Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 25, 1945 · Page 19
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Cumberland Sunday Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 19

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 25, 1945
Page 19
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I j 1 OCWDAV CUMBERLAND, i .'; ' ' 6UNDAY, PEDKUARY 104b' CLASSIFIED OEfAMMENI Open 8:30 A. M. t« 10 P. M. Dcil) 4 P. M. to 10 r. M Sun<for« A*» man b» la baler* U A. M. »»0 1* r. M. for publlolU* IB Ihr Funeral Director* IDESPREAD BELIEF in our professional ability •nd business fairness leads newcomers fo carl us. ; Wl MOM KK It- OimauN* In Memoriam hi loving : runu-mbTum-'- of our dear wife i-id Mother. Maude M«e McKeiislf. who yusseil way February 24, I93t:. . : . 'the mooia and slari r e shUniip. : Gpon a lonely frn^e. . . Where sleeps our dear wtie dud Molher. Whom ' Icved »Tid could ML", su've, ' . Who lelt behiTid some : brckt-n hearts, Thtkt .loved 3 ou most. Mr.cere. . ',• •':•• .- 'that never-did :ior rsev-r'. u-il! ••,,:, Forget you •w.-Iie Lt::d Mothrr. dear. !./.. '.'.. Ksdly ml's^ci tr." . '/.'•'•-;.; • ;:• Huslj.-md and ChiJdreiK 2-25-U —Automotive VJ'33 DODGK panel truck, perfect condition. 101 Pennsylvania Ave. 1P3S FORD tuclor iedaii, new tires, heater and radio. $350.. Phone 36S8-R. - 2-24-2t-N TAYLOR MOTOR CO. TWENTY-THREE 2—Automotive 1940 CMC-tractor with trailer, good condition and tires. Pennsylvania Lumber & Post Co., Inc., Hyndman. Pa. 2-2-4-31-T ONE 1938 FORD pick-up truck, one 1940 G.MC Hi ton truck. Apply Arden May, McHenry, Md. 2-25-lt SELLING YOUR CAR? REMEMBER: ''.'''.; '";•• NOBODY CAN LEGALLY PAY MORE • fOK YOUR CAR THAN . . •'.• ALLEN SCHLOSBERG S38 K. Mechanic Phnni 4415 Service On All Makes At Pre-War Prices Thompson Buick PHONK HID JOHNSON'S AUTO EXCHANGE ' Top Cash Prices Paid lot tout Car ANY MAKE OB MODKt SOI N Mechr.nle St Pliont 2S 3-A—Auto Glost WHILE YOU WAIT Glass Installed BEERMAN AUTO WRECKERS 153 Wirieow St. Phone 2270 4—Repairs, Service Stations BUB A: ED'S ' AOTO SERVICE )17 Henderson Ave. Phone 3744 9—Baby Chkk» PENN HATCHERIES --100.% blood tested Jumbos good meat thicks S3.75 per 100. Our Special Assorted, all' breeds (un.sexed) S5.95 per 100. Pullets any breed. SH.OO per 100. ' Send check or money order for .prompt, delivery. Penn Hatcheries Outlet-, 1417 W. Girard Ave., Philn. 30, Pa. 2-25-It Approved chicks "from high grade lOOCo bloodtcKed flocks.'-Assorted 16—-Money T» |imuiyauiZ32«| **^^ JEWELERS ^^J . PAWN BROKERS '" Quick Confidentiol Loam ofl All . Artlclti ol Volut HEADQUARTER^ FOR DIAMOND* Large Stock of Unredeemed i Pledge) lor Sole Including •• ' : WATCHES • JIWCLKY -' : GUNS • LUGGAGE HIGHEST PKICBS PAID TOR OLD GOLD Open Week-Days to 6 P. M. Saturday until 9 P. M. 33 Baltimore St. fbont 3770 Mo/My lot all purpojei. fVo sum fi • large QI too small. .' • "HAROLD'S" Coiner N. Mechanic and Baltimore WE BUY OLD GOLD MONEY TO LOAN Interest 5% per Year McKAIG'S 1U1 Wlll!nni5 St. Phone 262 ON ARTICLES OP VALUES Dnredeemcd MtrchandlM 8»rf»lni :' Cumberland Loan Co. WE Bll-V OLD C1OLD « N. Mechanlo St Photla SOT-U . LOANS : Articles of Value Bargains tn unrearemed Dtedxea Watch Repairing 'JOHN NEWCOMER : 215 Virginia Ave. - rmcrir of tht Hamilton Watch Co. 17—For Rent ELECTRIC sewing machines by toe month. Phone 391, Slngei Sewing Machine Co, 71 N. Centre St 10-1-tf-N 19 —Furnished Apartments \yysndoaes . and Leghorns. No culls. No cripples. Only $5.25-100. White .. Rock - Minorca Cresses $3,75-100. Send check or money order for prompt delivery. Soid- ' man's, 17'J3 S. 8th St., Phila; 48, :Jrll, 2~J5-*lt •PAY YOU FOR YOUR USED CAR Top OPA Ceiling Prices Paid Sell Your Used Car Now . And Help Us Keep War . Workers In Transportation To and From Work. M7 N. M«chanlc Plione 395 YES! WE'LL BUY YOUR CAR : .We Need All ; Makes and Models -THE CASH IS HERE FOR YOU AT ONCE GET TOP CEILING PRICE AT ELCAR SALES Headquarters for Trcding Open Day nnd Night i Opp. Post Office Phon« 344 FARM EQUIPMENT Clttrac Agricultural Tractort f • . Art Availabl* L*t vl help you make application befon quota is Axhaustcd . : :' MACK : TRUCKS . Strcral hundred NEW MACK truck, released for civilian use ::: : • in end let us hcfp you make application now for early delircry Steinlc Motor & • ; i. Transportation Co., Inc. S. Mechanic Phone 2550 Cash For Your Car : , : All Models Taylor Motor Co. MODERN TWO, three and four iLso tingle or month. Aptrtments, Phone 3-9-tl-T Boulevard 2737. 20 —Unfurnished Apartments TWO LARGE rooms, b;ith. 319 N. Centre. - - 2-2-i-lt-T Grade, AAA Bloodtested Chicks. Assorted, Barred Rocks, White Rocks, | Leghorns, . Reds, GinnU-, Wyandottes, Oi-j Si>ccinl! : Selcci.lo.1 :S5.95- per 100. Piiiieis, J SLEEP1NG ROOM, reference, 312 22 —Furnished Roomt any breed desired from best egg I strain, S15.00 per 100. Heavy nnd! Light Assorted Broilers $-1.95 per MEDERN 100. Minorca Cra-.s Hen\-y Broilers S3.95 per 100. Immediate Shipment. C.O.D. Walclmeve Farms, ColHr.gswood, N. j. ... 2-25-H Wiishingtoii St. ^-22-tf-T NEW HAMPSHIRE Reel chicks, biood . tested, • pulloruni clenn. Strait run. S15.50 — 100. Pullets, S'J6.50 — 100. CockerreU. $10 50 — "100. J. L. Gillner, 4025-F-15 or Ifi77. .. : - : . 2-aa-li BEDROOM, Phone 1223-M. gentleman. 2-22-tf-T THREE housekeeping rooms, heated. Apply 611 Greene St. 2-23-3t-N -Houses for Rent Baby Chicks. Pullonim Tested — B. Rocks, Reti.s, W. Les., Uiu-exed S8.95 per 100. Leg. Cock. S2.-55 per [ 100. Min x W. Rock Broilers S3.SO" per 100. Special aworted S3.95 per 100. Ship C. O. D. London FouItrjvBox 1844, Trenton 7, N. J. . . 2-25-1L ATTENTION Celauese workers. F\Diir-room ho;is«, partlj- fumish- eri. rent- free. Gas, city wfvter, no bath. H. C. Landis, R. D. *6, Faiigo. 2-20-lwk-T SIX ROOM vVl -tod^irtp ^ wooa - me A Baby chicks, c. O. D. Bloodtcstecl. Besc Quality. Reds, Barred, White Rocks; Lefdionis, Crosses $7.95 per 100. Heavy Mixed Cockerels S3.95 per 100. Minorca Cross Cockerels, mnkc heavy fryers, S2.50 per 1(K). Willow Run Poultry Farm, Bo\748. Trenton, 5, N T . J. 2-L>5-lt CHICKS 6 95 house, modern. 506 ,-e. Phone 3492-J. 2-Z4-U-N FOTJK RCX3MS, S mouse's. Christy Road. 3-: 26—For Sola Miscellaneous DRESSED RABBITS, Phone 1212-W. delivered. 6-1-tf-N Maytag Parts & Service Wringer Rolls, All Mokes MILES APPUANCK & SERVICE 26—Per S«fe Mtaeeflmmm FARMERS: YOUR CHOICE OF BAR OR KNOB TREAD TRACTOR TIRES ... 11x36/9.00-36 ONLY $58.95 PLUS TAX- LEI' US HELP YOU APPLY. USE WARD'S "CROP PAYMENT" PLAN. MONTGOMERY \V A S D CO., BAL11MORE ST. 2-24-31-N CALF, three days old, W06-F-3. •>-'J4-3i-N ADDING machine. Phone 33UO-W. •''••I..'-. 2-24-21-N FIREWOOD, $2.00 per load. You haul it. Apply Buchanan Lumber Co., 549 N. Ceittre St. 2-24-lt-T LATE MODEL WestiiiKhoiLse range- Phone 1225, 6 to 9 p. m. . : __ ________ '•;-' .. 2-34-U-T APPLES, irsiTbusiiel nnd down". . Bring contBiners, 1C14 Bedford St. PRE-WAR flve-plecc set office or hotel iurnUiire. like ne\v. ; Cumberland Furniture Co., 323 -Virginia Ave. Phone 3170-W. ': __;.___. : . 2-2i-3t-T BOX TRAILEiRl Jolin T. Wright, Eckhavt. . .; 2-25-3t-T WARM Morning 128 South Si. heater, $30. Apply 2-25-U ROLL-A-WAY bed, like new. Phone :' '.. 2-25-4t-T DAVID BRADLEY Tractor Plow, practically brand new. George Siurlz, Wellersburg-, Pa, • : • • • • 2-25-31-SU 28-A —Florist* Funeral Flowers Ren Roy Gardens LaVale Plione 39BO-W. 33—Help WtntMi All Worter» Sublet t» Prlorllj MUil B« Reterrtd br lh« O. S. Em Hcr»lc«. MRti wanted lor orchard work. New modern camp, furnace healed, shower, separate locker for eiich man, ^traieht Aboard, excellent foorf, top rates..'-' Phone 4013-F-5 : or 4013-F-3. Consolidate Orchard Co., Spring Gap, Md. •;; 2-18-U-T EXPERIENCED orchard mnn to live and work on orchard!'-' Six r<vin house ayailable. ;'I"op wsgos paid, For parUculars .write- or call George P. Davis, Oldtown, MJ. | . • . :..• - 2-21-lwk-N't ^ I *~~- JOHN APPEL transfer, local and long distance moving. Agents fcii Greyvan Lines, Inc. : Phone 1623 MOVING TO wid (ram Baltimore. Phone 388. 6-16-tf-T -Poinfing, Paperhonging PAPERHANCJINU. Phone C21-J. . Slock Market Joe UariiliiJl, you tC Corp .. t'sin A!ll Ko'.l Mill M AT . ... AM To,i li .. * f\oivlcsburg Molhrr-Uaujcliifjr uv jo^i, CNHipE AND-outside-painting, "floor u * sanding and re finishing^ Phone B 158-W. : ' 3-14-tf-N MAN WANTED, p-.iri time work us 46—Radios, Service TEL), jKirt time work us • collector, urns.', have car, j'cxjtt j ^ . ,'>>••.,. c- salary and .on.misj.ion. Write iiox -'- Guaranteed Radio Service 803-B. K Tiines-Ntwi. ''CAPITOL ELECTRONIC CO. SCHOOL ljus driver, phone 8i2-J or . 30a' : Baltimore- Ave. PHONE 1225 coi a A. it Cum) cna Cum Edi: (.'am Pii..l Cilst- ivn f Hup Dr N |i:i- !'i.» * j Otll • V.i.-t' W. Vs.., Fvli. 2*—T MttthiT-I>iivif;h(cr bnnqiiKt o! .-l.-islwrt' l Huh School Kimtre iSvi-i-ft ^;iA held in-the home i.- nci'iiiimc-iit Of .the school, v i>. v i niiifi. Qorfugot; ut ),•> wcii.' prc-.-ut^d tho nwth- '-.i:u^>.': 'I'ju-y v .viui .Mr>;. W. I'-ii. Pi:Uy Cliinsion, Mr». Jr^- . -::.--A|..vthii NdSiij,- Mi.s. A. •..-.'l!i!^!L KJIOU.S, Mr.-i.:K. S.' Ni'inii' .ii-iiivPruir-p/i-Mj 1 * N. ii.nniu: Llpsv'iiiiib, . Dtihuhy M;.)c.iivl K,v 'U, Hr. -i Mi's H-irjy fih i, Mrs. Jjhil L .?.i.'U:;h:li-. MI'S. - MM .'v.5i-.Mv'«-A.s,.Mrs. .R. :. 1 >'ii'.'.v,-t!. Mr.s. -A.-. JANITORS. Alsci boys for Reci'iv- Ing and Shipping Apply Pcisonrifl I flepai-inieiu.s. |47—Rt«l titot* Coi Sal* Rosen- i • : ._ L_..^_^" 25 ""' l " r ;SKVEN ROOAi.-" u^iurti, five EXPERIENCED Funnel'. Married.; 1 u-!tc. Churlea Unlden. Modern housf. garden. IJox.SOS-U.j S-.5DO. 2- f .c Tlmes-Ncwi. . Aim; is wnnted lo:' Dis- trici Miiniin'i by anoid eauulish- ed Company. Sales e«ential . anti or«(iiii cnce desirable but not. rpqulrcd. Age : 30-55. Mast' " hav« cur. .^..^""It.lSIX ROOM $5000. Write News. :mi)K' brick,"c I>J.\ b'Ul-B, V,' in. SB'S, !l :iU:i!l-(! S. iu tiST.-\'n?: ' Liberty. 3-157. or .me- ot .vht ihri', t-i IJ.ii- :'( <j,l.--('d. W .if.'O ..•'». M, llu-.iro- -.'ihl-! , Of Si. .2-30-3lt-T'J'roe- . Tlioiough Jielct iniinin;; by com- nbove pelent inanKKeniPiit. Coinpensa-i We.stf . tion based : on commission, bonus •and overwrite. I>:cellent posi-wiir ONE lot 50.\J(!0 U: in CrciaptowiiJHC'A Hall. Weatfall. 212 Avirc-U Ave. "opixirunity. -If you; can <iu;dliy .there L, a swell job 'availiiiii you, !'' 'We're deeply sihcfre! II you-jire.l •"' write Box No. 807-B care of thlbf ; paper. icllms : .aix}ut yourself.- 7n[ turn I'll tell \o\i abciii't us when!' .1 reach CumiwrlRiid iii ihe nest j.._ FOR SALE a!, ti lariu diii' : KI il!e from Deep Creek Lake on * ird surtuce 'ro'ud.'.-Oixid H robiii}i-', reliiir. iuniucc lii-iit, bank.' lnirn, : silo, 98 acres: . Will .^eli ob. tenn.s, six Ihoi^niid dollixr-s, tt. D:i :iii^:: A rr '..'few days. 2-25-6-n.M.Tu Funeral Flowers BOPP'S 75 Baltimore St. Phone 2582 IBOY to carry. Morning newypHjier route on F"«yucte and Washington- Streets from l>eginii;n? to Alle- gw'iy. Apply Times-News Circu- 29—Furniture, Stovei USED FURNITURE. 317 Virginia. Millenson's 1-6-tf-T 30—Buflrflnj SuppHwt RUBBHRO1U ROOFING SHINGLES — ROLL HOOPING — BRICK SIDING—PAPERS—FELTS —ROOF COATINO — PLASTIC CEMENT — ROOFING KAILS. You will be pleased with both quality, and price. The Ruboeroid brand has been for Years a quality product. BUCHANAN LUMBER CO. N. CENTRE ST. PHOKE 12TO 31—Help \Vante4 31 N. Mechanic St. Phone 848 SPENCER SUPPORTS, Individually designed. Alleta Allamong Luchs.j Phone 3822-M. 9-1-U-N ASSORTED. ALL AAA C'-rSiii'. BLOOD-TESTEO. WITH NO CULI-S. AN'D NO CHIPn.ES Your order ri'.Ljy cor.sii-L:of ftny one or a] mlxtuic of ilit following-. Leshorn,-BBrrpdJ VVhitt! or En!r Rocits, R: I.' Reds, Sewi .__.__-._ Huinp:;hircs. ^v.v-di'.dotics. IMinorcar, Orp-j Jli^ATIrfG Hild cooking mglons, Bi-ihai:i;;. Any iiretd or any sci.l cheap. PhOne 1497-M. our . selecrlor.. 100'r Blood-Tesied. Firsti coinp, Iir« r-;r\("l( Shipped C.O.D. Send! ffl"VxV«rS,,?^'M f r,ifi r p e n^, de Fro I S SMALL »mblnallon coal and our shipping pi>in;s. Ru.'h nrdcr lodtty. Gel *.st» fltirt bar^.tin ciilcks. 1-26-tr-T HELP WANTED FOR WAR WORK MAKING ARMY TENTS DAY WORK Plenty of Overtime EXPERIENCED PEOPLE iWlLL RECEIVE ADVANCED RATES Positions Still Available . HATCHJ.-RIKS OUTLET Marki:'. if!., Ph:'u. ^. PB. 11—Business Opportunities DISTRI33UTOHSKIP OPEN Bottle and distribute bevcragci: — : Exclusive territory available to man who is aggressive".with proveii backgiouii'd. who has or Ls willing to ict up facilit.H'.s for bottlins wrll-known line of bcvcr'apes. Old, e.<tabli.slipc!. well-knowii fruit snd food processor Keeks beverage or •J'ooci ..specialty ;.mail: ciipiibfe ol haiidliiiij CuinberUind territory. - Exceilent oppoi'Uiiuty. good repent stiles. Volume businew. Sin:ill investment: well" protected. Give cpmplete details Mr.=t letter. Swn- dard Fruit. Processing Co., 401 N, Paulina. Chiciigo 22, 111. 'J-^D-lt 13—Coc! For Sole WAKKMAN COAL, big veto aJid stoker. Flione 4024-F-H. ','.'. : ' . 7-9-tf-N BIO VEIN Wetzei - Consumers Co. PHONE 818 J RILEV — best big vein »nd «toto coal. Phone 4167. , 10-22-U-T N. Mechanic ot. Phone 335 Used Cars Bought and Sold STORAGE & SERVICt M-G-K MOTOR CO. Glenn St. Phone 2300 SELL YOUR CAR FOR TOP CASH PRICE : : : . - TO : [GULICK'S AUTO EXCHANGE l ni So. Cemrt Phono «» DOMESTIC com. 1516.:. '-..- Mctger Brothers. GOOD, lumpy coal. Phone 2103, ; .. 2-19-tf-T Lumpy nm of mine, stoker, prompt delivery, <216-R-Cross, 2-20-lwk-N 15—Electric Worlf, Fixtures ELECTRICAL WOflK MOTOR repairing, wiring and flx: lures. Queen City Electric Co., 15a BYederick St. Phone 117. CHEVROLET! UALES Ss SERVICE [ EILER CHEVROLET, INC. | ^J^.Mech«nla i'hnn« HJ' MnTS—EERVICB— BODY SHOP for AH Uod«l C»r» ,.-', opoer/5 Garage^ N. George St. Factory Service V'- • Bendix ".;\ ". • Kelvint3for » General Electric Cumberland Electric Co. U7 Virginia Ate. Phnnc 619 Plion* 307 LOCAL CLASSIFIED RATES 1 rlmo 4He wd. 3 timtj I2e wd. 2 tim«» 9c <r*. 1 »cek 25« »H WANT AO HEADQUARIEKS. / S. Mechanic 5<. Pkon« 4600 J range. Chenp,; Phone W97-M. •' " 2-6-tf-T AVON PRODUCTS. Cnll 4008-F-I2, Mrs. E. D. LCTIS, Representative, Cresnptown, Mil.. 2-8-3H-N ASPH<VLT ROOFING, 1 ply 98c: 2 ply, $1.35; 3 ply, J1.85. Liberty- Hardware. Phone 550. 9-15-tf-T FRESH FRUITS & VEGETABLES feat, Beans, Cauliflower, Radishes, Hew lobbage. Peppers, Celery, Ltttuce, Pearl, ; Grapes, etc, : Sweet Juicy Pineapple Oranges By (he Sag or'Dozen TEXAS PINK SEEDLESS GRAPEFRUIT 10 for 59c Staymori WInesap and Stark's Delicious Apples HAGER'S Dependable Quality With Reasonable fricts 832 N. MECHANIC ST. PEAT MOSS for poultry lifter, 'shrubs, and roses. Liberty Hardware Co. ' 2-19-3H-T Selling -out nil irlnter mft-c!i»ndlsf I9.9S to HI. 95 boys' pinld ..vool ''.-nacklnivs, JS.K). Bnjf!,'; ;: rijveraiWe coatl. J10.95 to S1B.58 vtliiet, sclllriz out Tor »S.:o. ^rcn'J:^^»?y pi-i\ cn&ts f9.^5. ^fcn's switJi. topcc»ta'»ud r>verroM$. JH.55. Boys winter vstljht Melton grc-en j&ckeu, 13.95. THE HUB Army and Navy Goods Open Evening* It N. Ccnire St. MARE, good lead, $75. George Klnvuhn, Ellerslie, Md, / . - 2-22-31-T GATE-LEC? table. *25. Plione 4577 nftrr 6. pvrninirs.' 2-23-tf-T " RUGS. Phone 527-M~ : ?.-23-3t-T SM.-VRT FORM /oundntlon gnr- mcnts. Surgical bolts, $6.95. Phone. :2026. 2-23-tI-T LAHOE BUS body has been con- 'ye.rteci Into building. Excellent lor summer e.nmn or fishing lodfie. Klwir Snle* nnd Service, op|>osllc •Post Office Cumberland, Md. : : ' 2-24-at-N SEWING MACHINE MECHANIC Cuffer - Secretary Experienced Male and Female Sewing Machine Operators (Single *nd Double NectSIt) Palm and Needle Men Rope Splicers (fat Splicing lyes and Lang Splices) STATE APPLY TENT AND CANVAS CO., INC. U. S. Employment Service .Complying with VVMC •;-. Regulations 2-20-71-T 32—Help Wanted Female WOMAN to hrlp in small restaurant. Sundays nnd holidays off. ' 826 North Meulinnic St, 2-23-lwk-N WANTED secretary able tr> do short• liniui nnd typing. Srriacly c-mploy- nient. Post-wnr rnislUon iisi-ured to one who qualifies:. Ooml Enlnrj-, apply by letter which will be held confidential, 804-B, % TIme5- 2-23-31-N lation Dept. Phone 4600.- 2-l!5-4t-Sxi MEN NEEDED : B X Cumberland War Industry Manufacturing Truck Tires NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Regular Attendance Necessary Jobs Have POST-WAR Possibilities GOOD PAY $33 to $42 Per Week Wft//e You Learn Write or Apply to or KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRE COMPANY Fort Ashby fort Ashby, W. Yn., >V!j. M; -. -. IM—A Itwt) ij: GOOD substantial brick, West Side, .•-••veii rc-oms, stnipfii'U>r, : hnrd\voo<i • floorj. hot- water'Heal, $8!'SO. Opie Aiinnn, 3437. 2-^3-ll-T 91'-i ACRES, ^ood iiouie. water, rlccliic, hard MII fjce road, 5i.N milc.s east of city Write Box S06-B, ^ Times-NeWK. . "'""'•- - - - - ci s o'cki..-:-:. A jiunifi Number for r ... „ _ . nnd"" cnbin camp^; located in: a <n!h »>' •'* veieran from the N>wtmi jK n .,i. ui( ' n ., Shenandbah Valley, VirgJnift. j.|D.. B«ker Ho.spitii) tincl a short- '«<?-h n tin- li" -\--K '• C. Burkliolder, agent, New Market, jdrws toy Dr. E. E. Chur-.->i, chninniui ; 01 - :<l ,,i ( , ',,-,' >- : Va l-28-8t-Suns ! °f "W Mineral county chuim-r of U>f i. K -;'i,.,i ; jvi ' FA1U1 CATALOG, 100 P^^. \ %?^S™ l> ° UlC pK ' trttm ^ «U"v" >^ . (Uild i : »i.iv In'ii j-.:i,i •: ft . -. __ -- a ,jr n 1,. oci.:. :iun !f ( (Ulu « r )•>.,,. ,. , ber- of. luruis, ionie equipped pi'Otll.iced by ;'Th« Murch o! Tiihf>"j ( o j-- ;, i u .!,,- r -j poiilliT raising, fillins bullions ! es .? u 'W. "Socini? Tlitm ThiouVh"; j pn'iutlt.-jV vTi'.' ' ' ''' V ;il>: gains — ninny States. STROUTI REALTY. 1427-AJ Lnnd ; Title' PROF~ERTY~~~~~' inents. suitable for 217 Columbia St. *part- 2-25-lKk-T '^OTS, one block from T-sther C'ircli .The F.sihrr Cirri day high't with Mrs. son and -Mrs. I!. F. CSM.W: Mrs. Charles chnr^c of the inrt ut lour Fi'nnl:!ui luvtr;" Ainbrsxsc had j ( Mr.v P;ml-), T-fi i U.S. Employment Service Cumberland, Md. 2-15—2 34—Salesmen Wanted School. $75. SS7.E.O. S99. WiHUms. i circle for thr- cninin H Market Si. Plume 21. 3-3.5,11 Others pn^m^e proprnm. . r.v ;m-, fr , m ine Aannis was «'lpct?tl 'cncier n/ tlie' ' IHHEE STORY 15 room house, in f eclion; Baltimore St. tliree inilos from J100 nionihli 1 income. Phone 2000-M. 2-25-iJrT Mr, nnd Mrs.; f ElmoKrnifTmaii; Mrs.'JVmiv.-t MMV-J ' tin. Mrs. In* Brooks. Mr.*. E'.'x!! Ai!-',, ams, Mi's.. Louise Wagoner, Mrs. HH-JJJ zel Trouiinan, Mrs. -Daisy n.ivlsj |Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Speeimnu nrni! WINCHESTER-Road, most modern!Khclia -lim Th'«mpv>'i English ty l? e artistically designer.! j Brooks *nil Raymond C.Aciiim"" comfortable six room home'. large spacious rooms, reception hull, basement ?.:id lien ting plant, oil beautiful Inrge luiKlsrsiped; lot. SBOOO, Terms. Tremendous bur-' gHin, Immcdltile possession. -;, 28 N. Liberty. Phone 3270. 2-25-H Betty, Alma and Jnnet: Wesleyan f'lass KutrrUincrl . Mlw Betty Flcokmeer enlciUii the We-sleraii Glitf-n Friday nlaiii her home. fifrs,- Edith Pyles ws: chnrgo of (lie pro'; ram. in Wo'.: i: m . Thcv*i prc.=eiit wore Rev. c. W.i . .Ambrose, Mrs. Kaiherluo Mi>.. S ROOM: frame .home, hot air hc-flf,• Mnyme .Pjlrx; M«. Pauline Rohnirk! double garage, ' " ~ " sion -within 30 N. Mechanic St 48-— Rcofing, Spouting ROOFING, spouting, sheet 1 work/ warm atr heating, air con- dltionlnsr. Cal! Tw-lse 4S93. Financial Adjustment Corporation!" Is real opix)rtiinity to get into ss.OOO ve:ir brfitket. Sitliuy and overwrite. "WvHe Boii 1H8. Clrve- lanri 3. Ohio. 2-L'S-lt 51—Wanted To Buy Miss-Mary Bel! J»vjes. 'Miss Eveljni • «|'.t''V - 1 ' Hmkle, Mks Betty Flnoi-Jnirer ami •'""*"• ,?'^ r ' i '" her grnnrhnolbc-:-, Mrs. T'lc-cinnijor.jr:^,...r^.,. Ijymiin's. Nay S*r\ires 1/uimtn's Dny S-nrvfrfu wiH bfi.'f, lu ' '' I; ' Nerved at (-he Mi'liiodLil.-c!n"itv!i<'«J Ii '' rB \'' 1: Sunday .with .Perry Beaver, charge!. . lav I'radRr, heading the- provram. l:l '^' '"' Mrs. Anna L-OHK. B, A M'frCuilaustli, Cii!U)n .Shol*-. Mrs. Beatrice Jt-lil;- I.I' y l needs State Bali's Miitiayt'r... This; WANTED—RabMU, 4 |»unds ut:.| Three s'ltPi'kprs wJJM* n'l fu^lt'of! '"* Shobcr's Restaurarit, Phone 925. (the loilowliig ' churrhrw: \Vc.-Opvj j ' : . 1-20-tr-chRpfi, JO .'a, m.; Trinity. 11 n. " Centi-nary; ?:HO 11. in.: bsn-,:s i l °''" < p. m., nnd 'paUoreoiiA i r in.; Collection Sale 1 .?riiiin i to trnvel rti- liciTinp nn'cl listing slq>v pay ac- comus for collect ion. Should cHi'h SGO or more weekly, pay ciiiily.! Clearing Buvoau. 1514 Praspect' Ave., Cleveland IS. Ohio. 2-H5-1I i SALESMEN; DISTRI Biri : ORS,~Toiv '. conlnctlr.g niitoinol-iye . riculere. i jobl.vrs, wanted by mfsi. Box 1SB.; WANTED Good useri plR7ios a-id^v .U|)rigiits^ Spinets - SJEIFERT'3; Phone 836 V"-T< ( 1UU 1 :. j»'.- l-.-TI' (i--.i'r,lslv VM"!' V-W-: is'-r. 7:30 p. m. . . Uriff Mention :. 'Hsu .suu'-'(!istric(. t , ( trslnuii; ^clliJO! wa'n held ar, r:f):iincy f^: : —i.Wedmvriay'wUh flic Rev. C. vr. Am- " M ", IxmisO "VVl\fi;\inf!'.! A Tj ^', t^l" of V.ik ', liiilri, 1 . Spencer, Town; LI-J5-H sUiblisli your : own business wit-limit capital iuvestiiu'nt. H.'ihrlle n guaranteed lino of roof--'material. Tliirty-i-.ine year old reliable 1inn. Biff dcnr.irid — la'rcp .enrnir.^s. .soid direct to <:on— factories, mills, .ware- houses'and farm property. Write: The American Oil ifc Paint Co., Cleveland S. Ohio. 2-2S-K #?£*£ S'^s *^^'" : ' Hull. Phone 394. " • -' " 9-1-U-N 37—Musical Instruments CASH for your used Musical Insfrumentj Brtnc Lhrm in THE MUSIC SHOP LET ONE CALL SELL IT ALL We pay cash for iucd furniture nnd uppllances. Let us give you an estimate. Prices Furniture Exchange 73 N. Centre St. Phone 2732-W ONE S25 x 17 second lianri or re- cupped tire. Plume 1837-M. WANTED: Sinitll hand -.operated adding machine. Phone 2335; Hr :f-m" Perry. lienvfi 1 r.ilfi;>- !i p ; .. ' v -v.,-,, Pvt. IlnvrL--pn Jmiy rctiirnrnf <ri;..j,,'.',' Fort G':ori!e' O. : "Meadc. utter'«;)•'!•(•. j -j^ iiiR' H f' his home. Lt. Hurnk! \Vflk'.'r Hoiiincy. V.M.- f visitor here nfuir reUirninj: t'nnn ii>! ,„„ ' nnv. C W. Ambrose, .t'r.. vlsjiods v,,,,. j,j. hi', pi-ii-f-jils. NTr. nnd Jli-i". C. \V.-j,r. ,. .1. i Anifa-ose;'Si-.. Bcrkcif'y .Sprinta.- • |v,vi'';.,'f. l-I^l i.-. 53—Wanted To Rent liiis FURNITURE, .•itove.s, hoiwelioid ap- pliBLiic&s. Highest cash prices. Phone 1187. Allcsany Furniture Store. 52fi Vlrsfinla Ave. 9-1-if-H Accord:b."-2 5-7 S. Liberty, St. Phone 3230, lnt trie Gnilars Phono -3G76-J THE VIOLIN -SHOP—repair.s, bow I hairing, 111 Bodlord ,Sl, . — — —~ _^ ::.•- ll-H-tf-Simrinysi WAKTCD -- F.cctrie SETTI.KD i'i'upli>.n«'rt sitiiill liu iri Ciu>ib<-r!w!K! by April 1st. 3! i'nil. V."riii> Box R10-B, <'i Tin i. li ir «u:-,rt-' ! Wriiti.ivoi.'. iticnt, rlo-^ 1 ! to town. Box 3S1: llARHE~i'i'oU5E.' FfioiiiVMi-T" WAITED: Six ruo- 1st.. Arti'ilw 0!i',.. 1 hfiHSf: by. Aj.>ri)-'iii;rl b, Phont- 24i!;-W-.-iV(!H' '•' i' bf ii'iii'it'tiiy l.'i'.in>ii;t; 'til :iff. P.t- I' l-'ficO; 38—Lost end Found LOST: Brown emit picki-d nj by 'mlstaXe nt Circle Inn. Plr»5c re. - turn or call 204. 2-23-31-N Phone 16f,«-\V. —~— ! . 54—Situations Wanted :ator. j ' L'-20-l«k-N l —IPRACTICAL l BENT'OH BUY. six-room hoii.^c in ] 1BG1-M South Cimibcilanrl. Stute price!--—— : nnd location. Write to Frank! nRATNH.) prncliml Adams, 122 S. Kourth ST., Clonr- -• iVil','! ' . ,-:irr .._i. l.hL". : '. Uir.'ri •ffz Kvailnblo Phonfl ,<r f •3-17-U-N ,1,^-. 39—Miscellaneous SMALL uwfi,c<ir !rom priv.'itr cr. rhone 4241-.I. '2-2(-2t-T : nurse wants mir.-lnir. Pifltr- rldcrly- woii;;m. Pllnci' Smith, 40-W. Mix'ie- nrld. W. Va. 2-2MI-T1I-S-JH 7W; KKV: i in: i ASl[tl^• BLOCK LAYING, cement work. W: A. McKinricy, 148 Phone 3013-w, :MB5 Bcdlord St.! SMALL f»nn. Write description, j ; 'vfrf-s y j J3-JX B08-B. •: T''.nr>-Ncw.'-. : j .-:. : nnd Si:n:-*<.'iiiri I'.' t . "Via fir di'i -. REFRIGERATION, washer icpalrs, Phono 3ni8-R. 13-J-tf-Nl •^-25-3t.-Ti . ,: - IPt-t ro;iy .O.^rt P:.' for "rlenij ! I! »V J«f • ' >!».-.'': 1B37 lo 1942 iiKxicl cnr froin i>rl-i~" : WAiV."(-.i-i!6 vale pnrtj'. ISS'S-J. a-aS-'ti'-SirAir'Mi.bmiKi-r.i WANTED: Middle woman for Plione I7.13-J, 2-23-31-T PARMEBSl TRUCKERSI Get your scn-son's oll-rcqiilremenU now I . . . In Ward's DRUM-T./}T SALE! Penn. ' Oil'. 5l)o (?al.; besl! Mid-Con I Inent'OH -i'>c pi I;'In 55-1;-:^-.,, PB). drnmii phis' Federal tnx.j " IJ " 11 ' 1 Orense.s «lso reduced—lowest price. 1 . t In hlst-oryl Moutgomcry Wnvd Co.,! nsltlmors St. :•" 2-^-3l-N i llfrht housework. . nfttr 5 p. m. SETTIiEb cofored w(iniRn for K«H- crnl household clutiB.s, liicliulihK : plriln cookhi}:. Grnlllu family of four RriuU.";. Live in. GcHXl home «nd s;'i!arj%. Have*' other help. Tnnwixirtn.'lon pnfd to ntiltunorr;. \Vrite Bos' 24. WRlbitwk 'Station, Bnltlmorc - 16, Maryland. . 3-25-31-T CARPENTER work, repwlrs.. Phone WELDING All types, Acutyl^nc nnd Arc Amlhlns • Anytime • rVtsrplitce H. & S. Plumbing & Heol ing Co. Avtrtorncd Dcolcn in : Alrco Gain and tqvipmtnt ing MEAT ullrer, cush rpgstrir, dlsplnycr. shnlvliiK, P'nto Rlnss dls- i piny, 101 Pcniisylvfljsla Avo. : '••• ; 2-2i-2l-N K»rn Istrgr profilA u\k- onltrrs :Riid rieliveriilK Rriw- lunlsehold'prfxlncU in Cuir.- berlnnil. Worgan nnd'\ : Noith Hampshire Ciotinlle;', \V, Vii. Yo\) cnn suvn Casloniers nionny by our tlli'rct-froin-fnctor>,-to-honi« vl»n. Wrlti- RinvlelKlVs, l>|)t.:MDF1-.13- 126. CJicitcr, Pa/ : :" 2-25-H 5—Wonted to Rent kh'iA i-i. in,•-.'•• K\rri m:t« ' ,. ir.fl r- ut*,b Rooms & Board ROOM.S, HOUSES AND APARTMENTS ':.' led ot UnfnrniKhefl) I'iB Polte Slrect Phunr ZQVs. TYPKWniTEHR. adding m.iclilnr? j rtpAlreti. .- Cunilirrlunil IhiMnew.' Service. E..M. Kirk, 1153 I-'veil-; FOR KELlVV/ARVVORKERS 40 — Mcfo) Wcothcrjtripping Write or phone Kplly -. .Spi'initflcld... Tltc Co., Cumhpi'li'.nd 28M), exl^tu'lrni '.'41. t'Ht, PEUl'LK who reaO the BOS on thin, classified page «re "live ,Ft(' . 1 J r f r j ;. ! :-:Fru: Tv!;l 'I': nion'h >I i'.i-.i only '-J«. >nlti y II ?0: >.i.r rt :,( pnl> i DP.FIAHCE WKATHERSTHII' CO rredtrlck C, Huaa, Phone ^003 iifr at «iw<ls .If trie nrttcl« TOD h«vc (or ; salt U s«ll«blr.. r* want ftri ncre will tcl! It'.i/i « few —often In a fow hour*. • llit : . Times ftr.knclitl I'^ rrri*[h hi nii» n 1 |!»ri n( » s«uliiSn> I ibiiiti i-.;r llumir i •' \Vt-- ftr •f ll I'/! ' ,1;- l!-'V.«:,i Hll-J! tHlil V. J-.'.'I'Ji.-. illld Pll-dl,!,. I.-, vs. Fi.;t Ashby Girl-. l:f l,h))i' : jj x!i)(5y :>i:. up, l Mm!'.!«;• TQi'P >.(-fiiii,)!lii« in ;. v m;. only SiOOO-u Kllil .'w!>l{i.:' " ' ' i:lt, nl

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