Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 23, 1974 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 23, 1974
Page 12
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Page twelve 3L XL IM © 1974 by NEA, "/Ve decided I want a career, Teddy, and I'm afraid playing house doesn't fit in with my plan..." 213 pints of blood collected last week The Sept. 16 and 17 visit of the Red Cross Bloodmobile was a success and started the county off toward achieving its 1974-75 quota. On Sept. 16,95 pints were received from 108 persons who came to give, and on Tuesday 118 pints were obtained from the 131 donors who volunteered. Bloodmobile chairman Haskell Jones wishes to thank all who gave blood and the nearly 100 persons who volunteered their services. Here is the list of organizations who gave two or more pints: Red River Vo. Tech—48, Optimist—20, Hope Church of Christ—14, Lions Club—14, Kiwanis—12, Anna P. Strong— 9, Hope School System—7, Hudson Foods—7. Hwy. Dept.—6. U.S. Government—6, First Nat'l BanK— 5, Generator Plant—5, Corn Belt—5, Cotillion Club—5, Southwestern Bell—4, Ex-, periment Station—3, Lehmans—3. Lois Beauty Shop—2, Chamber of Commerce—2, Texas Eastern—2, Myers Bakery—2, City of Hope—2, Unity Bapt. Church—2, Powell Community Center—2. Congregation robbed by four armed men LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Four armed robbers slipped into the Sunday morning service at the Uttle Rock Church of Faith and stole more than $100 and two items of jewelry. The 30 persons in attendance rejoiced throughout the robbery, which lasted about five minutes. While three men stood guard at the front and rear of the church's building, an unmasked man walked from person to person collecting money in a red-and white-striped shopping bag. One woman who had no money was forced to give up her wedding and diamond engagement rings. Throughout the robbery, which lasted about five minutes, the congregation "raised their hands, praised the Lord and rejoiced," said Lyle Bond, the preacher. "Our church emphasizes giving thanks to the Lord and having peace." Twice, the gunman taking the collection told the congregation to stop the rejoicing, but it continued. "That seemed to unnerve them a bit," Bond said. "The people were very brave." The organist played softly as the congregation was robbed. Bond said the robbers fled with about $120 in cash and the rings. The gunmen, armed with pistols and a sawed-off rifle, never became violent. Police said it was the first time in their memory that a church at Little Rock had been "hijacked." No arrest had been made late Sunday. The Sunday morning service began at 10:30 a.m. at the church, an interdenominational Pentecostal group. Bond said the robbery began about 10:50 a.m., just after the congregation finished singing "Amazing Grace." He asked the congregation to be seated and was beginning announcements when a casually dressed man stepped inside the building- The man pulled a gun and shouted, "Don't, move." Three other men followed him inside. One of the men began taking up the collection. "He started at one side in the back and kind of worked his way up and back," Bond said. "He went to each person and held the gun on them while they gave." The gunmen did not approach Bond and two others at the front of the building. Everyone else gave. An el- derly woman passing through Little Rock carried life savings of more than $1,000 in her purse. She gave the man $20, and he passed on. Another man who had $100 in his wallet gave the man $6 from his coat pocket. The gunman didn't take time to be sure that the people gave all of their money. "They moved like scared rabbits," said Dwayne Kelley, who assists Bond. Mrs. Bond was working in the church's nursery at the time. Afterwards, she told her husband that she had thought, "What a lovely service they must be having," for,' as she sat in the nursey, she could hear the rejoicing. Several members gave contributions to the church later in the service anyway, and the unexpected interruption did not alter Bond's sermon about Moses sending 12 spies into the Promised Land. NO ESCAPE, warns Attorney-General William Saxbe. Soaring crime rates in both urban and rural areas indicate alarmed citizens can no longer flee to suburbia. The attorney general also hinted at the possibility of a national police force unless the current trend is reversed. The longest fangs of any snake are those of the Gaboon viper, of tropical Africa. In a 6- foot-long specimen, the fangs measured 1.96 inches. (AHk.) SfAH September 23, Businessmen urge federal action against inflation LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A series of interviews with Arkansas businessmen showed that many think it is time for the federal government to take more significant action against inflation — what they called "economic enemy No. 1." Higher unemployment was aniticipated for the coming months by the businessmen, although several said Arkansas would get by more easily than the rest of the nation. William Dillard Sr., president of the 28-store Dillard Department Stores, Inc., said Arkansans as a whole were more productive employes than some workers elsewhere in the nation. However, Dillard stores have had some layoffs because of a slowdown in business. Other layoffs are anticipated in Arkansas in the contfuction trades. "We're going to have to lay off some people before too long," said Gabe Rutherford, presdient of the 25-employe Rutherford Steel Corp. in North Uttle Rock. Housing construction is almost at a standstill primarily due to high interest rates — those that lending institutions in Arkansas must pay to get the money that they loan to borrowers. They must pay 11 per cent to 14 per cent to get the money, but because of the 10 per cent interest limit in the Arkansas Constitution, they can charge no more than 10 per cent for the money they lend. ,, "It doesn't take long lending at 10 per cent the money you buy at 11 to 14 to figure out that this isn't the direction you want your bank to be moving in," one banker said. Small consumer loans also .are trending down, partly because banks are not eager to make such loans in light of the interest pinch. However, some bankers also said that consumers appear to be growing cautious, putting off plans to seek bank loans for the purchase of cars, refrigerators and other appliances. "I think consumers are wanting to take a look at how the economic condition changes from here before they commit themselves," said Ed Penick, board chairman of Worthen Bank & Trust Co., Arkansas' biggest bank. None of the persons inter- viewed characterised current business problems as a depression, they called it a slowdown or a recession. The businessmen predicted national unemployment of between 5 per cent and 7 per cent of the labor force. "If it goes above 7 per cent, its' going to be a very deep recession, I think/' said Charles D. Ward, president of Ward Industries, which employes about 800 at Conway in the manufacture of school bus bodies, Most of the businessmen viewed the higher interest rates resulting from the Federal Reserve Board decisions as an attempt to stop inflation, but most said it is time for the higher rates to be relaxed. Most businessmen said they are optimistic. Those anticipat- ing a slowdown believe that within a year .business will pick up steam again. Dillard said he had no shortages of items to sell. But Ward reported difficulty in obtaining galvanized steel. Steel, a raw material used by Rutherford's plant to produce fabricated items, also is in short supply. Rutherford said many steel- users who never before bought from warehouses now do so. Some warehouses are taking advantage of the demand by charging exceedingly high prices, he added. Ward said that because zinc, used in galvanizing steel, is in short suppply, galvanized steel items have gone up in price 50 per cent more than the prices going up on other steel items. The businessman said gov- ernment could react to inflation by lowering interest fates, cut 1 ting spending afid analyzing existing pf ogf arrts in relation to needs. Maharaja dies BANGALORE, India (AP) - jaya Chattiaraja Wadiyaf, ofte of the wealthiest and most colorful of India's former mafia* rajas, died here today in one of his palaces. Doctors said the 55-year-old Sanskrit scholar, philosopher and art expert succumbed to bronchial pneumonia and cardiac failure. A commoner since Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's government abolished the princely class in 1971, Wadiyar was still cherished by his former subjects as a maharaja. FLOUR GOLD MEDAL 5 IB. BAG PLAIN DEL MONTE CORN CREAM STYLE - WHOLE KERNEL 1 $•00 16-OZ. CANS weo WHERE ECONOMY ORIGINATES -.> •"••• />«'-^ti^i»* \£*j j *' ^ * *&t^^<?vr^ 115 Years oi Good Food at a Savings "SUPER RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF BONELESS CHUCK ROAST. "SUPER RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF BONELESS CHUCK STEAK «, $1 19 - "SUPER RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF BONELESS ROASTS'. 5 ::™..... n $1 39 "SUPER RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF t ... • BONELESS STEAKS..^! 5 . 1 ^! «. $1 49 "SUPER RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF CHOPPED SIRLOIN STEAKS «. $1 29 "SUPER-HIGH T" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF CUT FROM GRADE "A" FRYERS BOX 0 CHICKEN BOX CONTAINS THREE EACH: LEG QUARTERS, BREAST QUARTER WINGS, NECKS, GIBLETS. ^B. FRYER QUARTERS."!"?., DARK FRYER QUARTERS..*'*!... BANQUET MAN PLEASER DINNERS CHICKEN 17-OZ., MEAT LOAFI9-OZ., TURKEY 19-OZ. 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