Covina Argus from Covina, California on May 29, 1909 · Page 2
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Covina Argus from Covina, California · Page 2

Covina, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 29, 1909
Page 2
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LAND OF THE MIKADO. Interesting Descriptive Letter From a Resident Missionary. The MIsscn Fannie and Clara Davis are in receipt this week of a very interesting letter from their niece, Miss Ruth Frances Davis, an American missionary at present in Toklo. The leter contains R graphic description of the celebrated "cherry hlos- pom" party given annually by the Emperor, which will be of especial Inter- eat to onr larty readers. Shirokane, Meijl Gakulm, Tokyo. May 2nd, 1909. Dear Aunt. Clara and Aunt Fannie; I have fallen hopelessly in love with Japan and t.lilnk F could stay here «ev- friil years without feeling the least, homesick. Just now is the most beautiful t.itne of year. During the month of April we had the cherry MOHKOKIH and you cannot Imagine anything prettier than the parks and K n -''deriH were. They were just, a mass of bloom, with every tree looking like a great pink- and white bouquet. Kvery one takes a holiday and cla-i In their brightest and best, spring kimono, visits the parks, which are especially famed for their cherry blossoms. Tokyo Is a city of beautiful parks and gardens, where the people can go and enjoy themselves. I don't, know of any city in America which Is better supplied with places of this sort, than Tokyo/ And scattered nil over the parks are cunning little tea houses, where you can get. tea, cakes and fruit, and eat them, sitting on a table, Instead of beside it. Indeed, you cnnnot go anyplace in Japan without, getting tea, everywhere you call, you are served with tea and even In the shops if you are obliged to wait a long time the shopkeeper offers you a. cup of tea. Since the cherry blossoms have ceased blooming, |.b<: a/iillas have come out and there are countless varieties of them, red, pink, white, lavender, and many shades of purple. The wisteria is also In bloom and next door to us there is a beautiful arbor covered with it and great clusters of white and purple hang down over the sides. Yesterday afternoon the Young Women's Christian Temperance Union had a rally. Girls from sr.veral different schools attended and there were about fifty In all. We met in a small park out in Kojlmachl and had our meeting In a tea house hired for the occasion. On the 26th of April the Emperor gave the "cherry blossom" party, which is one of tho great social ovontB of tho year. Mlss-Strout and I wore fortunate enough to receive Invitations by applying through tho American Embassy. All foreigners are allowed to ntteiul once in their lives, and they generally receive, the invitation during the first, year of their stay in Japan. The parly is given in the gardens of the llama 1'alace, where General Grant was entertained during his visit to this country. The party began at 2: HO and lasted till about 6. There were some three thousand Invitations issued and snfo to say they were all accepted. Such a festive scone as tho gardens presented! I never in America saw BO many beautiful gowns or such a display of fashion. It. was very him! to believe one's self In a foreign hind. There wore military men dressed In ovnry uniform to be found on the fa«'« of tho earth, and tho gold buttons, flashing swords and helmets, to say nothing of tho military decorations, which adorned (heir breasts, certainly mudo ;i stunning display. I would not dure to venture a guoKH an to how many languages were spoken, hut It sofniod 10 me an if every 111 lie group wns speaking a different one. All the Jup;uion<> who received invitations were obliged to come in foreign dross. Those who base worn foreign clothes from childhood look very well Indeed, but the ladies who just put it on occasionally appear very awkward and seem to llnd it ex! reiiiely ilitllcult to carry them selves, witli shoes, corsets and hats to cdniend with, Shortly after Hirer- o'clock the Imperial parly entered the Hardens to the strains ol Kuiuit;ayo, the national anthem, pla\ed by the royal band. Kirs! came ilif Kfiipcnir, wiilUim. 1 . alone and .\scahni; the uni fiirm of I'l'ihTalis.iimo with his hiva.-.l co\i-red \\iih military orders and dec- iir.itiniis. '['lien I'lillowi.-d the Kinpi'csri, wearing a ;-'ov, n of lavender silk and and the ladies' from an enormous serving table, which was amply loaded with roast, fowl of every description, salads, cakes, i/^ea and so forth. At about four the imperial party again panned through the gardens and after that the party broke up, at leant a great many of the guests left, but we stayed and strolled all around the gardens and Just Jet me tell you they beat those of Mr. Bunch all to a frazzle. I never saw anything so beautiful In my life. The days are BO very full out here that I have not a minute in which to he homesick. Beside all my temperance work, I'm studying Japanese, teaching Hhakespeare to a class of ten young men which meets two even- Ings every week, giving a few private lessons in English and editing a monthly paper fin Japanese). Then, too, a good bit. of time goes to social engagements and I have been invited to dinners, (.ens and receptions galore. Tokyo Is aw far from being an uncivil- Ixed place as you can imagine and foreigners here have nil the comforts, not to say luxuries of home. Lovingly yours, RUTH FRANCES DAVIS. M'LACHLAN BUSY FOR 8HIP LINE. Recent Visit to Panama Convinces Congressman More Than Ever of Necessity for Federal Steamera on Coast. Since his recent, visit, to Panama, Congressman Afcljachlnn is more than ever convinced of the necessity of a federal steamship line between Panama and Pacific coast ports, as provided in the bill which he has Introduced in congress. • Mr. McLaehlan makes this statement In a letter to L. II. Garrett of Los Angeles, and he mentions some striking facts which he ascertained on his trip. While on the isthmus he conferred with the principal officials there, and he says that all of thorn spoke favorably of the enterprise, although they did not wish to he personally quoted until an understanding could be reached by the secretary of war and the president. "Tho boat I sailed from New York on," says Mr. McLachlan, "carried ?>,000 tons of merchandise to the isthmus. I came back on tho same boat and it only had fiOO tons of merchandise, and in order to put it in proper shape to go to sea, they had to take on ,'iOO tons of old scrap iron to properly ballast tho ship. From all the information I could get, this is a fair sample of the way in which that line is compelled to run at the present time." Wltli a federal lino from Pacific coast, ports to tho west end of the Panama railroad, It is believed not only would the people of the Pacific coast states be greatly benefltted by reduced transcontinental rates, but the business of the steamship line which tho government maintains on tho Atlantic, between New York and the Isthmus, would be greatly Increased and made to pay. "I was disappointed," writes Mr. McLaehlan, "in not mooting tho secretary of war on the Isthmus. Mo had planned to be (hero at the same time wo were, but. for some reason ho was delayed, and is now upon tho isthmus on a tour of Investigation,." Mr. MeLachhin expects to take up tho question of the federal lino on Ihu Pacific with the secretary of war as soon as he returns. The lino would bo operated by the Isthmian canal roiiiniis.Hioii, under the direction of the war department, ami the attitude of tho secretary of war therefore in Important.—LOH Angeles Express. HARD HITTING GAME. Covlna Wins Handily From Chino By Finding Tracy For Sixteen Hits. Covlna, 11; Chlno, 5. About tv.o hundred of Oovlna's cltl- zeiJB scouted ground the beet gaidena ot Chlno last Sunday afternoon, and Incidentally to all the other fun they had, annexed a goat. The afternoon's sport consisted of nine Innings of the scrappiest kind of baseball. Every man was In the game from the start, and some big league stunts were pulled off during the afternoon. Ping Fairly was in the box to twirl his last game of the season, and the local boy with a big string of wins to his credit was not taking any chances of dropping the contest. He allowed as many as seven hits, but these were kept far enough apart, and the field- Ing was good ..enough, to prevent a surprise. When Durrcll got, a. two- bagger in the first, inning, and scored on Kendall's wido throw to third, the Chlno contingent of noise-makers went wild. Tracy's slab work was very good in the strikeout department, but the way the boys started to annihilate his choice shoots in the third session was enough to take the heart out of any pitcher, Kendall was safe on .a wild throw, the third sacker allowed Pete to beat it to first; Church and Ping singled, then Forney drew a walk. Stewart, came to bat at this juncture, and after noting that two men were ahead of him, landed hard for a two- bagger. Doc Fairly scored Stewart with a single the next moment, and the bell tolled five times. The only other chance the Chino men had was in their half of the third, for in f.his round a combination of | three, hits and an error netted them 1 three tallies. Hut the boys from the orange groves were Just taking to Tracy's delivery arid proceeded to polish him off in the remaining innings. Pete Aguayo found the ball for three singles, and every time he got on first he romped down to second in defiance of the catcher's arm. In the fifth, Aguayo and Forney singled, Monte received a free passage to first, then Shirley hit for three bases. This little round of slugging was good for three runs. Another score in the seventh and two more in the ninth proved sufficient to satisfy the boys, and with sixteen hits totalled up a number of the players fattened batting averages. The big feature of the game was the hard hitting of the Covina aggregation, but there was plenty of the sensational quality of the game dlsplay- j eel to satisfy the fans. Forney did i consistent work on the Initial bag, and the balance of the Infield performed j well, although all the errors were ! piled up In these positions, The fact that Pitta at first tor ChJno only made four put out s is a good Indication of the , way the ball was hammered about. The score: COVIKA AB R H SB PO A E Aguayo, If 6 1 3 2 1 0 0 Church, S3 6 0 1 0 0 'A I P. Fairly, p 5 1 1 0 1 7 0 Forney, 1b 4 2 2 014 0 1 Stewart, 2b & 1 2 0 2 4 1 Doc Fairly, rf... 4 0 2 I 1 0 0 Montague, of.... 4321200 Shirley, 3b 5 2 2 0 2 ft 0 Kendall, c 5 1 i j 4 i o Totals 44 11 16 5 27 )Tr 3 CIII.NO All U II SI5 PO A R If. Pitts, 3b 4 1 J 0 3 2 2 A. Beck, 2b 4 1 2 0 4 0 0 Sissne, as 4 1 1 0 1 1 1 M. Pitts, Ib 4 0 0 0 4 1 0 Donner, rf 4 1 2 0 0 0 0 Durrell, cf 4 1 1 0 2 1 0 Palmer, If 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 Tracy, p ...4 0 0 0 3 1 0 Carr, c '...4 0 0 Oil 1 0 Totals 36 5 7 0 27 7 T SUMMARY Three-base hit—Shirley. Two-base hits—Stewart, Forney, Durrell. Sacrifice hit—Doc Fairly. First base on errors--Covina 2, Chino 3. Left on bases—Covina 9, Chino 4. Bases on balls—Off Tracy 2. Struck out—By Kairly 3, Tracy 7. Passed ball—Carr. Wild pitch—Tracy. Time of game—2 hours. Umpires—Hughes, Pitts. BONHA/ft & RITCHA Cement Contractors LET US FIGURE ON ANYTHING IN THE CEMENT LINE SIDEWALKS AND CURBS OUR SPECIALTY We are experienced cement men and employ only skilled help. Home phone 1067 Covina Orange Groves We have a large clientage buying good orange groves. If you want a quick sale, list your grove with us. ''IT PAYS TO SEE US' SEE A. WARNER FOR INSURANCE Take your choice of the following gll.edge companies: LONDON & LANCASHIRE SPRINGFIELD FIRE & MARINE. ORIENT FIRE INSURANCE CO. ATLAS INSURANCE CO. All paid in full at San Francisco. A. WARNER AGENT. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE. Star Refrigerators Built for Hie m'fcls of tho Pacific Const. Sanitary—Satisfying. Big lino of RANCH TOOLS phiccd for the .summer work. Look over our stock of hoes, nikes mid tools of sill kinds. The Spinner Washing Machine The triumph of long years of study in machines. Call and see it. Hurley's Hardware COVINA, CAL. EDWARDS & WILDEY CO. 232 Laughlin Bldg., Los Angeles D. W. McDonald, Covina representative Home phone 1295. Covina LOOK! LISTEN! If you want to see that nice new AUTO Laundry Delivery Wagoo, just drop a card to Lorbeer Bros.' Pomona Steam Laundry, the ables.t and most up-to-date laundrymen in the valley, and tell them to call for your laundry or give you their price on work. We call Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Work strictly up-to-date. POMONA STEAM LAUNDRY Are You Going to Build? If so, it will pay you to let me figure with you. First class work, prices right, satisfaction guaranteed. M. B. Folsom, Contractor and Builder Phone 214 COVINA, CAL. LEE'S EGO MAKER SUCCESSFUL P6 '~ SEND FOR |:RUE C AI-AU»UUB POULTRY RAISERS USE Los Angeles Incubators EVERYTHING IN POULTRY SUPPLIES Acme Roup Cure—SOc Postpaid HENRY ALBERS CO. 534 S. MAIN ST. LOS ANQLLES 614 South Grand Avenue, Lot Anielei, California. The greatest business training institution in the south. Open during the entire year. Write for particulara. j. w. LACKEY. Manatror Patrick H. Te*lle>y Cement Pipe flanufacturer ALL SIZES AND IN ANY QUANTITY Estimates furnished.—All work guaranteed. Agent for KANSAS CEMENT I Large or small quantities. Yards, Azusa Avenue, just north of San Bernardino Road Telephone, Home 3249 Postoffice Address, Covina SEWING MACHINE. ROLLER BEARING. HIGH GRAOI. by buying thlg reliable, honest, high yrad« sew* ing luachiue. STRONGEST GUARANTEE. National Seulnn Machine Co. Belvldere, III. Money AN EASTERN TRIP .VIA SALT LAKE ROUTE K UK' of comfort ami pleasure. 'Tis the Short Line from Southern O.illt'ornia via Salt I.ake City, with beau- liln! si-t'iiii- itMturrs and excellent train service. In addition to the unions LOS AXUKI.ICS LIMITKO, carrying li.ith standard and tourist sleepers through to Chic.iy.i in Three Day, the. Overland Kxpress carries THROUGH SLEEPING CARS TO CHICAGO ST. LOUIS ST. PAUL "! n;.ii:v oilier j> .nit-, \i.i v.jrioiii> routes K.ast of Sait I,. ike UY. YI-I.I • pati\ iL.i^e \\ iU lie appi ecia ted, and full partiij'.i- .i'.-, .-I r.iio, ti.iiii-,, (.'tc.. ii. .iv be had from Salt i..ik<- K.nite Rornonei House Moving McCRARY BROS, are prepared to make contracts to move buildings of every description, heavy machinery and tree moving with promptness and despatch. We have the experience of years in the business and guarantee our work. McCrary Bros. ARGUS BLOCK Phone 5008 Covina, Cal. flFNASCO Smooth Surfacc V«^L«li »I ^*J^**t\*T An absolutely new process that resists all weathers Kerckhoff-Cuzner Mill and Lumber Cs. Home 148, Sunset 253. Covlna, Cal. Clarence Allison j Plans furnished for all i kinds of buildings. Building Contractor COVINA. CAL. Covina Livery Stables J. J. FitzGerald, Proprietor Special Rates to Travelling Men horses Bought, Sold and Exchanged Homo 1'iiutH- .v» Res. Phone KC-J

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