The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas on April 18, 1977 · Page 1
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The Atchison Daily Globe from Atchison, Kansas · Page 1

Atchison, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1977
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News Want Ads Bring Quick Results Vol. LXX, No. 171 THE WEATHER "A Progressive Newspaper Por A Progressive Community" Massachusetts, Connecticut nnd ' Rhode J»land—Considerable cloudiness with fog along the coast to- niirht and Tuesday. Kastport to Block Island—Gentle variable winds becoming prcntle southeast to southerly on Tuesday. ESTABLISHED 1885 MONDAY, JULY 22, 1946 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Four Cent* Planning Board To Discuss Proposed Auditorium ^*^^ «. ; - ' ' H Price Control Rally Tonight At Linden Park Committee To Be Organized: For Campaign Against j High Prices plum! were completed today foi u rally of Naii^ii'tuck ri-Mldents to nlf;!'' "t r.lnden Puck Lo take a<: tiun toward eombuttlntf Inflation Prt'iikli-nt (iiioi'K' 1 I'Voohlloh (il r.fjriil -I.',. imrif.iXtPWA, antiotitiC'Dci that Warden I.i-o J. Urophy has cndorni'd th" mxi'tlriK «ncl would Iji- pri.'iii'nl as u speaker. Arrangements wt.-rw bein^ riuulo for othoi Api'tiki'i's by Thomas hirellls. Mr, Kroolillrh >;alel that all '.own* people were uxpuctud to attend iJiirllciilai'ly reprt'suritHtlvow of civic, fraternal, rull);lt>UH and iiocial munis were made for thn nioe-t- injr »y Harold liowwc, vlce-pn.'.il- di'iit of f.dcul '15. He siild a permanunt chairman would tin named for the "N< tuck I'rice (.'-.nitrol Commlttco" and llmt wonuin would lift expected to tiiltii active part In thu proKi'itm. HtutlnK that thu committee hud no Intent of "antatfonl/.lnfr mnr- chiints or rijtuller.M," Mr. Bower ,-wld tluit local merchants and rn- tnitnrx would bn nuked to coopur- iili- with the committed. "We wiint to rnaeh the wholesalur and tin. jM'iiluei'i 1 ihruiiuh the retullnr, nnd v/c wc.nt mdi-e than lip si-rvlfi' from the local rnUillor," he said. Placards will be placed around town ui|;l'iK ruiiUlunts lo stay away front retailers svhc/ tucvti l/icren.'(e<i ju'lci's lieymid reiiHun, I'lckotlntr In tint included In thu C'OinmiUee'x plans. Driver Arrested After Chase In Union City .(dim HiiiriniuiHkii, fi2, of 3'lTNorlh Spring fitrcet WUH nri'Dfitod late Ijuil ovi'iilMH by Motor I'ati'ulfiiar | (.'hnrli'M (.'ldrl< Jifier n cliase on Wa- j ter and Spring streets Iri the loea' I putri>) fin 1 . Mr. HaranauNku wa.'i j elinrjri'd svllh upemtln): u motor j vehicle while under the Influence of liquor ills ea.-ie vva;i continued In l^ir diiuh eiiurt thin morning, until Monday, July -9. Si'vi'n Indlvldtiul.'i chtii'Kt'd with pn:iMln>; reil lights or stop M!>:n vloliitliinH wiM'i' suhedulod touppcar In ooiii't thin morning but oach (orfi'l'ti'd a hotiil of $fi. They were: fJeoi'K" Htavi'in, 2.S 'linn street. (Men Govu, New York pnuMnf: walk llnht, ucrostliiK oi' flci-r, 'C.Ii-u'Ki' Smith; Ji>rry Cam- inntii, ,'U I Ouk Hlrcut, Waturbury |ill.i;i|[ij; sitiip Mljfll, Otllcor VViiltci I.ynuklewii."/.; Kenne-th I, VVIIllaniH Ifi-l Make.'ilee Clrcln, pnMHtrtfr «t<M Kotii'i't UlchnrdMon, 01 Mfty (iv- i-nui'. pitxiiliiK stop HlRn, Olllcor I^ys- iikli'wlex; 1'Jdwarcl Ai'Hiirinult, ' KreiMiian [.ami, pusuln^ stop Hlftn, Oflli-cc ./times f.awlor; Wllllnm Wn- livida, KI'"n 2, I'.rlstnl, puHfllnK Htoi oljf", O/llcer I,ys:ikle«'lcx; iindltow «ril Slllti, Jr., KFD 2, pusshiK titiii Hlj.'n, Olllecr f..y:iukliiwloz, Catholic Vets Enjoy Outing A very Hiic'Coi.'iftil outlnjr wn.' licHl by the field Slur Po«l, CWV. on the A. H. A. Country Club Ki'Wiiuls Sunday ufternoon. The fna- ture event of thi> aft»rnoon occurred when James Krykowiikl xiive mvay {tti a upeclul prl/.o, n pulr of nylons, Tho lucky winner of the c-iveted award was Ml»s I^u- (.'Illi' Stakun of Oxford. The Gold Star Mother* part wt'i'o Hpticlnl jrucsts affair. Plane Crash In Bethany, Pilot Unhurt ' Backed By The President Legislators Testify at Probe Pilot Uninjured Cub Lands In Doolittle Farm As Piper Tree .On Tmlor GoLiHey, '!•!, of Tjuncastor, L'II., escaped without, (i scratch Uist ilj,'ht whi'ii hi;t liffht piano, landed i] ii tree Ht DooliUlo, farm, Euth- iny. ftnrouti! -to IJo.s-t-.-m. Mr. Gourloy «iUI hu wns forced to fly low bc- •iiusi' of I'oK. '''he plane, a 19-tS .'(per Cub. dropped Into the rroo .vhloh Mr. Gourluy siiUl loomed HO 'luldenly out of the' (on that ho hud no chance to uvoid It. State 1'ollcc Lieu-t. Vloti)!' G'lnrk, uinuimnder of Bethany burriic.'ks, nvustiKutPcl with H|,'t. William Sul- Ivnn, nnd reported that the plum. 1 vas not extensively damaged. The accident occuired nhortly be'*re 7 it. in. about three fourths I' u nillf north o!' tin; WtiodbrldKr: me. Mr. Gourley had left Lancu.s- ••r yesterday afternoon tyi route to .IciHton. The pilot wns stranded In tho rtic until a pussinK motorist, Heny A),-noll, :;n, of New Haven, spol- i'd him. 'obtained a rope from the llltli' fiirmhoiis". and Kissed it lo him. Mr. GourUty planned lo try a|va|.:lnii tht plane today. Discussing phms for his coming campaign to unseat U. S. Kcp. JtuKi.T SlaiJK-htKr (l)-Mo.), in the- coming Fifth Missouri District! Democratic primary Is Attorney Kims Axtell (seated) of Kansas City, Mo. Axtell, endorsed Ij.y President Truinun, Is shown with Ills camj>aii, r n manager Harris Morris and secretary Laura. Edwards. (International) Warden Brophy Calls Meeting TI * 1 \1 9 1 A Ihursday Might Appearing voluntarily before the Senate War Investigating; Committee III WushiiiKtoii, liep. Adolpli J. Sahatti (l<:f(,), of Illinois, and Rep. John W. McCormuck, of Mussachusutts, are pictured as they disclaimed any knowledge of the Garsson munitions comliiui>. (Jn- tcrnatlonal) Three Graces To Conduct Grange Meeting Friday Storm Brings Comfort After long Dry Spell Cotton Hollow Men's SofttsJl Team To Compete With Bethany Tho Three Graces will be In charge of -the regular Beacon Val ley Grange meeting I'Yiday evening at the Grange hall. .Mrs. ISmma Mocclcul, Mrs. Maude Tripp and Mrs. Miibcl Campbell represent the Three Graces, which arc designated us fruit, fl'jwers and grain. . Tho Gleaners will meet for an all-day meuting Wednesday at the homy of Mru Florence Benson on Pond Hill, I.unchuon will be served by I he hostess at noon. The men's Softball team will compete with the Bethany Grange team VVednesd.'xy evening In Kethany. A meeting of the Juveniles will be held Wednesday evening promptly ILi T 0'clOClt, Maine Visitor,'; Mr. and Mi's. William Gljck and Lena Olick uro visiting Mrs, Click's family in Waterville, Me. Two Men Held In Stratford Shooting, Well Known Here New OPA Bill Under Study By Truman High Administration Official Predicts President '— Last-Minute News- of tit the the To Officiate At Seymour Program Graiul Knc.'hcm Jon/oil and his stuff will be In chiii'tfn of ccro- "lonle.i tonlglK at Soymouf f'Ji' the 1 In.itallntlori of Hi-nry Bonhum to ttii 1 chlnftiilncy of Nonnuwiuik T'll'e, Improved Ordor of Hi-il Mi>n, The meeting will bo hold tit Keel Men's hall, Committee Meeting A mooting of tho Victory Bull C'lrnmlUoo of Crusader Pout, VFW, W HI bo held tonight at tho club '•oomii. It wan announced by GaH- ton Adamsi, chairman, today. I^ur- •Iher roportH on thu solicitation will bo miido. ^•Htit wfinlhttr Ilino IP* Khun Ilini 1 . At Jllck'» Shov Htorc, l-ll! Hunk nlrri't, Wdlfrliury. tlirrn lire li(liiil>'l'(l« "I nl^lri Cur wiitr lu lli» •uuiiunr tnttau.—Attr, I.ust week's heat wave, which vny c:llmux"d Kntiiiduy when the lU'i'ciiry climhi'd tu a record iiviiMng 0V tlcgriM's. ended during he weeltenil when slunvera and ^rreJiMt f.Minditlims brouj'ht relief u the bomuirh. At noontime t-.iduy tln> thermom- •lurs nt tin; Niiiiga,tiicl< Water Co, egistered 70 degrees, and ultholigh veuther f^ri''H predict it will ii 1 warmer tuiiiDrrnw, tlu'ri.' has IITH no hint of the teniperfitiiruH .oaring again. Tin; Cdinliirieil Saturday and Sun- luy ii'iulings (tl^ the water company plane the total rainfall dur- I Thoy are the daughters ng'the weekend us .. r iii Inches. i Wilfred Taylor. Hirthday J'arty Mrii. William Schelthu was hon- 01 ed by friends Kriday evening at .•) birthday jiiiity held at hur home. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Msiyn en- lertuiiuji.1 Mr. and Mry, John T^e- Blunce of Lowell, Mass., during the weuk-und, Hospital r:itlp.nlK Miss Mildred Taylor and Miss Doinlhy Taylor are patients at tha Waterlmry h'iKpital, whore they underwent • 'tonKilectO[)iies today. of Mrs. BLAST IN JERUSALEM Jerusalem, July 22—(T-H 3 )—Land mines, apparently planted in tho basement of the King-.David 1 hotel which houses British military headquarters, exploded today, killing' at least 10 persons. Another 140 persons were wounded, 40 of them seriously. The'Jewish underground organization Haft-ana'is blnmod for the blasts. Police have taken into custody two Jewish youths and a. young Jewish g as suspects. irl NEW GOVERNMENT La Pnz" Bolivia, July 22—(UP)—Bolivian workers-and university students 'have set up a provisional govcm- rnont as the climax to their v-cc'k-'lorisj 1 vevolution. The now gijvoriimoiit is huuded l\v Nestor G-uiJlen, tlenn of the Bo- i'vian sui'jTomo court for tho La'Pflz district. Pe'rluips 2,000 iorsons were kilJed ov wounded in the nprisiny which end- oil late yesterday. The former dictator,'Gualberto Villarroel, was shot by rebels and strung up from a'lamp-post. BLAMES REACTIONARIES Shanghai, July 22—(UP)—Madume Sun Yar-Sen. \v!io«o late husband founded the Chinese, republic, says China. \x threatened by a civil war into which reactionaries >pe lo draw America—thus involving- the whole world. Joseph Garbchowski, John Pantalone Of Ansonia Under 550,000 Bond Two of three Ansoni.i men held in Str.utford on charges oi shooting a arc well known here, having been, employed in the mill room of the U. S. Rubber Co. footwear plant the past four months. The three have beer: held for questioning: since Monday in the shooting of Patro'mnn XYi' Schrciher, who intervened as they allegedly were eng-nged >in a robbery. The two men known nvo John F. Pantalone, 23, and Jo;-epb E. G.'irbowslti. The other man is J'^d- y/aru %jincowich, 27. All ;iro held in bonds of $50,000 for he:iving August r> oii charges of .-» with intent to murder Schriober, .1 Navy veteran, and breaking and entering with violence. SchriciJcr is a patient nl I3ridge- port hospit;il, whore his name is on the dnnger list. Drama at Murder Arraignment HELD UP New Britain, July 22—(UP)—Joseph 'Backus is in New 'Britain (Icuej-al hospital ;ai'ter reportedly being held up by two,armed men. Backus'-said his assailants beat him i sandhijy and pistol butts. They also fired three t him—all of which missed. with shots HUGHES IMPROVES Beverly Hills,-July 22—(UP)—Howard Huglies won.'! be allmvc'd to l^n-e nny visitors today, but his physician says (tie movie producer has improved'noticeably. ADJOURNMENT DELAYED * Washington, July 22—(UP)—Senate Democratic Loader Barklcy says Congress will not he able to adjourn until next week despite its hopes to wind up by Saturday. He made the statement after a conference with President Truman. Two Local Youths Released By Navy Two local men were disclaimed from the U, S. Separation CciKer lit Lido Bench, Long Island, over the past week-end. They were: Peter M. Ao?'t!l;i;in, S. 2-c 'of 200 High stroot, and Donald W. Munger,' P 1-c, of •!•! Ward Htreet. WiU Sign Wasliinston, July 22—lUP)— President Trum:>n bus told Hie co:i- Krossionu] biK four that ho is having 1 the compromise OPA bill analyzed to seo if he can sijjn it as a satisfactory measure to prevent inflation. Thp bill is still in the Houso-Son- ate The provisions call- ins for food controls—or lifting of them—are rather complicated. Even the conferees who wrote them aren't sure of their exact meaning, so they're meeting today to make it crystal clear. And by tomorrow the measure probably will be ready for the House and Senate. It calls for extending price and rent controls for another year—j until the end of next Juno. But, I under the compromise, there would be no cpr.irol on meats, poultry, dairy products, and grain, until August 20th. On that day controls would be restored on those items unless a special de-control board decided they were not necessary. Prediction A high administration official predicts Mr, Truman will sign the bill but won't depend upon it alone to hold off inflation. The official srtys tho administration will take some additional measures to keep prices dov-vi. According TO a member of Con- press—Representative Francos Tiol- ton of Ohio—American women haye been helping to keep prices down by refusing lo buy. But a United Press survey shows that the results of buyers' strikes are varied. Jn some cities they have resulted in slight price decre:uses. In others they appear to have had Jitllo effect. In addition to the OPA bill. Congress still has to take final action on atomic energy control, and a number of other matters. Congressmen are hoping they can get all i heir wovk completed by tho end of this week so they can go home and start, preparing for tile November political campaigns. Veterans Groups, School Department To Be Represented At Session The Planning Commission will meet with heads of seven local veterans organizations and two school board, olllcials Thursday evening .luly 25, at S o'clock in the court room of the town hall, for .the purpose of discussing plans for the construction of a Community Center Memorial building. The meeting IK in accordance with u vote taken by the board of warden ami burgesses at its June •! session, following acceptance of a petition signed by six commanders of veterans groups and seven other, residents. The petition asked that a meeting oJ the Planning Commission be called one month from that date, and veterans groups be given the nu'ht to confer with the com- misison on the drafting- of plans, .Members of the Planning Commission are: Frank Gillon, John P. McDonough, • William Noble, Jr., Henry Moeckel, Jr., Harold Enid- win, Charles D. Curtiss and John J. McCarthy". Warden L*o J. Brophy is chairman ex-ortirio and Charles P. Daly, .secretary. Samuel J. Lyons, chairman of the local school board and •'Harold E. Chittendon of schools, arc the school ollicials Invited to attend tho session 'Thursday. Since first mention of a con}- munity memorial building be erected here, it has bc'cn proposed an armory be constructed in the borough. As the initial move toward securing an armory, borough must .'••elect a building site. It is expected information concerning the possibility of nn armory being built will be available a.t the meeting Thursday. Mead Signing May Subpoena Woodward Booms Wilfred Swan For Selectman Beacon Falls Bristol Rubber Workers Select CIO Union iB wildly, Mrs. Ada Jones Is comforted lii a Chlco, Cnl,,vcourt- by n frlViul. after she hud pummelled Mrs. T»ydlfi) Craiidall dor- arraignment on nturcic.r cluirfft's of Albert Jonas H, "O r «""• Tho outburst bet;un when Mrs. Crnndtill, mother of slain I'atrlcln Crtiiidiill, 15. »sk««l the youth, "Why did you Kill my daughter?" Mi's. Jones forcod Mrs. Crumlall aRiilnst a wall and punched her. (International) —Fur vurutliin riiHhlnnH, Nlin[> at • KH- liluii'l'H. Niiucnlnrk'H Fimblaii Center wliloh for ninny ycii™ him lici-n out- flllJuir Nuuiuludi'« nuiurltiit women. Employes of the U. S. Rubber Co. wire division, Bristol. R. I,, 'have voted the United Rubber, Cork. .Linoleum ar.d Plastic Workers of America, O1O, as their bargaininp; agrint. President George Froehllch of Loc.i.l 4,"i, who ivas in BristtM for the election, nlonp with Patrick'J, Gal 1 luci, CIO field repre.sentativel, b ucci luccl. CIO field representative, reported that the 'worker? chose th'e CIO over the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AJFL,' by a vole of 4Grf to 209. Thirteen, voted for no union. —MIIII.V hnmlriil" ut Niiuciiliirli rnr uwnrm nlri'uily hiivo vh'wpil Hit now Kin .Sliiilrliiiker, on illwhiy ul lli» >mi- (utnuk Uullcry Jt itulu Survli't.—Adv. PTA Executive Group To Meet An executive meeting of the Prospect School P. T. A. will be held Friday evening, July 28, at 8 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Harry L, Kreidler of. Morris street. Session To Make New Voters Planned The town clerk and selectmen will .sit Wednesday evening from 5 to 8 o'clock to make new voters in the third' of five special sessions to be held prior to the November elections. Two regular sessions will be held in , October. Before a person may take the voter's oath, he or she must have been a resident of Connecticut for a year and of tho borough for six months. Two More Glendale Houses Sold .Two.more houses and lots in the W.-J. Meg-in, Inc., Glendale Manor housing: project off New' Haven load: have been sold, according to warranty deeds filed in the office of Town Cle'iifc Raymond J. St. John. The property has been sold to Arthur L, Taylor and Douglas J.-Cockcroft respectively. Chairman of the Senate War I n vest! gn tine Committee, Sen. James Mead (D-N. Y.), Hlffns a subpoena in VVashinRton ordering Kop. ( Andrew J. May (D-Ky.) to appear" and testify at the prohe into ttu£ Garsson munitions combine. At rifrht is committco counsel Gcorgp Meader. It is the first time since 1878 that a congressionaJ subpoena lias been issued for a legislator to appear before a committee, (International Sound photo) —A full liquor liccnsi; at ,1rtt'M KfMtnur- unt. Church xtrrrt. Innui-rK u full clwlfc OT conUng llrjnkH, KO cnjuyublfl lu lUc bul wcutlier icuiiuu.—Adv. — Ij'l CItiick'H KrfiMiilly Si-Tvlcfl Slii- tlon. Nnrth Muin Mtrtn-t, iiuvo out your rntln 1 vnrallun irlii. nrlwclni,- iho 1x-nt roud«, for uiiu.1ujuiu cojuj-ment.—Adv. Xo olllciol word, has been received us yel in Beacon Pulls, of the reported resignation of Second Selectman Christian Heiss from local polities. That wnp the stntoment made to THIi NEWS today by Jomcs W. Woodward, chairman of the Republican Town Committee, ir. Beacon Falls. Mr. Heiss' present positions i in Beacon Fnlls politics consist or . second selectman, assessor nnd a j member of the Republican Town Committee. I Mr Woodward further stated thru ill the ccminu Fall elections, he believed that Wilfred Swan, an extremely active parly member and (own prosecutor would be prevailed upon to run for the Second selectman position. Mr. Hciss, who reported his resignation Saturday, slated at that time that he had cnouRh of politics after 12 years, nnd was Koinjj to step aside iind let the other members of (h<> parti- carry on. Returned Home Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Noe of South Main slroot have returned to their home after spending a vacation in Wcllfleet, Mass. Vacation I njj Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Andrew and their daughter, Jane, are vacationing in Maine. Mr. and Mrs. John FcrffiiGOn and family arc vacationing; at their cott.iKo in Buzzard's Bay, Mass. George Schluenson ' Hospitalized The' condition of George W. Sehlucnsen, 61, of 357 Word street, who was admitted to tbo Waterbury tvjspital yesterday afternoon for treatment of a broken right arm, was reported as "comfort- ablc"today by hospital authorities. Mr, Sehluensen sustained his injury when he fell on the sidewalk near his home, according to olllcials. PRINCIPAL RESIGNS East Hartford, July 22—(UP)— Principal Harold A. Odell of East Hartford high school has resigned. Odcll will become principal of the Princeton, N, J,, high school—a position which paVs nearly double the one at- East Hartford.

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