The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 18, 1977 · Page 2
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 2

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1977
Page 2
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3—NAPCATPCK NEWS (CONK), MOXPAY, JULY 22. 19-tfl DREW PEARSON ON WASHINGTON MERRY-GO-ROUND Drew Pearson Says: Sen. BarkJey Threatens To Resign . Over OPA; Larry Fly, .Ex-New Dealer, Puts Across Big Lobbying Deals; Farm Leaders Try To Convert . Truman On OPA Washington- Patli.-nt Knnator Albcn Barkley of Kentucky . hasn't blown off steam since he stampeded thu Semite agaim FDR':t veto of the last war tax bill. But (it a. luncheon the other day he Indicated to frlendji thut the pot again wan beginning to boll. In fuel, Buckley Htnted categorically thtit' he- would resign Jf President Tru/nan vetoed tho prcsunt OPA bill, laid her vvu« tlrod of living on OPA t out Hi r\ treudrnlll, that the prefi^-nt bill wtin the best he coultl A.'( of tlii- 1 senate, and If the President wouldn't ticct:pt it. he would reHlftn mi majority lundor. The xi-rloiiH und protracted III- nei'.H of the Senator's wife and the j-c'eent dlsclomire thut ills Km wan employed by the Krlo iiiislri war; pro!Heori» have Increased Bnrklcy'n ' iiirn'i'ly heavy burden. M e n a t c frlem'tM hope, .however, thnt either the prleii-fifjcitrol pi'Ciblcrn ivlll b, ironed out or that Harkley will i-e r.-on.ilrlur. S02.5Q SS500 l'!\clu»i vt'ly n t TO PJERPONTS trglalvrvrt Jfi»i-lrr», A im'rloltii <itm Mtii'lvtr Kill IM.VK H'l'llVIW Funerals Frank liuhhiill Film-nil iii'i-vlcoH r-ir Frank Iluh- b'HI. 7-1. ot 03 Spftnccr street, who clliifl early Saturday mm-nlng lU St. Al«ry'» hri.'ipltal, wore held this uf- lurnnfin at 'J o'clock at the Uuck- jvillli.'i- Kuneml Home. 22 Pni-k plueu, with tho ttov, Wlnfrod U. Uuu:hm-sil, i-dctcir of St. Mlcluu-l's KjilMr:opni church, oillclutlnic. Himr- ortt woro: Jamen Hubbell, Bunon lliihtjnH, J.I-.. 'riinoclui'ii i-[iibl;iill, ,a>hn T'.jtlil, Raymond Wcsilon and lioliurl To<ld, tnturmcnt' wan In lllllttUIn ccnuitei-y. H'lllluin A. Hi,y Tin- funeral of William Andrew .Hoy, (!(;, r,r 2r>7 Wnuster street, wh died HI his hnmM wirly Saturday mo riling, 'WHM held this afternoon at 1! i.Vlnrk lit tho Alderson |.'u nornl Htmii-, L'Ol Mead-.iw street with the liev. Kdward K. pun t o r of 'the Conj<ru church, officiating. Hurliil was In Old IMiic ''ii-dvn cemetery, Water 1'iii-y. arm-Ufa wfi-r: f.'loyd ir,,| t | rn Sr.. P'loyd rioidi-n. j,-., Marry •John A. Mnnriir, Kr,| and liohnrt 10. Phillips. Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 Fitzgerald Funeral Home 320 NORTH MAIN ST. Telephone 4187 C. H. GREEN FUNERAL HOME 62 Oak Street Telephone 4843 FLOWERS For All OccnulotiN TKi.r,r,R,\viiKn i KVKKYWUIfiRK MELBOURNE'S BLOWER SHOP 130 JIUIOJEK AVJCNUJ5 Tvlophbne BZ25 The B.'irltlf-y oonvcrsntlon took pta.ce prior to ii lunchcoii eom- mcmoratin^ the 200th iuinlvcrsury of Princeton University, utrenclotjj by Stinator-M Alexander Smith, of! New Jersey und Joe GufTey of Punnsylvunln, hoth Princeton nion. Admiral Ki-nie Kin^ Annapolis) und Senator Barltley (Emory Col- lej;u, Ga.) thouph not Princeton i;r;ids were ulno present. ; New l)f>nl Lohhylst li.x-PCChJJirnian Larry Fly was i cnue u stickler for many thinK-s. j Now ho Is a lobbyist for .several I opposlto thl(jf,'s. Whon he wu» head ! of the Federal *Communlcatlons | Comml:;.sl(.'n hu barred tho "Pot oS Cold" pro/jram from the air bolt wn.s a lottery. Now hu is attorney for tho "Pot of Cold." v.-oek, Fly has turned another unique sorncratiult. As KC'C'htilrmnn, he wn.s .sti-onjr af,*alnst Kriintinf: radio Ho.i'nse.s to nowspn p(!i'.i. .l.Ie did not believe in mono] ulle-t of opinion. Also Fly';- hos friend for twelve lon^r years hnj poncil to be F'ranUlln flociscvelt 'i'Jin Into Pi-psidunt elevated hln frofn n lowly lnwy..-r to varlou posltlun.'i of trust rind jio\ve:-. Thl.s woelt .however. Fly is actins, n:: attorney for Jrjhn Kwintr, L.ouia lima ni'W.<t|«ipor and r«clio operator who wtif. one of FDR'.s bitterest in••» In the .South. Kwinjf heipnc l<--ad Ihv move to steal Koosovoii eloetor.'i In tile electoral wllu!;e. Hi owns the Shrevoport Tlme-7. ' tht Monroe, IM.. Moi-nlny World and the Munroe Nnw.s-St.'ir, station KTUS In Mot ypi-ln^s, Ark., and hiniB...|f ny owiii),' Htations KTUS and KWIvH in Shr L -vepol-t. The hitter of Un-se is ono of the powerl'Lil in the crjiuitrv—50,- DOO watts. Despite this/ Hwin;,' ja .now applying for another 00,000- .tt .'itiition in New C'rlransi. and K boa.stlnj,' that with the influential J^trry Fly behind hl/n he will K ot It. ft will be interesting to see if FCC niernbei-H liow before their former chulrmtin. Noto—)2winfr has rowlnod Clark Salmon, a New Oi-loans New Deai- ur, as u front. Triininn Stlelts With OT'A Thrun farm OMIeinls, Albert S Ooss. majitor of the National Crrnn.-ro, tofrc'ther with President Qii'intlti Reynolds and .fdl.n Davis of the Niitioiiul Council'of CoojK-r(itivt.K, away from vvnit'.- Hcuw conference with ti .' ."O ,,'iCoi o the othct- day. Triirmin iipreud with them tha otic (iKi-iCOUiin.l export should b the three members of th Council to be set up un cier tiie Full Kmjilayment Act. Bu dl«iii[rfjctl when Grange l )0 as -•« tried to convert, him on thi. "f don't v.-ant you to think I'rr 1'plnj,'. Mr. President," grinned u (arm 1,-ador as tho meeting was out to b.-eak up. "F.very time w« •'••>, we (iiscusis a certain -uh- 'jct. 8 0 |f i f ,, im ,, ht>1 . p (otl;|y jind lion t n'.cnllon it, you'd probably hlnk sonu-thlnif wns wi-onf "Ah-the OPA," ;,'tjoH».(d '" imi"fl|«tftiy, "What hiive von ^ot n your mind?" Cow. rtpiied ihrit he : ,tin h nd hopes of converting tin- President to the Idea that maxlm-im production '•ou!d only be achieved by relaxing pi-lee controls, "My oi-Kunlwitlon wants to sec OPA continued," mild the Grange It-full'r, "but with llmltntlntiH thai will enable the farmer to produce UVTNG COSTS AFTER WARS I AND II 10 MONTH AFTER WORLD WAR II* .. the trend of the cost of Uvin K .ln.--the.VC. S. after. World Wars .1, jiud H t;co'uomlMt« point out that in 1U18 und 1919 prices roue Kpcctaculurly. .The cost ol. comi)iodltle.<i took but -Hlight rises Vn the months after World War 11 because of price controls. S!/ice the demise of the OP\ prices hava risen sharply on some, staples and articles and also dropped, in ,wojne oa*es below the figures previouK- Jy .set Ijy law. This, chart compares Increases :tfter both wars, It Is hanod on the Burnaui'of Labor Statistics' <msuiners p Pric« Index and fevers about 200 goods and sptvlcen In 34 larije cities throujrhout the country. Intornutional) . " '••• * Ol'A (IJscniiUnued, figures not avaihilile for June and. Jury. Goss contended that the storage of fertlilzei 1 v.-ns attributable to price ceilinss; also that much of the irict hay crop was lost because of tho delay In g-rantinjf baling; wire manufacturers a price boost to encourage wire production. I Truman rcpied that ho had heard . the same arguments many tlmos be-1 fore and that ho rciilizud OPA'a ' management had not boon "100 per c«nt perfect." However, he said he- had not changed his position one iota from the viowa set forth in his veto message on the first OPA extension bill" sent him by Congress. "Wo must have dowi>-ths.'-linc price controls,'' concluded the President. ';!'. i.'; wronfi- to make specific e.xemplions in the law fa- vorinj,' cortaln producers, as .some factions In Congress arc attempting- to Uo." ' w Miners Need Meat West Virginia's able Senator Hut ley Kilgoro recently held an omai conference with Presklon n on a subject close to c\ ryofic'a stomach—moj(. In Wcs Virginia, however, it i.-s especially lerious because the meat .ihortajj. ins decreased coal miniir olTciencj Scnatoi- Kilgoro, -who has been orking on the problem for some ime, uvi.-n acted a.s a purchasing Kont. and dug up two carloads ot annc-d salmon on i'he Wost Coas or sale to the miners, Kilf;oi-H tnld President Truman that he had already taken up the problem with Secretary of Aj.'ricul- , Lure Clinton Anck-rson and Kecon- ; version Director John Stc-elman, but i neither had any solution. The groceries in the coal areas simply have not been able to K ,.( moat," flour, corn meal and dairy products fur several months, with the shortage so acute that miners are now talk- Ing about a '.hunger .•it.rjlie.O "Put at the s/ime ti;no," Kilgore told the President, "hotels ami restaurants throiij-.rh Wo.',t Virginia have been able to buy ronsonabl amounts of meat. Major reason for the miner foo shortage, he explained, is that be fcirn the war. miner stores accustomed to buying direct fron the big moat puckers rather than through wholesalers. The big punk ors arc in short .s-up tJ !y, however and have had to tnko of thoii wholesalrrs cjstomoi-s nrst. In ono case, KIlgoi'L- told Trnmnn h e onnt! .1 moat supplier hart only five nrcnssos to supply the meat needs f minc-ra in four counties for a vholo wfct-lc. Klljrore also point/if.) out that ch minor now has u ! ul -rror family o feed tlian before t.hi.- war. The average uge of the minor hns risen during Ihe wor y«,irs rrom nbout 27 to about -17," he told the President. "The result is not only that the miner must lie assurer] of the food neeo.s-.3ury to do his On Duty Plead Guilty tt Escape Plot )Colchestei'\ ; Juiy 21—(U P)—Four m'tim'bGrs of'a G-lastonbury family have pleaded' guilty to.helping four inmates escape from Lane Farm 'in Middle/town. Mrs. .Fannie Brault anct her ami .Arthur wore fintd Sluo and sentenced to 30.days in jail. The jail sentence . was suspended. Ernest Brnult and his daughter, Mrs.- Dorothy B. Gallagher were lined $25 ea.t«n. Red Cross Plans Farm Accident ion Program Every 20-seconds, day and night throughout the year, some member of America's farm population becomes an accident victim. A tractor overturns on a hillside and Its driver is crushed; a burn burns 1 .fr,om defective wiring and the owner is hospitalized trying to save hiol ivestock; a threshing machine seizes unwary arms and another farmer cannot work. Through Us wide organization of chapter work in accident prevention, the Red Cross 1 is emphasizing nationwide cooperation with the President's appeal for. greater furm safety. Widespread publicity and positive ,Red Cross data, gleaned through year-round ,,programs . in home and farm .accident .prevention, will be ca'rr.ied to farm, groups throughout the, country, by chapter' workers. . ... •'..'•,.'•.,. How inpwing machine have taken •legs from the careless, how k«ro- : .start ftres fins started greater fires; how ,tr«oting alirnents in .animals, has oftca transferred infection to those who take no sanitary precautions; .how a.'kick, fro'm ,a supposedly.quiet horep cun crack a skulls-all ..these and many other preventable farm,accidents will, bo stressed In the scries of Red Cross chapter programs. The Accident Prevention. Committee ot tho Naugatuck Red Cross Chapter headed by Earl C. Sht'dd is working on plans lo make this information available . to residents of its. .jurisdiction at. the present . < 'me.. . . Kiernan Attends Realtors* Hcnic ?' : John.' Ct,': Klerndn;. iocal resident, who is vice-president of Walter H. Hart, Inc., of Waterbury, was among those in attendance o.t the annuul picnic of the Watorbury Heal Estate Board, held recently lit the Chase Country Club. j J The event commemorated tb«? 2Cth anniversary of the founding- of ' the Board. Highlight of the'day, was the dinner, attended by some 40 officers and members. - L«t U» T» k . Care of That PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK NOW!! Closed Mondays Durimr July and August Thibodeau Studio •^^^™^±Lt TRY NKWS WANT AD8 a amiy New Union Chief AsxitinK Prosecutijijj Attorney Joseph O, Kuytkwich \vll serve as probation officer durinjr th<; next t»vo tvccks while Mrs. Ednn Fcnniinun i.s on hur annuul two «•«!<« vacation. Mr. Ilaytkwicli will l«; in tlifi probation officer's office Friday evenings from 7 to f) o'clock to transact ob but he must also have enough food for his family. 'The miners know, Harry; tha you took over the mines not lonp- J.ffo," Kj'lj,'orc reminded Truman and they'd like to know whxv you onldn't take over the .farms and ood processing p.'ants to insure he distribution of food whore it is •ceded." The President's dodged this ques- on, but assured Kilgoro steps will be .taken to channel food to the' coal P.elris. He said he would con fcr with Secretary Anderson about the- possibility of channeling food lo the West Virginia minors. Copyright, Ifl.JC, by Th« Bell Syn 'iicatc, Inc.) Worker Catches Finger In Press Charles Jones, '42 of 108 South- vieu- street, Waterbury, an employe it -the Naugatuck Chemical wai idmitted to the Watei-bury hospital yesterday afternoon following an ac cldent at tho K,ca! plant in which iff sustained » fractured right index finger nr.a lacerations when he caught hist finger In a press. ^ VAXDAMSM KKI'ORTED Kant Harti'ord, Conn., July 22— Tragic Pawns in Stabbing , ., UP) — noljberies nnd vandalisrn ure eported on four yachts iinchored on he Connecticut River. Police estl- I mate that damage may amount .'o a- thousand dollars or more. 'the loot-i Included binoculars, radios, corn-' [jasaes. dfnjfy., unci ,jfo rings. Ex- j tenalve damii-fe wns reported done to mahOKuny woodwork of deck-. .Hid interiors. „ ««.«.»•* Airplanca of identical design equipment and capacity, may vary' The formation of a new major lahor organization, th<> Confederated Unions of America, has l>et>n announced in Chicago by. Don Malion, of Dps Moincs, la., its president. He said the CUA, an nfllliutioii. of iiilepciident unions, IIUN u combined membership larger than either the CIO or AFL. (International) STRISIK'S . 10 Center St. Watcrbury, Conn. "CARNIVAL" CIRCUS SET ', By Libbey Glass, Set of S—$3.00 < Bowel Cleaning Power, Of Ei-b-Help Medicine | One man • recently took ERB- HELP three days and said afterward that he never would have believed his body contained so much filthy substance. He says his I stomach, intestines, bowels and whole system : were so thoroughly cleansed that .his constant headaches caroe.,to an end, .several pimp)y skin eruptions on his face dried I up overnig-ht, and even the rheumatic pains in his knee disappeared, . At present he is. an alto- Erether different man, feelinff fine in every way. ERB-HELP. contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels,' clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish i liver and kidneys. Miserable peo- Pie soon, reel different all over. So don't got on suffering! Get ERB~ HELP! Sold by all drug stores here in Naugatuok.—Adv. M. Barry Keeg-an DISTINCTION 108 Bank St. Waterbur.v Jones Morgan Bldgr, Tel. 4-5384 '< REGISTER NOW* r.-tM. TKRM ItKCIN'S SKrr. fl AN FACT, who wanis to be a statistic, anyway? Bui we were surprised the other day to learn that 31.2% of families with incomes of $3,000 or more DON'T own sterling (solid) silver. That's surprising because it's so easy to own the finest in silverware. Sterling isn't a sure sign of wealth any more— even if your income is only moderate, you ivi)) find you can afford International Sterling by acquiring a service gradually under the Place Setting Plan. r/I affonal S Let us give you the pleasure of holding in your • hand the ultimate in silver beauty. Come in and ji look over the exquisite patterns in International Sterling for example, shown here, cosis for a place i«iu nfi of six pieces (including federal tax). ,. 24 Central Ave. COLLEGE Waterbury '. '. . SILVEHS.MITHS 68 BANK STREET AT CENTER S'E R V.I NG YOU THROUGH* SCIEN CE Plastic Life Belts for Children to 14 Yrs. $1.98 Plastic Rings $2.79 BEACON KIDDIE CENTEB" « GRAND STREET Wutcrbiiry Alono ami conta«ea after U.o!r mother Imd been found stabhed to OM..h in tlielr Chicago homo, little Corlnnc Boyko. 4, jTud« "r c io£ to her toby Mister 1-tttrlcla -\jin ( six'months old. Their "atl or Wai tor, hi. wlrc'H body, l s alIe S cd to have should, Vd?d •»... U." (Internattonnl) OPENING SOON For /.ho first time Naii ff atuck will have a repair center thut will solve all your minor problems. ,' We will PAINT and REPAIR Kitchen Set*garden furniture-screens, windows-doors and wislngs-cablneta- window (-lass-storm wjn- OWK HUWH and tools sharpened rind conditioned. Whatever the job may be cull us at 2!>89 or vi.iit our work shop at 3+ Ward St.'Repairs done at your home or In our shop. (Watch Tills Paper for Ou r Formal Opening- Date) The "FIX IT" ii Tel. 2969 34 Ward St. Millions of motorists piit tie c «'U r .S. : Roya)" ; name up where it is today. Their satisfaction . . . the long mileage they alwiys get from Koyals...the extra safety-they enjoy.from Koyal s famous block tread — inakc them know Royals as the quality tire. So now fha't there's a new U.S. Royal- built with Vayoii^-itV mighty good news. For here's a tl.S. Royal built with super- strength rayon cord—a, tire that runs cooler —a tire that cuts down destructive in*cr heat. It's lighttr— and stronger. It gives you •••"-• X .-••:, • , .. . 1 "Tar greater protection against blowoutf. It't • a belter, safer tire! ' And. of course, it brings you alt. the exclusive features of "U.S." construction <—famous-Royal block tread, Safety'Bon4fi Cords, ventilated shoulder design, and many more'. All the'way through, it's a gttaHty U.S. Royal! This great new tire is .available now in .many passenger car sizes.* See if tod»y «t your U.S. Tire.'Dcaler's—find out how coon you can be riding on rayon-built U.S. Royals! ^Present Government regulation* rsttrict «U rayon construction to siw-i, 6:50 and largtr. L. P. UNITED , |00 High St Naui feS RUBBER COMPANY

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