated , . Jerome said, that;' Schwable was lis chief o£ staff at/, the time he vas shot down .nnd .captured by he Communists in July 1952 Aside rbm praises Schuahl's bravery prqmc also said he was one of he brightest officers he had known Jeromf testified that Schwable';; 11-f a ted flight was authorized but at theoretuaetohdbu en ,speci- hat the route had not been speci- ied : Jorome .added, under ques- ioning court'-' counsel that he jelieved Schwable had taken a oute that was "well within a Proper reconnaisanee area" achfc-ved n wide , i ..? a P 0 ,ns now ^ tfentional status , r of 'out armed indicated rapid de...-„„.„, -,jree months ago he ^^ awjr Jja4 nearly achieve con- ,'yerttlonal *t*tuE—that i s similar to eapons of war. „..., T ,,,,,M*irt ttpte4 that "most '. our friend* among the nations" ' "JttJ$ <»pportp>ity to learn employment of atomic ' un&gff ^resent law (» prphibited from Bn tactieai information es- ? aUied planning for com* attons and de, -,,-J.fttv*. security wiu jBcreasc the atomic facts of this era." The President recommended soe- cjally that the county provide our Allies tactical information essential to the development of defense plans and training of personnel for atomic warfare. The President also asked that the present law be amended to permit gjying friendly nations certain "restricted data" on the industrial application of atomic energy plus the release of fissionable matari. als "in amounts adequate for industrial and research use." He recommended 9 safeguard uncer which .a foreign nation receiving fissionable material for Industrial and research use should provide assurances that this ma' and hat" high winds had drifted the ircraft northward across the ene- •ny's line of and tj« defense « ~WM|!«*»»" tb -e i^'fiflHl^ Cw PUT fll prp4«cjnn |^s. VtfyWWMt. WP 1 y Aiwlc t®*t$y rw&fi '( M"r fMMjl$Gjfj Af^S^i'^ [y^f .. ^rtfiw w** ^®Mm.*ipf» b»t- w**3SSls •M $®MW terial will not be used for iary. purposes." This rqcornmendation, was apart from Mr. Eisenhower's United Notion* atoms - for - peace proposal last December. Legislation to per n?H participation in the U. N. pool, the President said, woulc have to await the development o areas of Internationa it" as a result # our dla , TT ,,. Tr ,, with oinw n&tion«." Pis ewMons wtt^ Russia are undw the way QJJ thj? The Pr*?!4<if»ts T to LITTLE ROCK, (M— "The Landof the Cross-Bow," replete, with castless, motes, draw bridges, inns and residents in medieval costumes. Such would be a medieval kingdom considered as a tourist :\traction in North Arkansas. The Tourist Committee of the Arkansas Economic Council-State Chamber of Commerce was given uch a plan to think about ycster- ay by Harold Sherman, author nd lecturer. Sherman said the kingdom vould be set up in the Blanchard Springs area of Stone County and would give Arkansas a tourist at- raction not to be found elsewhere n the United States. By JOHN L. CUTTER &(INGTON, (UP) — Fellow.... fficers of a marine colonel who ommunist germ warfare charges n Korea were called today in a act-finding study to determine vhether he should be punished. The court of inquiry into the case f Col. Frank H. Schwable, marine lier. may set the pattern for simi- ar "confession" cases under study >y the armed services. Schdable was cheif of f staf f th-e First Marine'Alr Wing when he was shot' down' and captured fuly 8, )953. After hiu repatriation ast SeptemberV Schwable repu dialed the "confession" and sai al of 6,000 pounds was consigned lepanto for 1.966 persons. The re mainder was se$ to market tree for 1,045 appllQgptf made nearly , destitute by th« .long drought and seasonal unemployment. Carter S»U1 a carload of non fat dry mJMf, Silso destined for th« relie| proiram, wa* enrowte hen from N«*fcviUe, T«w» • an4 will b to Poinett county as §oon a ?9l«t county Iw4gfs o , Crittw4en awl St Francis counties had signed up to th,e wljief but Pleads Innocent to Slaying EL DORADO UP) — George Har)in of El Dorado pleaded innocent vhen he was arraigned here today n the fatal shooting of Sniack- iverman Harbin is charged with first de- ree murder in the slaying of Vayne Barnes, 32, in a night club brawl, early last Sunday Circuit Judge Gus W Jones set rial for March 8 Prosecutor Bruce Bennett has called the shooting a "willful Idling" he Communists wrung it from him under duress. Schwable, 45-year old naval* academy graduate and holder of many decorations, sat impassive through he tedious preliminaries while his attractive blonde wife, mother of ,wo. children aged 16 and 7, embroidered. Lt Col, Kenneth E. Murphy, court counsel, set the stage with a lengthy introduction of documents and records, some of them classified, and by showing an hour-long Communist movie intended to prove the Red charge- that American troops waged germ warfare in Korea. The film depicted a Communist- sponsored" scientic study of germ warfare "evidence" and the "confessions" of four captured American airmen who likewise have repudiated them since repatriation. It did not include Schswible'u al leged confession. fh» four air force pilots m the fjlm were identified as ls,t Lt. Paul S. KniQ of San Antonio, Tex. lat W. John L. Quinn. Alladewa, CelifT, 2nd Lt. Floyd B. O'Neal, Fairfax S, C. and 1st Lt. Kenneth L. Enoch, Youngstown, lO. VER BEFORE AT THIS PRIC Big 9.2-Cu.-Ft. De Luxe M you have a large family, or entertain a lot. you'll really appreciate this big General Electric Refrigerator. 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